Sunday Serendipity

A Bach concerto arranged for two guitars. Just too good not to share and perfect for a Sunday morning.

Enjoy the music but most of all enjoy your day!?


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  1. guitars, you say?  opening tomorrow see a whole bunch of them courtesy of

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    For the first time, a major museum exhibition will examine the instruments of rock and roll. One of the most important artistic movements of the twentieth century, rock and roll’s seismic influence was felt across culture and society. Early rock musicians were attracted to the wail of the electric guitar and the distortion of early amplifiers, a sound that became forever associated with rock music and its defining voice. Rock fans have long been fascinated with the instruments used by musicians. Many have sought out and acquired the exact models of instruments and equipment used by their idols, and spent countless hours trying to emulate their music and their look. The instruments used in rock and roll had a profound impact on this art form that forever changed music.
     The exhibition is co-organized with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and will present approximately 130 instruments alongside posters and costumes. Many of rock’s most celebrated and recognized instruments will be featured, representing artists across generations and subgenres. In addition to institutional and private collectors, many musicians are lending their performance and recording instruments. 

  2. jace, thank you.  delightful. 

    hope you are feeling as sprightly as that music sounds

  3. Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis) meets with a consultant (Kate McKinnon) and undecided women voters (Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones) to evaluate if his behavior crosses the line for a presidential run in 2020.

  4. Great guitar piece.  Thank you as always Jace for making our Sundays brighter.

  5. patd

    It’s a shame the same thing couldn’t have happened to the sociopath who murdered and stuffed a giraff for her living room.  

  6. Great winter is over music, Jacemann……
    March and April were a favorite time and place in Charleston, as detailed in a book written by the legendary Charles Kuralt. Like my humble self, Mr Kuralt also indulged in the practise of whistling at mocky-birds at 2, 3 , or 4 in the morning.  They will talk to you then…..he swore in the book that he had once while in Charleston succeeded in having one whistle back an echo of the first 4 notes of Beethoven’s 5th……which was a tantalizing goal for him, and me, and, I’m sure, many a wee-hour mocky-bird whisperer.
    Hope everyones’ winter ends soon and we can set the clocks back to cursing the heat.

  7. just saw mayor pete interviewed by chuckie on mtp.  very impressive interview. am now thinking that  a Pete and Stacey ticket might be just the ticket.  not only does such a duo reflect the diversity of the country (white, black, male, female, Harvard, Yale), the needed energy and hope of youth, and executive experience required but it also let’s all those terrific dem senators who are currently running for prez remain in the senate and continue to do the good work. 

  8. Pat, not just a giraffe, but a rare black sub-species. Despite widespread condemnation, she has her eyes peeled for ‘the King of Apes’. Burroughs must be rolling in his grave.

  9. Sturg, I was super-thrilled one morning when, while sitting on the porch, a tufted tit mouse landed on my knee. Finally, after making eye contact, it left for less formidable surroundings. Perhaps he/she would have stayed had the critter been able to hear Jace’s  Sunday Bach Concerto.

  10. Hey Obama Biden
    Shall we review the political mistakes of your era in the Whitehouse.
    Number one you lied to and then stiffed the legal marijuana folks — a fairly big group — it was among the first things you did.  And you left a mess in this arena.   So you aren’t so perfect.
    You did a crappy job with the ACA or perhaps we should be calling Obama-Biden care now.   It passed and thrived in spite of your administration.
    There is a huge difference between groups that are “rigid” and people who lie and sell out groups they think they can.

  11. trump is the King of Kings of the Apes. tesstalley had better watch what she says, I say, testily.

  12. Roland Martin on my tv this morning said something very interesting.  He said most Americans did not understand the economics of racism.   Someone should put together a short film on this issue and use it as a campaign tool especially in the primaries/caucuses.   

    A cartoon since this for Americans  

  13. I’m guessing that trump wants Buttigieg, Gabbard, or Yang to be the nominee.
    The big question is, who does the president of presidents, vladimir putin, want ?

  14. Ms Cracker, someone once said that politics is the art of losing one friend at a time. Biden had a lot of friends and really bad timing.

  15. Vlad wants  SFB and on the Democrats side the “personal growth consultant”  from  California

  16. I once had an opportunity to buy a giraffe head in a curiosity shop. It was a slightly moth-eaten specimen from, it was said, the 1940s. Sweetie wouldn’t allow it. Ergo, I have never owned a giraffe trophy. I must stress the importance of the incident here : I have never owned a giraffe head. Ever since that time they have called me Nature’s Friend !
    So, money in that money and elect me ! 

  17. I’ve never had a bird land on me but I got downright friendly with some Carolina Wrens who nest-built on the back deck every year. Probably one of the more.funny things in nature is seeing the 5 or 6 kiddy birds leaving the nest for the first time. The first one will perch on the edge of the nest as the parents are out there calling to them……he wants to go but he scared….his choice is soon taken away by his siblings trying to see out and they soon just push him off…..that’s the funny part…..he has no steering and he has no brakes……just flap your ass off in a straight line till he hits something.

  18. Ever tell you how I got the name Honest John? I was tending bar up in the Yukon when a gent comes in, takes out his glass eye and plops it down on the bar.  He gets drunk and goes home without it.   He comes in the next day and I gives it back to him.  Ever since then they’ve called me Honest John

  19. You can tell from my signature, I am both educationally and morally fit to be president.

    ps, send money and elect me.

  20. I should find some way to differentiate between the pundit x and the candidate X, for the sake of both. 

  21. i communicate with the neighborhood owls, although they are running out of things to say, if i’m being honest.

  22. why is it that joe, the nose rubber, is not qualified to hold public office but herman and donald, the genital grabbers, are?   these are puzzling times. 

  23. patd
    that is a question you have to ask goopers.  They are the ones who don’t care.   

  24. The owls around here, I attempt to teach them:
    “Whoooooooooo are you?
    Who-who? Who-who?” 
    But they can never get the tempo right.

  25. Although I am mostly without knowledge of what has been happening around the country and down the road about 30 miles during the last two days, I did happen to hear that Maryland Speaker Busch has died.  Sad as he was only seventy-two.  He was a solid Dem and did Democratic work.  R.I.P.
    My boat is coming back to life after the power cable burned up. I hired an electrician to replace the power cable inside the boat and he was sure he could save it.  He did.  But there was more electrical damage than the power cable so he is fixing all of that.  Yay.  Boat life is the life for me.

  26. reuters :  U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen expected to resign: report

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is expected to resign, CBS News reported on Sunday, citing two unnamed officials.

    CBS said it was unclear if her departure would be voluntary.


  27. patd – she probably was not as hard hate filled as SFB.  AND, she is a woman.  Can’t have female in the SFB WH, white old males only.  Any non-white people are strictly there for show, or SFB does not know they are not white naziis.

  28. Herman Cain, I could have lived well without hearing his name again

  29. Jack,  virtual hugs are in order. 
    If you have any interest in the MMA Rock & roll exhibition, go to the link then take a look at the “Exhibition Objects” button. For gear heads it’s a must see. 
    The SFB administration is beginning to come apart at the seams. I hope my take on that is correct and I wish it god’s speed. 
    Jace, guitars, Bach – what’s not to love?

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