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  1. pogo, is that “little water” in honor of the sloppy track yesterday or your present weather conditions?

  2. and here’s to cinco de mayo for today

    Carlos Chávez (1899-1978): Xochipilli, una musica azteca immaginaria, per 4 fiati e percussioni (1940).

  3. and from Jamie:

    Not Jace but this might help to fill in as Maypole dance music for the nonce:  Vivaldi:  Harpsichord Concerto in A Major



  4. reposting renee’s from earlier this morning

    Bink…   thanks for the videos…  Loved Nicki Minaj!
    Craig…  the track conditions were much worst last year when you picked the winner Justify.  Last year it was raining heavily the entire day.  Yesterday it was mostly drizzling until 20 minutes before the race.  They race in the rain on every track everywhere no matter what.  To me the shame was that the declared winner really wasn’t affected.


    and mine responding to 

    If a winning horse is given the dq after the race, can we disqualify SFB and have Hillary take over?


    bbronc, my tho’ts exactly.  like Hillary the best horse in the race clearly running ahead of the pack denied the prize due to arcane ruling and an unruly noisy mob on the sidelines 

  5. Despite all the controversy over who came in first or second:

    Trump invites Country House to the White House

    Country House responds:  If I want to see a horses ass, I will come in second.  


  6. A tip of the glass to all those celebrating Cinco de Mayo for all the wrong reasons.  Including it is like St. Patricks day.  Used to not mean much outside of U.S. bars.  But like all things American, others picked it up as a way to drink during the day.

  7. In the true spirit of the day (yeah, drunken rowdy fun) What do you get when you cross Tejano and Texas shit kickers? Something obviously politically incorrect in the  sensitive times.


  8. Flatus , a happy Birthday. 
    I always assumed you and God went to the same grade school(there being only one at the time).  You were in the grade ahead. Which would make you……

    Grin, duck and run

  9. I was shocked to read that trump agreed with my fellow Trail Hands on the Derby winner. Corruption started with gambling, and gambling started with horse races.
    I fear for the Trail.

  10. So, barr refused another opportunity to lie.

    That barr is an imposter. The DoJ should produce the real barr or be held in contempt.

  11. In an uproar over Mueller report, Russian election sabotage gets forgotten















    During the two years Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team investigated Trump campaign ties to Russian subversion of the American electoral process, there has been incessant discussion, debate and analysis of what Donald Trump and his minions may have done in collusion with Russian operatives and what the president, himself, may have done to undercut the investigation. From the president on down, however, little effort has been made to stop the Russians’ ongoing program to tamper with and taint future elections.




  12. Flatemann….. I believe I’ll join you for a spot of day drinking on this most auspicious occasion……I’ll endeavor to not whack my loquacious bone.

  13. Happy Birthday Flatus.  When I get a chance I will mix up a decent something to salute you with.
    And, for those following SFB demonstrating “like a real genius”, Kentuky.

  14. Well, thank y’all! The children came over for a nice lunch complete with cake and candles. Beverage du jour was Cerveza Modelo followed by siesta grande. I’m gonna have another piece of Sue’s tasty cake–come join me…

  15. Flatus,
    in your honor I had a beer at lunch, then a 2nd well, because. Happy birthday. 

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