Catch. Phrase.

By SJWNY, a Trail Mix Contributor

It’s August. Hot, sultry, sunflower bedecked. And getting darn near close to the election season.

Through the centuries American politics has had a gracious plenty of really bad Party slogans & some really clever, memorable gems. Tippecanoe & Tyler Too! is a classic touchstone. My own personal favorite is from 1844: Hurrah! Hurrah! The country’s risin’ for Henry Clay & Frelinghuysen! 

Other memorables:

  • Rum, Romanism & Rebellion
  • Ma, Ma, where’s my Pa?
  • No cross of gold, no crown of thorns
  • America First
  • Happy days are here again
  • Dewey or don’t we
  • I like Ike
  • All the way with LBJ
  • In your heart, you know he’s right
  • In your heart, you know he’s nuts
  • Nixon’s the One
  • Why not the best?
  • It’s morning in America
  • Yes We Can
  • Make America Great Again

The Republicans of 2018 & 2020 will corner the market on flag-waving-down-your-throat-up-your-kabooty patriotism so let’s help the Democrats come up with something catchy, clever, memorable that fits their agenda. Sorry, but A Better Deal & For the People don’t cut it. (I certainly hope they’re always for the people. Or … is To Serve Man ….. a cookbook …. ? Uhhhhh! Help. ) Come on, wise minds, you can do better. Much better.

Get to it! Bumper sticker & button makers are counting on us.


Vote as you shot (1868 slogan of US Grant. Top that, NRA.)

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80 thoughts on “Catch. Phrase.”

  1. sjwny,  while i’m mulling over slogans for 2018, here are two for 2020:

    dump trump

    dispense with pence

  2. sjwny, you’re right about the dems should come up with a better (pun intended) slogan.  here’s  business insider story on one reason why:

    Democrats’ reported 2018 slogan bears a strong resemblance to Papa John’s

    Democrats are reportedly rolling out a new slogan on Monday that is aimed at drawing attention to the party’s economic message.
    Congressional Democrats are set to release a de facto 2018 campaign platform focused on highlighting their positions on economic issues, under the slogan “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.”

    The slogan generated some backlash on social media, where some users pointed out that it was reminiscent of pizza chain Papa John’s longtime slogan: “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza.”


  3. Stephen Colbert’s “our cartoon president” episode 11 had some  too-close-to-truth dem slogans…  one suggested was “we’re sorry”

    Russia Investigation. Our Cartoon President tries to survive the Russia investigation with Steve Mnuchin’s help while Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer fire up Democrats with a new message. Executive Producer Stephen Colbert.

  4. How about. “A Return to Competence” or “A Return to Honesty“ or “Justice for All Again“ or maybe “Back to the Present Again”

  5. If Mitch Romney had to go to court as a witness, or got elected to office, would  he have to swear on the Book of Mormon ?

  6. Al Franken saved our asses.

    Sessions’ answer was a surprise, but Al is the one who got him there.

  7. Every time a little bird flies up I whistle “I’ll Be Seeing You” to it……but then I always wonder if I’m just whistling the Chickadee Fight Song…….

  8. I always heard this one “In your heart, you know he’s nuts”  as “In your guts, you know he’s nuts”. 

    As to slogans maybe “Back to the Future”.


  9. Yeah…  Al Franken should run…  than we can have

    Get Crankin’ with Al Franken!

  10. In today’s world successful candidates are running on the local issues of importance and don’t seem interested in being slick.   Funny how everything always ends up being the fault of the Democrats.

  11. We were there, where are You?

    Where we is:
    The Creators
    Our Veterans
    Our Teachers are…
    Our Rivers and Lakes are…

    Where are You–will You sleep tonight?

  12. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    The two recent slogans mentioned came from within the Democratic Party. Catch phrases, buttons, kitschy knick knacks are all part of our political tradition. There’s plenty of blame through the past 200 years to share between all Parties. It’s just interesting to gauge the mindset of a particular candidate, Party by how they present themselves. Confident, obvious, wavering. Remember Jeb! ? Still confused if it was a declaration of strength or incredulity. Pretty much defined that campaign.

  13. no wonder the twit likes him


    New Details About Wilbur Ross’ Business Point To Pattern Of Grifting

    multimillion-dollar lawsuit has been quietly making its way through the New York State court system over the last three years, pitting a private equity manager named David Storper against his former boss: Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. The pair worked side by side for more than a decade, eventually at the firm, WL Ross & Co.—where, Storper later alleged, Ross stole his interests in a private equity fund, transferred them to himself, then tried to cover it up with bogus paperwork. Two weeks ago, just before the start of a trial with $4 million on the line, Ross and Storper agreed to a confidential settlement, whose existence has never been reported and whose terms remain secret.


    There are bigger allegations. Over several months, in speaking with 21 people who know Ross, Forbes uncovered a pattern: Many of those who worked directly with him claim that Ross wrongly siphoned or outright stole a few million here and a few million there, huge amounts for most but not necessarily for the commerce secretary. At least if you consider them individually. But all told, these allegations—which sparked lawsuits, reimbursements and an SEC fine—come to more than $120 million. If even half of the accusations are legitimate, the current United States secretary of commerce could rank among the biggest grifters in American history.


    Those who’ve done business with Ross generally tell a consistent story, of a man obsessed with money and untethered to facts. “He’ll push the edge of truthfulness and use whatever power he has to grab assets,” says New York financier Asher Edelman. One of Ross’ former colleagues is more direct: “He’s a pathological liar.”

    [….long article continues….]

  14. Kind of hard to have a universal slogan when everyone is saying Democrats need to run on local issues. — the so called Connor Lamb strategerie….and of course we aren’t allowed to just say  Not trump  which really is quite enough for most people

    No real slogan for Danny OConnor the first Dem since 1984 to be competitive in Ohio-12  and if they have a ginormous GOTV he just might win -still a few points behind in the gooper leaning district



  15. Just because there is a history of something doesn’t mean it is the right way to go.

    Buttons are expensive and usually worn once

    People don’t want bumperstickers on their cars — you cannot get them off

    And all the kitchy stuff is for collectors —

    yard signs and window signs are the only things of value and worth spending some design money on

    No one has ever voted on the basis of a slogan

  16. keep in mind during the Manafort trials this article which reads like a cyber spy novel from Wired last year: 

     How An Entire Nation Became Russia’s Test Lab for Cyberwar


    […starts out describing the electrical outages as prologue of Russia using Ukraine as a petri dish for cyberwar training…]

    ….In 2004, Ukrainian crowds in orange scarves flooded the streets to protest Moscow’s rigging of the country’s elections; that year, Russian agents allegedly went so far as to poison the surging pro-Western presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko. A decade later, the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution finally overthrew the country’s Kremlin-­backed president, Viktor Yanukovych (a leader whose longtime political adviser, Paul Manafort, would go on to run the US presidential campaign of Donald Trump). Russian troops promptly annexed the Crimean Peninsula in the south and invaded the Russian-­speaking eastern region known as Donbass. Ukraine has since then been locked in an undeclared war with Russia, one that has displaced nearly 2 million internal refugees and killed close to 10,000 Ukrainians.


    From the beginning, one of this war’s major fronts has been digital. Ahead of Ukraine’s post-revolution 2014 elections, a pro-­Russian group calling itself CyberBerkut—an entity with links to the Kremlin hackers who later breached Democratic targets in America’s 2016 presidential election—rigged the website of the country’s Central Election Commission to announce ultra-right presidential candidate Dmytro Yarosh as the winner. Administrators detected the tampering less than an hour before the election results were set to be declared. And that attack was just a prelude to Russia’s most ambitious experiment in digital war, the barrage of cyberattacks that began to accelerate in the fall of 2015 and hasn’t ceased since.
    Yushchenko, who ended up serving as Ukraine’s president from 2005 to 2010, believes that Russia’s tactics, online and off, have one single aim: “to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, to make its government look incompetent and vulnerable.” He lumps the blackouts and other cyberattacks together with the Russian disinformation flooding Ukraine’s media, the terroristic campaigns in the east of the country, and his own poisoning years ago—all underhanded moves aimed at painting Ukraine as a broken nation….
    [….long fascinating article continues…and keep in mind it could happen here…]


  17. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    This Post was meant in fun & a look at history. I was hoping it would be read as such & I apologize if it offended you or anyone else here. Just trying to offer different subjects in the spirit of camaraderie & remembering where we come from as a country.

    I’m sorry for trying or actually making an effort. Why bother.


  18. sj…  no need for apologies.

    I say let Democratic candidates run on local issues, national issues, mention trump, have catchy slogans, everything and anything else that will work.  Show up at factories, restaurants, farms, town halls, fairs, fireworks, street corners, door to door, etc. etc….   just show up!

  19. Sorry to rain on your parade.   I’ll be more careful in the future

  20. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    I think the world of you & value your opinion as a wise mind.

  21. KC, I’d argue that “Build the Wall” and “Lock her up” played a big role in getting SFB elected.


    ‘Cuz You Deserve Better, Vote [YOUR NAME HERE]

    Now, Mr Bink might call this an outright lie, but for the actual majority of the US voters it was (and will be) absolutely true.

  23. Slogans are primarily for group morale.

    From the mccarthy/nixon era : Minks, Pinks, and Stinks kept the repub stamp lickers and phone dialers agitated.

    The 4 Horsemen : Corruption, Pollution, Collusion, and Delusion

  24. True that Pogo but it’s not the slogan. that’s used to gin up the base and believers

    The slogan captures what they already believe and motivates the available base of voters

    Long before Trump said lock her up – his base was disposed to believe the Clinton’s are crooks and killers

    Lock her up about damn time.

    Slogans are short-hand and they work best when they represent something that people feel passionately about.  The slogan itself is shorthand (and sometimes a dog whistle)



  25. pogo, you’re right about the power of call and response.   sure has been a useful tool for gathering together the masses and the mobs….  from comforting benedictions in churches to Iranians shouting “death to america” in streets.

  26. and in music too — Minnie the moocher comes to mind

    Hodehodehodeho (Hodehodehodeho)Hodehodihidehi (Hodehodihidehi)Hidehidehidehi (Hidehidehidehi)Ho-oh! (Ho-oh!)

  27. 54-40 or fight

    Nattering nabobs of Negativism

    Millions for defense…..not one cent for tribute.

    He kept us out of war

    It’s the economy, stupid.

    Effete Corps of impudent snobs.

    Give me Liberty, or give me Death.

    Segregation yesterday, segregation today, segregation tomorrow.

    With malice toward none…….
    “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party” is a phrase first proposed as a typing drill by instructor Charles E. Weller; its use is recounted in his book The Early History of the Typewriter, p. 21 (1918).
    “lock her up” and “make America great again” are not deft turns of phrases,  by the way, but the MAGA covers many of the criteria for effectiveness.


  28. Interesting that Lincoln and Shrub used the same line ..don’t switch horses blah blah blah

  29. Letterman used to have a shtick about coming up with “National Buzz Words.”

    Oh HO

    “One more cow.”

  30. You can lead a horticulture, but you can’t make her think.

    candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.

    Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.

    Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

    These are the times which try men’s souls.

    A spectre is haunting Europe



  31. Shines and stinks, like a dead mackerel in the moonlight.

    Oh you great star……what would be your joy if you had not those for whom you shine?

  32. F’em if they can’t take a joke

    Dewey Wins!

    I’m George Will, a life-long Republican


  33. CC you oughta see about getting a tape of that show….really…..

    It was perfect.      One more cow……..right place, right time, right story, right line………imus caught it like a Yankees outfielder.

  34. I really missed Imus when they took him off of teevee then put him on radio stations that olde people can’t tune, then…

  35. I played the Bryn Mawr Lounge in Pine, Colorado……..that’s where “Don’t serve Lizard…..he’s barred.” came from.

  36. I pulled up iman on the computer till the end of his wabc days……Rob Bartlett now has a radio show on wabc Saturday night at 10pm…….go robio.

  37. Wow, just came back from a camping trip up in Wisconsin.  Lots of very interesting things have been happening.

    Labels huh?  will “compassionate conservative” do?  grabbed  Al Gore and the dnc by the throat while stealing the potus right from under them…….. labels only work for the Republicans…..the Dems gave themselves an irrevocable label that will be with them fore ever….”the lesser of 2 evils”……that what they said in almost all of the elections that i can remember….

    Just before i left for a long camping trip, I was given a label her on the trail….because i did not vote for Clinton….I was…and people that did not vote for Clinton were called assho……es. Not crazy about that one….but not as bad (lesser of two evils) as shit-hole countrys i guess.

    Hey, Purple …..BIG night tonight……hoping that the new dems in Ohio, Kansas, and the other three special election come in for the up and coming new democratic party…………Purple let hope that they are just the start of something bigger……,mmmm…..maybe even the third party that i have been hoping for.!!

    Let see…..the gop does not exist any-more.  The new Extreme right Trump racist party took th em over……the Existing elite, big corporate money, lobbyist Donners shared with the Rs Nancy P and Schumer….and most of them…..are now the new centrist (republican light) party of triangulations….B Clinton was never a true dem either….

    This new Progressive party….(that i will vote for as an independent) that  wants to take all monies out of politics is just what we have been praying for no?…..let hope the they get elected in large numbers so that they can form some kind of club, block, group  to not need the old dems that lost 1,000 or more seats around the country in a very short time……..If all of this happens….finally a third party……i can dream cant I?….sometimes dreams come true……oh and as long as i am…..let get term limits in there also……..but seriously……calling me an asshole and others like my wont make the dems many friends at election time….i will just write in Jhon Haglen again, and again….

  38. No slogans from this world tonight.  Maybe tomorrow something fresh will arrive.

    Yard signs. In candidate school the number one rule of GOTV was “don’t waste your money on yard signs”.  Of which I replied, “I need to get my name out somehow, and yard signs help.  Besides, my volunteers like to hand out the things and wave them at drivers. They do not get paid so this is one way of letting them feel good and better connected to my campaign”.

    I liked my logo too.

  39. I am thinking that the dnc wont have to spend much money for ads for a long ti me……just use some of what trumps tweets, some stupid comments, and blunders for the fox clowns….some from his own administration…..specially Sanders……ow and i thought i saw a tweety bird……did M. Ponpeyo ….have to look for it…say that those that were in the meeting with the Russians was treasonous……that alone is worth big pesos that could help the new dems that are in need of it……they wont take any corp money at all….

  40. Sturg, no. And I believe that the one that did was just blowing off some steam…over 30 yrs in construction …been called a lot worse.  Just wanted to warn against ….we keep calling the Republicans stupid…most are incredibly evil, but not many are stupid I’m….not a lot of independent thinking…


  41. I must register a quibble, Mr Sturgeone. George wallace said,

    segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.

    I’m really sorry. I just can’t help myself.

  42. Inside Bijan: The boutique behind Paul Manafort’s lavish wardrobe


    It’s not just Cruella Manafort & his coat of many lizards.

    The last, five Presidents are customers of this ridiculous place, where tee-shirts are $700.

    Meanwhile, wages are stagnant, health CARE is out of reach because the health INSURANCE industry & BigPHARMA are controlled by greedy, j-holes.

    There’s gotta be a slogan in there somewhere.



  43. suggested slogans for 2018:

    vote! dammit, vote!

    vote, your way of life depends on it

    vote! you have nothing to lose but your souls.

  44. Looks like the Republican may end up winning in the Ohio special election by a very thin margin. Balderson holds a 1754 vote edge with provisional ballots still to be counted. Not a win for Dems but it shows a repug slide of 11 points in the district since 2016. SFB is taking credit, citing O’Connor’s lead in early voting and the shift of votes after his visit and endorsement of Balderson. I hope he continues to believe that.

  45. Pogo, I think we should examine comparative spending and sources of funds once those figures become available. I know that I was generous to the O’Connor campaign.

    I was pleased seeing that the Bernie/Ocasio candidates gained little traction in the Dem primaries.

  46. Roger that, Flatus. I heard somewhere that the Republicans threw huge resources into that race, plus they put on the SFB show to get the base out.

  47. The Ohio Sec’y of state says they won’t count the provisional ballots and others for 10 days huh?

  48. I don’t know if it still the same but getting an absentee ballot in Ohio used to be a real pain in the patootie and included a notary

  49. Bernie and Buds need to do the right thing –in the districts where they lost they need to be as gracious as the guy who lost to Ocasio

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