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Next best thing to being born in a log cabin. This is the house I came home to when I was born in 1948, and it was here I lived my first 8 years.

Fortunately my dad had six years to get it ready for me, and was even able to build a garage from salvaged terra cotta blocks so I could have a clubhouse in the overhead.

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  1. hard to believe that in 2018 this is today’s editorial in wapo:
    IT WAS preposterous for Metro to have considered using separate, dedicated subway cars for the array of racists, bigots, neo-Nazis, white nationalists and other thugs set to descend Sunday on Washington on the anniversary of the violence last year in Charlottesville. It may also have been an effort at sound policing.
    That’s the paradox facing authorities in the national capital area as they prepare to deal with several hundred “protesters” expected for the Unite the Right rally downtown. In Charlottesville, official bungling enabled chaos, violence and, ultimately, a young woman’s death in the city’s streets. From a public-safety standpoint, one of the key lessons from that tragedy is the critical importance of separating mutually hostile demonstrators.
    It’s one thing to ensure such separation above ground. But how to accomplish that underground in Metro, if racists and their antagonists, including Antifa counterprotesters, are crammed together aboard the same subway cars? Metro wisely scrapped the idea of separate cars, which was rejected by its biggest employee union, whose members are mainly African American and other minorities.
    Now, the task for Metro, as for an array of local law enforcement agencies including D.C. police, U.S. Park Police, Virginia State Police, and Fairfax and Arlington counties police, is to keep the peace, allow for the exercise of First Amendment free speech rights and ensure that nothing resembling what happened in Charlottesville happens in the nation’s capital.
    There is cause for guarded optimism. D.C. police and Metro transit police have a history of working cooperatively, including earlier this year when the two joined forces to combat a spate of robberies occurring above and below ground. D.C. police have also worked in the subway for major local events such as Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game last month and the March for Our Lives this spring.
    Officials say that large contingents of extra security personnel will be deployed this weekend, including police in uniform and in plain clothes. They appear alert to the danger of physical confrontation, which serves no one’s interests except for the white nationalists, fringe figures for whom any manner of publicity only amplifies their twisted agenda.
    That leaves the question of how to confront and counteract those who will converge downtown. In our pages a few days ago, Maria J. Stephan, who has written widely on nonviolence, described the variety of countertactics available to citizens who want to express outrage and opposition to bigotry and hatred without provoking or being provoked into scuffles and brawls.

    Mocking them is a good approach, as is reaching for the wallet; in one town in Germany, Ms. Stephan noted, residents contributed 10 euros (about $11.40) to a program that induces people to leave far-right groups. She also recommends “dispersed, low-risk” techniques that avoid potential clashes while enabling a show of rejecting the bigots in the street. One example would be gathering on the rooftops of D.C. apartment buildings, hotels and businesses to shout for fundamental American ideals — tolerance, mutual respect, equal opportunity — that represent an affront to noxious groups such as Unite the Right without posing the risk of physical confrontation.

  2. ann telnaes: Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is secretly recorded admitting something we already know: The Republicans are choosing to ignore their oath so they can protect the president and their agenda..

  3. Bill Maher ended his show Friday night by ridiculing the QAnon conspiracy theorists and, well, revealing that he is Q.

  4. My parents did not show me pictures of the Quonset hut we lived in for a couple of years after I was born.  There was a severe housing shortage after WWII.

  5. Finally managed to get in and comment.  Chrome was giving me fits so I changed to Edge on my laptop.

    Interesting home Sturgeone.  Does anyone else have pictures of their first homes?  One of the problems of being born in CA then leading a peripatetic existence is you have addresses where the houses have disappeared.   One of the few of mine still standing is the house from 1949.  I wonder if there is still a watermelon vine?

  6. BB

    The house above is where we moved from the wooden version of quonset housing of Hammer Field.

  7. We lived a lot of places before we moved to Canton.  This is where we lived in Louisville, Ky  1952


  8. The Los Angeles port in a storm house from Age 6 to 12.  Actually managed to squeeze in long enough stays to complete two years of school (2nd & 8th), but still sort of think of it as home since there was always a bedroom waiting for me if needed.


  9. The center building was my 1st home until July 1, 1953. In our day the house and garage were red and white. The dormer was my sister’s room. I had the upper right room that faced the back yards. The house on the right (not pictured) didn’t exist then; it was a large and lovely garden belonging to the neighbors.

    1842 Benson Ave

  10. The family farm midway between Cleveland and Akron was the refuge for my father, his brothers and their cousins and all their families should they need shelter during the Depression. My family moved into a Cleveland suburb in ’41 in a nice house that stayed in the family for 50-years. When we returned from oversea assignments it was really nice to be ‘home’.

    BB showed us photos of the types of Quonset huts that we stayed in overseas if we were lucky. The alternatives were tents.

  11. from the root:

    Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman continues to keep her name in the mix of Love and Hip Hop: White House, now claiming that your boy, President AssHandles Von BackAcne ate paper allegedly filled with notes after meeting with then-lawyer Michael Cohen.
    Omarosa claims in her new book “Look at Me, I’m Inside My Massa’s House” “Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House” that she witnessed the president eat paper which is totally believable because he eats soggy-ass KFC.

    “I saw him put a note in his mouth. Since Trump was ever the germaphobe, I was shocked he appeared to be chewing and swallowing the paper. It must have been something very, very sensitive,” according to an excerpt of the book obtained by The Washington Post.
    Several aides told the Post that Trump wasn’t eating paper but that he just has little pale fingers that look fragile and small like a tiny, single sheet of looseleaf, college-ruled notebook paper.
    White House Press Secretary Sarah “Suckabee” Sanders, the public pipeline from which flows many of Trump’s lies, called Omarosa a “disgruntled former White House employee” who is “trying to profit off false attacks,” Newsweek reports.
    While Suckabee is the devil’s mouthpiece, she isn’t necessarily wrong here. Omarosa is a bitter ex-employee who was the “Woo Woo Woo” to Trump’s Jeffery Osborne.
    So her claims of Trump’s racism, misogyny, and out bigotry are falling flat considering that she was willing to bring him his daily supply of warm ox blood and rattails before bed each night. But now that she’s outside the club looking in, she’s got so much to say about how despicable Trump is.
    Whether true or not, Omarosa’s funniest allegation is that Trump got into a fuss-fight with a White House usher over reportedly insisting that he have his tanning bed installed.
    But, like Melania’s recipe for seasoning chicken, we know that we must take everything Omarosa says with a grain of salt.

    About the author

    Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
    Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


  12. It must be right – Suckabee is popping up as the preferred nickname so many great minds.

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