Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

We need a ‘happy day’ here on the Trail. Here is one that I think will be just what the doctor ordered.

Enjoy the music, enjoy the day and may it be especially happy.?

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  1. Ray. He makes me happy. Yessiree.

    XR, careful when you talk about Big Al. My nephew was in that suit when he went to Bama. Said it was a great way to meet women.

  2. Good Morning!  So much for that extra hour of sleep.

    Watching The Christian Town Hall discuss immigration.

  3. It may be too late to warn those setting their clocks back that means a previous hour, not the next.  You get all confused when your clock shows five am, you get up, make a pot of coffee, drink a couple cups then look at your cell phone to see it is only three thirty.  Hmmm.


  4. NOT one of their best. also sounds like they used a laugh track last night. writers must still be on vacation. recommend you scroll on by.

    Fox News’ Laura Ingraham (Kate McKinnon) talks to Judge Jeanine Pirro (Cecily Strong) and David Clarke (Kenan Thompson) about a caravan of illegal immigrants headed for the U.S. border.

  5. Apparently, Rudy G was in Holland yesterday to publicly endorse Republican Senate candidate John James. This, being a few days after Rudy publicly endorsed “Ron James” on Twitter. Doesn’t even know the guy’s name, but wants us to vote for him.

  6. Keeping with Jace’s and Jamie’s themes

    This beautiful choral piece  from the Harlem Boys Choir

    Let there be piece on earth.



  7. Craig,

    Sounds like somevery motivated voters in Texas. I think that it is hard to be motivated about Cruz so this would seem to be very encouraging news for Beto.

  8. Jack,

    Nicechoice in music. Glad to see you posting. Hope all is going well on the home front. My best to you and Mrs. Jack.

  9. I think that the polling has been all over the map. They don’t have a handel on it because of early turn out, and because they are still polling likely voters. Given the turn out numbers there must be many new voters and they have not been polled.

  10. Goopers are putting on a brave front…trying to say the new registrations are theirs LOL

    Yeah fire up the base – that’s like lighting a match in a hurricane — there is hardly any base left. The only places they are winning is where they have managed to exclude any voters who opposes them

  11. Polling started going screwy when the cellular phone became the primary choice of voice communication.  Fourteen years ago we saw it in our polls and it is only getting worse.  As time goes on there will be fewer “phone” connections and more reliance of tools such as Skype.  A good question would be which polls are current exit polls.


  12. Blue Bronc,

    Right you are. I think that cell phones really threw a curve to the pollsters and they have still not figured it out. I don’t have a lot of faith in the results.


  13. Jace, here’s the top-rated comment to this morning’s selection–it got my checkmark, too:
    Adalberto Mattos 2 years ago
    Oh my Lord … Music as prayer. The force capable of gathering : races, creeds and religions around a single goal. Thank´s God for another wonderful day…

  14. Jack, Mrs. Jack and all those on the trail facing slings and arrows of various kinds, let this be a day of joy and hope for the future.


  15. The polls are underestimating
    Democratic turnout  if the youth vote in Texas is up 500% in early voting I think we can kiss Lyin’ Ted Cruz goodbye

  16. Jace, great choice. Jubilation is just what the doctor ordered for these tough times.

    Thanks for the kind words, prayers & tips from all. If I may redirect all good wishes/prayers back along the trail to Mrs Jack for continued improvement and a positive outcome.

    Sunday is my “day off” no appointments, or treatments of any kind. Started tracking my foods today in My Fitness Pal. Side note: my doctors were very happy that I was lowcarb/keto for so many years as it did keep me from becoming diabetic. It also means I have less to change in my diet now so just the renal components are being added.

    One bright spot to all this time away is that I went almost a month with absolutely no trump insanity ! I just started viewing political news again in time for the pipe bombs and PA massacre. It breaks my heart to see what trump has done to our country with all his fear and hate mongering! I have a question for the group…Are taxpayers footing the bill for all his weeks of campaign rally stumping all over the country, spreading his lies and evil messages of hate & fear instead of being president? Why isn’t there more outrage about this?

    PS The highlight of my recovery was being able to watch my Red Sox win the world series.

    That’s all for now XXOO

  17. Buckle yer chin straps, cause it’s gonna roll like a wagon wheel

    General clue #1:  Everyrhing they are doing reeks of desperation and sweaty palms.  ( as per Frank sinatra in that movie with Edward G Robinson where he sings that rubber tree plant song. )

  18. “Are taxpayers footing the bill for all his weeks of campaign rally stumping all over the country, spreading his lies and evil messages of hate & fear instead of being president?”

    granny, good question; but you should put a “how much” in front of it.

    newsweek, earlier this week:  Donald Trump Jokes About Taxpayers Funding a ‘Political Event’ in Which He Plugged His Golf Course

    During a stop in Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump reportedly bragged that he was traveling to political events for free. He also referenced his nearby golf course.
    “It’s like a political event and you don’t even have to pay for it,” Trump said, according to multiple reporters in attendance and a live stream of the event.
    Trump hosted a rally the night before in Evansville, Indiana.
    While it may be free for Trump, taxpayers do foot the bill for the campaign-style rallies that he often hosts across the country. The same is true for when he travels to political events for other candidates or to one of his golf courses.


    taxpayers also hit at local level. example from billingsgazettte story:

    President Trump’s Billings visit cost taxpayers $59K in law enforcement overtime


    and cbsminnesota:  Who Pays For Presidential Rallies?

    Taxpayers are mainly paying for security. Federal tax dollars pay for Secret Service. And local agencies — such as police, fire and emergency services — can expect overtime costs.

    A Trump rally in Lynden, Washington — population 14,000 — cost taxpayers $155,000 for added security. A rally in Phoenix cost more than $450,000.

    Officials in Duluth say it will be a week before they know how much they are paying, but a port security grant will offset some of the costs.

    “If it’s partisan, political activity, then it has to come from non-governmental, non-taxpayer sources,” Schultz said.

    And that is where it can get tricky. Rallies are one thing, but round tables like the one President Trump held in Duluth could be considered official business.

    “How much does the taxpayer pay for as legitimate business for the president, versus how much gets carved out in terms of a partisan event, paid for by the president’s campaign team or others? It makes it difficult to calculate the numbers,” Schultz said.
    He said that the Government Accountability Office can help break down what cities owe versus what political parties owe after a president visits.

  19. Then the question is what they will do when they get that hot potato in the face of scorched earth opposition.

  20. another blurb from newsweek last January:  Trump’s Recent Air Force One Trips Are Costing Taxpayers Millions

    The president and first lady Melania Trump spent about 2.8 hours flying to their Bedminster golf club in New Jersey on June 30. The more than two-hour flight, which cost $15,994 each hour, totaled $44,783.30, according to Judicial Watch. Trump’s Bedminster trip in September cost $41,584.40.
    Trump’s trips to campaign rallies cost more than $2 million. In August, the president flew Arizona where he met with Marines in Yuma and attended a campaign rally in Phoenix. The trip alone cost about $1.5 million.

  21. You can tell they are desperate from the nasty ads that started popping up about BETO last week.  Nothing positive to say about Cruz, so they had to lie about BETO.

    This morning on local NPR report – 3 out of 4 young voters here are Dem.

  22. KGC,

    If the youth are voting in big numbers that is a good sign, but I have heard that in so many election cycles, and it rarely if ever has panned out. Hope I’m wrong but not holding my breath.

  23. Sturgeon,

    Hope you are right. As for me I’m beginning to dread Tuesday just can’t bear much more disappointment.

  24. BlueIndallas,

    There is nothing left for them to do now but to go negative. They will saturate the airwaves with it. Hopefully people are so tired of it by now that they will tune it out. Better still hopefully they have already voted. All the negative ads and mailers are wasted on me, I voted a week ago.

  25. Jace

    Those numbers — the 500% increase in Texas are the increase in numbers of early voters.  Those are young’uns who have already voted.

    I know what you mean about not being too disappointed on election day.  Today all the evidence is in the favor of the Democrats except of  course for voter suppression.

  26. “beginning to dread Tuesday just can’t bear much more disappointment”

    jace, me too…  I keep remembering how confident we were when Hillary was ahead, polls had her winning election and then lucy grabbed the football away and everything went down hill from there.

  27. KGC,

    The voter suppression issue is why it would be nice to elect a few democratic governors during this cycle. It would be good to have them in office in 2020 and perhaps cut down on some of these measures designed to keep voters away from the polls. If dems gained the house and the majority of governorships it would be a very good result.

  28. rolling stone:

    Jimmy Buffett Takes Aim at Republicans During Florida Democratic Rally

    While President Trump took shots at Democrats in conservative Pensacola, Florida on Saturday, Jimmy Buffett hurled musical insults at Republicans in West Palm Beach during a Democratic campaign rally for U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and gubernatorial candidate and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum.
    While singing his hit “Come Monday” at the “Get Out the Vote” rally, Buffett tweaked its lyrics to make a dig at Trump changing “Come Monday” to “Come Tuesday, things will change. Come Tuesday, we’re making a change. It’s been two insane years and it’s time to really switch gears.” The musician’s show at the Meyer Amphitheatre took place just three miles from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.
    Buffett didn’t stop there: During his performance of “Margaritaville,” he called out Scott for the state’s environmental issues: “Some people say that there’s a red tide to blame, but I know that it’s all Rick Scott’s fault.”
    During the last several months, red tide algae have killed millions of fish off the southern Florida coasts, which happens naturally but worsens from pollution. It’s not surprising that Buffett, who resides in Palm Beach, spoke out about the subject as he is a longtime environmentalist, founding his charity “Save the Manatee” in 1981.
    In August, Buffett hosted a free concert just before the Florida Democratic primary after backing gubernatorial hopeful Gwen Graham, who placed second to Gillum in the race.
     more from 4cbsmiami: It’s Trump vs. Jimmy Buffett As Florida Enters Campaign Push


  29. Jace, thanks


    Hope things are going well for you, chemo sucks. Mrs Jack is going to start a her 8 week after surgery round of chemo. With luck that will be it. For her , with no stomach it is a big adjustment but as I told her we will deal with it. And mostly we are , it is just one day at a time.


  30. Jamie

    Some where we lost the understanding that if you want peace it first starts with each individual. It is why peace is so damn difficult.  Some where we lost that on both the right and the left. It is so much easier to shout and call names, than it is to listen and try to understand.


  31. Jack,

    Glad to hear that. Here is hoping that eight weeks of chemo will be all for Mrs. Jack. After that nothing but steps forward. Keep us posted.


  32. Regarding the youth vote, I think we are out of the communication loop.  Although I receive many invites to join communication paths, aka social media, that are not common to the main FB users, I rarely join. My preference is email so many people will fall off my view.

    Youth here, there and all over the country are talking to each other, and not on FB or Twitter.  I saw the Parkland young voters doing a tweet showing they were early voting.  I am sure they had already had worked with others to vote.

  33. Sunny & 78 on Election Day here (for those that didn’t vote early).

    Hope the weather is good in blue areas & miserable in red ones.

  34. BiD – there is the oddball thought that SFB might go off and say the election was a fraud and refuse to recognize it.  Then he would apply martial law on his next step to be dictator for life.

  35. Blue Bronc

    I think you are right about young voters

    They get their information from so many sources I doubt that they are much influenced by traditional things like attack ads or fear mongering I think that they make up their minds based on a whole different set of criteria and priorities. One example may be immigration. I don’t think that they fear immigration or immigrants. So much of that rhetoric is lost on them. Whatever their motivation I hope that they talk to each other and come out and vote in droves

  36. That is not an odd ball thought but a real danger. Trump has zero respect for the election process or the constitution and no one around him who can temper his worst excesses we are not a banana republic yet but Trump would most certainly go down that road and forty percent of the public would give up their right to vote in order to travel with him

  37. Yes, there are folks out there who are still outraged by taking a knee during the anthem; they can’t see that it is freedom of expression.   Simpletons tend to like authoritarians.

  38. To close out the Sunday thread, remembering Senor Horsedoody —Lee Carmichael and his work on The Texas Church (photography) Project.  Image result for lee carmichael texas church project

  39. Times have changed…
    “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”
    ― Mark Twain   Image result for samuel clemens

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