Daddy’s Little Bitch

The “failing” New York Times strikes again: Trump’s podiatrist, who got him out of serving in the military, was his father’s tenant and got rent breaks for making up the bone spurs excuse.

The more we learn the clearer it gets. Trump’s father Fred was the ultimate sugar daddy, and when he left his boy $400 million and the idiot turned it into $900 million in debt — until he found another sugar daddy: Putin.


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  1. Every revelation regarding SFB and his father makes it sound like daddy was caring for his little boy with a subnormal intelligence and civil capabilities.  Always making the simpleton feel like a winner and teaching him to always attack so that few would “see” what a low intelligence little beast he is.  I always feel for people having to deal with serious mental and/or health issues of their little ones.  But in this case the money and beastliness overwhelms any care for the family.  May they all rot in prison.

  2. It is long but well worth reading in the New Yorker:  How Mark Burnett Resurrected Donald Trump As an Icon of American Success.  It tells you as much as Burnett as it does Trump.  A psychiatrist could spend several decades with these men on how to create totally defective human beings.  
    Between them they have six marriages and if you throw in Burnett’s wife, Roma Downey, and you can make it nine and yet Burnett has made his fame on brutally competitive reality competitions while he and Downey have specialized in the “good Christian” style movies.  
    The article reveals just how the Apprentice was a total act of fraud and unfortunately the myth has led to a fraudulent President.

  3. BB
    What continues to amaze me is that the Republican party continues to support the obviously mentally defective Trump.  It is beyond me that anyone can listen to something such as the speech to the troops and listen to the constant repetition of sentences without spotting that there is a major problem.  It would seem that protecting their wealth and power is more important than the welfare of the nation.  Claire McCaskill was absolutely right.  Having helped with the creation of this monster, they are now terrified of being primaried when the “true believers” revolt against them.

  4. Jamie, that’s interesting.  I’ve never been fan of surreality shows and contrived competitions – I watched maybe 3 random episodes of Celebrity Apprentice before I had enough.  Stupid competitive tasks with B and C list celebs calling friends to make donations to make it look like they were successful in the stupid shit they were supposed to be doing. And I avoided religious themed shows like the plague – Touched by an Angel my ass.
    After gaining 1000 yesterday the Dow is down 318 in the first 30 minutes of trading today.  Barrons puts it like it is – the Dow is set to fall again because this is what volatility looks like.  And SFB is doing nothing to calm the markets – stupid ASS.  Odd as this seems, I do want to see the Dow, S&P, NASDAQ do well – people with 401(k)s don’t need to be hurt by President Feckless’ stupidity.

  5. Craig…  LOVE the title!
    Pogo…  one day we are hemorrhaging a loss… the next day…  a little bit gained.  We’d like to buy a new pickup truck after I get on Medicare in Sept…  but right now we are holding our breath and taking good care of our 14 yr old truck.

  6. Medicare   –oh boy  — ones goes from a huge giant payment because they raise your rate as soon as you hit sixty.
    I went from paying almost 800 a month to $200 including my Kaiser payment.   I thought I had won the lottery.

  7. Rosie is 19-years old. She looks as if she just stepped off the ramp. She did need some dealer maintenance that had been deferred over the years. The cost: $13k and 7-weeks in a distant shop. Not bad considering that its been seven years since she’s been in a shop and may be several years before she goes back again. Amortizing that cost over a ten year period, it’s about $110 bucks a month. That’s affordable considering she is going to be my last automobile.

  8. We have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire and apparently they are like some peppers where only one in every ten is hot — for whatever reason in this year some of the cars don’t make past 50k miles and others like ours just keep going and going and going.   Very little on it to break down.
    We would like to get something which we could just stuff the kayaks in the back but we are loathe to give up this car

  9. KGC, could a small trailer be hooked to your Pontiac? Or, make Renee a ridiculously small offer for their p/u truck.

  10. “KGC, could a small trailer be hooked to your Pontiac“

    Yes- i had a hitch installed on a sedan so i could attach a bike rack.  $300 at the dealer, $100 if you have a good friend that’s a mechanic.

  11. Re: thread topic:
    We knew Trump was a draft-dodger, we knew he was a traitor, we knew he was a crook, we knew he was a fraud, we knew he was an abuser, we knew he was a philanderer, YEARS AGO- certainly well before the 2016 General Election.

  12. Thank you all for your suggestions — we do have a roof rack – it’s just getting harder to get them up there

  13. And we, as loyal trail hands, didn’t cast a single vote for him. And, we, as Dems, out-voted him by millions. The problem, now, is systemic.

  14. Flatus…   our old pickup is already spoken for if we do decide to buy a new one in the fall.  We have a 2005 Nissan Frontier that we bought out of the showroom.  We have babied that truck and it’s never been used for commuting…  hence…  only 60+k on the engine.  Rick’s youngest brother wants it bad.

    But it depends on how the markets are doing.  If we go into recession…  all bets are off.

  15. Mr Bink,
    I agree. For one thing, the recovery was getting old, for another, repub deficit spending spree. For a third, trump tariff (taxes), and for a fourth, trump deficit tax gift for the richest. At this point, if Jane Doe decides that she won’t buy an extra roll of tape or tube of toothpaste, this entire bubble will deflate in a rush of hot trumpish air.

  16. Renee, unless Rick’s brother is at least thirty, I would keep the truck that you obviously have a ‘relationship’ with. Young people and trucks often don’t get along. In the best of circumstances only the vehicle is wrecked…

  17. Jace
    Can’t stop thinking about Stilton now….ham and maybe you need some pear in there

  18. KGC,
    I like the Stilton with grapes ? but we have pears on hand and that is a superb pairing as well.

  19. Trump ‘accidentally reveals location and identities of US Navy Seals in Iraq’

    After making a holiday visit to US troops in Iraq, Donald Trump posted a video on Twitter of himself posing with Navy Seals – apparently revealing the special ops team’s deployment in the country, which is typically kept secret.

    Trump’s video shows him with service members who appear to be part of Seal Team Five, whose faces are not covered or blurred, Newsweek reported.
    Defense department officials told the magazine that information about where Seal teams are deployed is almost always classified. Trump, as commander in chief, has the authority to declassify the information, but typically the faces of individual special operations service members are blurred in official photos and videos to shield their identities.
    Trump posted the video to his Twitter account from Air Force One after the plane left Iraqi air space. It shows Trump flashing a thumbs-up as he and the first lady, Melania Trump, stand with troops who appear to be from Seal Team Five, and then shaking hands with the service members, who are outfitted in combat fatigues, helmets and night vision goggles. God Bless the USA plays over the video.
    Malcolm Nance, a former US navy intelligence specialist, told Newsday that the video was a break from protocol that usually shields the identities of special forces members deployed in a combat zone.
    “Operational security is the most important aspect of personnel deployments. The real names, faces and identities of personnel involved in special operations or activities, are usually a closely held secret in a combat zone,” Nance said. “Revealing them casually, through an unusual media exposure even if it’s the commander in chief, would prove a propaganda boom if any of this personnel are detained by a hostile government or captured by a terrorist group. There would be no denying who you are and what you do.”

  20. the guardian:
    Iraqi lawmakers demand US withdraw troops after surprise Trump visit


    Politicians from Iraq’s parliament called for vote to expel US forces and promised to schedule session to debate the matter


  21. I have a great plan to wipe out the federal debt. Levy taxes on the publication of fake facts.
    Each fib : $1M!LL!ON
    Each white lie : $5M!LL!ON
    Each ordinary lie : $25M!LLON
    Each Whopper : $100M!LL!ON
    Each Whopper Grande : $500M!LL!ON
    Each trump : $2 1/2 B!LL!ON
    In just a few weeks, our federal debt can be transferred to bratbiter, fux, national enquirer, gateway pundit, NY pest, stormfront, liberty broadcasting, globe, wash ex, zerohedge, last call, minuteman, blaze, washtimes, American opinion, and sinclair broadcasting. 

  22. Flatus…  we just celebrated his 60th birthday on Dec. 21st.  His youngest child (our nephew and godson) turned 30 in July.
    OMG… trump lied to the troops in Iraq and told them he got them a big raise of 10%.  WTF is wrong with him.  Does he really think that fact isn’t checkable… or that those troops believe him?!!  Methinks at this point…  he doesn’t care.

  23. Question.
    Is there a viable path to 270 electoral votes for a democrat if they can’t win Florida and Ohio?

  24. PS:
    Ohio appears to be a lost cause for democrats and Florida is rigged for Republicans I’m convinced of it.

  25. I think Sherrod Brown should take a page from Carter’s primary campaign and get people from his long and successful political career — fellow Ohians to campaign for him in Iowa

  26. RR – one thing troops in the military know is their pay, same for civil servants.  It is posted on the boards and it is on websites.  As soon as a promotion or another stripe or time in grade boost is posted it is known.  So each and everyone of the troops had this moment of “what the hades is he talking about?”.
    Something not well talked about is that he removed cost of living adjustments from the civil service pay increase.  The Congress should repair that defect in the upcoming budget.
    Current talking head and Congressional reporter are starting to focus on the third week of January for a budget to be sent up the Hill.  I am still waiting for the next Congress to gavel in before guessing.  So I have my provisions in place and will hunker down for a while.

  27. KC has it nailed. PA, MI, MN & WI are the keys for dems all other things equal. Sherrie could flip OH, particularly if Kasich continues to pillory SFB. But never underestimate the stupidity of the Ohio voter. 
    BB, yes. The troops know that a 2.6% raise is not 10%. Fun fact – it was 3.4% in 2010. Who signed that budget?  

  28. I believe this is market volatility only instead of economic forces it is being driven by asshole forces sort of the winds of change

  29. Several articles have blamed computer algorithms for all of the volatility, herd like movements from panic to euphoria. If so what it means is they have developed a computer that can act and think like your average human.
    I was hoping for so much more than that.

  30. The market as been irrationally exuberant since January 2017. What we are seeing is a correction of that error. The correction will overshoot as corrections always do. It’s going to be painful. The income tax deficit, the tariff (tax) trade war, and the repub overspending on crap like the wall and more aircraft carriers make it more difficult to fix the problem.
    Anyway, rippers will claim that the yet-to-be-seated Dems are to blame.

    The removal of trump could help a lot. The impeachment, and a subsequent restriction of trump’s powers, would help a little. Assassinations of king kim, xi, mbs, modi, erdogan, mcconnell, nasrallah, khameini and putie, plus their entourages, would help a bit, too. 

  31. Gophers and Badgers both romped over their bowl game opponents, GA Tech and Miami (FL), respectively. That was very satisfying. 

  32. ‘College football guru’ Mike Tierney “loved GA Tech at +5.5”. 
    MN won by 34 – 10. I love it. 
    Wisconsin also made the ‘experts’ look foolish. I merely like that.

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