30 thoughts on “Brady’s Bunch Of Six”

  1. So, did Brady’s usual late-game heroics win the evening, or was it actually Belichik against whom i shouldn’t have wagered?  Or are the Rams just bad?  

    Well, whatever my opinions on our national pasttime (RIP baseball), nothing beats good food, good friends, and family, so i hope you enjoyed at least some of any of those.

    Will make good on my wager at my leisure, i promise. Peace.

  2. 1. The game was won in the trenches. 
    2. Congratulations, Ms Renee on a good, tight, defensive game. 
    3. There must be a painted portrait of Brady hidden in his attic. 

  3. NOLA:
    New Orleans won the Super Bowl, even if it didn’t play in it on Sunday.
    While the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams slogged through one of the least entertaining games in Super Bowl history, New Orleans stole the national spotlight from the world’s biggest sporting event with a rollicking day-long citywide protest of Super Bowl LIII.
    As the Patriots and Rams traded punts and field goals, images of the protest party in downtown and Uptown New Orleans were going viral on social media.
    The Rams and Patriots were playing. But the Saints and New Orleans were trending.
    In the end, the Patriots outslugged the Rams 13-3 to win their sixth Lombardi Trophy, tying the franchise with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most in NFL history.
    Amazingly, the final 10-point margin was the largest of any of the Patriots’ Super Bowl triumphs.
    But few folks in New Orleans bothered to watch it as they followed through with their promise to boycott the game in the wake of the Saints’ controversial loss in the NFC Championship Game.
    They picked a good Super Bowl to skip. By any standard, this was one of the least watchable games in the history of the event. The game was utterly devoid of drama, excitement or controversy. It made one of Bill Belichick’s press conferences seem thrilling by comparison.
    It was the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever. At the end of three quarters, the teams had combined for twice as many punts (12) as points (6). The game set or tied seven other records for offensive futility, including fewest points by a winning team and fewest touchdowns by both teams.
    This is not hyperbole. It was that bad.
    And the halftime musical entertainment — Maroon 5 — was equally forgettable.
    No one wonder pregame ticket sales for Super Bowl LIII were so tepid.
    And I fully expect the TV ratings to reflect the lack of interest in the game when they are released on Monday, especially with New Orleans, the nation’s top football market, in the throes of a boycott.
    There was more energy and excitement in one block of Decatur Street than all of Mercedes-Benz Stadium for four quarters.
    The Saints and Chiefs had to be sitting at home watching and thinking coulda, woulda, shoulda. It’s hard to believe that either one of them would have put up such a lackluster performance on the league’s biggest stage.
    The Patriots certainly deserved to celebrate, but they’ll never match the party Saints fans threw on Sunday.
    New England won the Super Bowl, but New Orleans won the day.

  4. that saintly boycott crowd was larger than the twit’s inaugural assembly.  not that that was such a high bar to beat.

  5. wapo:
    Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) called an unscheduled senior staff meeting Sunday night just before the start of the Super Bowl, as the governor considered resigning after two days of defiance amid a controversy over a racist photo in his medical school yearbook.
    People familiar with the meeting said the governor had not reached a decision. It was unclear who was present, but the group included senior staffers of color. Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D), who would become governor if Northam resigned, was not there, the people said.
    Calling the Sunday night meeting was a clear signal of Northam’s effort to weigh support within the administration as he evaluates his options. Although he pledged on Saturday to stand his ground, he also said he would reconsider if he thought he could no longer be effective. Just a day later, resignation is an active consideration, the people said.
    The meeting was emotional, according to a Democratic official. Northam scheduled a larger meeting for Monday morning for administration staff, the official said.

    […long article continues and concludes as follows…]

    Former Virginia congressman Jim Moran, a Democrat, emerged Sunday as the virtually the only person defending Northam and encouraging the governor to ride it out.
    “I hate to be on the other side of virtually all of my friends on this,” he said on “This Week.”
    “But I do disagree with their judgment because I think it is a rush to judgment before we know all of the facts and before we’ve considered all of the consequences,” Moran said.
    Moran said Northam should be given a chance to redeem himself and invoked President Lyndon B. Johnson’s ability to work with conservative Republicans because of his background in Texas.
    “No untarnished liberal from the North could ever have gotten the Great Society programs passed,” Moran said, “but he was able to work with his Southern colleagues because he knew where they were coming from. We still have a conservative Republican legislature and, frankly, I think that Ralph will have the highest motivation possible to bring us further away
    from this horrible past of racism.”
    Then Moran brought up Robert C. Byrd, the late senator from West Virginia, who was a member of the Ku Klux Klan in the early 1940s but, after many decades in the Senate, helped set aside land on the Mall for a memorial to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
    “That’s the power of redemption,” Moran said.

  6. WLKY:   
    It’s been more than a week since the federal government reopened after the longest shutdown in history, but some federal workers in the Kentucky-Indiana area still have not received their paychecks.
    Beth Key, a statistical clerk at the U.S. Census Bureau’s National Processing Center in Jeffersonville, said she and her colleagues were told they would be paid by Jan. 31 after President Donald Trump announced the government would reopen on Jan. 25.
    “It was a big relief,” Key said.
    Key said she and her co-workers were happy to go back to work and were anxious to finally get a paycheck after the 35-day shutdown.
    “Everyone was in the system trying to see if their money had been deposited. The system just shut down. We crashed it,” Key said. She and the other people in her office quickly realized something wasn’t right.
    “That was the big question, ‘When are we getting paid? Have you gotten paid?’ and the consensus was, ‘No, the money’s not there,'” she explained.
    Late Friday afternoon, NPC workers received an email from Jeff Bryant, the director of the National Processing Center, saying there had been an error at the National Finance Center, where the employees’ back pay was being processed. The email went on to say that while the NFC was working to resolve the issue, federal workers like Key may have to wait until the next scheduled payday, Feb. 14, to receive their paychecks.
    Key said she felt “disbelief, frustration and sadness” when she found out.
    “We recognize that there are so many people, men and women, that are working diligently to get us paid, but that doesn’t change the reality that we’re still waiting,” Key said.
    Key said she and her colleagues are in the same boat they were in before the government reopened, wondering when they’ll see their next paycheck.
    “(People are) trying to figure out how they’re going to get to work and keep their car from being repossessed or their utilities from being turned off and how they’re going to pay for day care, how they’re going to buy groceries,” she said.
    A representative from the American Federation of Government Employees told WLKY it’s unclear what caused the error at the NFC and how many federal employees were impacted.

  7. Just got my 2018 tax estimate – for the first time in decades, roughly fifty years ago, I have to pay taxes over what was withheld.  My tax bill went up.  My guess is there will be a lot more people than just me getting screwed over to pay billionaires more money.  The greedy old perverts are making sure 2020 is a Democratic takeover of the government.

  8. BB, and I’m betting you’re in that middle class SFB so famously said the tax cut would benefit and I’m also betting you withheld at the same rate as you have in the past.
    Bink, Brady and Belichek come as a package – I’d say the offense was Brady’s and the defense was Belichek’s. 

  9. yeah…  I agree it was boring game.  Well… except for the 4th quarter…  that’s when Rick and I… and I’m sure every other Patriots fan… woke up and started to party!
    Like all good New England fans, we went to Dunkin’ Donuts this morning for our $1 medium coffee in celebration of the Patriots win…  we even splurged and had a donut.  Lots of other Patriots fans were there celebrating along with us.
    Now on to the parade tomorrow….  and then a Celtics vs Cavaliers game at night.  I say fuck trumpy dumpty and his SOTU address.

  10. From a scoring perspective it was boring, but defensive games are.  NE’s defense was dominant.  LA had no series longer than 5 plays (there were 3 of those) in their first 8 possessions.I kinda liked it although I am generally more partial to football games that are described as track meets.

  11. Renee, I have to prepare for an argument before our state supreme court Wednesday morning so I also have an excuse to ignore SFB tomorrow night – as if reading a little of his Face the Nation sit down from yesterday isn’t enough.  Does anyone think he’ll spout new lies tomorrow?  He tends to recycle the old ones he likes.

  12. Pogo…   the game did remind me of the football I used to watch back in the 60s and 70s when defense was king.  But you know how Americans are nowadays…  lots and lots of everything.  Can’t have just a soda… gotta have a BIG gulp.  Can’t have just a cheeseburger…  gotta have a whopper.  Gotta supersize everything…. our food… our cars… our tvs… our homes….  and our games have to have lots and lots of scoring.

  13. pogo & renee,  in your opinion would the game have been more exciting had the saints come marching in?  
    above is their front page and here’s what business insider wrote about it:
    New Orleans newspaper shades the ‘super boring’ Super Bowl with a blank front page
    New Orleans Saints fans still haven’t gotten over their missed opportunity to play in Super Bowl 53, judging by the front cover of Monday morning’s Times-Picayune.
    Following the New England Patriots victory over the Los Angeles Rams in the lowest-scoring Super Bowl of all time, the front page of the New Orleans paper only featured the headline “Super Bowl? What Super Bowl?” against a blank white background.
    Farther down the page, a story about the game ran with the headline “Super Boring.”
    The headline of the Sports page read, “What do the Rams and the Saints have in common? Neither scored a touchdown in Super Bowl LIII.”
    In a tweet publicizing Monday morning’s cover, the Times-Picayune wrote that “New Orleans probably could have spiced this game up a bit.”
    Saints nation has been fuming ever since their NFC Championship loss to the Rams, which many have blamed on a referee who failed to call interference when Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman hit Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis on a crucial play late in the game.
    In response, Saints fans organised a giant protest in New Orleans on Sunday and a second-line parade to draw attention away from the big game.

  14. patd…   I wanted a Brees vs Brady game.  But all I really cared about is that the Patriots made it to the big game no matter who they played.  When the Saints were in the Super Bowl after Katrina, I rooted for them.  One thing in any sporting event…. nothing is guaranteed (well, maybe in wrestling).  Even if that call had been made…  it doesn’t mean the Saints would have automatically won the game.  Brees would be better off saying something like “we’ll be back next year and fighting our asses off”, instead of whining like he is now, IMO.

  15. patd, I tend to think it would have been a better, or at least higher scoring game if it had been NO & NE.  I can’t help but think that Brees would have generated more offense than Goff, but who really knows? All 3 QBs were in the same yardage range during the regular season, but NO did beat LA both times they met before the playoffs.

  16. So both the Pats and the Rams  had overpowering defenses? I guess you have to have some excuse. BTW the Chiefs had no trouble running up the score on either one of those teams. What we were wondering is where was the Tom Brady that came to KC, he sure wasn’t there last night. Bad passes to open men. short passes and missed opportunities. And that was just the first half.

  17. x-r
    Often people ask for things and have no idea of the consequences — I think this is true of letting Trump be Trump

  18. Jack, only the Chiefs, Saints and Rams had more points during the season than the Pats.  The Chiefs were the top of the heap in scoring – except for those 43-40 and 37-31 losses to NE and the 54-51 loss to the Rams, so the same can be said – that the Pats and Rams didn’t have trouble running up the score against the Chiefs.  Kinda ironic that the 2 winners from the faceoffs of the 4 top scoring teams went on to set a record for lowest number of  points scored and fewest TDs in Superbowl history.  I was kinda wondering whether father time caught up with Tom over the past couple of weeks, but the 4th quarter told me, “No, he’s fine.”  Frankly, any of the 4 teams in the NFC & AFC championship games would have been about equally well suited for the game, but only 2 of them won, sooooo. 

  19. ‘druther have trump be Simon Magus on the pavement than ‘let’ him be himself. Also, I’d rather have pence be savonarola on a spit. And, the mcconnells swept off by a manure slurry.  

    Other than that, I’m in a good mood.

  20. Pogo
    First, IMO the Chiefs have a ways to go to be Superbowl ready. Their defense was looking better toward the end as a couple of their rookie corners developed. But they had 2 chances to stop the  Pats and couldn’t get it done either time.
    I was just laughing at all the pundits/low score excusers  talking like these teams were the second coming of Buddy Ryan’s 85 Bears defense.
    But still no matter how ugly it was a win for Brady and the Pats
    Oh and the Saints was robbed


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