Sunday Serendipity

A beautiful song, a beautiful voice for an equally beautiful day.

Enjoy the music but most especially enjoy your day!?


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  1. April Is a Dog’s Dream



    april is a dog’s dream
    the soft grass is growing
    the sweet breeze is blowing
    the air all full of singing feels just right
    so no excuses now
    we’re going to the park
    to chase and charge and chew
    and I will make you see
    what spring is all about
  2. Robert Mueller (Robert De Niro), William Barr (Aidy Bryant) and President Trump (Alec Baldwin) summarize the Mueller Report.

  3. Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Trump threatening to close the southern border.

  4. cost of closing border

    cbs news:


    In November, the Trump administration shut down the busy crossing in San Ysidro, California, between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico. It reopened hours later, but Mr. Trump’s to “close” the entire 1,954-mile border with Mexico raise many questions — including how realistic such a threat might be. 

    The U.S. has shut the border to passenger traffic and immigration only in spots, and for short periods, including after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks (More on that experience in a moment.) So what impact would closing the U.S.-Mexican border have?

    “An economic impossibility”

    The San Ysidro crossing is the biggest passenger land port in the Western hemisphere — just closing it alone would be hugely disruptive. Every day, an average of 120,000 commuter vehicles, 6,000 trucks and 63,000 pedestrians use the border gateway, many to go to and from their jobs in the U.S. 

    Sealing the entire border between the countries, meanwhile, would cause economic chaos. In 2017, about $558 billion in goods flowed across the U.S.- Mexico border in both directions, making Mexico our third-biggest trading partner for goods behind Canada and China. U.S. goods exported to Mexico totaled $243.3 billion, while trade in services accounted for another $58 billion.

    Trucks transport the bulk of goods: In all of 2018, $424 million — 69 percent of all southern border freight — crossed in from Mexico by truck, according to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics. That’s up 10 percent from the amount of freight that crossed over in 2017. Two of the busiest truck border ports are Laredo and El Paso, both in Texas. Another $78 billion in freight crossed by rail, $67 billion by vessel, $17 billion by air, and $5 billion by pipeline.

    Roughly 465,000 people also enter the U.S. each day through the various ports of entry at the southern border, according to a Wilson Center report. That’s enough people to fill El Paso’s Sun Bowl Stadium nine times.  

    “If you are thinking about a total shutdown of the border, then it’s hundreds of millions of dollars a day — maybe a billion,” Duncan Wood, director of the Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute, told CBS MoneyWatch. “It’s an economic impossibility. Literally, the two economies would grind to a halt. Both economies are set up to depend upon cross-border trade.”


  5. Tame Impala was the musical guest on SNL, last night, which makes him a little less hip, so here’s something a little hipper from that region of the world:

  6. Oh Boy it is almost April   Thanks Jace
    and tomorrow is April 1st   I think a good day for fat ass the golfing president to resign for the good of the nation

  7. So Joe Biden is an unwarranted and unasked for toucher— speak up Ms Gillibrand   if he were in the senate still he would be gone.  I think old Joe is out

  8. Wonderful weekend if you like music. Friday night – Graham Nash. Last night – Pittsburgh Opera production of La Boheme. Went back to hotel after catching a little of the last set by a blues group at NOLA in PGH and caught a pretty good Jazz quartet at the bar. Great weekend. Now, on to chili & cornbread and KY-Auburn for the 3rd Final 4 spot. 

  9. Pogo
    Pittsburgh has become quite an entertainment hotspot and the arts too.   Friends’ son lives there and is the traveling manager for the Orchestra and his soon to be wife works for one of the big foundations.   Our friends love to visit them and think the museums old and new are wonderful

  10. KC, absolutely true about pgh. We’re regulars at the Symphony- and under Manfred Honeck they are impressive.  I’m not generally an opera fan but Mrs. P is trying to broaden my appreciation of the art form. 

  11. Biden’s response to the accusations — I never “knowingly” did anything wrong.
    Seriously and this is the person you think can beat Trump!!!!!!!!!!

  12. He nuzzled the back of her head when he should have grabbed her by the pussy. No wonder she’s flustered and the media are shocked. Such a wimp can’t possibly win in macho land !

  13. The fall of the big tree lets light into the forest, and the sprouts can grow.
    This’ll give Amy (in the role of the ‘moderate’) and Booker (in the role of the ‘nice boy next door’) a little more light.  I hope. Oh Lord, how I hope.


    Joe Biden Denies Accusation of Inappropriate Touching

    The former vice president was accused by a former Nevada assemblywoman of kissing and touching her.
    He said he did not believe he acted inappropriately but acknowledged that he had made “expressions of affection.”

  15. oh the good ole days…

    from der spiegel: 

    Bush’s Massage-Gate Rubbing the Chancellor’s Neck and Getting an Earful


    That infamous neck massage: Was it sexual harrassment or just really bad protocol? The recent gesture of affection George W. Bush gave Angela Merkel has stirred up a heated debate in the United States.

    The scene was brief but striking: At last week’s G-8 summit in St. Petersburg, United States President George W. Bush stepped behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel, reached for her shoulders, gave her a brief massage and then kept walking. Visibly startled and uncomfortable, Angela Merkel threw up her arms. A moment to be remembered, it seems: Within hours, links to photographs and video footage of the surprise neck grab were already racing across the Internet — from YouTube to Technorati. “Bush: Love-Attack on Merkel!” read the headline in the German tabloid Bild. Several Web sites denounced commander in chief Bush as the “Groper in Chief.”



    Though the neck rub happened nearly two weeks ago, Bush is still feeling the rub today. A vocal debate is brewing in several US newspapers and blogs about whether the president has simply made a minor faux pas or whether he may even have sexually harassed his colleague.


  16. unwarranted touching regardless of party is wrong and Biden’s response shows how clueless he is
    HW Bush was a butt pincher

  17. We have a president who had affairs with a porn store and playmate of the year and paid them in excess of $280,000 to be quiet about it and bragged about grabbing women by the pussy and we are talking about Joe Biden not respecting people’s personal space as being disqualifying? Please give me a break.

  18. XR, I don’t recall. Did Bernie! do his every 4 year declaration that he’s a democrat for a while?  

  19. Yes, Bernie declared himself a Democrat until he’s either elected in Nov 2020 or he’s out of the running, in which case, he will support the nominee, no matter which party he lands on.

  20. X-R, Bernie doesn’t seem the huggy bear type like joe or al.    wonder how many politicians (male and female) who were flower children in the 70s are recounting their overly affectionate activities.


  21. OOO0000ooooo I was snarky. Shame on me. I should stay positive about all the Dem candidates. 

  22. Certainly comparing Biden to SFB’s behavior isn’t helpful.
    It’s not a one off for Biden and it is indicative of what he really thinks about women

    Do you think women are going to vote for a man who says he was showing affection by putting his hands all over you and unasked for

  23. So a Bernie bro accuses Biden of being overly touchy. Sounds like a cultural problem to me, But politics being what they are……
    It took me years to get used to a casual acquaintance hug. now that I am, it seems to be verboten.  So are we all supposed to revert to the clichéd fridged Anglo Saxon  norm?
    Just askin’

  24. “It took me years to get used to a casual acquaintance hug. now that I am, it seems to be verboten.”

    jack, me too.  and what about the compassionate hand of comfort “there there” on the shoulder or the 2 handed “so glad to meet you” handshake?  what are the new boundaries?



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