Let Nancy Do Her Job, without that interference which only benefits Republicans

By Sturgeone, a Trail Mix Contributor

Katherine Graham Cracker says:
August 8, 2018 at 5:24 pm
The goops have made and are trying to continue to get rid of Nancy P by making her the enemy. People need to stand up against these bullshit attacks orchestrated by the Republicans

Sturgeone says

Sarah Reese Jones@PoliticusSarah8h Breaking news: Nearly half of elected politicians are power hungry and mistakenly think they can do better than @NancyPelosi. Spoiler: They can’t. Political talent and skill are not as easy as she makes them look. See: Paul Ryan and John Boehner

Sturgeone says:
The GOP’s success in demonizing Nancy Pelosi is remarkable and depressing. By any standard I can think of she’s been the most effective legislative leader in decades, instrumental in defending Social Security and expanding health care

—Paul Krugman.

[The depressing part would be the number of democrats who are assisting the GOP in their quest to knock out effective democratic leaders. If you are a democrat, stop doing that. “Now” would be a good time.]


August 10, 2018 at 7:57 am
Paul Krugman @paulkrugman

Yet Pelosi is ” controversial”. Why? Two obvious things: she’s a Democrat, and she’s a woman. Oh, and for whatever reason the media have never liked

Newt Gingrich was a blowhard who shut down the government in a fit of pique; Dennis Hastert molested teenage boys; Paul Ryan is a poseur whose only achievement is a budget-busting tax cut that isn’t even popular

There’s been no breath of personal scandal, which is amazing given the GOP machine’s ability to manufacture such things out of thin air. And compare her with recent Republican leaders! 2/

Patd says

from last month’s rollingstone
Nancy Pelosi: ‘They Come After Me Because I’m Effective’

The House Minority Leader on the midterms, impeachment, her own party, sexism and the sexist-in-chief
Republicans have made you a central campaign issue. What do you make of that?They come after me because I’m effective. I’ve made some very powerful, rich enemies. Whether anti-government people in terms of the Affordable Care Act, whether it’s Wall Street reform, going after them on climate, in terms of the fossil fuel industry. I’m pro-labor; they want to destroy labor. So they put up the money and go into these districts. I don’t think we should allow the Koch Brothers to choose the leaders of the Democratic Party. But that’s what they’re trying to do.

You don’t see any value in spending money to bring your own poll numbers up?I never have. People that I raise money from – other people – say, “Let me create a fund; you should be spending money on yourself.” And I say, “I’d rather spend the money on the candidates who win rather than getting into a tickle contest with a skunk over some of this stuff.” I just want to win the election.

Your critics say you’re too liberal–I’m [pro-] LGBTQ, I support those issues. I’m proud to. But they use that – they go into these districts and they say, “Too liberal.”

San Francisco values–Which are the values of Saint Francis – “Make me a channel for thy peace.” You have a problem with that? I’m proud of all of that. I don’t think the [Democratic candidates] who say, “I’m not going to vote for Nancy” are disassociating themselves from the progressive agenda, or LGBTQ equality. They’re just responding to an ad in their district.
And that’s OK with you?I just want them to win the election. But I do think that there are some districts where this isn’t as important as it was in Conor Lamb’s – that was a 20, 21 point Trump district.

Have you ever been tempted to step away?If Hillary had won and the Affordable Care Act was protected – I feel very proprietary about the Affordable Care Act. She’d be a woman in charge, the Affordable Care Act [would be] protected. I could have happily gone home. Nobody in California gets Potomac Fever, believe me. So it’s not about wanting to be there. It’s just a question of, “Who can fight this man who’s in the White House? Who really knows the territory?” None of us is indispensable, but some of us have more experience and confidence in how to get the job done.

And I can’t even think that they [her prospective male challengers] think it’s a good idea to say, “We have the first woman speaker, and now we’re going to say, ‘We’re not going to do that’” I mean, no. No.

Is there a margin you need to secure that gavel? You talked about wanting to win 35 seats.

No ,no. You only have to win [the leadership vote] in your caucus – and then you go to the floor [for the speakership vote]. People vote for the Democrat or they vote for the Republican. So I feel very comfortable about that. But I don’t feel like talking about it. My time is money, and mobilization and the rest. Part of it is messaging – and talking about me and what happens to me is the least important part of all of it.
I think some of it is a little bit on the sexist side – although I wouldn’t normally say that. Except it’s like, really? Has anyone asked whatshisname, the one who’s the head of Senate?

[Aide Jorge Aguilar who is sitting beside Pelosi] McConnell.

McConnell. I mean he’s got the lowest numbers of anybody in the world. Have you ever gone up to him and said, “How much longer do you think you’ll stay in this job?” Nobody ever went up to Harry Reid and said that. Nobody ever says that to anybody except a woman. But it’s a thing.

And you know what? You get the upside and the downside of it. The one thing I want women to know is that you don’t walk away from a fight. You don’t let them make your decisions for you. I don’t mean to sound arrogant. But I am confident. I am confident.

[Yes, if you’re a democrat, stop assisting republicans. Now.

Al Franken saved our asses, and he got the green weenie for it.]

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26 thoughts on “Let Nancy Do Her Job, without that interference which only benefits Republicans”

  1. when asked “that’s OK with you?”  about the candidates who say they won’t vote for her to be speaker,

    she responded: “I just want them to win the election.”

  2. Excellent, Sturg.  I am in the “keep Nancy” camp along with you.  I agree that she is the minority leader because she is effective and if dems take the House in November, will be the Speaker in January for the same reason.  If you’re an opponent of an ineffective leader you don’t waste your time trying to oust her.  That’s not the case with Nancy.  She’s a liberal on issues I give a crap about and that’s plenty for me. And I don’t take seriously advice about bringing new ideas into the party from those who supported a septuagenarian democratic socialist independent from Vermont one year her junior and who wanted to be president.

  3. off the thread topic, but looks to be another fun weekend for talking heads
    the guardian’s Omarosa says Trump is a racist who uses N-word – and claims there’s tape to prove it
    Former Apprentice contestant and ex-White House adviser writes in new memoir that she witnessed ‘truly appalling things



    and wapo’s  Omarosa Manigault Newman says she refused hush money, pens White House memoir calling Trump racist
    Omarosa Manigault Newman was offered a $15,000-a-month contract from President Trump’s campaign to stay silent after being fired from her job as a White House aide by Chief of Staff John F. Kelly last December, according to a forthcoming book by Manigault Newman and people familiar with the proposal.
     But she refused, according to the incendiary new book, “Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House,” which also depicts Trump as unqualified, narcissistic and racist. Excerpts of the book were obtained by The Washington Post.
    After she was fired, Manigault Newman wrote, she received a call from Trump campaign adviser Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law, offering her a job and the monthly contract in exchange for her silence.
    The proposed nondisclosure agreement allegedly said Manigault Newman could not make any comments about President Trump or his family; Vice President Pence or his family; or any comments that could damage the president. It said she would do “diversity outreach,” among other things, for the campaign, according to her account.
     “The NDA attached to the email was as harsh and restrictive as any I’d seen in all my years of television,” Manigault Newman writes in the book.
    The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment on Friday.
    In a statement, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the book “is riddled with lies and false accusations.” She added: “It’s sad that a disgruntled former White House employee is trying to profit off these false attacks, and even worse that the media would now give her a platform, after not taking her seriously when she had only positive things to say about the President during her time in the administration.”
    Manigault Newman does not offer evidence for some of her most explosive charges but extensively taped her conversations in the White House. The Post has listened to several of the recordings made by Manigault Newman, which match quotations recounted in the book excerpts. The existence of some tapes was first reported Wednesday by the Daily Beast.
    She questions Trump’s mental state, describes him as unstable and portrays him as unable to control his impulses. She recounts the extensive lengths that staff members have gone to in attempts to keep him in line.
    “All we need to remember is that Trump loves the hate,” she writes in the book. “He thrives on criticism and insults. He delights in chaos and confusion. Taking to Twitter to call him names only fuels him and riles his base. To disarm him, starve his ego; don’t feed into it.”

  4. also from the guardian:
    German police have rescued a man after he called for help saying a baby squirrel would not leave him alone.
    Emergency services received a call on Thursday from the man, who claimed he was being chased down the street by the tiny animal.
    Police in Karlsruhe said the unnamed man called them in desperation after he was unable to shake off the small rodent.
    Officers sent a patrol car out to investigate and arrived to find the chase still in full flow. But the drama ended suddenly when the squirrel, apparently exhausted by its exertions, lay down abruptly and fell asleep.
    Officers took pity on the animal, which had probably become separated from its mother. Police said it likely targeted the man because it was in search of a new home.
    “It often happens that squirrels which have lost their mothers look for a replacement and then focus their efforts on one person,” said Christina Krenz, a police spokeswoman.
    She said the animals could be “very persistent, not just running behind someone, but entirely fixated on them. It can be pretty scary. The man didn’t know what to do and so he called the police. He was certainly feeling a bit threatened.”
    But police on the scene appeared more amused than alarmed.
    “A squirrel will be our new mascot, it will be christened Karl-Friedrich,” said the police write-up. “The squirrel has fallen asleep in fright.”
    Krenz said: “It was just a bit of fun. The officers thought up a name that would suit the baby squirrel.”
    Officers took the sleeping Karl-Friedrich into police custody, and then to an animal rescue centre, where it was said to be doing well.
    Krenz said the rescue centre was looking after two other abandoned baby squirrels brought in on the same day for similar reasons, though theirs was the only case in which police have had to intervene.

  5. Renee, LOL.  I could have added something like espousing ideas from the early 20th century being discovered for the first time by today’s youth but elected not to make an already lengthy sentence even lengthier.

  6. Poobah, I’m seriously doubting that there are many potential dem voters or indies who could be swayed in a close race who will make their decision based upon Nancy rather than the R & D on the ballot in their district.  RW base voters hate her and obviously some dems don’t like her, but I think the thought process regarding “others” runs directly to SFB and not to the House and Senate leadership. I guess I could be wrong, but so far I haven’t seen any ads here that mention Pelosi, but then again the PACs haven’t started the ad blitz for the HoR candidates yet.  We’re being inundated with anti-Manchin ads that are embarrassing misrepresentations of him and his positions and possessions – like the houseboat he owns that he stays in instead of buying DC real estate.  Those ads are paid for by the National Repug Senatorial Campaign Committee.  God knows they couldn’t run an ad that makes Morrisey look good.

  7. I have found Nancy incredibly inarticulate from the day she came on the political scene. Not all hears ear the same way. I agree with Pogo’s last sentence as well. BTW, if she makes the repugnants crazy, that is a good thing.

  8. I hazard a guess that the few young, greedy old perverts, who actually remember Nancy running the show only have seen her on television reruns.  All the old ones sit around the tribal fire talking of the old days when scary monsters ruled the white world trying to scare the young un’s into staying in line and vote criminal.

    I still find Smothers Brothers and Laugh In worth watching.  Not only for nostalgia, but to remind me of how bad it was back then for many reasons, not limited to the Vietnam War and Nixon.  The era included race relations, black, NA and Asian, along with misogynistic attitude.

    But, the shows give a great over view of the era.  Especially the colors and fashions.

  9. I’ve got an idea : let’s just let Nancy do her job.

    I agree with Mr Flatus that she is inarticulate. However, she can raise money as fast as the US mint, and she is a super workhorse who looks like a thoroughbred, if she will pardon the horsey comparison.


  10. None of us are messing with her–she’s a courageous woman quite able to whup any of us mere mortals.

  11. flatus & X-r,  nancy’s inarticulateness is Shakespeare spoken by dame dench compared to trumpspeak

  12. People who want to get rid of her are most likely anti-choice, don’t care about issues affecting women and children and wouldn’t vote for a dept of peace

  13. The woman who cuts my hair is also the California Mermaid.   

    Today while I was there I noticed she had a “Roll Tide” needlepoint pillow and I asked if she was an Alabama fan and she justn gave me a blank look.   She got it because of the literal statement.  Still laughing.

  14. Friday night….time to dance! dont even try to stop the…..this doesnt work, click the one above….great dancing going on


  15. Kgc….u up…last dance….shoes are optional….light em up if you have em….i thought i saw Patd and the Renee gals up on the stage around the 8 min mark……or was it….


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