Talk’st thou to me of ‘ifs’? Thou art a traitor

Off with his head!

Richard III, Act 3, Scene 4, Shakespeare

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

Monday, living the furlough life and finally seeing a hammer hitting the cookie jar hard enough to break it.  SFB must be wondering why his self-created universe is bouncing so hard the brown sky is falling on him. 

We are seeing the third act start as the curtain rises.  No longer are we needing to hear from minor actors in the wings yelling “this will bring him down”.  We are now watching as the lights come up on the tableau built on lies and Putin’s agents works.  We can see shiny objects, but those no longer are blinding us, usually for a few seconds, somethings a few minutes, but no more.

The characters on stage now are the comedic and tragic figures, many unwitting agents, a few deliberate in their actions, all involved in treasonous arcs pointing to Russia as their love.  America is melting into a puddle on the stage.  Rubles are raining from above and mysteriously falling as dollars into the agents pockets. 

  The third act brings us great anticipation.  We do not know if there will be a rousing chorus of wonder as America rises in the end and the Russian agents are rounded up and placed in prison, or if there will be the ugly death knell of a former great country torn apart.

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Author: Blue Bronc

Born in Detroit when Truman was president, survived the rest of them. Early on I learned that FDR was the greatest president, which has withstood all attempts to change that image. Democratic Party, flaming liberal, Progressive, equality for all and a believer in we are all human and deserve respect and understanding. College educated, a couple of degrees, a lot of world experience and tons of fun. US Air Force (pre-MRE days). Oil and gas fields, computer rooms and stuff beyond anything I can talk about. It has been quite a life so far. The future is making my retirement boat my home. Dogs, cats and other critters fill my life with happiness. Work pays the bills.

29 thoughts on “Talk’st thou to me of ‘ifs’? Thou art a traitor”

  1. “there is no me. I do not exist… there use to be a me but I had it surgically removed”

    Peter Sellers does Queen Victoria and Richard III on the Muppet Show.

  2. NY Times editorial board:
    Donald Trump: The Russia File
    On Sunday, the new Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, urged his Republican colleagues to back his effort to obtain notes or testimony from the interpreter present at the meetings between Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump.
    “Shouldn’t we find out whether our president is really putting ‘America first?’” Mr. Schiff tweeted.
    This is not a new or unexplored possibility, even among Republicans at one time.
    “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” Kevin McCarthy, who was then House majority leader, told his fellow Republicans at a closed-door meeting, The Washington Post first reported, shortly before Mr. Trump won his party’s nomination for the White House in 2016.
    Dana Rohrabacher, a 15-term congressman from California who lost his bid for re-election in November, was such a staunch supporter of Moscow on Capitol Hill that the F.B.I. concluded that Russian spies were trying to recruit him.
    Mr. McCarthy said later that his line about Mr. Trump being paid by Moscow was a quip that landed flat.
    What’s no laughing matter is the unwillingness of the Republican Party to cast a critical eye upon a sitting president who has so flouted accepted practice for dealing with any foreign leader — not to mention one as adversarial as Vladimir Putin. 

  3. Well, McCarthy has been known for comedic lines. Just yesterday he said when stripping Rep King of his committee assignments, “That is not the party of Lincoln,” he said of King’s comments. “It is definitely not American. All people are created equal in America, and we want to take a very strong stance about that.” Now with a few “eths” tossed in that is Bard worthy.

  4. courthousenews:
    HARTFORD, Ct. (CN) – Heading off a Tuesday disbarment hearing, convicted ex-Trump confidant Paul Manafort submitted his resignation as a lawyer in Connecticut.
    Represented by attorneys at the firm Ury & Moskow, the 69-year-old Manafort stipulated in the Jan. 9 filing that he is waiving his right “to seek reinstatement at any time in the future.”
    Manafort’s filing in Hartford says Connecticut ethics officials cited Manafort’s guilty plea as evidence of attorney misconduct.
    “By submitting this Resignation and Waiver, I waive the right to a full evidentiary hearing on both the Presentment and the Grievance and acknowledge that the court will enter a finding of misconduct in the presentment because of my being convicted of a crime pursuant to P .B. Section 2-41,” Manafort wrote in an affidavit.
    The document says Manafort was admitted to practice law in Connecticut in October 1974 but has no law practice, office, or clients in either Connecticut or the District of Columbia, where he is also a member of the bar. He has no appearances of record before any state or federal court in Connecticut.
    A judge must still decide whether to accept Manafort’s resignation.

  5. Carol Channing, star of Hello, Dolly! on Broadway, dies aged 97


    Celebrated for her performances in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Hello, Dolly! Channing also earned an Oscar nomination for Thoroughly Modern Millie


  6. “False face must hide what the false heart doth know.” ― William Shakespeare, Macbeth

  7. the guardian:
    Chris Christie, who was ousted as chairman of Donald Trump’s White House transition team in 2016, has written a blistering attack on Jared Kushner, whom he accuses of having carried out a political “hit job” on him as an act of revenge for prosecuting his father, Charles Kushner, a decade ago.
    In his soon to be published book, Let Me Finish, Christie unleashes both barrels on Trump’s son-in-law, who remains a senior White House adviser with responsibilities for Middle Eastern peace, sentencing reform and “American Innovation”.
    Christie blames this key player in the president’s inner circle for his ignominious dismissal shortly after Trump’s election victory in November 2016. Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, writes that Kushner’s role in his sacking was confirmed to him by Steve Bannon, Trump’s campaign chief, in real time.
    As Bannon was carrying out the firing, at Trump Tower in New York, Christie forced him to tell him who was really behind the dismissal by threatening to go to the media and point the finger at Bannon instead.
    “Steve Bannon … made clear to me that one person and one person only was responsible for the faceless execution that Steve was now attempting to carry out. Jared Kushner, still apparently seething over events that had occurred a decade ago.”
    The political assassination was carried out by Kushner as a personal vendetta, Christie writes, that had its roots in his prosecution, as a then federal attorney, of Charles Kushner in 2005. The real estate tycoon was charged with witness tampering and tax evasion and served more than a year in federal prison.
    Even for a White House that has generated an extraordinary cornucopia of hypercritical kiss-and-tell books, Christie’s is exceptional for its excoriating description of events at which he was present. As he points out in Let Me Finish, a copy of which has been obtained by the Guardian ahead of publication on 29 January, none of the other authors “has known Trump for as long or as well as I have – or was right there in the room when much of this occurred”.
    It is also exceptional as a chronicle of the score-settling and animosity that drove key decision-making in Trump’s nascent presidency. As political scientists look for the roots of the mayhem in the current White House, the book provides new clues.
    At the heart of it is Christie’s desire to tell the American people that had his transition plan been adopted after Trump’s shock victory on election night in November 2016, the Trump White House would be a much more effective place today. Once he had been tossed overboard, the new transition team led by Vice President-elect Mike Pence had a “thrown-together approach” that led to appalling choices of senior personnel “over and over again”.

    But the emotional heart of the book is Christie’s account of the actions of Jared Kushner. In this telling, Christie was ditched by a young man who made it his business to discredit and denounce him because of what he had done to his father.
    “The kid’s been taking an ax to your head with the boss ever since I got here,” Bannon confessed at Christie’s dismissal.
    Christie was the US attorney in New Jersey when he spearheaded the prosecution of Charles Kushner for witness tampering. The case arose out of a bitter family feud.
    Meanwhile, Kushner is not the only subject of Christie’s wrath. The author is scathing about Michael Flynn, the retired general who was briefly national security adviser before resigning over his dealings with Russia, and who is now cooperating with the special counsel and awaiting sentencing for lying to the FBI.
    In one of the book’s more memorable put-downs, Flynn is dubbed “the Russian lackey and future federal felon”. Christie also calls the former general “a train wreck from beginning to end … a slow-motion car crash”.
    However, one central character escapes relatively unscathed: Trump himself. The president is utterly fearless and a unique communicator Christie writes – and his main flaw is that he speaks on impulse and surrounds himself with people he should not trust.

  8. Nuggets – lawyers look for nuggets.  Here’s one from Barr’s opening statement.

    The memo did not address — or in any way question — the special counsel’s core investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Nor did it address other potential obstruction-of-justice theories or argue, as some have erroneously suggested, that a president can never obstruct justice.

    This is one of those “opening the door to let the senators in” statements.  While he claims his memo did not address “other potential” obstruction of justice theories, they are out there for discussion.  I hope that the good senators don’t let him slide without discussing what those other theories are and what his position on them is.

  9. Here’s the bone thrown to SFB by Barr:

    Next, the department will continue to prioritize enforcing and improving our immigration laws. As a nation, we have the most liberal and expansive immigration laws in the world. We attempt to take in huge numbers equitably from all around the world. Legal immigration has historically been a huge benefit for our country. But most of the world’s population lives well below our own poverty level, and we cannot possibly accommodate the many millions more who would want to come here if we had no restrictions. As we open our front door, and try to admit people in an orderly way, we cannot allow others to flout our legal system by crashing in through the back door. Countenancing this lawlessness would be grossly unfair to those abiding by the rules. It would create unsafe conditions on our borders for all involved. It would permit an avenue for criminals and terrorists to gain access to our country. And, it would invite ever-greater and unsustainable influxes of those who enter our country illegally. In short, in order to ensure that our immigration system works properly, we must secure our nation’s borders, and we must ensure that our laws allow us to process, hold, and remove those who unlawfully enter.

    Just musing — Mr. Barr, what’s that mean?  Continuing the immoral separation policies of IMPOTUS and your predecessor, Mr. Sessions?  Building the idiotic Wall IMPOTUS wants?  Mr. Sessions supported southern border separations – doesn’t it seem to be a better practice to enforce northern border separations, or is this about punishing brown people rather than protecting our country from harm?  If the numbers reported by Border Patrol are correct, and in the 1st 6 months of 2018 there were 6 apprehensions of terrorist watch list folks at the southern border and 41 at the Canadian border, if the goal of DOJ is to enforce our laws for the purpose of keeping the US safe, where should DOJ enforcement efforts be focused?  

  10. I had to turn off the Barr brown slurry show when agents Gram and Grassley facilitated the white supremacy talk by Barr.  KGB agent Putin is getting a lot of laughs right now.  Hopefully we can gather the will to toss the senate majority leader and pass budgets, or rather, re-pass budgets which the republicans passed last session.

  11. BB, I’m at work and not watching – what white supremacy talk was Barr giving the committee?  Anything particular or just the general just this side of Steve King GOP base blather?

  12. What I managed to catch sounds to me like Barr said a bunch of things that’ll piss off Trump. Don’t think he got an AG he can push around. Might regret the choice. Barr is, after all, a Bush Republican, and they hate Trump.

  13. I think they are just words to get him past the committee  SFB probably wrote the script like he did for the rapist Kavanaugh

  14. Ms Pat,
    To whom do you refer, barr, kavanaugh, or trump ? We know that when he was only a beginner rapist, young kavanaugh wrote in his calendar. (Unless his private secretary or valet wrote it for him.)

  15. x-r & kgc,  I meant the twit who’s well known for not reading.  therefore I assumed he also was incapable of or reluctant to write. 

    readin ritin and rithmatic not in twit’s repertoire

  16. another court hits twit team
    the guardian
    The Trump administration cannot put a question about citizenship status on the 2020 census, a federal judge in New York has ruled, in a boost to proponents of counting immigrants, regardless of legal status, among the US population.
    In a 277-page decision that won’t be the final word on the issue, US district judge Jesse Furman ruled that while such a question would be constitutional, the commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, had moved to add it to the census arbitrarily and had not followed proper administrative procedures.
    “He failed to consider several important aspects of the problem; alternately ignored, cherry-picked, or badly misconstrued the evidence in the record before him; acted irrationally both in light of that evidence and his own stated decisional criteria; and failed to justify significant departures from past policies and practices,” Furman wrote Friday in the ruling.
    Among other things, the judge said, Ross didn’t follow a law requiring that he give Congress three years notice of any plan to add a question about citizenship to the census.

  17. So Mulvaney is a self-involved entitled shit head   wonder what he is thinking now that SFB dressed him down for being a crap chief of staff

  18. Barr reveals himself to be a racist and thinks pot should be illegal everywhere

  19. nbc:
    LONDON — The British prime minister’s Brexit deal was rejected by lawmakers Tuesday, a widely anticipated result that sends the country’s chaotic preparations to leave the European Union back to the drawing board.
    In one of the most eagerly anticipated votes in recent U.K. history, lawmakers rejected Theresa May’s deal by 432 votes to 202, with dozens of members of her own ruling Conservative Party rebelling.
    The consequences are complex and uncharted, but the prime minister must now present a plan B to the House of Commons.
    The wider picture is that more than 30 months after Britain voted in a referendum to leave the E.U. — by a vote of 17.4 million to 16.1 million — the politicians have still not agreed how this should work.
    Tuesday’s vote was originally meant to happen in December but May postponed it in the face of almost certain defeat.
    Now that it has finally happened, lawmakers must figure out what to do next. It’s not clear whether any alternative plan has enough support, and the E.U. has said it won’t budge in the concessions it has already given her.
    If May and Parliament cannot agree on another course of action, Britain will crash out of the E.U. on March 29 without a deal, something most experts say would have catastrophic consequences.
    Shortages of food and medicine, civil unrest, chaos at ports and airports and even rekindled conflict in Northern Ireland have all been touted as possibilities under a “no-deal” Brexit.
    The opposition Labour Party has said it will seek to oust May’s government but it is not clear whether it has the required number of votes.
    Other lawmakers want a “softer” Brexit or even another referendum — dubbed “the people’s vote” — which might give the public the choice between May’s deal, no deal, or no Brexit at all.

  20. Pogo – the first part of his speech was about protecting borders from being “crashed” by people.  Another of SFB cult who considers asylum seekers as illegal.

  21. So, trump tried to pry us out of NATO several times last year.
    How is that for treason ?
    phukin quisling.

  22. Thanks, Mr Pogo.
    And, I mean phucging quisling, Binkly !
    That is, I have an animus for treasonump akin to Mr Bink’s.

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