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  1. craig, this story from wapo in 2016 might tell you more than you want to know:
    Jerry West, the model for the logo of the National Basketball Association, wore basketball shorts the length of loincloths. Michael Jordan inspired a major alteration when he appealed for a longer and baggier cut. Then a group of freshmen at the University of Michigan known as the “Fab Five” became a national sensation in the early 1990s in part because of their sartorial swagger, with shorts that dropped below their knees. For years after, the subject of inseams inspired older observers of the game to fret: How low could they go?
    But now the hemline is creeping back up.
    In early November, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James declared he would wear skinnier and shorter shorts this season, his 13th in the league, because he wanted to present a more professional appearance. But while he is the highest-profile convert to the shorter short, he isn’t the first. The emerging generation of pro basketball players, one that came of age wearing tighter clothes off the floor, beat him to it.
    Kelly Oubre Jr., a 20-year-old rookie for the Washington Wizards, rolls up his shorts — at the waistband and from the bottom — for almost every practice and pregame warmup routine, leaving them distinctly shorter and tighter than his peers. He takes a more conservative approach for games, folding only his waistband, but the alteration nonetheless hikes the bottom of the shorts a few inches above his knees, exposing more leg than most NBA players have over the last two decades.
    “I just like wearing shorter shorts because I feel more comfortable on the court,” Oubre said. “I don’t have anything swinging, moving around.”
    Oubre is part of a subtle countermovement. From high school ranks through college, basketball players have increasingly chosen short and skinny over long and baggy in recent years in keeping with off-court trends. The vogue is seeping into the professional level.
    “The baggy shorts had its run,” Jalen Rose, an NBA analyst for ESPN and, as a member of the Fab Five, a forefather of baggy shorts. “It’s been 20 years.”



  2. I just had a totally inappropriate thought as to why they started wearing longer shorts…….

  3. another thousand word picture to consider when wondering about cadet bone spurs and bobby 3 sticks
    from cnn:
    A not-so-secret agent?

    With distinctive red hair, a fiery personality and an affinity for social media, Butina operated at a higher decibel than one might expect from an alleged covert agent.
    In her graduate-level classes at American University — a cover for work on behalf of the Russian government, according to prosecutors — Butina vociferously defended Putin. She also claimed, in class, to be a liaison between the Trump campaign and the Russians, according to a person familiar with the situation.
    People who met her through school and through political events described her as a little too friendly. She was quick to start playing footsy under the table or sidle up to an older man at a political event and suddenly request that they become friends on Facebook, according to people who knew her.
    On at least two separate occasions she got drunk and spoke openly about her contacts within the Russian government, even acknowledging that Russian intelligence services were involved with the gun rights group she ran in Moscow. Twice, classmates reported her actions to law enforcement because they found her comments so alarming, sources said.
    In her final months at American University, the FBI raided her apartment. They arrested her in July.
    By the time of her arrest, Butina had become the subject of a torrent of news coverage.
    “You have upstaged Anna Chapman,” Torshin wrote to Butina in March 2017, offering compliments for some of the initial media coverage she received and comparing her to a Russian intelligence official who was arrested in 2010 as part of a spy ring operating in the US. “She poses with toy pistols, while you are being published with real ones,” the Russian official wrote,
     according to court documents.
    “It’s better to keep a low profile now,” Butina wrote later in the conversation, according to court documents.


  4. Why do racists have such limited vocabulary?

    Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!

  5. Those two pictures are from the past.    The  current goings-on are of great interest, but it’s in the past these seeds were sown, and that’s where the real story lies, perhaps the how and why those two men came to be what they are today.

  6. kudos to maher for coming up with  “Fox News …They’re so far up his ass they’re the ‘enema of the people.’”

  7. So, Sturg, iz you officially moved? I liked the earlier photo with the tail-end of an M-37 3/4-ton 4×4. Sure liked mine that I was able to use during my first stay in Korea. And I really like the forest in the last couple of pictures–I haven’t cleared the scrub out of Kumcho’s–letting it return totally to nature.

  8. That’s a tidal creek on past the trees in 2nd picture. Pond in front. Wordsworth comes to mind with some of his pastoral schtick…..I used to like how Rumpole of the Bailey was always quoting him.

    lemme know if you’re ever on down yere this way.

  9. Believing as I do that the sun is god and that fire is the son of god, doing without being able to go outside and start a fire was pretty damned off-putting.

    That’s all better now.

  10. Here’s my latest great niece and I…. she was born this past Monday.  She’s named after Ricks mother…. Constance.

  11. cbs news:

    “You’re making a veteran suffer”: Veteran’s wife addresses Trump as she heads back to Mexico

    Carrying her bags and weighed down with emotion, Alejandra Juarez arrived at Orlando International Airport to say goodbye to her two daughters and husband, a Marine veteran. Rather than be deported, Juarez — a U.S. military wife who illegally entered the country 20 years ago — headed back to Mexico.
    Juarez was ordered to deport to Mexico under President Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.
    On Friday, she spoke directly to the president in Spanish.
    “He thinks he’s punishing me, and maybe I deserve it for having come the way I did,” she said. “You’re not making me suffer more, you’re making a veteran suffer, and you always say you love veterans.”
    Juarez has been in the country for two decades. She married Marine veteran Sgt. Temo Juarez, a naturalized American citizen who served two years in combat in Iraq. Their daughters were born in the U.S.
    “My mom is a good person and she’s not a criminal so f*** ICE,” one of her daughters said.
    Her undocumented status was exposed five years ago during a routine traffic stop. She was ordered to check in with ICE agents twice a year since she was considered a low priority case.
    Her husband, who voted for Mr. Trump, said he didn’t think that vote would affect his family.

    They’ve spent $20,000 on legal bills fighting to stay together.
    Rep. Darren Soto said that fight is not over.
    “What justice does this serve,” he said. “We couldn’t even get the Trump administration to work on this particular case with a military spouse who has done everything helping her husband’s service to this country.
    CBS News reached out to ICE but did not hear back as of Friday evening.
    The family’s plan is to split up, with the younger daughter joining their mother in Mexico and the older daughter staying with their father, who has said in reports that he doesn’t blame President Trump for his wife’s departure.

  12. Beautiful, RebelliousRenee. Both of you.

    A big + to the parents for choosing a classic, lovely name.  So tired of kitschy names that spread like toadstools.


  13. more on the deportation from business insider:
    But Alejandra’s calls for leniency have seemingly gone unanswered and she boarded a plane at Orlando International Airport on Friday morning bound for Mexico, where she’s originally from.
    Prior to going through the security checkpoint at the airport on Friday, she offered a short message to Trump: “I hope this makes you happy,” she said. “May God forgive you.”

  14. What’s the matter with her husband? He makes it sound as if he’s content with Trump giving him a cheapie divorce.

  15. craig, might try making a lime pie with some of those.  great summertime treat.

    easiest recipe using  nestle’s la lechera sweetened condensed milk, 3 limes and some zest beatened, poured into graham cracker crust, topped with whipped cream and refrigerated until set.

    or for the semi-purist, go with a good key lime pie recipe using home grown limes.

  16. In Ms Cracker’s 10:44 am post, LeBron James can be seen wearing a typical Bermudan business suit. Bermudan swells drive 2 wheeled limousines.

    As they say, “Life is different in the Islands”

  17. lemonade and regular ice tea is an Arnie Palmer

    what is limeade and green tea?

  18. Visiting NYC to help LP get moved into his apartment. Ironic- two kids from East Bumfuck living together in NYC. A year ago between the two of them they would need to borrow a clue. Both have been in the city a year and have a very different perspective on life and EB. I think this has been and continues to be one of those valuable experiences.

  19. Sounds very refreshing.

    Wishing your Dad a speedy understanding of what is going on

  20. Sturgeone – I went from Denver foothills, a few miles north of the Coors brewery, to sea level.  Beach front property in about twenty years. Except when I am on my boat at sea level.

    Craig – hot and steamy night. Could have kept this down South.


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