Sunday Serendipity

An interesting work for solo harpsichord. A transcription of a work by Vivaldi. Just right for a beautiful Sunday morning.

Enjoy the music and above all enjoy your day!🌞

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  1. jace, thanks for the lovely start to the day.  also thanks for causing me to stumble upon a good word to think about during our current chaos.  “folia” led me to “disambiguation” –  as though we could ever cut through the confusing ambiguity before us and make it make sense… [sigh]

  2. nytimes on an snl segment last night:
    The opening sketch of this week’s episode, hosted by James McAvoy and featuring the musical guest Meek Mill, was a parody of the Fox News program “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Carlson was played by the “S.N.L.” cast member Alex Moffat…
    Moffat also interviewed Wilbur Ross (Kate McKinnon), the commerce secretary, who earlier this week said he didn’t understand why furloughed government workers needed food assistance because they could just take out low-interest loans instead.
    An apologetic McKinnon said, “That was silly of me. I simply meant that there are other ways of getting money. Like, they could’ve liquidated some of their stocks or sold one of their paintings. I mean, even if they sold a lesser Picasso, that’s still going to get you through a week or two of yacht maintenance.”
    She added, “All I meant was that we all have to make sacrifices in times of hardship. For example, instead of going out to dinner, you could open a restaurant in your house. Or, for a period of time, you could have your horses attend public school. The small things add up.”

  3. Dad moving Friday, followed by emptying house to auction and repairs, prep for sale.

    Now I’m hoping to find a good home for Toby. Would love to have her in DC but no yard and she is such an outdoors gal.

  4. craig, perhaps the new owner of house may want a lovable and loyal already built-in alarm system.  best next case scenario to you or family members taking toby would be for her to remain in familiar surroundings if possible.  

  5. ABC NEWS/WASHINGTON POST POLL: Trump Investigations
    EMBARGOED FOR RELEASE AFTER 12:01 a.m., Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019  
    Six in 10 Back Democratic Inquiries – Including Release of Trump Taxes  Six in 10 Americans in an ABC News/Washington Post poll say the new Democratic majority in the House should make use of its authority to obtain and publicly release Donald Trump’s tax returns, while about as many support other Democratic-led investigations of the president.  Beyond the tax issue, 57 to 61 percent back House investigations into three topics tested in the national survey: possible collusion between Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russia, Trump’s relationship and communications with Russian President Vladimir Putin and possible financial ties between Trump and foreign governments. 
    Fewer, 40 percent, support Congress beginning impeachment proceedings against Trump, with 55 percent opposed. That support is down nine percentage points from August, in a survey conducted shortly after Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, was convicted of fraud and his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations at what he said was Trump’s direction. 
    This survey, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, was completed Thursday, a day before the Justice Department special counsel, Robert Mueller, indicted former Trump adviser Roger Stone on charges of obstruction, false statements and witness tampering.   Another result shows the politicized nature of Mueller’s work. Just 43 percent of Americans express confidence that his eventual report will be “fair and even-handed,” while 50 percent doubt it. Trust in Mueller reaches 62 percent among Democrats, but slides to 40 percent among political independents and just 22 percent among Republicans.  There’s also a warning about possible overreach in House Democratic investigations: Forty-six percent think the Democrats will go too far in investigating Trump. That said, 51 percent either think they’ll handle this about right (34 percent) – or will not go far enough, 17 percent.
    Those expectations inform support for further investigation. Among those who think House Democrats will go too far, just 26 percent support their investigating possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia, for example. Among those unworried about overreach, support soars to 85 percent.

  6. I’d love to hear what my old friend and harpsichord builder, Anden Houben, would say about your selection Jace. I love Vivaldi, and appreciate well played keyboard plectrum instruments – and, well, the harpsichord is the only one I can think of. 😁 Well done, Jace. 

  7. From Mike DeBonis’ piece in today’s Post. 

    Throughout the standoff, Pelosi followed her own advice: Don’t get in the gutter with Trump — or, as she put it colorfully last month, don’t engage in a “tinkle contest with a skunk.” The episode was also influenced by her respect for the presidency, if not for the president himself, aides said.


    In one tweet, Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.) said Pelosi “should give the State of the Union since she’s obviously the one running the country.” Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) referred to the reported physical problem that disqualified Trump from the Vietnam-era draft: “@POTUS has bone spurs. @SpeakerPelosi has a backbone.” And the rapper Cardi B suggested that Pelosi had treated Trump like a pet dog.


  8. Well, I heard flu season is peaking.  I hope everyone got their flu shot this year.
    I keep wondering what is the breaking point for a narcissistic, senile, low intelligence old man?  Will his delusions about reality interfere with the rational thought of “I am in trouble, time to tell everyone I need to spend more time with my family”?  Can he comprehend how much trouble he is in?  Media reports describe an old man upset, worried, and angry, but is that because he cannot get a double order of KFC? Or, is it because he can see the future of life in a six by ten room?  No matter, Pence has to be gotten rid of first.

  9. Borrowed phone::::::not happy being unable to throw my 2 cents around….finally got the website to come in so I can once again lurk, but I go to sign in and it pops up: FORBIDDEN.  This phone signs in just fine.
    i trust that my unconditional support for Speaker Pelosi has been “vindicated”, as they say.

  10. Sorry to hear about Pop having to leave Toby and his beautiful home……I missed why during my shutdown
    ”But when de Lawd get ready, you got to move…..”

  11. Hi, Mr Sturgeone ! 
    There are acres of presidential candidates to be picked since you last hammered in a post. As soon as you were out of sight they popped up like dandelions on a spring day.

  12. That dog is the sweetest, most innocent creature that ever walked into your life.  When your father needed comfort at the lowest point in his life, that dog gave it to him.  You can’t just wash your hands of that.  He thinks, he feels, he loves unconditionally, only asking for food and water in return.  That dog is more loyal and more friendly than 99% of the people you’ll ever meet- don’t throw him in an internment camp.  YOU find him a home, or YOU keep him.

  13. Jace… nice selection!

    Craig… I’m going to echo Bink.  You took that dog out of a shelter having to know that it would outlive your father.  Dogs are very loyal creatures.  They care more for their humans than they do for a yard.

  14. “Will his delusions about reality interfere with the rational thought of “I am in trouble, time to tell everyone I need to spend more time with my family”? “
    bbronc, as to whatever rationality remains that he possesses, settlement (a perverted type of deal making he has used many times before to save his butt) seems the most likely way out.
    that quote I came across  in vanity fair “Trump loved Mar-a-Lago so much that he was willing to do almost anything to hold on to it”  confirms to me a way he might be convinced to leave voluntarily.    like they did with Nixon, offer him a deal he can’t refuse:  get out now without fuss and you can keep mar a lago, maybe the new jersey golf club, forfeit all the rest.  renege and we’ll go after everything including the family jewels.

  15. if craig grew up in that house and has deep attachment to it and the neighborhood, he is probably emotionally suffering even more now compounded with concerns for toby as well as for his dad.   hard times for the heart. such events can impact long term health.

  16. marco is being very consistent re WikiLeaks.  over 2 years ago (10/2016 to be exact) he said according to new republic:

    “As our intelligence agencies have said, these leaks are an effort by a foreign government to interfere with our electoral process and I will not indulge it,” Rubio says in an ABC News interview Wednesday. “Further, I want to warn my fellow Republicans who may want to capitalize politically on these leaks: Today it is the Democrats. Tomorrow it could be us.”

    and today he said this according to FLAPOL:
    U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio on Sunday labeled WikiLeaks a tool of hostile foreign powers.
    During an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” the Florida Republican said the notorious “watchdog” site in fact does the work of foreign intelligence agencies.
    He suggested political operatives and reporters who use leaks from the site may advance efforts to hurt America.
    “It should be clear by now, and I think should have been clear to people a long time ago,” he said, “that Wikileaks and others like that could have been tools of foreign intelligence used to divide America.
    “I do believe anyone who is cooperating with them, wittingly or unwittingly, is doing the work of a foreign intelligence agency to harm us.”
    The comments come days after the indictment of Roger Stone, a close associate of President Donald Trump, in large part for his communications with WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential election.
    Rubio on NBC and on CNN reiterated his support for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to complete his probe on Russian collusion.
    But he also said politicians and members of the media need to keep in mind the possibility WikiLeaks worked with enemies of America.
    “I know what you’re getting at with Roger and all,” Rubio told NBC’s Chuck Todd.
    “But frankly, and I mean this in truth and not in the spirit of nastiness, the media was unwitting in this too.”
    In the 2018 election, Democrat Hillary Clinton was dogged by leaks on internal communications from the Democratic Nation Committee and hacked emails of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.
    “The media reported breathlessly on a lot of the revelations that were leaked that we know now were the work of Russian intelligence,” Rubio said.
    Todd played footage from October 2016 of Rubio saying publicly he would not acknowledge or use any information from WikiLeaks for political purposes. He encouraged fellow Republicans at the time to do that same, saying while Democrats were the targets of hacks now, Republicans could be in the future.
    Rubio, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, acknowledged he was privy sooner than many colleagues or the press about the potential source of WikiLeaks’ documents.
    But he encouraged any reporters who open emails with leaked opposition research to learn the original source and realize the information could be the work of a hostile foreign power.
    Todd asked Rubio if working with WikiLeaks should be considered a crime.
    “If you are wittingly doing it, it should be considered as such,” Rubio said.
    But he acknowledged people can also be duped by leakers’ stated intentions.
    “It’s not like they have a sign at the front door that says ‘We are an instrument of Russian intelligence,’ “ he said.

  17. Of course I’ll find Toby a good home. Talking now to a retired woman whose Corgi died last year. Sounds like a sweet lady. She’s eager to meet Toby, so we’ll be taking her for a visit soon.

  18. craig, a movie I keep meaning to see, now will have to, thinking about and sending good wishes for your toby:
    “a dog’s purpose” starts out with a puppy named toby who finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he teaches to laugh and love.

  19. I do believe I am enjoying a soft version of the flu.  Damn.
    Tonight’s movie selection is Support Your Local Sheriff.  A nice comedy that takes me out of the fray of twitter.

  20. the hill:
    Jerome Corsi said Sunday that the information about him in special counsel Robert Mueller‘s indictment against longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone is “accurate.”
    “I will affirm that what is in the indictment about me is accurate. And I will affirm that, if asked to in court,” Corsi, a conservative political commentator, said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
    Corsi attorneys Larry Klayman and David Gray acknowledged in a statement on Friday that Corsi is named as “Person 1” in Mueller’s indictment. Stone is accused of trying to prevent “Person 1” from contradicting his false statements to the House committee.
    Corsi has indicated he will testify against Stone if subpoenaed. He told CNN he would testify honestly to what he remembered from his communication with Stone, even if Stone claimed differently.
    However, Corsi, who brought his attorney to the CNN interview, emphasized that he did not personally communicate with WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential campaign, and said that Mueller found no evidence that he did. Corsi said he previously spent 40 hours voluntarily interviewing with Mueller’s investigative team.
    “If I had a contact with WikiLeaks, I think Roger would have leapfrogged me immediately and taken the contact himself,” Corsi told CNN.

  21. NY Daily News is reporting that Hillary is weighing another POTUS run in 2020. CNN’s Jeff Zeleny passed the word along to NYDN. I really don’t know what to say.

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