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An interesting picture from 92.

3 will run for president, 2 will win a majority of the popular vote and the other will become president. Is this a screwed up country or what?

Nancy Landon Kassebaum, long time Kansas senator and daughter of Alf Landon.  It doesn’t get more old school Kansas Republican that this. She just endorsed the Democratic candidate for governor.

More Kansas political news: The Republicans are desperate in Kansas 2 district.  Dragging up a decades old sex scandal is desperation and that is what the Republicans have done. Twenty years ago a young lawyer, Paul Davis and his boss were visiting a client strip club when the police raided the place. Old news that comes up for Davis every election. However given that a lot of District 2 is the army base Fort Leavenworth and surrounding area I’m not sure being caught in a strip club is a disadvantage. I’ll leave Flatus to comment on that one.

Finally, For all you die hard Democrats, the Missouri Governor may be the scariest Republican out there. True, he looks like Gomer and once owned a filling station but he is breath of fresh air in Missouri politics as he crosses the state talking with urban, suburban and rural leaders about working on common problems and issues. As he has come out in support of raising the gas tax for roads I’m sure the Club For Growth will run someone against him but IMO he will win reelection in 2020 and take Claire McCaskill’s seat in 2024.


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  1. the guardian:
    In the middle of the night and with dozens of Native Americans watching, San Francisco city workers tied safety ropes around a 124-year-old bronze statue and pulled. Carefully, they dislodged the piece from a granite platform and laid it on top of a flatbed truck. It was a moment stoked with meaning. After decades of effort, the Early Days statue, a symbol of colonization and oppression to many, was gone.
    Those who gathered at the removal last week didn’t celebrate with fire torches. They only prayed, sang hymns, and looked on morosely at the empty platform. That’s what happens when civic institutions, in this case the city arts commissions, finally see a people as worthy of protection.
    “I feel like it is a win. I feel good about it. [But] there is still a lot of work to be done,” Desirae Harp, a Mishewal Ona*tsáTis (Wappo) and Diné (Navajo) tribe member told me.
    Erected in the aftermath of the California mission era, the Early Days statue depicts a Native American on his back, defeated, a Catholic priest above him pointing to the heavens, and an anglicized vaquero bestriding the scene in triumph. The statue is part of the Pioneer Monument celebrating the state’s origins. Native Americans saw it as dehumanizing art but no one had managed to convince politicians to take it down. It wasn’t until gender- and racially-diverse city boards, as well as backlash against Eurocentric depictions of dominance, that change came.

    As the fight against white supremacist symbols grows in America under a president that supports them all but explicitly, citizens are ramping up more tear downs. San Jose removed a statue of Christopher Columbus and Arcata’s William McKinley statue’s days are numbered (he broke up tribal governments). More than 30 other cities are either in discussion to or recently removed statues including southern hubs such as Atlanta, Birmingham and Nashville.
    In related news, ESPN found there’s an increase in US statue-building of sports figures, 80% of them white males, many in coaching, the most segregated position in all athletics.

    Native people like Harp say part of the problem with statues is not just that they’re disrespectful and emotionally triggering but that they’re factually inaccurate. The Native American depicted in Early Days, for example, was from the Plains but native people of the Bay Area were Ohlone.

  2. starting to see and hear more mention of Amy Coney Barrett replacing kava-naughty nomination.  seems like that would be their best bet to counter the war on women charge at the moment.

  3. the week:
    Michael Avenatti says he has a 3rd victim, several witnesses in the Brett Kavanaugh imbroglio
    On Sunday evening, just as The New Yorker published an article by Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer with a second allegation of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Democratic lawyer Michael Avenatti said on Twitter he represents a third “woman with credible information regarding Judge Kavanaugh and Mark Judge,” Kavanaugh’s high school friend and alleged witness to what Christine Blasey Ford says was an attempted rape in the early 1980s. Avenatti dropped some clues about the ugly and salacious nature of the allegations on Twitter and said he has “specific evidence” that Kavanaugh and Judge “would participate in the targeting of women with alcohol/drugs” for sex in high school. He did not provide any proof.
    Avenatti told Politico he represents a group of individuals who can corroborate allegations involving Kavanaugh and Judge, but he would describe just one of his clients as a victim. “I represent multiple clients, they are witnesses” to events “not out of character from what Dr. Ford said,” Avenatti told Politico. “They went to schools in the same general areas. These house parties were widely attended.” Kavanaugh and Judge have denied or said they have no recollection of specific allegations and general sexual misconduct.
    Does Avenatti really have the goods? For what it’s worth, he kicked things off with a pre-emptive warning: “I do not bluff. I deliver.” Which, whatever you think of Avenatti, he mostly has in the showdown between his client Stormy Daniels and President Trump and his former lawyer, Michael Cohen. Peter Weber


  4. the hill:

    “When you don’t vote, that’s exactly what you’re doing — you’re letting other people make decisions for you,” Obama said during a rally in Las Vegas for When We All Vote, the nonprofit voting initiative that she started earlier this year, according to ABC News.
    “We get the leaders we vote for. We get the policies we vote for. And when we don’t vote, that’s when we wind up with government of, by and for other people.”
    ABC News reported that more than 2,000 people attended the event in a gymnasium to hear Obama and several other people speak about their initiative.
    Obama told the crowd that “democracy continues with or without you,” and that she understands why people would want to shut out politics from their everyday life.
    “Believe me, I am frustrated, too,” she said. “I am sick of all the chaos and the nastiness of our politics. It’s exhausting and, frankly, it’s depressing. I understand wanting to shut it all out.”
    Her speech at the event marked the launch of When We All Vote’s “Week of Action,” a multi-day effort that seeks to increase voter registration before the general election this November.

  5. No, not Tipper.  I rather prefer not having the government or some quasi governmental pressure group deciding what the words should be in the lyrics of songs as she advocated for.  

    I like the direction this O’Kavanaugh thing is going.  Aside from having rigged the process so that the repugs could push SCROTUS’ RW nuts onto SCOTUS on party line votes, it is not going to play well for the GOP with women, and women are the keys to electoral success.

  6. The catholic woman lawyer/judge is in a Catholic cult and her religious views are enough to keep her off the court

    she is not a good choice and will not be confirmed

  7. “lawyer/judge is in a Catholic cult and… religious views are enough”

    kgc, sooo?  who’s different on the rest of that federalist list of twit’s …’cepting that they’re a he and not a she

  8. is he now a non-person?  who is in line to automatically replace him?  since he wasn’t fired officially the protocol doesn’t allow twit an instant appointee.

  9. CNN and NBC now reporting a source close to Rod Rosenstein disputes AXIOS report he offered his resignation. But the source says Rosenstein expects that he’s being fired. (If that happens, Solicitor General Noel Francisco will oversee Mueller.)

  10. according to business insider:

    Justice Department rules dictate that Solicitor General Noel Francisco, whose track record more closely aligns with Trump’s ideas and grievances, would assume the post.
    Francisco served as White House counsel under George W. Bush and was a DOJ lawyer until 2005, when he joined Jones Day, where he worked with several future Trump appointees, including White House general counsel Don McGahn, who is expected to leave the Trump administration this fall, and took stances against various prosecutions of public officials.

  11. also from above link:
    In a 2016 op-ed, Francisco took aim at then-FBI Director James Comey, who he said had acted in political interests by watering down an investigation of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. In a case earlier this year with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Francisco reasserted Trump’s constitutional ability to hire and fire almost all federal authorities.
    “The Constitution gives the president what the framers saw as the traditional means of ensuring accountability: the power to oversee executive officers through removal,” Francisco wrote. “The president is accordingly authorized under our constitutional system to remove all principal officers, as well as all ‘inferior officers’ he has appointed.”

    Francisco’s potential commitment to Trump’s political causes became a central issue in his confirmation hearings last year, when the Judiciary Committee’s top Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein questioned his expressed support for Trump’s travel ban and urged him in a letter to “publicly commit to refuse any order or request — whether express or implied — to interfere in the Special Counsel’s investigation.”

    Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told Business Insider last month he thought Francisco made for an ideal candidate to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
    “I think the solicitor general has done a pretty extraordinary job and is someone who will clearly be in the mix, but that’s for the president to decide,” Bannon said.

  12. wonder if new York times feels bad about being used

    abused and used

    perhaps they were “the enemy of the people” in this instance

  13. NBCs Pete Williams now floating a few options, including “theoretically possible that when this meeting’s over Rod Rosenstein goes back to being deputy attorney general.”

  14. pogo – I was joking about Tipper because the other 3 in the photo had run for prez.

    The longer the KavaNope thing takes to play out, the closer we get to November.

  15. The Times reported news that is their job.
    But according to the others who described his comments, Mr. Rosenstein not only confirmed that he was serious about the idea but also followed up by suggesting that other F.B.I. officials who were interviewing to be the bureau’s director could also secretly record Mr. Trump.
    Mr. McCabe, who was later fired from the F.B.I., declined to comment. His memos have been turned over to the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, in the investigation into whether Trump associates conspired with Russia’s election interference, according to a lawyer for Mr. McCabe. “A set of those memos remained at the F.B.I. at the time of his departure in late January 2018,” the lawyer, Michael R. Bromwich, said of his client. “He has no knowledge of how any member of the media obtained those memos.”

  16. kgc, thanks for reminding us of the other bombshell dropped this a.m.   late comers can read 7:51 comment for avenatti story.


    re NYT, talking heads have posited that this was a set-up to get the twit so mad that he had to fire Rosenstein.

    Rosenstein supposedly has said this was a stab in the back.

  17. The quote from the Times story indicates they had other sources who said it was serious certainly backs up the claims of the anonymous editorial writer

    I didn’t realize any story was only to be posted once.  I will be sure and remind people of that offense


  18. dark humor days ahead and sarcasm running high

    esquire:  The Watergate Reboot Is About to Be Broadcast in High Definition

    Especially if the headlines read “President* Fires Rosenstein.”

    by Charles Pierce
    You knew that El Caudillo Del Mar-A-Lago, gutless wonder that he is, would arrange to be out of town when this happened. I just looked out a window of the Capitol and, glorioski, there was All Hell, running loose in the rain.
    As of 11:30 Monday morning, it appeared that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had been summoned to the White House for the purposes of being told that he wasn’t the deputy attorney general any more, and by someone who is probably not the president*. Whether Rosenstein resigned or was fired makes a monumental difference in what happens going forward.
    For example, if Rosenstein makes them fire him—which is what Pete Williams of NBC News said was going to happen—then the president* cannot use the Vacancy Act to replace him with someone that the Senate already has confirmed. (Deputy Attorney General Ben Carson?) That obviously changes all the calculations when you consider that Rosenstein had been tasked with overseeing the Mueller investigation, which now stands in more peril than it ever has before.
    (Here’s a fine primer on the Vacancies Act from Steve Vladeck, which he wrote back in May when it looked like the president* was going to try and force everybody to resign.)
    So, if Kelly does the president*’s bidding, they’re going to have to get the Senate to confirm whoever’s next, and won’t that be a bowl of buttercups, since that person clearly will be installed to shut down Mueller’s probe? In addition, as to the politics, if tomorrow’s headlines read, “President* Fires Rosenstein,” the Watergate flashbacks go into living color, Hi-Def, and Panavision.
    (My love for chaos drives me to imagine another scenario: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III looks at Monday’s events and decides that This Outrage Against the Rule of Law cannot stand, and, since he’s got to be fed up with the president* anyway, then he quits On Principle, leaving the president* to put up another attorney general before, perhaps, a Democratic Senate.)
    Most folks in the Congress were still in Kavanaugh hibernation when the story broke, but there certainly will be comments a’plenty when they finally emerge, blinking, into the downpours, both literal and metaphorical. We all picked a really bad week to stop doing crystal meth. More, you can guaran-damn-tee, to follow. Also, nice work, New York Times. Judy Miller would be proud.

  19. “I didn’t realize any story was only to be posted once.  I will be sure and remind people of that offense”

    kgc, sorry you took that as a slam.  I only wanted to give folks the various links to the story (which appear in the earlier comment).  I should have been more clear.   no offense intended.

  20. Hey…  the NYTimes has one aim and one aim only…  get people to buy more papers.  Between the anonymous WH leaker and now this hit job on Rosenstein…  I’m sure they’ve succeeded spectacularly!

  21. Craig that is always the problem with moderate Republicans. They get all upset and embarrassed but they always come back.

    For Kansas this is starting to look like an “anybody but a Republican” race. Reason I’m saying this  is the NYT weekend poll that had Sharice Davis winning  by 6 pts. She is a bad fit for KS 3rd and any other time would be in the 30’s. When  the Times does a realtime poll they show where the support is in the district, There were a lot of  blue dots in older Johnson county where the old folks, who have voted Republican all their lives, live.

    So I would not be surprised if  the Republicans  would lose the governors race and 2 house seat. They are just lucky they don’t have anyone running for the senate.



  22. What news, KGC?

    The insider leak to a Times stenographer/reporter that was designed to take everybody’s attention off of Kavanaugh?

    I’m with Pat, Judith Miller would be proud.


  23. BTW given the current state of the election the Republicans have nothing to lose. Unless Flake  and Corker grow a set, Kavanaugh is on the court, This truly isn’t ordinary times.


  24. The Times had more than one source and it isn’t the Times job to tailor the news to fit your idea of what should happen

    Apparently there are references in McCabes memos as well

  25. KGC

    Who is going to stop it?

    Collins?  lol

    The base wants it and the Republicans have demonstrated they will ignore everybody but their base.

    There is just nobody on the Republican side who will vote against it


  26. He’s gone
    When it was just one – it could be pushed aside but now there are multiples and they show a pattern of disrespect for women which he still shows today

    Yertle is on tv whining about the campaign against Kavanaugh- Meritt Garland to you

  27. Oh and telling us that he belonged to Animal House just seals it. People have been forgiving drunken college frats for ever. Nothing that happened at a frat party 35 years ago is going to change one Republican vote.



  28. a modern day Pandora’s box

    Stormy Daniels‘ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, claims he is aware of “significant evidence” that embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was involved in “gang rapes” during his high school years.
    Avenatti tweeted a screenshot Sunday night of an email he wrote to Mike Davis — the chief counsel for nominations for the Senate Judiciary Committee — alleging that Kavanaugh, his friend Mark Judge, and others targeted women with drugs and alcohol “in order to allow a ‘train’ of men to subsequently gang rape them” at house parties in the early 1980s. In the letter, he did not specifically allege that Kavanaugh himself assaulted anyone.
    Avenatti did not present any evidence or further details about the allegations, but said he was aware of “multiple women” who “will corroborate these facts.”
    Avenatti has clarified that his client is not Ramirez, and noted that the third accuser has previously worked within the State Department, the U.S. Mint and the Department of Justice and has been granted multiple high security clearances.
    “The GOP and others better be very careful in trying to suggest that she is not credible,” he said.

  29. can you imagine the current events assignments in civics and government classes this week?

    not your usual weekly reader fare.

  30. Yeh, if Kavenog doesn’t withdraw before Thursday, he certainly will right after…….he has the glide-path of a rock…….

  31. I kept as many as I was able, to go back and look at the jobs we played…..they were all mostly about music jobs and such…..I always thought that one day I would write a novel……

  32. But I’m sure kavenog’s calendars are squeaky clean……(Though I bet he has another set about the sexual exploits with which he cannot bear to part.)

    maybe they’ll raid his house if she files charges in Maryland.   No statute of limitations on felony sexual assault in Maryland…..did I mention that before?   This Dr Ford and her team of lawyers old and new are nobody’s fools.   So to speak.    BK done got above his raisin’s and just doesn’t seem to be aware that the shit of his life has caught up widdum…..

    and you know, McConnel doesn’t care……he’ll fight the good fight, lose, and then turn around and throw the next turd.

  33. When I first heard the charge against Kavanaugh I thought oh boy high school.   I did one or two things which were against the law and did not get caught.  (not alcohol or drugs) and other people know about them  They reflect poorly on me but aren’t at the level of any kind of assault.   More for things I did in college, I’m sure I couldn’t get appointed to the Supreme Court

  34. The thing is, plenty of those guys who were like that in high school never meet up with circumstances which force them to grow up and take stock…..they just keep getting away with it, and keep thinking they’re somehow invincible.


  35. We’ll see what happens to Rosenstein.  He may be thorn in IMPOTUS’ ass, but he’s a republican – just doesn’t appear to be one of the fire breathers.

    As for O’Kavanaugh, he’s vowing to fight, SFB is vowing to back him to the death, and we’ll see whether ‘assley or Mertle see too much blowback in November if they move the nomination forward.

  36. The Religious right have been working for this for 40years if it doesn’t happen then it will be another 40 years. So from their POV election be damned.  As part of their bargain with the devil they have supported the Club for Growth people and the NRA. They are going to demand and get reciprocal support. They will get it.  As Those three own the Republican party, Kavanaugh looks in good shape to come up for  a vote and then be approved. It really helps that everything so far is from 35 yrs ago and all tied up with drunken teenage parties.

    Even if you can find a chain of abuse leading up to today they will still pass him out of committee. They want want that antiabortion vote really bad.



  37. You are quite possibly totally right, but I think Dr. Ford is holding a few aces we have yet to see…….it does help that we WILL see…..

  38. Just for one thing that guy Bromwich didn’t quit his day gig and join the team just on the possibility of decades old accusations…….I think they’re in for a lot of there, there…….

  39. sturge, did you see this?  am puzzled by it.  gang banging too much info for them?


    Democrats believe Ramirez but stiff-arm Avenatti


    While most Democrats are taking Ramirez’s allegation seriously — if not to the extent they’re publicly backed Ford they’re stopping far short of giving the same treatment to a third, unknown woman tied to the nominee and represented by celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti.

    Avenatti has tweeted that his client is a “woman with credible information” concerning “the targeting of women with alcohol/drugs” by Kavanaugh and his longtime friend Mark Judge, whom Ford has identified as the third person in the room during her alleged assault. But Democratic senators are treading lightly on the claims from Avenatti, who also represents Trump antagonist Stormy Daniels and is weighing a presidential run.
    “You know I never have no comment, but I have no comment about Michael Avenatti,” Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) said.
    “Until we have more information, there’s not much that anyone can do with that,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), like Sanders a member of Schumer’s leadership team and leading 2020 presidential contender, said of Avenatti’s client.
    “But since there are two women who have come forward – they have made credible claims, they have made their names public – it now means that the FBI should be conducting a full investigation” into both Ford and Ramirez’s allegations, Warren added.
    Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), who’s become one of the Judiciary panel’s most vocal Democrats on sexual misconduct issues, delivered blunt advice to Avenatti: “If he has something to introduce, he should do it now. I haven’t had any contact with him.”
    A spokesman for Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said Sunday night that the committee would reach out to Ramirez, and Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) said Monday that the panel had done so. Ramirez’s attorneys did not return a request for comment on Monday on to what extent she has communicated with the committee.
    Avenatti has tweeted screenshots of his communications with Grassley’s staff about his still-anonymous client, which the GOP initiated minutes after the lawyer posted his first declaration that he represents “a woman with credible information regarding Judge Kavanaugh and Mark Judge.”

  40. here’s another story on avenatti by politico  tonight:
    Avenatti stars in ‘avenging angel’ role
    For the third time this year, the attorney and 2020 presidential prospect has rolled a grenade into the Trump White House.
    He’s dismissed as a publicity hound, a carnival barker and even a “creepy porn lawyer.”
    But for the third time this year, the combative Michael Avenatti — a sustained anti-Trump fixture on cable TV who is also exploring a 2020 presidential run — has found a way to claw his way into another major scandal, potentially making a bad situation even worse for the Trump White House.
    Avenatti says his latest client is a victim of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh who is prepared to take her story public in the next 48 hours.
    His claim has been met with more than a little skepticism — as has his prospective presidential bid. But Avenatti’s uncanny knack for drawing blood from the president and beating Trump at his own game has some top Democrats warning that the lawyer shouldn’t be dismissed outright as a factor in the Democratic presidential field.
    Still, there’s a healthy dose of distrust of Avenatti among Capitol Hill Democrats who were hesitant on Monday to take the attorney too seriously on the latest allegations tied to Kavanaugh.
    Avenatti scoffed at any suggestion that the claims weren’t credible or that he hadn’t properly vetted his client.
    “We will publicly disclose her name and more information about her accusations within the next 48 hours,” Avenatti said. “We’re deciding how that would occur, making sure there is security in place. We’re getting our ducks in a row. This is a very strategic and methodical approach, which is what we did with Stormy Daniels.”
    He’s also regularly posting his correspondence with the Senate Judiciary Committee. In a series of tweets, Avenatti alleges a broader scheme involving Kavanaugh and a friend, Mark Judge, that included targeting young women at parties.
    Avenatti, who said he represents a victim and corroborating witnesses, told POLITICO Monday that the victim’s identity and details of the accusations would become public over the next 48 hours.

  41. They can stiff-arm him all they want to, but if he has something, as he alleges, then he will let it out when he’s good and ready, and if it is strong then the dems will reel in the stiff arms and gear up the pats on the backs

  42. Everybody lies to congress, and nobody goes to jail for it. Did you ever wonder why Cav isn’t calling for the FBI to clear his name? Because lies to the FBI are a crime.

  43. lol

    If Avenatti is involved  then it is slam dunk for the Cav. The only person out there that can  sleaze with  the trumpster, he is a walking lawyer Joke.


  44. Yea, the next scandal is going to do it. How long have you folks been saying that? Almost three years?

    Sorry, it ain’t gonna be that easy. there is no magic line that Trump &co can cross that will go too far. There will be no impeachment, no 25th amendment, nothing  and Trump will run in 2020 even if he is an embalmed corpse. there is a good chance he will win too given the stupidity of his opposition.


  45. Avenatti a candidate for president, lol, really?
    Or for that matter, Biden , Bernie, HRC, Bloomberg
    Just to mention a few names Tossed around this week by a scandal bored press


  46. Some bartender is saying O’Kavanaught was a regular customer, and an obnoxious drunk.  Hmmm, sounds pretty consistent with the allegations against him. Just saying…

  47. Only one I’m convinced is going down soon is Kavelog… for the GOP and the pres that’s all up to Mueller, and I’ll see what we see when we see it.

    meanwhile, the sinking of the good ship Kavenog is jolly good fun.

  48. Corey wait till 2040, lets give him a good long career, he is starting to look like one of the greats.

    He is a joy to watch and he has a good corps of receivers too. a fun offense

    now the chiefs need to look for a killer linebacker that puts fear in to the opposing QB. right now their defense doesn’t scare anybody


  49. Ya know Cav’s real problem isn’t his behavior as a teenager, It is that he is so damn stupid.  He goes on Fox and claims to be a perfect choirboy. When all he has to do is admit that he was a  drunken obnoxious little shit in highschool and college and they would hold the confirmation vote tomorrow.

    this is the problem with the whole trump administration total clueless idiots.

    I can work around evil but god I hate stupid.


  50. “all he has to do is admit that he was a  drunken obnoxious little shit in highschool and college and they would hold the confirmation vote tomorrow.”


    jack, thoroughly agree with you.  he must really be scared of something.

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