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  1. Sturg, leftovers from Hallowe’en can’t be healthy after this long no matter how much alcohol you soak ’em in. Welcome home!

  2. Home is where when you have to go there,
    They have to take you in.
    —Robert Frost

  3. What will the report say that we don’t know?  Inquiring minds want to know. What we know is that SFB surrounded himself and was advised by a gang of criminals and big league tax cheats. We know his advisors (and his chip off the old block) had contacts with Russian actors  during the election.  We know that 37 people were indicted, including his top and closest advisors.  Just as with Capone I’m waiting for the tax evasion shoe to drop.

    So what’s this new device sturg?  One everything MUST have?
    [reposted from prior thread – Scotty, it crossed in the mail]

  4. As I’ve said, I moved in August from the beach to the country—back to a replica of the place where I grew up, which is about 5 miles from here, “here” being about 5 miles from where I was on the beach.  ( It’s an island. )
    So, anywow, there were people here before us, and one of the things they left behind, out in the “barn”, was a gen-you-wine Lava Lamp.
    Imagine my wonder when it worked perfectly.

  5. In re Mueller
    I’m goitng to hold back the cavalry until I see which way the foe will turn.

  6. Sturg!….  great to have you back.  Apparently this site doesn’t like iPhones…  I was “forbidden” to post here too from mine while on vacation a few weeks ago.  Though my hubby’s Amazon fire tablet had no problem.

    I remember when we were all disappointed the night of the mid-terms…  when the dust settled a few days later…  the big blue wave had indeed materialized.  So if I were a republican (thank god I’m not), I wouldn’t be doing a happy dance this morning.

  7. pogo,

    just a hunch, but (1) given the already indicted 13 Russian nationals and 3 Russian entities for illegal interference in the presidential election, the first finding will be “yep, the Russians interfered with the elections” and

    (2) given what’s in indictment filing on Manafort re passing voter data, the second finding will be “yep on links between russkies and magats” 


    (3) given the convicted liars club, the third as to (ii) any matters that arose  will be “sh*t yes! let me count the ways”



  8. We now have confirmation of why SFB went off the edge to attack Sen. McCain and then went silent.  The few tweets since then do not read like he scribbled them with his two color crayon set (white and lily white) they were written in sentences and on point.  I am having a difficult time waiting for SFB to get a hold of his twitter tool and let loose.
    A few things I hope the Mueller report includes: Russian agents McConnell, Nunes, Lindsey. . .

  9. Rather than struggle, I picked-up a Microsoft Surface 3 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage along w/wifi and lots of other capability for a couple of hundred refurbed. I run Win10 Pro 64 on it along with Windows Office. Want a fone? Turn on Skype. Although I have an Iphone and Ipad, I’m totally incompetent in their use.

  10. any chance there’s a silent or sealed indictment hiding in some court somewhere?

    wisegeek on silent indictments:

    A silent indictment is sometimes a part of the pre-trial process in felony cases. When a silent indictment occurs, a Grand Jury indicts an individual before he or she has been arrested. …. A silent indictment is not unusual, and may be pursued for a variety of reasons by the prosecution.

    An indictment is different than a complaint against the defendant because an indictment is reached by a Grand Jury of 16-23 people after hearing sworn testimony. A complaint is usually filed with law enforcement for follow up. The indictment lists the felony charges against the accused … In the case of a silent indictment, the accused is not aware that Grand Jury proceedings have occurred until he or she is presented with the arrest warrant.

    the prosecution may choose to let an individual go while evidence is gathered for a stronger case. [***]  In this instance, a silent indictment is commonly used. A silent indictment also bypasses the criminal court altogether.


    ***[maybe to let congress first have a go at impeachment or wait until twit is out of office]

  11. snopes had a fact check report on this claim back in 2017 noting it was unproven:

    Has a ‘Sealed Indictment’ Been Issued Against President Trump?

  12. relevant newsweek story back in October last year: Watergate Scandal: Grand Jury Was Ready to Hit Richard Nixon With 4 Criminal Charges, Newly Released Documents Reveal

    Court documents unsealed after nearly 45 years show that a federal grand jury in February 1974 was prepared to indict former GOP President Richard Nixon on four criminal counts for his role in the 1970s Watergate scandal that led to his resignation.

    The charges, including bribery, conspiracy, obstruction of justice and obstruction of a criminal investigation, would have been for Nixon and his administration’s attempt to cover up the break-in and wiretapping of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at The Watergate Hotel in D.C.

    Five men were arrested on June 17, 1972, for their involvement in the matter. The men attempted to photograph DNC documents and wiretap DNC officials’ phones, potentially sabotaging the Democrats’ chances at unseating Nixon in the upcoming 1972 presidential election. 

    The draft of the indictment from a Washington grand jury stated that “from on or about March 21, 1973…Richard M. Nixon unlawfully, willfully and knowingly did combine, conspire, confederate and agree together and with co-conspirators…to commit bribery…obstruct justice…and obstruct a criminal investigation.”


  13. Yay Sturg is back.
    Lava lamp?   why did they leave it behind?  A question for the ages

  14. I figure the bulb burnt out and they thought it was broken.
    Or someone in the family thought it was hideous.

  15. Flatus – very nice choice.
    I have a lava lamp running right now in my family room and one, not on, on my large boat.  I remember the first lava lamps, my great-uncle worked for the guy who invented them, so he had lots of samples to hand out.  Many an hour were spent watching the lamp heat up and the various blobs float up and around.  There was not much to do back in the days in Iowa with two television stations and C&W radio stations, except for KMOX broadcasting the St. Louis Cardinals.

  16. That makes sense, cause there were a bunch of Grateful Dead albums scattered around too.

  17. I guess about the first I ever thought about a place called Iowa was 1963, when I saw “The Music Man”. What an introduction, eh……
    The Iowa I saw in that movie was a lot different from the Iowa I encountered personally in the 80’s touring around over there. But of course we were dealing with people who hung out in beer joints shooting pool and listening to corn-pone Naaashville music and such.

  18. We didn’t see much of the “simple townsfolk”.
    Except for this one time we were bound for Nashville back from Des Moines in an old Dodge school bus. As we were packing up Sunday morning we noticed a conspicuous bulge on one of the 4 back tires and we pondered.  We finally decided that rather than face the prospect of tire work in Des Moines on a Sunday morning we would risk it.  You know, even if that tire blows there’s still a good one next to it  And so, like the merry pranksters, it’s off we go thru the endless cornfields, back to Nashville 
    Well, it blew, all right.  And while it was blowing it also knocked the good tire bout slap off the rim.

  19. Sturgeone – The Iowa I sort of grew up in was farm country, oh wait, that is most of the state, bottom of the state and central going up around west to Des Moines.  My grandfather, cousins, aunts, uncle and assorted other relatives and ancestors farm(ed) it.  There are many still farming there.  Memories from late 50’s to mid-60’s are driving around with my uncle listening to C&W, a lot of Grand Ol’ Opry types and Patsy Cline.  Raised my own chickens and assorted other critters.  We hunted for rabbits in the corn fields.  Most were for dinner.

  20. pool?

    Well, if so my friends,
    Ya got trouble,
    Right here in River city
    With a capital “T”
    And that rhymes with “P”
    And that stands for Pool.
    We’ve surely got trouble!
    Right here in River City!
    Remember the Maine, Plymouth Rock and the Golden Rule!
    Oh, we’ve got trouble.
    We’re in terrible, terrible trouble.

  21. Looks like someone put the fear into SFB.  Nothing on the ol’ twitter account.  The few tweets are probably from some staffer.  Fascinating.  There must be some good stuff in the Mueller report.  And, it will leak if he tries to block it.

  22. NYTimes:  Angry Over Brexit Stalemate, Huge Crowds March in London to Demand Second Vote

    LONDON — Hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through London on Saturday afternoon in a last-ditch, long-shot effort to reverse Britain’s looming split from the European Union, calling on lawmakers to heed the enormous anger among pro-Europeans and break the political stalemate by holding a second referendum.

    The protesters, some of whom traveled for hours on buses and trains, set off from Hyde Park holding placards that nodded at their European roots — “50 percent French, 50 percent British, 100 percent European,” one boy’s sign read — and employed a bit of British understatement — “Brexit really not going well, is it?” read another.

    The crowd — organizers estimated a million people turned out, though there was no way to independently confirm it — clogged vast stretches of central London, with thousands of people still waiting to begin marching by the time those at the front of the rally were filling Parliament Square.


  23. wapo:  ‘Cancel Brexit’ petition surpasses 4.5 million signatures as creator faces death threats

    LONDON — Can Brexit be stopped? A force of exasperated Brits are trying.


    A petition calling for Prime Minister Theresa May to revoke Article 50 and remain in the European Union surpassed 4.5 million signatures on Saturday, and became the most popular petition ever hosted on the British Parliament website.


    The previous record was held by a 2016 petition calling for a second referendum on Brexit. That one garnered 4,150,262 total signatures. A petition to prevent President Trump from making a state visit to Britain received nearly 1.9 million signatures in 2017.


    Britain’s government responds to all petitions that gain more than 10,000 signatures and considers for debate all petitions that receive more than 100,000 signatures.


  24. Well, trying to edit and punched send
    So there we is on the side of the interstate between two cornfields in Indiana somewhere with a pair of flat tires on an antique Dodge school bus and no spare. 
    We get out and walk around looking stupid for awhile and I see waaaay across one corn field is the farm   House, barn, fences, the real mckoy ….I set off across the cornfield towards the house, my partner falls in and we traipse that whole cornfield towards the house, hoping to use the phone or at least if someone were to be home get them to call someone. I’m not at all sure of our reception looking like road lizards and showing up out of the corn like that, Not sure if he’s read IN COLD BLOOD or not, but I hope for the best.
    I knock on the back door of a really grand old prairie house and after a bit this older gentleman appears at the door, sizes us up a bit and says, a non-committal  “Yes”
    So we spill our guts a bit about our plight and he listens and then asks what kind of school bus and we say Dodge  he asks and what year it is.  We tell him, he ponders, and then says,”You boys follow me down by the barn and off we go……we go behind the barn, and leaning against it is two big tires  “Pretty sure those will fit that bus.” .   We roll them to his compressor, blow them up, and then throw them in back of his pick-up while he goes in and calls someone he knew who could deal with a school bus

  25. On a Sunday .
    So shortly we were “big wheels rolling” again.  That feller got post cards from all over for quite some time.

  26. Sturg…. ahhhh…  I so missed your stories.  Now all is right with this site.

  27. I’m with RR – how can SFB and co declare victory when no one knows what the report says
    and I think it is suspicious that SFB is sooooo quiet

  28. The Left Hand of Darkness is one of the greatest novels ever written. LeGuin deserved a Nobel for Literature, and TLHoD should have been cited as her best. 

  29. Mr Bink sure has his way (harrumph, his lusty way, as it were) with words. 
    May I offer magnum-inn-yes ? well, prolly naught.

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