Sunday Serendipity

Something for cello lovers this morning. An excellent performance by a master. Boccherini’s music is too often over looked but his works are both beautiful and approachable.

Enjoy the music but most of all enjoy your day!?

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  1. Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Trump signing bibles in Alabama.

  2. 2nd reminder that it’s an hour, a whole 60 minute hour, later than your body thinks it is. 

    and as the song says:

    Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think
    Enjoy yourself, while you’re still in the pink
    The years go by, as quickly as you wink
    Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think



  3. okay, your 3rd reminder and an explanation why, oh why….

    from 2010 Rachel Maddow- Daylight-saving time explained  Rachel Maddow- Daylight-saving time explained

  4. Jace…  magnificent!

    We’re home!  Being on vacation is great…  coming home to an empty frig and a mountain of laundry sucks…  oh well… one load at a time.

  5. It’s cold and rainy here  lots of hail yesterday.  We don’t like it
    We really don’t like daylight savings —jet lag for people who don’t leave home

  6. …had to chuckle when the news-media would say things like “you’re going to lose an hour of sleep, tonight”, to which i would think, “nah, i won’t”.

  7. Not only did I lose and hour, the predicted 12″ snowstorm turned shorted us by 9″. Gimme my refund !

  8. I don’t think Rep Omar said anything anti-semitic.  I think what she said is true.  Hello Sheldon Adelson.
    And Ed Rendell was just on my tv running away from socialism  –whimps and it looks like he is a Biden supporter
    more clueless old white men.  According to a recent poll Biden yuck and Bernie are the top two — this could make me a Bernie Supporter.

  9. Lock Bebe up.   I have a friend who went to high school with him in Philly

  10. “Until the philosophy/ which holds one race superior/ and another/ inferior/ is finally/ and permanently/ discredited/ and abandoned/ there’ll be war” -Marley

  11. …i get it, though- if Israeli Jews give Arabs significant governing power they run the risk of undermining their self-determination, which is a stated fundamental justification for the state, itself, and valid, in my opinion.  Israel wouldn’t be necessary if non-Jews around the world didn’t tend to persecute and assail Jews, which history tells us happens everywhere, eventually.
    Yay, humans!

  12. So Americans understood and opposed apartheid policies in South African.  Why can’t they understand the same policies are being carried out by Israel.   I blame the British for doing a piss poor job of taking care of the people displaced when the state of Israel was founded.
    I grew up having virtual forests of trees being planted in Israel for birthdays etc.   Northeastern Ohio including Canton, was home to a number of camp survivors and others who had been displaced by Hitler.  Support for Israel is a very emotional thing.   And I get that over time the Palestinians have behaved badly.   But it is time to make decisions based on the future not on the past.

  13. I don’t see Israel as an apartheid state. Under apartheid Blacks could not vote or run for parliament, because they were not citizens of the Union of So Africa. They couldn’t become officers in the army. Their languages were not official languages of the country. It was illegal for Blacks and Whites to be married or to have sexual relations.
    None of this is true in Israel. Arabs are citizens, can vote, become legislators, serve in the cabinet, and rise in the military to the rank of general. There are also black citizens in Israel, who have voting rights, sit in the parliament, and serve as officers in the military. 
    It is important for the sake of Israeli and Jewish sensibilities to distinguish between the structure of Israel per se and the governments treatment of the Palestinians. They are a conquered people, but theirs is no more an apartheid society than conquered Crimea or Yemen are.
    If you insist on finding an apartheid state in the region, look at Syria with its treatment of Jews, Kurds, and Sunnis. 

  14. I’m uncomfortable being the unwilling champion for Israel, but someone should. It is outrageous that people hold Israel to a standard far higher than they do for any other country in Asia, African, South America, or Central Europe. THAT is not anti-Semitic; it IS anti-Jewish behavior. It IS bigotry.

  15. And, simply demanding that Israel lift its hold from Gaza and the West Bank would not be anti-Jewish or bigotry.
    Just don’t demean anyone for crimes that they are NOT committing.

    End of rant. Thank you for your patience.

  16. Palestinians living in the non-annexed portions of the West Bank do not have Israeli citizenship or voting rights in Israel, but are subject to movement restrictions of the Israeli government.

    The Israeli apartheid analogy compares Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to South Africa’s treatment of non-whites during its apartheid era within the context of the crime of apartheid.

    With respect to the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Israel’s critics have repeatedly denounced it of practising a system akin to apartheid against Arabs and Palestinians.[1] Israel has been described as an “apartheid” state by some scholars, United Nations investigators,[2] human rights groups critical of Israeli policy[3][4] and supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. The description has also been used by several Israeli former politicians.[5] Critics of Israeli policy say that “a system of control” in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, including the ID system; Israeli settlements; separate roads for Israeli and Palestinian citizens around many of these settlements; Israeli military checkpoints; marriage law; the West Bank barrier; use of Palestinians as cheaper labour; Palestinian West Bank exclaves; and inequities in infrastructure, legal rights (e.g. “Enclave law”), and access to land and resources between Palestinians and Israeli residents in the Israeli-occupied territories, resemble some aspects of the South African apartheid regime, and that elements of Israel’s occupation constitute forms of colonialism and of apartheid, contrary to international law.

    I think there are a lot of countries with equally horrific policies. Saudi Arabia leaps to mind. But that doesn’t excuse the governmeny of Bebe and his rightwing cabal

  17. Jace, great cello, and I love great cello.
    I can’t really comment intelligently about the Israel/West Bank issue beyond saying that erecting a fence (wall?) to keep the Palestinians in their own place sounds a lot like a system of exclusion to me and isn’t that what apartheid is?  
    Went with Mrs. P to see the 2:30 matinee presentation of Berlioz’s Damnation of Faust In Pittsburgh this afternoon- loved it. Pittsburgh Symphony, Pittsburgh Chorus, Pittsburgh Children’s choir & 4 world class soloists. Really great production. BUT that’s not the point of this comment. It’s  that after a 2 1/2 hour concert, half an hour getting out of the theater and parking lot and a 2 hour drive home it was still daylight when we got home. Put me in the daylight saving time “Like” column. And like Mr. Bink I scoff at the idea that I lost an hour of sleep last night. I most definitely did not. But I will lose an hour of waking up today, and that is never a bad thing.?

  18. I repeat, Israeli policy within Israel does not resemble apartheid. The defining characteristics of apartheid are absent in Israel. 
    Only if you chose to say that the West Bank belongs to Israel would it make sense, and I doubt that the scholars and other alleged experts would stipulate to that. I would strongly argue against Israel claiming ownership of the West Bank, if it were to do so. 
    If you wish to argue that Israel is a conqueror nation illegally colonizing the West Bank and oppressing Gaza, that is a very different story, one for which there is a fair to generous amount of evidence. I believe that Israel ought to get out of the West Bank the same way it left Gaza. Fast and clean and yesterday. Unfortunately, netanyahu doesn’t listen to me. 

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