Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

A little longer than usual today. A beautiful work by Monteverdi. A nice lead in to the musical seasons of Advent and Christmas. Just too special not to share.

Enjoy the music and enjoy your day. May it be beautiful and peaceful.🌞

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31 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. jace,  thank you for starting the morning just right.

    re mincemeat pie, no matter how made, one must eat it warmed and topped with a good vanilla or eggnog ice cream.

  2. serendipitously just found online a poem for jace and all us other mince aficionados


    What is the MATTER with people!!??

    What are they abandoning mincemeat pie for?
    Southerners insisting pecan pie’s to die for!
    Westerners with deranged ideas of eatin’
    Blueberry bibbers, and chocolate cream cretins!

    Another thanksgiving and I am un-minced!

    I see all the pies -apple, pumpkin, and berry,
    I drink cider and wine, served to make me feel merry,
    but I study the menu, and once again wince,
    where o where is my much maligned mince??

    ‘No person of breeding dislikes mincemeat pie!’
    I say with a hot stubborn tear in my eye,

    and ‘Mince is for princes!’ I haughtily assert,
    but alas, this year too, it won’t be dessert


    -jjorge November 2018

  3. from shakespeareandbeyond:

    Mince pies and a honey-spiced drink called mirth are just two of hundreds of recipes found in a 17th-century handwritten recipe book once owned by Leticia Cromwell.
    Here are the recipes for mince pies and mirth, with images of how the recipes appear in Cromwell’s book, original spelling transcriptions, and normalized transcriptions (i.e. spelling that is more understandable to us today). A quick disclaimer: These recipes have not been adapted for modern palates, so we can’t make any guarantees about how they might taste! (If you’re looking for dishes that have been adapted from early modern recipes, check out these recipes for sweet potato pudding and pumpkin pie.)
    Mince Pies Recipe
    To make minced PyesTake a peece of the Butt of beefe &boile it a little then cut of the outsideof it & waigh the rest & to 10 pounds ofbeefe take 13 of suett, mince them smaletogether & take 12 apples & mince uerysmale & put to the meate then of cur=rence take 7 pound of reason 8 poundof pruens 2 pound 8 Nuttmegs 4 ouncesof dates cloues & mace 1 ounce halfe anounce of sin: beaten a little beaten san=ders a pint of rosewater a little pepper& salt & beaten ginger & carraway seeds& 3 orrange peeles minced smale.(nb. “sin:” likely refers to cinnamon)
    Normalized transcription
    To make minced pies. Take a piece of the butt of beef, boil it a little, then cut the outside off it and weigh the rest. To 10 pounds of beef take 13 of suet. Mince them small together. Take 12 apples and mince very small and put to the meat. Then of currants take 7 pounds, of raisins 8 pounds, of prunes 2 pounds. 8 nutmegs. 4 ounces of dates. 1 ounce of cloves and mace. Half an ounce of cinnamon, beaten a little. Beaten sandalwood. A pint of rosewater. A little pepper and salt. Beaten ginger and caraway seeds, and 3 orange peels minced small.

    [picture here mirth recipe from Cromwell’s book]
    To make mirthTake 2 or 3 Gallons of Water to the leavings of theHoney & breake & straine the Comes with it & boile it inwater an howre & straine it ^put to it a sprig of rose:mary & some bay=leaves with it, then put in Cloves sinamon & ginger &some littell Nutmegs & boile it with these & when it isCold put it into a randlet & a littell new barme at top
    Normalized transcription
    To make mirthTake 2 or 3 gallons of water to the leavings of honey. Break and strain the honeycombs with it. Boil it in water an hour. Strain it and put to it a sprig of rosemary and some bay leaves. Then put in cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and some little nutmegs. Boil it with these. When it is cold put it into a rundlet (cask) with a little new barm on top.

  4. Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) gets an update about the Robert Mueller probe from Rudy Giuliani (Kate McKinnon) and Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller), and he confronts Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) about his handshake with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (Fred Armisen) at the G20 Summit in Argentina.


    Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen admitting they worked on a deal to license a building in Moscow during the 2016 election campaign.

  6. As always Kace 😉👌🏻

    Interesting reading that poem about mince pie. Mammaw would make 2 mince meat pies and two apple pies. My mom’s mom (Meemaw) made pecan and pumpkin pies. Both of my grandmothers were phenomenal cooks.

    Now that mince meat recipe- 43 pounds of filling? Seems like a lot.

  7. Jace

    Thank you for your always lovely contributions to our Sundays.  The Magnificat is particularly beautiful.


  8. Ha…..we SC folk ( Alabama expatriates) always called her gran-mama, but her Alabama grandchildren all referred to her as Meemama.

  9. One of my favorite photos, CC……seemed a bit bland to post, but it totally captured the essence of that time and place.

    I see it as a 3′ x 5′ on a wall from 6′ away.

  10. If you were to see Folly Beach now, you would never believe it could ever have looked like that photo.

  11. I don’t think it is bland at all..a maybe to you because you know the answers.  There is an air of expectation where is she going so early in the morning on this deserted street or is she on her way home?

  12. On her way to the corner to catch the city bus from Folly to downtown……carrying her shoes in a bag to walk thru the water…….very early morning. I had to follow out into the st to take the pic……I’ve never seen Folly that deserted, before or since.

  13. I was moo-jician, worked at night, she was working at a high end clothing store downtown, strange brew.

  14. Jace, many thanks for this week’s beautiful music–the length of fine music doesn’t bother me at all.

  15. Sturg, with my serious cameras/picture taking I was seldom surprised by the outcome. I almost never took ‘snap shots’. I could take a carefully composed picture with my Rollei, with it suspended and stabilized by its neck-strap, on a moment’s notice

  16. “The camera seldom captures what you see.”

    sturge, but many times brings to light what you didn’t expect

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