Earth Rise: Christmas Eve 1968

By WhskyJack, a Trail Mix Contributor

For some reason I remember this swing around the moon and the reading of Genesis better than I do the moon landing. Probably because we out of school for Christmas.

It was a picture that totally changed artists renditions of the earth and our vision of the earth itself. The earth that looks so big from the ground looks so small in the picture.

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  1. Also remember Neil Armstrong’s favorite letter after his missions was from someone who sent this photo with the inscription, “Thank you for saving 1968.”

  2. That was a very rough Christmas for me.  My draft board seemed to watch for term or semester breaks and send 1A notices immediately; I had mine a week after the break started.  I was working in a camera store, my commissions would keep me going for a couple months.  I had cousins who were drafted and getting ready for shipping out.  I had friends who had enlisted out of high school.  The slaughter in Vietnam was at its height.  And, I had a girlfriend.   I know I must have seen this picture then, but I do not remember it from that time, later yes.  Sigh.

  3. Yeah…  seeing that picture made me think for the first time of it being a small planet and that humans really were just one species.  It would be nice if we went back into space exploration.   Too bad trump is trying to bankrupt the country.

  4. PatD
    From previous thread:  
    PatDNo this one isn’t Jezebel.  That was the first of the aggravating ladies hunting for a possible widower.  He drove her off or she gave way to this large, persistent lady.  This one seems to be a very young adult (has her white head but not an adult voice yet – probably only 6 -7 years old).  She is the one he seems to be tolerating and trying to to show her the nesting ropes.  Romeo is about 15 and has been faithful to Juliet that we know of for at least 5 years that the AEF has been observing the NE Florida nest.  He is an unusually devoting father often insisting that Julie give him a turn with the kids.  Since her departure, he has been doing full time daddy duties, so it is no wonder he is trying to recruit a nanny.

  5. An image from NOAA/NASA satellite, GOES-16, shows a composite color full-disk visible image of Earth on Jan. 15, 2017.

  6. Taking a slow, lazy day. Nice change of pace. So now IMPOTUS is blaming Mnuchin for his choice of Fed chair. What a fucking baby. Takes zero responsibility for his fuck ups- real or perceived. Some “gut” he has. Stupid assholian. 

  7. I’m enjoying NORAD this year.  Santa isn’t actually landing.  He sort of just sends out gift farts as he passes over global locations.

  8. We are spending Christmas eve looking through some photos we just got of Mr C’s 90th  — my niece is a great photographer
    We are having dim sum — reheated so not perfect  but pretty good
    We also have no water.  Our water system is owned and operated by us and a lot of it is around 40 years old and starting to come apart –literally.   And because it is raining – repair work is at a halt.   We also need to find someone agile enough to climb up to the tank and turn off the water
    So we bought paper plates and we aren’t going to talk about it.

  9. Dim Sum in any form is a noble tradition for Christmas.  My favorite Los Angeles restaurant inhabited by “have we got a Christmas for you Jews” restaurant is now gone, but the memories are alive and well. 

  10. Just came home from a most wonderful Christmas dinner served a day early because our host has to drive his mother to a different dinner tomorrow.  Good people and lots of laughter.  Friends enjoying delicious foods, fun talks and sharing memories of our lives.  Also, being taken aside and talk-questions about issues and therapy. 
    It was a special time for several of us.
    No talk at all about politics.  When asked about my plans for the week I explained I was furloughed and would be around a lot for a while.  “Why are you furloughed?” “The budget was not passed.” “Let us know if you need anything.”  That was the total bit of it for the evening.

  11. Beto is a phenom, but outside of Texas his cred is questionable. A year and a dozen debates from now, who can say?  Bernie!? He’s like a red giant that’s gone through planetary nebula toward white dwarf. We’ve seen the show already. He’s reached his top. I’m on the fence about Joe, but if that 3 are the 3 front runners, I’ll take Joe this time around.

  12. Hey gang – May your holiday be filled with all the people and things you love!
    We’re having a lovely eve. The folks came over for drinks and snacks. Listened to some terrific music. Watched the first half of a satisfying Raiders performance. Now the folks have headed home and we’re settling in for what we hope is a satisfying second half.
    Ralphie and his Red Ryder Carbine Action Two Hundred Shot Range Model with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time are on for the nightcap. 

  13. Craig
    That poll is kinda bad for Biden. He has 100% name recognition and all he can poll against Trump is 42%.  What is obvious in that poll is only 36% or so will vote for Trump. For an unknown Beto did very well at 30% while Trump stayed the same at 37. All he needs is a little name recognition and he will be a hot commodity. One thing Biden has proved time after time when it comes to presidential  politics he knows how to be a loser. He will stick his foot in it some where, he always does

  14. Flatus
    For my in the middle of the night check, Santa is put putting his way across the Pacific on the way to Kodiak, Alaska.

  15. Merry Christmas to all my trailhand friends. (Odd. We’re told we can say this again. I never noticed anyone had stopped saying it). 

  16. I’ve been trying to upload an Xmas theme image for about 20 minutes….  I give up… so just let me say…
    Merry Christmas TrailMixers!

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