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  1. newsweek:
    Will Donald Trump Attend George H.W. Bush’s Funeral? Trump Exchanged Insults With Bush Family
    […]The Bushes were candid in their concern regarding Trump’s ability to be a leader, with both revealing that they voted for candidates other than Trump in the 2016 election.George H.W. Bush voted for Hillary Clinton while George W. Bush opted for “none of the above,” the two former presidents told Mark K. Updegrove, the writer of the book “The Last Republicans.”Updegrove then shared their words in an interview with The New York Times in November 2017.“I don’t like him. I don’t know much about him, but I know he’s a blowhard. And I’m not too excited about him being a leader,” George H.W. Bush said to Updegrove.[…continues…]

  2. Bush I, 41, was the last of the old Republicans.  Compare him to any of the current republicans and you see America the Great and America sold out.  No matter what the politics were in the 80’s and 90’s, you could trust that 41 was leading our nation in a good way.  Although there is the side thought that he never finished the job of cleaning up Iraq, that should be put aside as the region was never going to be cleaned up.  R.I.P.

  3. in the meantime, Chanukah begins tomorrow.  here for your preparations is the Maccabeats’  Latke Recipe

  4. the se
    cret to great latkes is to wring out the batter and add extra potato starch

    by the way Pat that is some goyesha recipe
    I never heard of putting baking powder or flour ‘

  5. more from the Maccabeats

    Music video for “All About That Neis,” a parody of “All About That Bass” originally performed by Meghan Trainor

  6. That has nothing to do with it.   Reform, Conservative, Orthodox…everyone makes their latkes the same way

    Matzoh meal not flour and no baking powder  yikes

  7. kgc, sorry for the lame joke… “reform” was meant in the lowercase catholic sense,  “r” not “R”

  8. Patd

    Thanks for the Maccabeats.  My latkes use a little flour, but I had never heard of baking powder.  Need to try that.  They forgot the sour cream to go with the applesauce.

  9. npr:  Presidents React To George H.W.’s Bush’s Death

    Former President Barack Obama said that “America has lost a patriot and humble servant,” and described the “tremendous good” he accomplished in his life — from helping new immigrants to reducing nuclear weapons and “ending the Cold War without firing a shot.”
    Bush’s son, former President George W. Bush, called him “the best dad a son or daughter could ask for.” He said the family was grateful for his father’s life and love, and for the compassion and condolences of people who cared and prayed for him.
    In a statement, former President Bill Clinton described Bush’s long record of service in the military, Congress, the CIA and as president. “He never stopped serving,” Clinton said. “I am profoundly grateful for every minute I spent with President Bush and will always hold our friendship as one of my life’s greatest gifts.”
    Former President Jimmy Carter said his administration “was marked by grace, civility, and social conscience.” He added that through the Points of Light initiative that he founded, which promotes volunteerism, he embraced “a uniquely American volunteer spirit” and bipartisan support.

  10. Whatever differences I had with HW politically with HW, unlike the more bitter ones over W, there was never a second when I felt either was totally unequipped for the job.  HW particularly had a long and useful life.

    Whatever the thing is in the WH currently is an insult to the presidency.  I genuinely hope he isn’t invited to the funeral either, but I suppose the “president’s club” requires it, but someone needs to tell him to sit down and shut up should he go.


  11. jamie & kgc,  forgive them on the basis of poetic license.  “a pinch of baking powder” fits the meter better than “a pinch of salt”

    suffer the parodist’s dilemma when the right words don’t fit

  12. wapo:
    Trump to name Dec. 5 a national day of mourning for George H.W. Bush

    BUENOS AIRES — President Trump plans to attend the Washington funeral of former president George H.W. Bush and is designating next Wednesday a national day of mourning, the White House said Saturday.
    Trump, who is traveling here in Argentina for the Group of 20 summit, was notified overnight of Bush’s passing. He is planning to speak by phone on Saturday morning with the late president’s son, former president George W. Bush, to offer his condolences on behalf of himself, first lady Melania Trump and the nation, according to a statement from White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.
    President Trump and the first lady will attend George H.W. Bush’s funeral at Washington National Cathedral, Sanders said.
    “A state funeral is being arranged with all of the accompanying support and honors,” Sanders said.

  13. H W reflected the decency and honor that goes with the office. Did not always agree with him, but always thought that he had the best interests of America at heart. He was a shining point of light. RIP sir you did yourself and your country proud.

  14. Visiting Kennebunkport and driving by Walker’s Point will never feel the same….  R.I.P. Poppy Bush.

    the family compound will now be overrun by brats…

  15. BTW…  one of Poppy’s and Babs’ favorite restaurants was a place in Perkins Cove Ogunquit Maine called Barnacle Billys.  It was a 10 minutes boat ride from Walker’s Point.  They used to drive their beautiful old wooden power boat up into the cove… walk up the gangplank into the restaurant.  Rick and I have seen that boat many times on it’s way to BBs from the vantage point of Ogunquit beach.

    Barnacle Billys

  16. I know it is hard not to do it but I wish news people would stop comparing him to SFB.   Kind of spoils the moment

  17. Something important is happening at this time, a reconsideration of his importance and approval in the rankings of presidents.  This started early on this morning because there was little to talk about and few people up at four am EST.  The thinking of those who ponder such things believe he will rise from his current fortieth position up several levels.  Personally I now know what has happened after he left office and I think his presidency should be rated much higher.  If he had the allies take out Sadam Husein taken out in the first Gulf War would it have made any difference in future events?  I tend to think the lack of response by his son in was more of an issue to the failure of the region. Along with the failure of the West to understand the history of Southwest Asia.

  18. Leon Uris’s Exodus went far in prepping my mind for working situations involving that part of the world. Fwiw, there are no people more insufferable than 27-yo Israeli colonels.

  19. So ‘trail mixers’ are there any mincemeat aficionados among you? I have not had a mincemeat pie in twenty years and I aim to rectify that situation this holiday season.

    Any ideas on where the best can be purchased? Inquiring stomachs wish to know.🙂

  20. Jace

    I love mincemeat pies but usually cheat and just buy the jars of Nonesuch mincemeat and add in brandy to soak at least overnight though you can refrigerate for several days before using.  There is a lot of work involved in doing it from scratch with the rendering lard and using suet, but if you must, here is the recipe.

    Grandma’s Homemade Mincemeat Recipe


  21. Jace

    my mothers recipe, start with one hogs head.

    Then what fruit you had. in this case as I remember apples from our orchard and  goose berries she had canned, she often bought raisins  but I don’t think she always did, Some years we just didn’t have the extra money. Then add sugar  and spices ( cinnamon, allspice and cloves)

    Ya know I haven’t ate a real mincemeat pie, maybe Carter was president.


  22. Here is a picture for today.

    63 years ago today Rosa Parks said enough of this shit, here is her mug shot.


  23. Ya know, my thoughts about Bush Sr.

    He was the last of the conservatives after him the Goldwater libertarians and the southern whites took over the party.  But even when he was president he was lost in a past that didn’t exist. What he did good was guide the breakup of the Soviet Union to a soft landing. For that we should all be grateful.


  24. Jack,

    My grandma always made her own mincemeat. Was never sure what all went into it,but I loved it. The aroma of that pie baking in the oven was simply like no other pie I can think of. Perhaps it was the meat products combined with the fruit but it was just tantalizing.

  25. I have never understood the appeal of the mincemeat pie –now I see you have to have had a granny that made it.

  26. Watched Jalen Hurts help pull Bama’s fat from the fire in the 4th quarter after Tua Tagovailoa went out with an ankle injury. Ironic after Tua went in and pulled Bama’s fat from the fire last January in the national championship game when Jalen couldn’t get the offense moving. But I’m getting too old for this shit – wish I didn’t enjoy it so.

    Politically I disagreed with most of GHWB’s policies, and I never understood him pulling back in Iraq(even though I thought going into Iraq was a stupid idea).  But I never felt embarrassed by him as President. I miss those days.

    Oh, and mincemeat- my paternal grandmother made an excellent one, from scratch of course, and she made little stuffed hand pies about half the size of the average fried pie. I loved those things. Haven’t had mince meat pie since she died in about 1964. I did take a few bites of Nonesuch mince meat from a jar a few years back and although it wasn’t Mammaw’s, it wasn’t bad and it brought back some good memories.

  27. bush was going to send all the Chinese students back home to prison or death, until Dems made a row.

    nil nisi bonum . . . . ? To hell with that.

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