Free Form Friday

“It’s agenda free” so says Trail friend Rebellious Renee.

With or without politics. Have at it, Mixers, bi-partisan or non-partisan it’s



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  1. first, get rid of the people?



    Jeff Bezos Unveils Blue Origin’s Vision for Space, and a Moon Lander

    In a choreographed presentation, the Amazon founder said he wants to build the infrastructure for humans to live in space.

  2. A little less than half a century ago, a pair of NASA astronauts packed up their geological samples after three days of roving and returned to Earth in the Apollo 17 lunar module. It was the last time that a human walked on the moon.

  3. I have not seen anything about SFB reacting to a new American in the Royal Family.  Ivanka sent something, but nothing from the orange idiot.  Could it be an issue with color?

  4. I’m happy that SFB jr. is going to ignore Burr’s subpoena. It should set up an easy path to the pokey. Question is whether Burr and his committee will grow enough of a pair to hold the little prick accountable. 

  5. could this also be an issue of color or just that he didn’t get their votes?

    the guardian:


    Donald Trump approved a national disaster declaration for Nebraska and Iowa in March after the cyclone hit the region, providing federal funding to impacted individuals and communities in those states. But in South Dakota, Native Americans on the Pine Ridge Reservation hit by the same storm have been forced to try to recover on their own.


    “Imagine 1,000 families stranded. Imagine families subsisting on $10,000 to $20,000 a year. We’re living in a constant crisis,” said Chase Iron Eyes, public relations director for the Oglala Lakota nation who resides on the Pine Ridge Reservation. “We’re survivors. We’re surviving these circumstances meant to bring about our extinction. If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘poverty is violence’, you just have to come to Pine Ridge to see what that means.”


    More than a month after the bomb cyclone hit, many roads remain unusable and dozens of homes are still inaccessible from main roads. The Oglala Lakota nation is currently circulating a petition for Trump to provide federal disaster relief to the Pine Ridge Reservation.



  6. XR, re: your inquiry about my skiffs – no, I am innocent although my inspiration did have a skiff (of sorts) in the Okefenokee near Ft. Mudge.
    pat, re: your 7:47 post, yes. And/or…

  7. I read at NYT that Andy Borowitz pointed out one instance of the best of trump’s irony – he has blocked the release to the  public of the report that totally exonerates him.  I’m big on sarcasm, but I LOVE irony.  

  8. pogo, another Borowitz masterpiece was this one from last month: Americans Fear That Former Trump Staffers Will Be Released Into Their Cities


    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Americans are in a state of abject panic amid reports that Donald J. Trump is threatening to dump thousands of fired Cabinet members and aides on cities that do not support him.

    Harland Dorrinson, who lives in San Francisco, said that “every American should be alarmed” at the spectre of former Trump staffers like Kirstjen Nielsen, Scott Pruitt, and Anthony Scaramucci descending on their towns.

    “A lot of these people were unsavory to begin with, and their time at the White House only hardened them,” he said.

    Carol Foyler, who resides in Boston, said that, with Trump staffers being fired at a rate of four hundred a day, she lives in terror at the prospect of these castoffs melting into the general population.

    “I was on line at Starbucks the other day and I thought I saw Steve Bannon,” she said. “It turned out it was just some other creepy-looking guy, but my heart was racing. The fear is real.”

    Tracy Klugian, who lives in Minneapolis, has started a petition to create a city ordinance preventing former Trump aides from settling in his town. “This city is full,” he said.

    As they brace themselves for an onslaught of fired Trump underlings, some Americans are grasping for a silver lining. “As of now, Stephen Miller and Sarah Huckabee Sanders are still employed at the White House, where their movements can be closely monitored,” Foyler said. “But, it if that changes, God help us all.”

  9. So the economy is great right?   What about the deficit?  Why are we  using our future to make fat ass jerks like SFB richer?

  10. Mrs Cracker,
    All things are for the Beast in this beast of all possible world.

  11. “It’s all far left socialist liberal Venn’s fault.” 
    “Venn is just a theory, like global warming and gravity.”
    “A lot of experts doubt this Venn theory”.

  12. I am astonished to discover that in the decade 1985 – 1994, I made more money than trump did. I’d bet that every Hand who ever put a post in along this Trail has made more than trump did in that decade.  

  13. I read that putin scored 8 goals. mao swam 12 mph.
    Now, I expect trump to shoot a perfect 18 round of golf.

  14. Sturg, yep. 
    So me& LP pulled one over on Mrs P. I had a car repair that I won’t trust to our local dealer (not uncommon), so’s I build up a ruse about taking my car to the Washington PA dealer we ummmmmm deal with. So I drive up that way, drop the car, pick up the loaner and drive on up to the Pittsburgh airport and pick up LP to come home for the mamas day weekend. And I order Chinese takeout, walk into the house without it, swear when I’m asked about the dinner and LP walks in and asked who ordered takeout. Best scam I’ve pulled on Mrs P in ages. Made her happy – which is job No. 1 for Pogo. 

  15. XR, I know I paid more taxes than SFB in that decade, and I was in law school for 3 years and had BS jobs for 2 years. So I only had actual paid employment for half of those years.  The most I earned in any of the years in that decade was $32000 – for 2 of those years. That is it. 

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