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  1. My Gawd Sturg! Pictures of your DRAWERS!! At least it’s not SUNDAY!!!

    (I like the set with the floral top) 🙂

  2. Hate this time change.  Since my body clock has never recovered from Spring forward, I will be getting up at 2:00 AM for weeks.  Just change it this once and then leave the darn clocks alone.

  3. Beautiful Sturge! Love that bathroom cabinet storage. We’re lucky that we don’t have anything to do in our townhouse because it has all been updated and upgraded. But if we had to do a bathroom, something like that double sink vanity with the cabinet is what we’d choose.

    No time change in AZ. Yay! However, they do change time in Boston and Cork and Amsterdam so I had to change those clocks on my wall to keep track of my colleagues.

    Good to see an update from Granny and glad to see she is on the mend. I also ignored a lot of symptoms and warning signs leading up to my health failure in October 2016. You just don’t want to admit to yourself that something is seriously wrong. It’s scary and it can take time for your brain to be convinced. Then you forgive yourself and move forward with what you have to do to recover your health.

    Warmest wishes to all on the trail for the best health you can achieve.

  4. Hello everyone! Just a few things for today. The only calls I’ve been getting home have been for Michigan Republican candidates. I had 4 messages on my answering machine last night on behalf of 4 different Republican candidates in Michigan. They’ve also been sending me fliers in the mail. The latest and most popular one leads off with the headline: “Results not resistance.” It goes on to tell me that Democrats will be voting on November 6th and asks me if I will be, too. Basically saying that none of the things that the Michigan Republicans want to accomplish will be possible unless I vote for them. They are also against proposals 2 and 3 that are on the ballot. Telling me to not let Democrats rig our voting system. Lastly, reminding me that Michigan does not have a straight-party voting system for the election ballot. Last night, I went out to dinner and the restaurant was right next door to the Ottawa County Republican headquarters. A woman who looked to be in her 60’s was just closing up the place for the night. Moving all the candidates yard signs into the office. All the while wearing her “Make America Great Again” hat. I had all I could do to not say something derogatory about her hat. At work on Thursday, some girl was wearing a hoodie and the design on the entire hoodie was the Confederate flag. Finally, around lunchtime, I saw 2 supervisors walking with her on the stairs leading to the offices upstairs. She didn’t work directly for us. I wasn’t sure if they were making her go home because of the hoodie she was wearing or if it was just a coincidence that they happened to all be walking together heading to the same place at the same time.

  5. from esquire:

    Right-wing master of disguiseJames O’Keefe sent one of his would-be 007s into Beto O’Rourke’s Senate campaign. The operative posed as an O’Rourke supporter and secretly filmed her interactions with his staff. For all this effort, the damning scoop O’Keefe found was that staffers spent around $300 in campaign funds to buy food and supplies for a charity working with asylum seekers sheltering in El Paso churches. Truly nefarious stuff indeed:

    [shows tweet here]
    On Thursday, O’Keefe’s organization, Project Veritas, posted a 24-minute long video, mostly compiled of footage taken surreptitiously within O’Rourke’s campaign. In it, staffers discuss buying food and supplies for a charity that works with asylum seekers. It’s legal for people to cross our border and apply for asylum. It’s also legal for campaigns to give to charity. According to Huffpost, the O’Rourke team offered a simple explanation for the footage Project Veritas released:

    “Staff members took it upon themselves to use prepaid cards from one of our more than 700 field offices to buy baby wipes, diapers, water, fruit and granola bars, and donate them to a local humanitarian nonprofit named Annunciation House that helps mothers and children in the community,” O’Rourke spokesman Chris Evans said. “The value was under $300 and it will be appropriately reported to the FEC.”

    Ted Cruz has jumped all over this story of charitable giving. He’s using it as an opportunity to tie O’Rourke’s campaign to the migrant caravan that President Trump has tried, in typically racist fashion, to make a focus of the midterm elections. In fact, O’Rourke’s staffers provided support only to asylum seekers who are already in the Texas, while the caravan Trump incessantly invokes is still months away from reaching our border.


    US Senate candidate, TX


    Two basic Qs every reporter should ask Beto today:  (1) should the “caravan” be allowed to cross illegally into Texas?  (Beto refuses to answer.) And (2) did your campaign dollars illegally fund their doing so? https://www.redstate.com/brandon_morse/2018/10/31/beto-orourke-oddly-quiet-migrant-caravan/ …

    10:19 AM – Nov 2, 2018

    O’Keefe is a veteran dirty trickster who made his name when another one of his selectively-edited videos forced the shuttering of ACORN, a nationwide community organizing group that worked on behalf of the poor. Since then, his stings have had more misses than hits. O’Keefe last made major headlines in 2017, when he was caught trying to dupeThe Washington Post into publishing the account of a fake Roy Moore accuser.


  6. Granny,

    Glad to see you back on the trail and very sorry to hear about your health issues. No fun.

    Take care of yourself and let others take care of you as well. Hopes and prayers for your strength to return.

  7. Cruz and company are going all out to take down Beto. Not sure if it is because the race is that close or if they are just slime balls who don’t know any better. Either way it is sad, because they will probably be successful.

  8. for years I have struggled to make poached eggs –and I have now succeeded with this tip

    before you crack them into the boiling water drop the whole eggs in the water for 10 secs.  take them out and crack them open into the boiling water — they set up perfectly  no stringy whites

    I would have posted a picture but I thought of it after we ate.

    KGC predicts
    Beto O’Roarke
    Demos take the House
    and the Senate

    Trump blames Paul Ryan for his public remarks as the cause of all the losses and also on the victims of the Tree of Life shootings for not being prepared and not having guns on them. The shootings really hurt his momentum, he said.

    Gavin Newsom becomes gov and we are all missing Jerry Brown

    The media remains clueless trading sensationalism and opinion for news.

  9. kgc, he’ll next tweet that the yoga victims should have been packing as well.    kinda hard to salute the sun while holding an ak

  10. business insider:
    Retired US Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a former Fox News contributor, on Thursday railed against President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and decision to send as many as 15,000 troops to the US-Mexico border ahead of the arrival of a so-called migrant caravan.
    “I want to take the president of the United States seriously,” Peters told the CNN host Anderson Cooper during an interview. “But he manages to be at once an embarrassing fool and an insidious menace. He’s the antithesis of the America that I and my military comrades meant to defend, if necessary, with our lives.
    “He’s an un-American American president,” Peters added.
    The former Russia analyst has been outspoken about his assessments of presidential administrations of both political parties. In 2015, Peters was suspended from Fox News for two weeks after calling President Barack Obama “a total p—y” following a speech he gave on terrorism.
    “What bothers me the most about President Trump — and there’s much that bothers me — is his absolutely repulsive, repugnant attacks on America — and they are attacks on America when he constantly criticizes our system of government,” Peters said.
    “I just want to stand up and say, ‘No! No! We don’t need you to make America great again,” Peters added, referring to Trump’s campaign slogan.
    “And to be fair, we didn’t need Obama to apologize for America,” Peters said, seemingly referring to claims that Obama’s public apologies put the US at a strategic disadvantage. “This country is great right now. It’s a miracle of a country. It’s imperfect because human beings are imperfect.”
    Peters added: “We’ve become an ungrateful nation. A nation pointing fingers at each other. A nation divided often over trivialities. We’re forgetting that we’re all Americans. And so that divisiveness … that bothers me the most.”
    “The president of the United States is a draft dodger playing with our troops,” Peters said, referring to Trump’s five draft deferments. “This idea of sending 15,000 troops to the southern border, right now, it’s an election ploy.”
    Peters added that when troops “are manipulated for partisan, political purposes, it literally is disgraceful.”
    Peters, a longtime Fox News contributor, left the network in March after calling it a “propaganda machine.”
    In an email to colleagues following his departure, he accused the network, which has largely aligned itself with the Trump administration, of “wittingly harming our system of government for profit” and “fostering corrosive and unjustified paranoia among viewers.”
    A Fox News spokesperson issued a response to Peters’ email: “Ralph Peters is entitled to his opinion despite the fact that he’s choosing to use it as a weapon in order to gain attention,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “We are extremely proud of our top-rated primetime hosts and all of our opinion programming.”

  11. Wow, we just saw a great movie with Melissa McCarthy, Can You Ever Forgive Me, about literary forger Lee Israel. One of those films with such good writing, acting and humanity the subject matter hardly matters.

  12. I just had another caravan jiujitsu thought or 3.

    Give the kids in the caravan thousands of American flags, and have some of the adults carry ‘God Bless America’ signs.  2. Have them carry team signs : Notre Dame, Longhorns, Mizzou, Volunteers, Bison, Buckeyes, ‘Bama, & Gators.
    3. Paint the anti-immigrant ads as anti-Catholic & anti-Indian.

    Time’s a wastin’. Get ‘er done !

  13. Good idea, XR. I’ll help with the Bama flags…since they just beat the shit out of LSU. Would more than doubling the line and holding the No. 3 team to 12 yards on the ground and having 380 more yards total offense count as a quality win or just passing the eye test? But I digress.

  14. I watched parts 1 and 2 of History Channel’s “Watergate” the past two evenings.  It’s fun going down memory lane…I was working graveyard shift and I’d watch the 1973 TV hearings in the afternoons.  Sam Ervin of North Carolina got the short-shrift in this show, he was really great in real-time.  This 3-parter is so detailed I am learning stuff I missed way back  45 years ago.  Lots of good stuff…don’t miss it.  All the names come flooding back at you, wow.

  15. Mr Dexter,

    My favorite Watergate guy was Tony Ulasewicz, the bagman. A fellow after my own heart.

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