More Signs Of Ancient Life On Mars

NASA (June 7, 2018): “Curiosity rover has found new evidence preserved in rocks on Mars that suggests the planet could have supported ancient life, as well as new evidence in the Martian atmosphere that relates to the search for current life on the Red Planet. While not necessarily evidence of life itself, these findings are a good sign for future missions exploring the planet’s surface and subsurface.”

NPR: Rover Finds Chemical Building Blocks For Life On Mars

“With these new findings, Mars is telling us to stay the course and keep searching for evidence of life,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters, in Washington. “I’m confident that our ongoing and planned missions will unlock even more breathtaking discoveries on the Red Planet.”


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  1. signs of life here on earth? better look now before it too is extinct.   seem to be steadily losing the species publicus servus bonus  

    The superintendent of Yellowstone National Park said on Thursday he was being forced from his post after disagreeing with the Trump administration over management of the park’s famed bison herd.
    Dan Wenk, who has led one of the nation’s most popular national parks since 2011, said in an interview broadcast by public radio that he and his boss, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, had been at odds over bison but that he believed they had settled their differences.
    “I thought we were on track and I thought that he was very supportive of what we were doing and how we were doing it and that we were going to get it done,” Wenk told the Mountain West News Bureau, without specifying the nature of their disagreement.
    Conflicts have raged for years over how many bison the park can sustain and methods used to keep the population contained.
    The park’s practice of capturing and shipping to slaughter a certain number of bison that wander from Yellowstone in winter in search of food in Montana, Zinke’s home state, is driven in part by ranchers there who are concerned about competition for rangelands and about the spread of brucellosis, a disease carried by some bison that can cause cows to miscarry.
    During Wenk’s tenure, the park has argued Yellowstone can withstand many more bison than the target of 3,000 that is supported by the Montana Department of Livestock and the ranchers it represents.

    Yellowstone, which occupies the northwestern corner of Wyoming and parts of Idaho and Montana, is home to the nation’s last large herd of wild, purebred bison. Millions flock to the park annually to view the bison and other wildlife and natural wonders.

  2. Zinke probably wants enough bison to justify selling hunting licenses to the ilk of Don Jrs out there.

  3. Curiosity has its own Twitter @MarsCuriosity.  I also follow @NASA and @Space_Station.

    That Mars has the carbon products or molecules is great.  It shows that the building blocks of carbon life, like life on Earth, are spread further than our rock.  There are meteors with carbon molecules too. Lots of possible carbon life forms around the Universe.

  4. Yep, you never know what is going on inside with folks with the stressors in their world.     Meanwhile, there are folks in Guatemala who have lost what little they had, and who may have lost many relatives and friends, but they fight to survive despite everything.

    If the MSM wanted to do some good in the world,  they would do a multi-network broadcast on mental health.  Of course, there’s no money in that like there is in their cancer/chemo telethons.

  5. I remember when Mr Olbermann had Countdown on Current: Mr Bourdain was a guest & spoke about obesity among youth & the responsibility of “celeb” chefs in contributing to this problem. He was actively working to involve young people in better eating habits.

    His reputation was prickly but he used his status to open the world to us arm chair travelers. Never easy, he presented truth in all its ugly forms. I will miss him & his part in expanding my understanding of this beautiful world.

    The rain got colder.

  6. BiD, interesting little tidbit from that aide leak story that trumpskies won’t like shows info supporting investigation before any need of infamous dossier.

    excerpt from upi coverage on it:
    One of those scoops was said to be Watkins’ story on April 3, 2017, for Buzzfeed News that revealed the FBI was investigating former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page because a Russian spy attempted to recruit him in 2013.
    “The revelation of Page’s connection to Russian intelligence — which occurred more than three years before his association with Trump — is the most clearly documented contact to date between Russian intelligence and someone in Trump’s orbit,” Watkins wrote.

  7. nbc news:  Suicide rates are up 30 percent since 1999, CDC says
    Suicide rates are up by 30 percent across the nation since 1999, federal health officials reported Thursday.
    And only about half the people who died by suicide had a known mental health condition, even though depression had been thought to be the major cause of suicide, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

    While many cases of mental illness may have been diagnosed, the CDC also noted that relationship stress, financial troubles and substance abuse were contributing to the trends.
    “From 1999 to 2015, suicide rates increased among both sexes, all racial/ethnic groups, and all urbanization levels,” the CDC researchers wrote in their report.


  8. Another suicide by hanging and it is very disturbing to see celebrities who had the appearance of every need and want taken care of by their wealth and fame…a full cup of life…to end it as strange fruit.  Upsetting times and the increase in suicide is alarming.

    (it has been 100 degrees here, the garden is changing and tomatoes are starting to mature)

  9. Spade and Bourdain both had children.

    (too hot for broccoli and it flowered)

  10. another thing the trumpskies won’t like hearing  the leak probe “will in no way interfere” with the committee’s continuing investigation of Russian interference
    excerpt from  wapo:

    In a joint statement, the leaders of the intelligence committee said they were “troubled to hear of the charges filed against a former member of the committee staff.”
    Sens. Richard Burr (R.-N.C.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.), the chair and vice chair, said they’d learned of the investigation late last year and had “fully cooperated” with the authorities since then.
    “While the charges do not appear to include anything related to the mishandling of classified information, the committee takes this matter extremely seriously,” they stated, adding that the leak probe “will in no way interfere” with the committee’s continuing investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible links between Russia and the Trump campaign.

  11. Primary news from the blue state of NM,  Small vs. Herrell — pearce’s old seat is a hot race.  Small is a water attorney and had great advertising during the primaries.  Her husband is also a politician, Nathan Small…both are from Las Cruces — the area’s power couple.   More on ladies night during the primary voting that ended on Tuesday…Lujan-Grisham to face pearce for gov.  Patd covered the northern NM race with potentially our first native American woman winning the congressional seat with her primary win.

    (This spud is for you, Anthony B)  Last of the potato harvest, we did get about 40 lbs. of potatoes.  I am curing the last batch for storage.

  12. Patd…I found the story on James Wolfe (yes, another wolfe in the news!) devastating…a longtime dem and bureaucrat, arrested by the trumpence junta.  The much loathed sessions and his doj taking down the fourth estate.  The biggest leaker is swaddled in the WH and he heads to our allies with sword in hand…slashing every agreement ever made by Obama while having late night chats with ‘autocrats R us,’ putie and xi.  Meanwhile, the mulberry st. dracula travels the globe dripping his acid wash on the news feed cycle dissing porn and defining female class.

    I continue to cling to my humor and science…tough going these days under the EPA —  evangelical pruitt agency…hand lotion provided.

  13. Copy of the Wolfe indictment (sure looks like war on the deep state by the trumpence junta, anything to discredit the Mueller investigation into potus and pre-potus corruption).   The alacrity of change while morphing our democracy into a kleptocracy all accomplished by the commander-in-thief, El Bloato — the very bloated trump.


  14. I’ll never understand the stigma associated with ending one’s own life on their own terms.  Maybe it’s jealousy.


    Also, i don’t understand how the Mars rover took a picture of itself without having an armature extending to the edge of the frame.

    Edit: Actually, I do understand- it’s yet another ridiculous legacy of judeo-christian indoctrination in a puritanic culture that helps facilitate consumerism. Can’t buy shit if you’re dead.

  15. abc news:

    President Donald Trump is calling for Russia to be reinstated to the leading group of industrialized nations, now known as the Group of Seven.
    Trump tells reporters: “Russia should be in the meeting, should be a part of it.”
    Russia was ousted from the elite group in 2014 as punishment for President Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea and its support for pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine. The suspension was supported by the other members of the group, including the U.S., Canada, Japan and four European nations.
    Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating whether Trump associates colluded with Russia in a bid to sway the 2016 presidential election in Trump’s favor.

  16. here’s CNBC coverage on same:
    President Donald Trump called Friday for Russia to be invited back to meetings of global economic powers.
    Moscow got pushed out of the group of G-8 nations following its annexation of Crimea in 2014. The move prompted global condemnation and multilateral economic sanctions.
    “They threw Russia out. They should let Russia come back in. We should have Russia at the negotiating table,” the president said as he prepared to leave for the G-7 summit in Quebec City, Canada.

    The remarks likely will not help the president’s already tense relations with key allies in Europe. His move to put steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and the European Union has left him at odds with foreign heads of state as he tries to get trading partners to change alleged unfair practices.
    Trump’s comments also will not help to reduce accusations at home that he is too friendly with the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin. He has repeatedly called for better U.S. relations with Moscow even as congressional committees and a special counsel appointed by the Justice Department investigate Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election.
    Before calling for the country to be reinstated in the talks, Trump aimed to preempt allegations that he is too lenient with Russia.
    “I have been Russia’s worst nightmare,” he said.

  17. Wolfe’s indictment is perplexing – he is charged with lying but not charged with leaking classified info.  I don’t get it – if you didn’t leak info why lie about the contacts with reporters?  Maybe they just can’t prove the leakage.

  18. BW

    wow you already have tomatoes!   We don’t see them here until July and the real bounty doesn’t show up until August.

  19. I look at suicide from the side of rational thought.  Does an eight year old have rational thought when she kills herself?  Being bullied to death is not good.  Failing to take one’s medications and wanting to die is probably not a rational ending.  There are many non-rational suicides.

    Dying because of a horrible disease and ending the pain instead of spending weeks and months in agony is rational.  Having a Hemlock kit ready when fighting cancer is rational.  Reaching a point where life is not going to be good any more and staying alive to let someone else feel good does not make sense.


  20. KGC…our garden is about two weeks ahead of normal growing dates.   I have some basil, parsley and brussel sprouts still growing, but it was too hot for the broccoli.

  21. Bink, I figure it’s not my role to try and figure out why anyone commits suicide.  I hate that Borudain’s daughter won’t have him as a father and I will miss watching his travels – I enjoyed seeing what plebian cuisine he uncovered in the corners of the world.

    Good question about the pic of the Rover – think the background is Arizona?

  22. It’s just a transparent technique to normalize the act of pardoning with the general public, because he knows if justice is served, and it won’t be, he is going to have to pardon himself, his family, his entire cabinet, and every business executive associated with them, no joke.

  23. try imagining a remake of the movie: setting at the upcoming G-7 with the twit in role of prez instead of nicholson and macron, trudeau and merkle as the martians

  24. Pardons are the only thing he can do without anyone stopping him.  He is trying to make people like him by appearing to put fairness as the objective standard.  He is pardoning people he says were treated unfairly by the justice system.  And what Bink said


  25. If i seem partcularly angry, it’s because i’ve intellectually digested (took me a few days) that it is actual state policy in the United States of America to tear families apart by separating immigrant children from their parents. It’s governemental malice, despicable, and i’m ashamed to be a citizen of a country that would allow it to happen.

    Shove your star spangled banner up your ass, make pink floyd’s “money” our national anthem- at least it has a good bassline.

    Have a great weekend!

  26. Shove your star spangled banner up your ass, make pink floyd’s “money” our national anthem- at least it has a good basslone.Bink


    sad but true

  27. Wow reading about Bourdain’s current life it seems hard to believe he would kill himself.

  28. bink, guess you won’t be surprised when they transfer those 6 Guatemalan children, (volcano victims flown in by shriners to texas for medical care) to McAllen tx detention facilities when they recover.

  29. The only muscle the trump gop has is to enact tax cuts and take away health care.  Family?  Forget about it!  It is all about the money and nothing for the ‘hearth or heart.’   The gop job is done and the judicial continues to go to hell.

    I have really been enjoying fresh produce from Mexico and making fruit salads, veggie salads…soon to stop under trump and no one to work the fields here in the US of AA.  trump and his billionaires eat well at our expense while we will suffer under his America Alone policies.


  30. BW

    Good thing you have a big garden.   Food prices are already pretty high here due to rising gas prices so increases in imported fruits and vegetables are going to be huge.    We already pay more because we eat almost entirely organically grown everything including ice cream

    SFB’s a clown and a no nothing one at that.  But worse are the maroons who support him


  31. If you check the statistics, you’ll find there are a number of Presidents who pardoned over a thousand people.  Obama pardoned 1,715.  The problem with the current one is that he isn’t pardoning people to undo an injustice – but rather to bring more attention to his narcissistic a$$.

    Every now and then I have to crack open my DSMV and read up on  NPD.  It helps me understand what this whacko is all about – and scares the hell out of me.  Here’s a link to a good article that explains what drives this blowhard.–5-301.81-(f60.81)

  32. Flatus – Gronkowski
    XR, Craig, Dexter – Justify
    Sturgeone, KGC, BB – Vino Rosso
    Pat D – Justify
    Jamie – Tenfold
    Solar, Pogo – Bravazo
    RR – Heads on Justify Tail on Gronkowski

  33. For those reading or rereading Stranger In A Strange Land, there may be more life on Mars than curiosity can see.  Has anyone asked it to check for ghosts (old ones)?



  34. Oh, and the 2nd pic of the rover could be an actual one from Mars. Snark aside, in Craig’s defense both of the images are from the NASA website and the first is described as “This self-portrait of NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover shows the vehicle on Vera Rubin Ridge, which it’s been investigating for the past several months.” Maybe it has a drone?

  35. Unless there is a suicide note I think whatever happened to Bourdain was an accident

  36. Worser and worser.

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it has acquired new space in federal prisons to house immigrant detainees — more than 1,600 beds.

    Because of a “current surge in illegal border crossings” and the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance policy,” ICE entered into agreements with the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), the agency said Thursday.

    “The use of BOP facilities is intended to be a temporary measure until ICE can obtain additional long-term contracts for new detention facilities or until the surge in illegal border crossings subsides,” ICE spokesperson Danielle Bennett said in a statement emailed to NPR.

    A facility in Victorville, Calif., will house the most detainees — 1,000 — while locations in Seattle; La Tuna, Texas; Sheridan, Ore.; and Phoenix will hold between 102 and 230 detainees.

    * * *

    On Wednesday, a federal judge allowed a lawsuit against the Trump administration’s separation policy to proceed, saying, “Such conduct, if true, is brutal, offensive, and fails to comport with traditional notions of fair play and decency,” as NPR’s Joel Rose reported.



  37. So, Trumpsky & Macron are no longer having a meeting.  I guess that means no more weird handshakes.

    BW – Your harvest looks beautiful!

    It looks like the rover isn’t on the surface.  Was there a camera in the chute when it dropped to the surface?  I can’t  make sense of that pic any other way.

  38. Looking at the leaders of the G7, Trumpsky is far-and-away the oldest.  In addition to Trumpsky’s crazy-big ego, there is a generation gap.  He clearly seems to be stuck in whatever Nazi rhetoric he heard his daddy still spewing after the war.

    It sounds like his wall will actually just be a really long internment camp.


  39. I thoroughly enjoy Prime-Time with Chris C.  You dems better hurry up and do something, Sanders is beating U to the punch again.


    Oh and you should get your own one man wrecking crew like Stormy Danial’s has….he absolutely destroys the Rs crediibitiy ooops i better spell that one right ifn i want any my-self…credibility  at all times…Looks like the News media is finally trying to do their jobs again…..was it that stinging criticism by …..forgot her name that roasted them and Sandra H. and the Chikies wife Kelly anne…..

    Been liking Lawrence No, no not Lawrence of Arabia….O Donnell. I loved this breakdown…this alone should provide the Ds a lot of fire….if they have the guts to use it that is…..sic someone like Avannati on them….hate Axelrode….but is he still around?


    later, very light rain now and not so cool…..going for some earth walking in bare feet…….maybe a nude beach?……yeah see you much later……



  40. Oh Craig.  Keep looking at those pics of Mars….let me know when you see some sand or something covering something that has a cpl of 90% angles…..that would be my home, and time to move out…All you guys coming here eventually…….oh well, “there goes the ……hood…later E T over and out

  41. nytimes:    Mueller Adds Obstruction Charge on Manafort and Indicts His Right-Hand Man

    WASHINGTON — The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, brought new obstruction charges on Friday against President Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and added allegations against a close associate, who prosecutors suspect has ties to Russian intelligence.
    Prosecutors said the obstruction charge relates to Mr. Manafort’s efforts to coach the stories of witnesses against him. He remains charged with money laundering, illegal foreign lobbying and lying to federal officials.
    Mr. Manafort’s longtime associate, Konstantin V. Kilimnik, was added to the case, and was charged with obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice. The charges are related to an effort by him, Mr. Manafort and other associates to have prominent European politicians vouch publicly for Viktor F. Yanukovych, the pro-Russia former president of Ukraine, who was Mr. Manafort’s client.
    Mr. Kilimnik and Mr. Manafort tried to persuade two associates who worked on the campaign involving the Europeans, whom they referred to as the “Hapsburg group,” to lie about its scope, prosecutors said.
    In a filing this week, the special counsel alleged that the outreach by Mr. Manafort and Mr. Kilimnik was an attempt to tamper with witnesses. Mr. Kilimnik was not named in the filing, which instead referred to him as “Person A,” a description used in several previous filings by Mr. Mueller’s team.
    In those filings, the special counsel had indicated that Mr. Kilimnik, who began working with Mr. Manafort in 2005 for Mr. Yanukovych’s political party and its supporters, had ties to Russian intelligence.

  42. from cnn:
    “This is the final verdict. My fight is over.”
    Charles Krauthammer, the famed conservative columnist, informed readers on Friday that he is confronting an aggressive form of cancer.
    “My doctors tell me their best estimate is that I have only a few weeks left to live,” he wrote.
    Krauthammer shared the devastating news in a short, matter-of-fact note on the website of the Washington Post, where he has been a columnist since 1984.
    “I leave this life with no regrets,” he wrote in the farewell message. “It was a wonderful life — full and complete with the great loves and great endeavors that make it worth living. I am sad to leave, but I leave with the knowledge that I lived the life that I intended.”


  43. Bink,
    Please don’t blame Old Glory, she’s an inanimate object intended to represent the best in us and our set of values as Americans. To blame her for our country’s dysfunctional leadership makes as much sense as someone blaming Melania for her husband’s despicable behavior.

    It is up to us, one and all, to work on creating a thinking majority in the Congress that has the ‘nads to work for the values that have drawn so many Patriots to follow the Flag rather than the Podiatryst.

  44. business insider:

    Stormy Daniels’s former lawyer is now suing her, Michael Avenatti, and Michael Cohen

    In his lawsuit against Cohen, Davidson claimed that Cohen “surreptitiously and intentionally recorded several telephone calls” between them.
    “Davidson never consented to the recordation of any phone calls he had with Cohen as he believe the calls were confidential,” the claim said, citing California law making it illegal to record a call without the consent of each party on the call.

  45. Had an interesting listen to a former SFB voter.  At first he liked that the moron was “shaking things up”, but is now concerned and wonders if someone will take out the orange one.  The tax break for the 1% did not help him (surprise) and now he is starting to think SFB is bonkers.  He also wants to force two terms on congressional elected.  Overall the man is starting to see what we see of SFB.  I did not ask if he would vote for him again.  What I got is that he is like many others, they have a view of how the government works based on the greedy old pervert form of not governing and blame it on the Dems.

  46. When I was a wee skidder this island used to be a tomato capital of the world…,,,the farmers were royalty…,,,the war came and with it an influx of people from all over to work at the shipyard…… The island began to change.  There’s a farmer or two left, here and there, and you can still park and pick a couple of ‘maters if you know where the fields are….. Real Johns Island tomatoes.

  47. And you know, the next island over, where Colbert is from, they had tomato fields also……but they were James Island tomatoes, not Johns Island tomatoes……there’s a difference.

  48. I love a good vine-ripened tomato .  One of my favorite things is a blt.

    New Jersey tomatoes are pretty darn good but I’d try a John’s Island to see.

    There will be a few but not much until after the 4th of July. I’m growing green zebra, sheyboygans, speckled romas, burbank slicer and a cherry tomato variety.

  49. New Jersey is responsible for the Rutgers Tomato–the best backyard tomato in my experience.

  50. Is that what happens, you get all the sex you want and you have to go looking for weird sex?    That’s just too weird, I’m glad I never had so much sex I gotta hang myself to get a bump…..

  51. Solar

    Bernie makes a lot of noise on air.  In the voting booth, he is a complete dud.  So far in all the primaries, anyone he endorsed went down in flames and the general isn’t looking any better.   The media like him because between the cult and the totally pissed off, he attracts eyeballs, but even that is wearing thin.  They now add other people because he can no longer carry a whole hour.  He has used people for 40 years thanks to a good spiel.  Unfortunately, there is no “how to” behind it.  Even complaining about the Super Delegates in 2016 doesn’t fly for the simple reason, that the people required to work with him, don’t like the experience.


  52. Anyone who wishes to compare the New Jersey tomato to the Johns Island tomato will most certainly get an A for participation..

  53. Nice tribute to Bourdain now on Anderson Cooper. Favorite Book: The Heart of Darkness. Favorite Movie: Apocalypse Now

  54. ‘Tis the time to give up politics for the weekend.  As much as I like the brain work necessary to tell a greedy old pervert that his view of the universe is puce, I prefer to think of the color green and the world of birds for where I live.

    Time is my limited world, how many minutes driving to a marina.  How many minutes to wash a sailboat?  How may hours to clean the deck of nasty uck?  How many hours to spend mowing the “grass”?  Is this a good weekend to varnish the fishing boat door?

    Next up is “what the hell is she talking about?”

  55. One of the best things I ever ate was a New Jersey tomato stuffed with lobster.  I got it at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.  I can still remember every bite.  It was in the 1980’s and I don’t remember the price but way under $10.00

  56. Tomato stuffed with lobster? That’s crazy’n forty all get-outs…….

  57. I mean, ya gotcha tomato and ya gotcha lobster…….why on earth wold anybody put em together? I don’t get it.

  58. Cuz you can and it is so good.  Kind of like a lobster roll without the gummy whitebread split top bun

  59. The stand where I got it were the tomato farmers.  I don’t know where the lobster came from…I’m assuming from down the shore.

  60. sturge. totally  agree…why ruin a good tomato?  or a good lobster?  they both are that which should be enjoyed simply as they are. don’t gild the lily.      well, do cook the lobster and have some garlic butter near by for dipping.

    as for that last meal, good time to try one of those pufferfish fish (fugu or bogeo)  ….nothing to lose then.

  61. Well ok……if you wanna dilute your lobster with some kind of freak red fruit-slash-vegetable, it’s all the same to me… skin off my nose….

  62. I like the joy in your food memory, Katherine Graham Cracker.

    My favorite memory also took place in Pennsylvania, just outside York. We had been driving all day & stopped at a nondescript family diner. I had the best chocolate milkshake. Nothing fancy, just very well made. Funny how certain foods stay with you.


  63. I suppose i must say, full disclosure……..I’ve never tried it……..

  64. Sturg and Patd

    do you each have those plates with the little dividers that keep each portion separate?


    that milkshake sounds great Some food memories are really about the food but a lot of them have to do with the place and the people.

  65. Ahhh, lobstah. Almost best food I ever had on the Maine coast. Truth be known, best stuff I’ve ever had on the Maine coast was desserts at a place called Swan’s Way in Camden Maine.  Oddly enough, the best thing I ever had there was peanut butter pie. (Southern boy down east I guess). Best milkshake I ever had was a double butterscotch milkshake from Pearl’s place in Birmingham Alabama. Pearl was the mother of one of my really good friends. It was unfreaking believably good.

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