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  1. that recent low to non-coverage by faux news must have been the reason he was naming (in going thru a list almost like an Oscar style thank you) some of their stars at a recent rally.
    sure fire method to get at least that part reported.

  2. TPM:

    Brian Kemp Is Blocking 53K Applicants From Registering To Vote, Most Of Them Black

    Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s (R) office is blocking 53,000 people from registering to vote, according to records obtained by the Associated Press, a huge number that could sway his gubernatorial race against Democrat Stacey Abrams.
    As TPM laid out this morning, Kemp has used a controversial “exact match” program to approve or block voter registrations that disproportionately impacts minority voters.
    Now we know exactly how many people that might affect this election. According to the AP, fully 70 percent of the voter applications that are being held up by Kemp’s office are from black people.
    It’s unclear how many of these voters will be able to get on the rolls by Election Day, though if past is prologue Kemp will manage to keep many if not most of them from voting.
    The secretary of state has waged a years-long battle against voting rights groups in the state, regularly going after minority voter registration efforts, while purging voting rolls and making it harder for many people to vote.
    This figure shows how much impact that could have. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal’s (R) 8-point reelection margin in 2014 was just 200,000 votes total. Abrams and Kemp have been statistically tied in most public and private polls. Whether or not these voters get on the rolls could determine who wins the election.

  3. Now, we see if folks will show up & if they will be allowed to vote.

    I’m hopeful that the registration drive done by students at the Parkland rallies around the country

    Does anyone know the status of Huckster’s house of horrors?

  4. flatus, take heed

    the state via msn:
    Oct. 11–COLUMBIA, S.C. — Columbia-area residents should not underestimate the potential impacts of Hurricane Michael, local officials warned Wednesday afternoon, hours before the storm was forecast to move into the area.
    People could be tempted to come down with “hurricane fatigue” after the much-feared Hurricane Florence spared the Midlands several weeks ago, Mayor Steve Benjamin said. But Hurricane Michael should be taken seriously, he said.
    “We’re still gravely concerned,” Benjamin said. “This is a massive storm. … The Midlands was particularly fortunate with Hurricane Florence. We don’t want people believing this is a non-event. This is a big deal, and we will prepare accordingly.”
    Hurricane Michael could hit parts of South Carolina, including the Columbia area, harder than Hurricane Florence in some ways, forecasters say.
    Tropical storm-force winds are the biggest concern for the South Carolina Midlands on Thursday. Four to 6 inches of rain also could fall in the area.
    The storm made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane Wednesday afternoon along the Florida panhandle. It is expected to weaken to a tropical storm before it reaches South Carolina.
    A tropical storm warning went into effect for the Columbia area just after 5 a.m. Wednesday. Richland and Lexington county public schools all announced Wednesday afternoon that they will be closed Thursday.
    Columbia officials were preparing Wednesday by clearing storm drains and staging barriers in flood-prone areas, including intersections in Five Points and at Whaley and Main streets.
    Trash pickup in the city will be suspended Thursday and resume Friday.
    This is not expected to be the type of storm that would have serious impacts on the city’s river levels and canal, officials said Wednesday.
    Police and fire officials plan to have additional staff on call during the storm.
    With the storm’s expected high winds, officials warned that downed trees and power lines would be likely. People who see downed tree limbs in the streets should not immediately try to remove them, as they could be attached to live power lines, said Robert Anderson, the city’s public works director.
    Instead, residents should call the city’s non-emergency hotline at (803) 545-3300 to report downed trees and other non-emergency issues. In cases of emergency, always call 911.
    Columbia-area residents can expect to start feeling the storm’s wind effects around 4 a.m. Thursday, said Mike Proud, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Columbia. Sustained winds will be around 30 mph with regular gusts of 40 or 45 mph, Proud said. Higher occasional gusts of up to 50 mph are possible.
    Winds will die down between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Thursday, which Proud said will be the eye of the storm moving through. The storm is expected to move through the area quickly, and winds should begin tapering off around 8 p.m. Thursday, Proud said.
    As the storm rolls through and heads northeast, it’s going to accelerate, creating a risk for tornadoes, Proud said. The area of the greatest risk will be along the corridor from Augusta to Columbia to Cheraw, and everything east of that will be at a slightly higher risk, Proud said.
    “They will be expecting some tornado watches to go up late tonight into Thursday morning in advance of that threat,” Proud said Wednesday, referring to the storm prediction center.

  5. she must be referring to Donald here

    abc news:

    Melania Trump says she is one of the most bullied people in the world; distrusts some in the West Wing

  6. She is her hubby’s mouthpiece whether she means to be or not, but she may be referring to Donny as a bully.

    Not gonna pay attention to this interview/advertisement for team Trumpsky.

  7. Tennessee Voting Experts Say Taylor Swift Might Actually Turn Their State Blue.

    Is Trump afraid of her? She does have 30 million more followers. I’m sure he knows that. What little he has said is more than mild for him.

  8. Brian Kemp is the current Georgia version of Lester Maddox.

    Lester Maddox, the Atlanta restaurant owner and archsegregationist who adopted the pick handle as his symbol of defiance in a successful bid for the Georgia governorship in 1966, died on Wednesday in Atlanta. He was 87.
    Mr. Maddox first came to national attention in 1964, after he violated the newly signed federal Civil Rights Act by refusing to serve three black Georgia Tech students at his Pickrick Restaurant. The Pickrick was noted for the quality of its fried chicken and for its reasonable prices, but Mr. Maddox was determined that no black should experience the ambience that he had reserved exclusively for whites.
    When the three black men tried to buy some of his chicken in July 1964, Mr. Maddox waved a pistol at them and said: ”You no good dirty devils! You dirty Communists!”
    Some of his customers were sympathetic to his cause and interrupted their meal to take pick handles that Mr. Maddox had put by the door (and sold for $2 apiece) to make it clear that the blacks would not be served. The pick handles, which Mr. Maddox also sold in his souvenir shop, were called ”Pickrick drumsticks” and came to symbolize his resistance to the civil rights movement. On occasion, Mr. Maddox would autograph the handles.
    The next month he picketed the Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, where, he believed, most of the promoters of civil rights legislation could be found. He vowed he would never serve blacks in his restaurant, and so he sold it. The two former employees who bought it reopened it on a desegregated basis, but not before Mr. Maddox erected a monument in front of the building to mourn the ”death of private property rights in America.”

    Heres’ hoping Georgia proves it’s not still a whites only state.

  9. I’ve never been a fan of TSwift.  Had a discussion with Patsy about her long ago.  Times change.   I hope she really has a much pull for young, voter turnout as it sounds.

  10. Patsy’s country roots were much deeper than Taylor’s.  She’s more a pop singer than a country star, which is why in all likelihood she feels like she can support Democrats without fear of a backlash a la the Dixie Chicks.  She may have started out as a country singer, but that influence has dropped away over the years. Her latest genre related AMA awards were for pop/rock album and pop/rock female artist. I am not that big of a fan either, but ya gotta admire what she’s accomplished in about 12 years.

  11. Thanksgiving — Mueller Time   I’m glad there are no SFB supporters at our Thanksgiving Dinner —

  12. Hahahahhahahah.

    The blue wave has sucked up Michael Cohen.

    The disillusioned former fixer to President Trump registered as a Democrat on Thursday, his legal team announced, putting the final nail in the coffin of the two men’s crumbling relationship.

    The ex-Trump attorney, who up until June served as the Republican Party’s deputy finance chairman, made the switch at the New York State board of election offices in Albany, a spokeswoman confirmed to the Daily News.

    Deteriorating relationship –  indeed.

  13. Looks like our Hawk neighbors have set up housekeeping. I’ve seen a couple of babies flying around, nest either next door or in our yard, haven’t figured it out yet. I think this might be the mama. Tried striking up a conversation but she just stared at me.

  14. cbs news:
    President Trump’s legal team has begun preparing answers to written questions posed by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, sources directly involved in the process say.
    There is no timetable for the written responses to be returned to Mueller’s office, since the answers have not yet been shared with Mr. Trump — a necessary step before the legal team replies to Mueller. A meeting with the president to discuss the written responses could occur next week, sources said. CNN first reported the president’s legal team had begun crafting answers.
    Mueller’s office recently sent about 15 questions to Mr. Trump’s legal team as part of a negotiated process to address the issues related to candidate Trump, Russia and campaign encounters that are part of Mueller’s investigation. The two sides agreed to have Mueller send questions on the campaign-era issues that would be answered in writing, the sources said.
    This dialogue has been ongoing for months, and the written responses appear to be the first tangible response to Mueller from Mr. Trump.
    Whether Mueller will request answers to another round of written questions remains unclear. Sources close to the process said both sides will revisit that issue after Mr. Trump’s answers have been received by the special counsel. No agreement has been reached on any face-to-face meeting between Mr. Trump and Mueller or his team.
    Mr. Trump’s legal team has made it clear to Mueller that it considers off-limits questions about Mr. Trump’s actions as president, including his firing of FBI Director James Comey and his tweets, citing the president’s authorities under Article II of the Constitution. It is unclear whether a legal dispute over the president’s constitutional prerogatives would push Mueller to seek a subpoena to compel Mr. Trump’s testimony, a move that would almost certainly be challenged in court by the president’s lawyers.

  15. more from muellerland

    Special counsel Robert Mueller is on board with a request from former Trump campaign deputy Rick Gates to secure several new freedoms as he continues cooperating with the lead Russia investigator and awaits sentencing as part of his guilty plea.
    Gates’ attorney Tom Green filed the unopposed motion Thursday asking a federal judge to let the longtime Republican operative remove his electronic GPS monitoring device, eliminate his 11 p.m.-7 a.m. curfew and allow him to more freely travel to Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.
    The additional freedoms should be granted in exchange for Gates’ ongoing cooperation with both Mueller and other federal investigators. “Those sessions have been numerous and they continue to this day,” Green wrote.
    “In short, Mr. Gates has been a model cooperating witness — making himself available to federal authorities whenever they have requested his assistance,” Green added. “For these many reasons we believe this court can conclude with confidence that Mr. Gates will appear at every call of court and that he is deserving of the relief requested.“
    It’s unclear if U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson will approve the proposal, even with Mueller’s sign off. The Washington-based judge rejected an earlier Mueller-approved request to let Gates stop wearing the GPS device in March, saying at the time that his “change of heart is quite recent” after initially pleading not guilty to a series of charges including money laundering, bank fraud and conspiracy.

  16. flatus, is this an accurate account about the storm in your neck of the woods
    from the post and courier:

    Michael flooded Columbia-area neighborhoods, knocked down trees and closed the State Fair

    COLUMBIA — Tropical Storm Michael downed trees, knocked out power and flooded some neighborhoods and roads across the Columbia-area as the once-powerful storm zipped across the heart of South Carolina on Thursday.
    Up to 6 inches of rain fell in parts of the Midlands on Thursday morning, the National Weather Service said. More than 20,000 customers lost power in the Midlands. Flash flood warnings remained in effect much of the day along with the threat of tornadoes.
    County and city offices and schools were closed throughout the Columbia region. The University of South Carolina called off classes, and even the S.C. State Fair shut down for the day. Normal operations for offices, schools and the fair should resume Friday.
    With so much rain falling quickly, a few Lexington County neighborhoods in and near Irmo flooded in the morning after stormwater drains overflowed near creeks, Lexington County spokesman Harrison Cahill said.
    Kinley Creek swelled into the living rooms of at least nine low-lying homes, causing evacuations of 20 people and waist-high flooding in residential streets.
    The water swelled above a bridge in the White Hall neighborhood, reached as high as a tire swing in one backyard and flooded a local swim club.
    About half a dozen homes were threatened on Broken Hill Road that flanks the creek. Heavy winds also toppled a thick-rooted tree onto a house near Piney Grove Road.
    A woman inside the house, who asked to be identified by her first name, Caitlin, said the tree tore through the roof of her bedroom. Luckily, she had moved to the living room after her cat woke her up during the storm.
    “If I hadn’t moved, it would have hit me,” she said. “The cat gets tuna for the rest of his life.”
    Tami Rhodes-Turner didn’t sleep Wednesday night. Even though she rebuilt her home on Lockner Road to withstand flooding after a house fire in 2010, the creek regularly rises into her backyard during rainstorms.
    “Every single time,” she said with a shake of her head.
    Her home avoided water damage, but the water rose into the living rooms of three homes on nearby Lockner Circle.
    Rhodes-Turner is one homeowner in the area who has requested Lexington County buyout her flood prone home, part of a federal disaster relief program. Since the Columbia area saw historic flooding in 2015, Lexington has already bought out 46 homes countywide. Rhodes-Turner said her and many of her neighbors want the county to do the same for them.
    “It’s just really sad,” she said. “It was a really good neighborhood.”
    Much of the water flooding the neighborhoods disappeared before noon as the rain subsided.
    Rains also spurred flash floods across several roadways, including partially washing out tracks on a rail line west of Columbia on Glenn Road. A train was allowed over the track after inspection crews deemed it safe.
    Floodwaters also threatened to block a portion of heavily traveled Two Notch near the popular Village at Sandhill shopping center, the Richland Sheriff’s office reported.
    A flood warning was issued for the Conagree River, which is expected to approach minor flood stage Sunday, enough to cover some low laying areas including the riverwalk.
    Tropical storm-force wind gusts approaching 50 mph pushed over trees, including one that blocked lanes on Interstate 26 near Chapin during the morning commute.
    Another tree smashed into a north Columbia home, briefly trapping a man inside who was injured, the Columbia Fire Department said.
    Emergency crews had to take Solomon Guinyard out through one of the Randall Avenue house’s windows after his leg was injured by the massive oak tree that splintered the house’s roof, said Hector Benthall, a roommate.
    Benthall said he left the house just in time Thursday morning on a trip to see his mother when the tree fell.
    “I would have been sitting right there in that living room,” Benthall said, as he inspected the demolished home.

  17. Pat, the intern authoring that story on our battle against The Great October Hurricane was undoubtedly minoring in journalism whilst majoring in hyperbole. We had 4.5 in of rain along with strong winds and rustling trees. That made for a restless night. The house did not shudder and the sun was shining by the middle of the afternoon. Local reporting had the wind maxing at 50-mph which seems about right. I saw no damage on our cul. Pity the poor folks on the Panhandle.

  18. “I never heard T. Swift,” the old man wrote deafly.

    Her market is more in Netherlands than in Nashville, more in Mexico than in Memphis, more in Rumania than in Rocky Top.

  19. I wouldn’t know Taylor Swift from Mrs kavanaugh. Nonetheless, may G!D bless her courageous stand against the force of evil in Tennessee.

  20. Not sure that the disappearance of a saudi Arabian journalist rises to the level of an international incident. It reminds me of TR’s proposed 1904 invasion of Morocco, to rescue a scoundrel named Ion Pericardis, another non-American.

    Pericardis owned a gas company in NJ. It is said that King shalman owns a gas company Arabia. These gas guys can get away with anything.

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