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  1. His first tweet on the latest Mueller indictments. Same take on Hannity last night, blame it on Obama …

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

    The stories you heard about the 12 Russians yesterday took place during the Obama Administration, not the Trump Administration. Why didn’t they do something about it, especially when it was reported that President Obama was informed by the FBI in September, before the Election?….Where is the DNC Server, and why didn’t the FBI take possession of it? Deep State?

    6:08 AM – 14 Jul 2018

  2. Picture this. I couldn’t find TDF last night so I watched an hour and a half of the last set of the Anderson/Isner men’s Wimbledon semis. I saw the first 31 games of the set.  I missed the last 19. It was the longest match in Wimbledon history on center Court. 99 games, 6 hours & 36 minutes. Pretty amazing.

  3.  “Why didn’t they do something about it,…. Deep State?”

    you twit (excuse me, that’s mr. president twit), that deep state bunch you hate so much must have wanted you to win.

  4. from op-ed ”
    When it comes to lying, Trump is nonstop”
    by joe scarborough in  wapo

    Trump’s campaign was also built on the bogus belief that the American military machine was in danger of being eclipsed by hostile forces. In his “carnage” speech, Trump assured Americans that he would “make America strong again.” But as Obama told Congress during his final State of the Union address, “The United States is the most powerful nation on Earth. It’s not even close. We spend more money on our military than the next eight nations combined.”


    which leads me to ponder just why the twit is pushing us to spend even more and demanding others in nato to double their committed 2% of gdp?   I can understand congress critters in districts that depend on the military-industrial complex being all for increased production, but why and what’s in it for the twit?

  5. My mom grew-up in Jamaica, Queens. When we were quite young, we asked if we could go to the movies. She asked what was showing and we replied the Bowery. After conflating that with the Battery, she thought it would be educational and sent us on our way. It wasn’t until we returned home and we enthusiastically started describing what we watched that she realized her mistake—a mistake that she never lived down. <G>

  6. Interesting event on this day in history:  1832  Opium exempted from federal tariff duty.

    When the drug was easily available and housewives even made their own cough syrup, drug addiction was fairly rare.


  7. Bill Madden

    Bill Madden



    The Kremlin: “… conflict between Bernie and Hillary is interesting.” The fact that Putin understood how essential it was to stoke the anger of Bernie voters is chilling. And remember, Trump played this division up as well — as if being coached by the Kremlin. #AMJoy

  8. Patd, thanks for the Maher video. Mrs P & I are going to see him tomorrow night. Really looking forward to it.

  9. Sturg…  I’ve been thinking about this “old blood” vs “new blood” stuff.  My craftsmen guild has had a few interesting years.  We had one director for 18 yrs and she was great.  We grew our membership and bought a new building under her.  4 yrs ago she retired to be with her retired husband.  She’d been grooming the operations manager to take her place.  But the board of trustees had other plans.  They circumvented poor Teri and hired someone new…  someone younger and with a “fresh perspective”.  Teri volunteered to stay on and help the new director…    but no…  they wanted her gone.  So Teri left and all her underlings were so pissed off at her treatment that they left too.   All that institutional knowledge went down the drain.  The new director had all the “right” degrees, but absolutely no experience with craft fairs, organizations, or crafts people.  It was disastrous.  She left in a little less than 2 yrs as she realized she was in over her head.  So the board hired a long time crafts woman and the ship is slowly righting itself.

    All the board had to do was give Teri the respect that she deserved…  let her stay on awhile to make for a smoother transition.  We could have had a better marriage between the young and the old.

  10. Poobah, those who don’t learn from history…apparently become president these days. Let’s just hope the second part of that adage comes to pass sooner rather than later.

  11. It would not matter, in terms of the law, if the hacks were effective in terms of changing voters’ minds. But I can tell you that at the convention the hacks caused the Bernie/HRC rift to fester through the convention in a way that would’ve been unlikely without them.

    —Brian Schatz

  12. Lehman and Lincoln are now jr highs

    Old McKinley is a rest home

    only Timkin is still a High School

    and there is a new McKinley

  13. I don’t see how there can even be a question Putin won the election for his puppet. It only required an extra 79,646 votes in 3 states. Time to quit acting like its debatable.

  14. has there been anything concrete out yet on all those Wisconsin voters who were reportedly disenfranchised. any of the named hackers or hacking in conclusive evidence yet backing up those reports and questionable registration/voting activity in the other 2 states?

  15. the guardian:

    On Saturday, from Scotland, the US president tweeted: “The stories you heard about the 12 Russians yesterday took place during the Obama Administration, not the Trump Administration. Why didn’t they do something about it, especially when it was reported that President Obama was informed by the FBI in September, before the Election?”
    According to widespread reporting and Obama aides including vice-president Joe Biden, chief of staff Denis McDonough and senior adviser Ben Rhodes, Obama attempted to formulate a bipartisan statement on Russian election interference in September 2016, two months before the election, but saw the effort “watered down” by Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.
    In a memoir, Rhodes called McConnell’s action “staggeringly partisan and unpatriotic in its disregard for a foreign adversary undermining our democracy”.

  16. The disenfranchisement SCOTUS approved in the Ohio voter purge case will make the Russian meddling look like amateur hour.

  17. click to read  21 page report released on Friday

    White House Access for Sale: Michael Cohen, Novartis and the bid to sell access to the Trump administration

    Staff Report Prepared By
    Senate Committee on Finance, Minority Staff Sen. Ron Wyden, Ranking Member
    Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Minority Staff Sen. Patty Murray, Ranking Member
    Staff of Sen. Elizabeth Warren
    Staff of Sen. Richard Blumenthal
    July 12, 2018

  18. also about the above report


    Cohen Pitched Novartis Russia-Tied Investment, Democrats Say
    Michael Cohen, longtime lawyer to President Donald Trump, not only took money from companies looking for insight into the new administration but also pressed one of his clients to take up an investment opportunity to benefit Russian-linked Columbus Nova, another client.
    The disclosure, contained in a report produced by an investigation led by Senate Democrats, shows that Cohen promoted the investment in a company backed by Columbus Nova to Novartis AG. Novartis in turn offered a list of ideas on how to lower drug prices and sent it to Cohen, who promised to pass it along to the administration, according to the report.
    “The sweetheart deals and backdoor promises documented in this report are a snapshot of Cohen’s multimillion dollar side hustle as influencer-in-chief,” said Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon and Senate finance committee ranking member.

  19. 5 hrs · 

    HEADS UP! Effective July 31, SNAP recipients will likely not be able to shop at Farmers Markets. The USDA awarded a $1.3 million contract for the distribution of SNAP payment processing equipment to Farmers Markets to Financial Transaction Management, LLC, a new company with only one employee, replacing an established contractor. The new company was formed in late October of 2017, just before the contract became available. This seemingly minor change is about to take away the ability of millions of Americans who are on SNAP to buy fresh food at local farmers markets. Essential to the contractor is the use of software called Mobile Market Plus, but Financial Transaction Mgmt. has not included it in their plan. “Basically, there is not another way to use SNAP at markets,” said Catherine Crawford, who works in communications at GrowNYC, the organization that manages New York City’s farmers markets. The likely date for the shutdown is July 31st. And in much of the country, this is the time when the markets are at full force: not just important for customers, but also for farmers who rely on that income.

    We can’t even find a website – check out the information available about Financial Transaction Management, LLC: https://govtribe.com/…/financial-transaction-management-llc…
    More money in the pockets of Big Food and less for local farmers who provide healthy produce?? Outrageous. What do you think could be the motivation behind the switch?
    #SNAP #FarmersMarkets #food #healthy #FreshFood #gmofreecanada#gmofreeusa

  20. The problem is not what’s wrong with Democrats…….the problem is what’s wrong with Republicans.

    a little focus goes a long way.

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