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  1. odd tidbits about GHWB on pbs newshour last night from Maureen. never knew she was so close:
    Maureen Dowd:
    Well, Judy, it was heartwarming to see W.’s incredible emotion toward his father, but it was also kind of heartbreaking, because, you know, I have spent decades covering the family.
    And the father, you know, constantly worried that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were leading W. astray on the Iraq War, and the neocons were leading him astray. And I think W. didn’t want to seek his father’s advice or hear what he had to say about the invasion of Iraq.
    And then it took years and years before he came around and realized his father was right, and distanced himself from Rumsfeld and Cheney. But, by that time, it was too late. It was the worst mistake in American foreign policy.
    So, you know, to see all that emotion, you just wish that, you know, they had been more mentor and protege during the time when he needed it.

    Judy Woodruff:
    Maureen Dowd, quickly, I mentioned the piece you wrote this week reflecting on your long correspondence and relationship with him, reporter, politician.
    Capture for us how that went. I mean, the line, the “Con Afecto” — I can’t do justice to some of the language that he used in writing you.

    Maureen Dowd:
    Well, he just was trying to agonize.
    He would say, Dr. Freud, Dr. Jung, Dr. Phil, help me. You know, he didn’t understand how he could still maintain this correspondence with me when I was being so hard on his son.
    But he — as Margaret has pointed out, he was capable of great decency and forgiveness. And, you know, we just had this wonderful correspondence for decades. And, you know, he was a very special guy.



  2. on thread topic from wapo today:  The GOP was upset about election fraud — before it threatened their candidate

    […a 2016 quote from n.c. repub Governor Pat McCrory when the shoe was on other foot…]
    “Should the election board find that these are absentee ballot mills, with the purpose of fraudulent voting, those people should go to jail,” he told the radio show. “They should spend the first term of the Trump administration behind bars.”
    He later added: “If somebody is going out there and helping hundreds of people, they are harvesting ballots.”


  3. Up until now, the GOP charges of voter fraud always centered on “the wrong people” getting more than one vote.  It seems they have graduated to “all people from the wrong party” being allowed to vote at all.


  4. Sturg, in previous thread you asked whether Silverado was the S&L scandal that the Bushes were involved in. It was. The ultimate sad outcome of all that was that the CEO ended up serving 3 years at Leavenworth, never regaining his footing, and ultimately taking his own life by jumping off the top floor of the Tampa airport parking garage in 2009. Someday I might write the story about a handsome small-town banker who married his college sweetheart abd got  caught up in greedy, powerful circles in which he had no place in being. His son died in 1996; his wife took her own life in 1998. (Full disclosure: They were from my home town; she was my high school English teacher.)

  5. another example of the goopers doing exactly what they accuse others about

    in 2016  again the frauds were Republicans including people changing their shirts and voting 2x

  6. I have determined that I will not spend a dime on anything related to Wisconsin and North Carolina.  You would think that the NC Republican Party would have learned SOMETHING from their bathroom bill debacle, but apparently not.  I sincerely hope that the NC economy is adversely impacted by companies and consumers that believe in progressive ideas and refuse to do further business in the state so long as its government remains in Republican hands.

  7. no Mississippi, no North Carolina or Wisconsin  and really no Louisiana

    the list will continue to grow

  8. Well, hope those 401ks are safe from this –

    Let’s do a little history –

    Obama took office with the market at 8281 and dropping like a stone after having fallen from 13522 on 10/19 and the market bottomed at 6626 on 3/6/09.  On 12.23/10 the market was at 11573, a gain of 4946 from the bottom or 75% (40% if measured from 1/16/09).

    Trump took office with the market at 20093 and today it is at 24352 at last look – a gain of 4258 or 21% – less than 1/3 of the market improvement under Obama over the same period of his first term. Under either metric Obama’s 1st 2 years beats crap out of Trump’s if the Dow is the indicator.

    And the difference?  The Dow was rising on Dec. 23, 10 and continued to do so for the next six months before it took a 1200 point correction and resumed its upward climb , ultimately to 20o93.

    That does not appear to be happening now.  There was volatility in the market in 2011 and 2016  with 1200 and 1500 point drops and recoveries, so this may be an aberration – but those drops did not occur in 2 days.  Who knows how or if the market will rebound?  I don’t.  I’m not jumping out of a window, but then again, I’m not a portfolio manager.

  9. Jamie,  something for you to look forward to:

    Hugh Jackman 
    The Man. The Music. The Show.
    World Tour 2019
    Friday, June 28
    Saturday, June 29 

    Madison Square Garden 

    I bet he’ll be in your neck of the woods on that tour.

  10. Maureen Dowd…  is she still relevant…

    Pogo… thanks for the finance stuff.  I miss Jack giving us those types of numbers.  Glad to see he resurfaced this past weekend.

    republicans steal elections… hell yeah…  they’d steal the sheets off their mother’s beds if they thought they could get away with it.  They’d steal the food right out of their dogs’ bowls if they thought they could resell it.  fuckheads!

  11. Mo-reen accidentally relevant again – apparently she had sassy girl reporter friends with the president thing going on

    and they had a long correspondence over the years

  12. big bombshell in ny times:

    BEDMINSTER, N.J. — During more than five years as a housekeeper at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., Victorina Morales has made Donald J. Trump’s bed, cleaned his toilet and dusted his crystal golf trophies. When he visited as president, she was directed to wear a pin in the shape of the American flag adorned with a Secret Service logo.
    Because of the “outstanding” support she has provided during Mr. Trump’s visits, Ms. Morales in July was given a certificate from the White House Communications Agency inscribed with her name.
    Quite an achievement for an undocumented immigrant housekeeper.
    Ms. Morales’s journey from cultivating corn in rural Guatemala to fluffing pillows at an exclusive golf resort took her from the southwest border, where she said she crossed illegally in 1999, to the horse country of New Jersey, where she was hired at the Trump property in 2013 with documents she said were phony.
    She said she was not the only worker at the club who was in the country illegally.
    Sandra Diaz, 46, a native of Costa Rica who is now a legal resident of the United States, said she, too, was undocumented when she worked at Bedminster between 2010 and 2013. The two women said they worked for years as part of a group of housekeeping, maintenance and landscaping employees at the golf club that included a number of undocumented workers, though they could not say precisely how many. There is no evidence that Mr. Trump or Trump Organization executives knew of their immigration status. But at least two supervisors at the club were aware of it, the women said, and took steps to help workers evade detection and keep their jobs.

    “There are many people without papers,” said Ms. Diaz, who said she witnessed several people being hired whom she knew to be undocumented.
    But Ms. Morales said she has been hurt by Mr. Trump’s public comments since he became president, including equating Latin American immigrants with violent criminals. It was that, she said, along with abusive comments from a supervisor at work about her intelligence and immigration status, that made her feel that she could no longer keep silent.
    “We are tired of the abuse, the insults, the way he talks about us when he knows that we are here helping him make money,” she said. “We sweat it out to attend to his every need and have to put up with his humiliation.”
    Ms. Morales and Ms. Diaz approached The New York Times through their New Jersey lawyer, Anibal Romero, who is representing them on immigration matters. Ms. Morales said that she understood she could be fired or deported as a result of coming forward, though she has applied for protection under the asylum laws. She is also exploring a lawsuit claiming workplace abuse and discrimination.
    In separate, hourslong interviews in Spanish, Ms. Morales and Ms. Diaz provided detailed accounts of their work at the club and their interactions with management, including Mr. Trump. Both women described the president as demanding but kind, sometimes offering hefty tips.

    […very long article continues describing getting forged ids at mgmt direction and other things…]

    As the months went on, she and other employees at the golf club became increasingly disturbed about Mr. Trump’s comments, which they felt demeaned immigrants from Mexico and Central America. The president’s tone seemed to embolden others to make negative comments, Ms. Morales said. The housekeeping supervisor frequently made remarks about the employees’ vulnerable legal status when critiquing their work, she said, sometimes calling them “stupid illegal immigrants” with less intelligence than a dog.
    Ms. Morales expects she will have to leave her job as soon as her name and work status are made public. She understands she could be deported. But she also says she is certain that her employers — perhaps even Mr. Trump — knew of her unlawful status all along.
    “I ask myself, is it possible that this señor thinks we have papers? He knows we don’t speak English,” Ms. Morales said. “Why wouldn’t he figure it out?”


  13. Pogo

    Not saying I was interested just because I sat on line for early release tickets for an hour behind 2000 other people in line in front of me to get a single ticket for the San Jose, CA show.  This still leaves hotel and air fare …..

    Any man who has cancer surgery and blows all the stitches the next day to do this and has to have them redone afterwards is worth my time.  🙂


  14. It’s not as if everyone on the planet doesn’t know that the hotel industry is almost all illegal hires.  Not exactly the world’s greatest mystery to anyone who has ever stayed in one.


  15. Neil was Silverado, but high tailed it out and did not get his just rewards.  We were sure it was because he is a Bush.  A lot of people lost all their savings.  Colorado has a general notice of funds that belong to somebody, but could not be returned.  Sometime after Silverado was long gone my son’s name showed up, we apparently did not get all the money out, but for some reason a small amount was on the books so he ended up with all his money out, unlike most others.

    Maxwell AFB was where I had my orders to Vietnam put on hold due to knee surgery.  Of course a month after surgery I was put back on world wide availability combat duty.  But, no one sent me my orders to Nam.

  16. I agree with Ms Pat, this is a BIG bombshell. I get to whap all my racist republikkklanazi correspondents over their porky skulls with it. HAHAHAHAHA !

    It’s just too damned bad that these ‘illegals’ weren’t as disease-carrying and dangerous as advertised, or HRC would be in the Oval Office.

  17. OH, YEAH ?

    They’d steal the dentures out of their grammas’ mouths at Christmas dinner.

    How’dya like them turkeys ?

  18. So republicans stole an election. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

    What I am not seeing is any talk about a possible remedy. What am I missing? Is a do over in the works? Is the House in any obligated to swear in and seat the individual in question? What is the end game if any?

  19. Give the guy a year in prison and a $10,000 fine for every voter he stole from plus his opponent. That’ll give the repub dirty tricksters something to consider.

  20. Of course, the repunks will claim,

    A. “The Dems do it; we were just evening things out.”

    B. “We didn’t really steal the election, we were just borrowing it for [another] two years.”

  21. The trump/jeff epstein child sex slave affiliation raises its ugly puss again. epstein’s sweeeet deal was arranged by trump cabinet member, Labor Sec’y al acosta. Finally, even a repub snotter can smell the corruption.

    Alex Acosta update

  22. It only took the maniac-in chief 7 months to answer Qs that would take a normal person an hour or two.

    julieannie must be dumber than looey gohmert or a Dem mole lodged in trump’s saggy bosom. Every time he opens his mouth he shoots his vile criminous client in the foot.

  23. trump needed a Marine to hang up his coat.

    What would he do without the Armed Forces ? Sleep in it ?

  24. boston globe editorial:

    Deval Patrick knew when to call it quits on a presidential bid. Other politicians take note

    Running for president is hard.
    Deciding not to run? That can be even harder.
    Over the last year, two-term former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick has explored the possibility of running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, urged on by a small army of Patrick devotees in the Commonwealth. Inspiring and experienced, Patrick would have been a formidable candidate. He compiled real accomplishments as governor, putting his state at the forefront of life sciences globally and managing the fallout of the 2008 recession. Since leaving office, he has worked for Bain Capital investing in firms with social benefits.
    But on Thursday, Patrick formally announced on his Facebook page that he won’t pursue the White House, citing “the cruelty of our elections process.”

    The other Massachusetts political figures reportedly considering presidential runs should think carefully before jumping in, too.
    On the Democratic side, US Senator Elizabeth Warren, US Representatives Joseph P. Kennedy III and Seth Moulton, and former US senator and secretary of state John Kerry have all been mentioned as possible candidates.
    On the Republican side, Governor Charlie Baker swears to anyone who’ll listen that he has no interest in higher office — but anti-Trump Republicans are openly looking for someone to challenge the president in the 2020 GOP primaries.
    Presidential runs seem to be in the state’s political DNA, in part because of the proximity of New Hampshire and its first-in-the-nation primary. And it’s often the right move: In 2015, this editorial page urged Warren to run, in part because of the lack of serious competition against Hillary Clinton. (Clearing the decks for Clinton didn’t exactly end well for Democrats, did it?)
    On the Democratic side, though, lack of competition won’t be a problem in 2020. With or without the Massachusetts candidates, it appears the party will have a wide-open, racially and ideologically diverse field. Rumored candidates include former vice president Joe Biden; US Senators Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Sherrod Brown, Bernie Sanders, and Cory Booker; US Representatives Beto O’Rourke and Tim Ryan; Governors Andrew Cuomo, Jay Inslee, John Hickenlooper, and Steve Bullock; former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz; former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg; and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu.
    We’ve undoubtedly missed some. If even half those candidates get in the race, though, Democrats in Iowa, New Hampshire, and the rest of the country will have the widest range of choices in decades.
    Warren missed her moment in 2016, and there’s reason to be skeptical of her prospective candidacy in 2020. While Warren won reelection, her margin of victory in November suggests there’s a ceiling on her popularity; Baker garnered more votes than she did in a state that is supposed to be a Democratic haven. Meanwhile, a September poll indicated that Massachusetts voters were more enthusiastic about Patrick making a White House bid than Warren.
    Those are warning signs from the voters who know her best. While Warren is an effective and
    impactful senator with an important voice nationally, she has become a divisive figure. A unifying voice is what the country needs now after the polarizing politics of Donald Trump.
    Politicians who “explore” or “consider” presidential campaigns set in motion a machine that can be hard to stop. Patrick did, and that’s to his credit. There’s no shame in testing the waters and deciding to stay on the beach.



  25. noteworthy from above editorial. all concerned, please consider and take to heart:

    A unifying voice is what the country needs now after the polarizing politics of Donald Trump. Politicians who “explore” or “consider” presidential campaigns set in motion a machine that can be hard to stop. Patrick did, and that’s to his credit. There’s no shame in testing the waters and deciding to stay on the beach.

  26. Today is going to be a great day.  I hope Mueller and team submit the reports and filings spaced out all day long, with a couple of indictments for snack times and a big indictment for lunch.

  27. GHWB funeral finale

    The Oak Ridge Boys sang ‘Amazing Grace’ at the funeral of President George H.W. Bush on December 6,  2018 in Houston, Texas. The Oak Ridge Boys were reportedly Bush’s favorite musical group.

  28. squeals of a stuck pig

    President Trump took fresh aim Friday at special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and his team of lawyers, accusing them in angry morning tweets of conflicts of interest and overzealous prosecutions that have “wrongly destroyed people’s lives.”
    Trump’s latest broadside came ahead of expected court filings from prosecutors that could shed more light on the scope of an investigation that began with an examination of Russian interference in the 2016 campaign and has become increasingly perilous for the president.
    By the end of the day Friday, Mueller is expected to detail why prosecutors accused Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, of lying to them and breaking a cooperation agreement. Separately, the special counsel’s office and federal prosecutors in New York are expected to recommend a sentence for Michael Cohen, Trump’s former loyalist and lawyer, in filings that could detail the extent of his cooperation against Trump in multiple investigations.
    In a series of five tweets Friday morning, Trump aired many familiar grievances, including an accusation that Mueller was ignoring “corruption” by Democrats and would produce a “Republicans only Report.”
    Among other things, Trump alleged that one of Mueller’s conflicts of interest was being “Best Friends” with former FBI director James B. Comey, whom Trump referred to as “Leakin’ Lyin’ James Comey.”
    Trump also went after Andrew Weissmann, a top Mueller lieutenant who has led the prosecution of Manafort. The former Trump campaign chairman has been convicted of tax evasion and fraud charges related to his past work consulting for a Russian-backed political party in Ukraine.
    Trump wrote that Weissmann has a “horrible and vicious prosecutorial past” and that he “wrongly destroyed people’s lives, took down great companies” and is “doing same thing to people now.”
    Weissmann’s career stretches back decades, during which he pursued mobsters, Enron executives and white-collar criminals. During that time, he earned a reputation as an aggressive prosecutor, one particularity effective at flipping witnesses to provide evidence against others.
    Trump’s tweets also questioned the choice of a prosecutor who has been probing the actions of Jerome Corsi, a right-wing author and conspiracy theorist.
    Corsi provided research during the 2016 campaign to Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to Trump. For months, Mueller’s team has been scrutinizing Stone’s activities to determine whether he coordinated with WikiLeaks or its founder, Julian Assange, in the release of hacked Democratic emails during the campaign.
    “Wasn’t the woman in charge of prosecuting Jerome Corsi (who I do not know) in charge of ‘legal’ at the corrupt Clinton Foundation?” Trump wrote, referring to the charitable foundation that was led by his 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, and members of her family.
    The “woman” referenced by Trump is Jeannie Rhee, who, while in private practice, was among the lawyers who represented the Clinton Foundation in a lawsuit brought by Larry Klayman. Klayman is a lawyer now representing Corsi.

  29. SFB wouldn’t know a conflict of interest if it bit him in the ass.  It would be a conflict for Rhee to prosecute Clinton for foundation-related issues.  Can’t see how a Comey-Mueller friendship would raise a conflict of interest.  Weissman – WTF is SFB talking about?  He’s complaining that Mueler chose a prosecutor with a reputation for aggressive prosecution of mob figures and white collar scam artists?  I guess that hits a little too close to home for the founder of Trump U. and poses a bit too much of a threat to him.

    On to discovery.  Trudi is so full of shit.  Discovery is easy if your client is willing to answer honestly.  If he tries to prevaricate, mislead and disguise actions it becomes very hard because the answers have to be consistent or you allow your client to trip over his own dick.  My guess is that SFB’s legal team had to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to coordinate all of SFB’s public lies and try to make it look like they either weren’t lies or were just statements of opinion and frustration.  I’ve got clients who are good with their discovery answers and clients who aren’t.  The ones who aren’t complain about the bill because I have to spend so much time on the answers to avoid having them lose their cases by being foist on their own petards.

  30. I wonder whether SFB has thought to ask the management at Apple, Dell, HP, and their customers what they think of the tariffs. Oh, and maybe Ivanka and whoever runs his own Chinese sewn clothing line?  Stupid fuck.

  31. I wonder who he is even talking to now…all that is left are the hard core racists and fat pig corrupt corportists and people who feel they have to have a gun.

  32. It is lunch time and the level of tension is rising.  I just turned on the commercials channel hoping that at some time it turns into MSNBC.  I would like a nice indictment or two to hold me over in case Mueller does the filings after dark.

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