60 days more Gates open plus

According to former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, the extension of a cooperating flipper portends Mueller time delay. The following might also have the same effect.

Judge orders public release of redacted documents on FBI’s raid of Michael Cohen
The public on Tuesday will see the search warrant and other documents related to last year’s FBI raids on the home and office of Michael Cohen.
What we might learn: The origin of the investigation, the timeline of events, what investigators were looking for in their search and other details into the case of President Donald Trump’s former attorney and fixer.
U.S. District Judge William H. Pauley III on Monday ordered redacted versions of the documents to be released after nine news organizations, including ABC and CBS News, The Associated Press, CNN and The Wall Street Journal, sought to unseal them citing high public interest and a right to access.
In a Monday statement, Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis said the release of the documents furthers Cohen’s interest in “continuing to cooperate and providing information and the truth about Donald Trump and the Trump organization to law enforcement and Congress.”

Idea for this thread courtesy of our inimitable trail counsel Pogo


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  1. thank you, pogo, for the above suggestion.  please feel free to come up with more as you can see the necessity by my reposted comment from last thread:


    WARNING.  thread threat alert:

    unless some kind trail mixer comes up with a thread, the trail will be littered with more inane posting by this commentator!

    our substitute leader jace is temporarily under the weather and so it appears, if someone does not belly up to this low bar with a thread contribution,  you are stuck with me.


  2. speaking of preet, this from politico:
    Preet Bharara Expects a “Lengthy, Detailed’ Mueller Report
    But the former U.S. attorney warns those hoping for deliverance from Trump to brace for a letdown, too.

    and this from reuters:  Ex-U.S. Attorney Bharara to Trump: don’t mess with Manhattan probes

  3. From Pat’s very early in the morning NYTimes article in the last thread, “…symbiotic bond born…”. Now, class, on the count of three, we are going to repeat that phrase ten times in a rapid cadence.

  4. It is time to start worrying about Jack, and all others along the shores of the Missouri River.

  5. Flatus… I’ve been thinking about Jack for a few days now…   hope all is ok.

    I hear there’s a nasty flu going around in several parts of the country.  Jamie has it and will be back here when she feels well…   probably the same has hit Jace.  Get well my friends.

    patd…  you’re doing a great job!

  6. Help is on the way!

    Vice President Pence will survey the widespread destruction across the Midwest on Tuesday, following “historic”flooding that has killed at least four people, leveled bridges and submerged huge swaths of the region with bone-chilling floodwaters.

    No Trump National in Nebraska – no playable courses – too early to throw out the first paper towel – no need for SFB to visit.

    BTW, Dear SFB, this is what a national emergency looks like – stop fucking around diverting funds to the border and put them where they will do some good. Very truly yours, Pogo.

  7. The following was posted by a commentor called rosebud11 in response to Katrina vanden Heuvel’s piece at Wapo this morning:

    The only thing that’s going to work is for all progressives to band together and back a challenger to Trump in 2020.  No independents, no voting for third party candidates or staying home from the polls if you believe as I do that our country’s future is in serious jeopardy.  We may not all get our first, or even second choice, but the ultimate choice is clear.  No more Trump and no more Republicans in charge. 

    My thoughts exactly.

  8. renee, thank you.  also thank you for suggesting to trail readers sometime ago “the left hand of darkness” by le guin.  i’m about halfway thru and am really enthralled with it and intrigued by how some characters and circumstances in it sound like trump, trumpsters and Trumpism.  hard to realize it was written back in ’69.

  9. nbc news:

    WASHINGTON — Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will stay at the Justice Department “a little longer,” according to a senior Justice Department official.

    Rosenstein had previously said he would leave in mid-March, noting during a public appearance on March 7 that it would be one of his final speeches.

    Rosenstein recently discussed his upcoming planned departure with Attorney General William Barr, after which it was decided that he would stay on a little longer, the official said.

    The departure of Rosenstein, who appointed special counsel Robert Mueller in 2017 and oversaw his Russia investigation until Barr was confirmed as attorney general earlier this year, was widely thought to be tied to the completion of Mueller’s report. Many speculated Rosenstein would stay on until Mueller completed his investigation and delivered a report on his findings to Barr.

    Asked whether the delay in Rosenstein’s departure means that Mueller is still not ready to deliver his report, the official declined to comment.

  10. nbc news: 

    Beto O’Rourke talks job losses with UAW union representative attacked by Trump


    WARREN, Ohio — Beto O’Rourke has spent the first week of his presidential campaign working to educate himself on issues central to the lives of various communities across the Midwest, and on Monday night he joined the fight on the side of one of those issues.

    The former Texas congressman and current Democratic presidential candidate inserted himself into a debate between President Donald Trump and the leader of the local union representing workers at the General Motors auto plant in Lordstown, Ohio. He met with UAW Local 1112 President David Green Monday evening, one day after the president launched an attack on Green on Twitter over the status of the facility.  Production was stopped at the Lordstown GM plant two weeks ago, but its future is currently uncertain.


    O’Rourke live-streamed part of their discussion on Facebook, and then spoke with NBC News.


    “The president with his actions has added insult to injury,” O’Rourke said. “Not only has he done nothing to prevent this job loss, he actually blames the workers and their leadership in the UAW president of 1112 for something that GM and his administration caused. He’s literally financed GM’s ability, through this tax cut, to move jobs elsewhere.”


    President Trump won Ohio in 2016, along with much of the rest of the manufacturing belts of the Midwest — areas O’Rourke has attempted to emphasize on his trip this week. Trump has repeatedly promised to bring lost jobs back from many of these industrial communities that have deteriorated with closing factories.


    “I asked Dave, the UAW President here, ‘what can we do to get those jobs back?’” O’Rourke said. “He said we can ensure that our trade policies and our tax code does not incentivize offshoring these jobs.”


    “I think UAW is going to do everything they can to salvage something from GM’s investment and the public’s investment, perhaps there are other auto manufacturers that could relocate a plant here. The investment is here. This community is ready.”


    Ahead of his Ohio stop, O’Rourke contacted the state’s senior senator, Democrat Sherrod Brown, for insight on campaigning in the Buckeye State.


    He said he didn’t ask Brown for an endorsement, “just asked him for advice.”


    “I wanted to give him the courtesy of letting him know I was in the state,” O’Rourke said. “He was very helpful and I imagine he’s going to be very helpful to every candidate who puts in a call.”

  11. My fertile brain has the blahs.  Maybe I will wake up with something worth posting this week.


    Easiest daily task – making new bread starter.  It takes a week, but is worth the hard labor of dumping out a blob of yummy looking yeasty dough and adding more water and flour.  Stir well (I use chop sticks) and put the lid back on the container.  I am making rye bread, very much a Finnish love, so I used rye flour as the starter.  Milled it still has a lot of the natural yeast so you do not need to add yeast, just mix a cup of flour with a half cup of water and let sit.  Each day take out about half and throw away.  To the remaining add the same amount of water and flour.  At the end of a week it will be perfect.  When ready give it a bit of flour and tuck into the fridge until needed.

    For sourdough, start with the rye flour and on the third day switch to white flour.

  12. Just looked out the front window as I was drawing the drapes and saw the most glorious full moon against a cloudless sky–quick, take a look!

  13. Flatus, I saw that on the way home – a full moon on the vernal equinox – that has to mean something, right?  Good luck or bad luck?  Feast or Famine?  Early Spring or Long Winter?  WTF knows?  Nevertheless it’s really pretty.

  14. Pogo, it made me think (fondly) of my late aunt Eleanor pointing out the constellations before ubiquitous lighting erased them all. Me thinks it portends well, fingers crossed.

  15. Back to our topic. I figure that the whole thing will be wrapped up by late October, 2020.

    In the presidential election, the ticket of Inslee/Abrams beats trump/pence and Mr.Coffee/Marla Maples 61-25-14. Inslee narrowly edges out trump in AK, ID, WY, MT, ND, SD, NE, AR, LA, KY, and WV, as conservative white women deprive the official republican candidate of any Electoral College votes. The team of Mr Coffee/Marla Maples carry WA and NY, as the cities that never sleep deliver big time for the Latte Party.

    In other news, republican chairman trey gowdy demands an end to the Electoral College.

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