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  1. and from our neighbors to the south according to the hill:
    “Mexico reiterates its position against protectionist measures that affect and distort international commerce in goods,” the government said in a statement.
    “In response to the tariffs imposed by the United States, Mexico will impose equivalent measures to various products like flat steels (hot and cold foil, including coated and various tubes), lamps, legs and shoulders of pork, sausages and food preparations, apples, grapes, blueberries, various cheeses, among others, up to an amount comparable to the level of affectation.”

  2. This seems all so William McKinley-ish. Why oh why do we want to go there?

    Any Grover Clevelands out there?

    Please don your top hat & monocle before exiting your abode. Walking sticks optional. Party like the 1890s. Rich be rich, poor be poor, we are idiots.


  3. Also on June 1st: 1980 marked the debut of CNN. Considered a joke then, today it acts as a bulwark against FAKE NEWS! & an incompetent destructive Presidency. Not perfect by any means it at least tries to call this President out on his lies & creative liberties with truth. Giving a tip of my top hat to the journalists who face a daily barrage of garbage from the White House. If they don’t help keep freedom’s flame burning it can & will be extinguished by an eager Presidential regime & an apathetic public.

    On another topic, I miss Elsa Klensch whose early CNN show about fashion & the artistry behind fashion was fascinating & informative.

  4. And yet, Trudeau welcomed Trumpsky when it came to the pipeline.  (We don’t want your sewer line running through our country so you can sell oil to China.)

    Don’t let the pretty face fool you.

    Justin is just another schnuck.

  5. does this mean we now have come of age?  let’s have a bar, bas and bat mitzvah to mark the solemn occasion.

  6. Just a reminder in all the Trumpian outrage over Ms Bee using the C word on his darling daughter.  These “deplorables” (the ones she really was talking about) and worse were seen on the floor of the Trump rallies.



  7. No. 9!  Spiritual meaning of the trail’s birthdate 6/5/2005…the trail’s numerlogy power number is nine.

    Nine:The spiritual meaning of number nine bring us to the very height of vibrational frequencies in this number sequence. Nine represents attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment, and our success to achieve an influence in our circumstances. The spiritual meaning of number nine deals with intellectual power, inventiveness, influence over situations and things. Nine beseeches us to recognize our own internal attributes, and extend these abilities out into the world to make a positive, influential difference.


  8. I’d play “Revolution #9” off the White Album, but you know, I’m sure everyone’s heard it.

  9. As for the faux outrage from the nazivangelicals & deplorables about bee invoking the ‘c’ word when talking about ivanka?  watters on faux news made suggestive remarks about her mouth …to her own father lusting over her body…to calling ivanka’s friend, hope, a ‘piece of tail.’

    Lost in all of this?  Chelsea Clinton…where is her apology from barr?  Chelsea surely gets no respect and has been everyone’s favorite whipping girl.   IMHO?  Chelsea doesn’t deserve any of it!


  10. patd… Rick and I just got back from getting our free donut at Dunkins Donuts… or as we New Englanders affectionately call it “Dunks”.  A large french vanilla iced coffee helped me wash mine down….   YUM!

    Yeah…  Canada now officially hates us too.  The trade wars that trumpty dumpty is currently starting with the rest of the world will make any past job losses look like child’s play comparatively.

  11. a two-fer excerpt from a blurb of a book about today’s thread Canada and today’s national honoree dough nuts:

    In Canada, the donut is often thought of as the unofficial national food. Donuts are sold at every intersection and rest stop, celebrated in song and story as symbols of Canadian identity, and one chain in particular, Tim Horton’s, has become a veritable icon with over 2500 shops across the country. But there is more to the donut than these and other expressions of ‘snackfood patriotism’ would suggest. In this study, Steve Penfold puts the humble donut in its historical context, examining how one deep-fried confectionary became, not only a mass commodity, but an edible symbol of Canadianness.

  12. Sturg, why don’t you go straight to the Moog IIIc? Somewhere around here I have his synthesizer doing Switched on Bach–such magic


  13. Canada’s so donut loving, they even have a tv showdown.  here’s one from last month

  14. Flatus, sturg can answer, but a new Moog IIIc costs $36,000 versus about $1000 for  a like new Korg. Lotta daylight between them.  (A Minimoog D is closer at $3500, but still, lotta money there)

  15. Pogo, I was being the evil one—they are obviously different instruments for different occasions. But I was/am infatuated at what the music artists were able to produce from Moog’s creation back in ’68.

    I’ve found my vinyl of Switched-on-Bach. It is SQ Quadraphonic and quite amazing on the main system in the house with it’s 4 AR’s a separate sub and a smaller center channel when called-for.

    The album is Columbia MQ31018. The writers of the jacket notes are clearly enthralled by the creation about which they are writing. Moog kind of sums thing-up in a short blivet at the end,”This album is the most stunning breakthrough in electronic music to date.”

    Chalk my earlier remark to Sturg as being tasteless, although it wasn’t intended that way; anyone who can conquer any of this ilk of electronic instrument is indeed a vanquisher extraordinaire.

    (Just progressing through The Well Tempered Clavier now)


  16. OMG! She was great. “Highway to Hell”! America’s anthem in the age of Trumpsky.

  17. from the sun uk:
    Who is Jenny Darren on Britain’s Got Talent, how old is she and is she in a band?

    This Brummie pensioner also happens to be a rock queen

    SHE has been singing since the age of 12 and grew up listening to rock gods like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.
    Back in her 20s she even supported AC/DC on tour and now she’s hoping to impress the nation with her spectacular vocals.
    Jenny Darren is a 68-year-old retiree from Birmingham but who now resides in the Cotswolds.
    The singer has always been around music and has been heavily influenced by rock and rhythm and blues.

    In her hey-day, she supported AC/DC, released four albums with features including the Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain.
    She gave up the rock-life for something a little more traditional and crossed over to jazz and classical music.
    Jenny is now back and hoping to wow Britain with her incredible rocking talents.

  18. patd…   thanks for that bio!  yeah BiD…   I’d make that my anthem as a never trumper…

    Hell…  it just goes to show one that some of us oldies but goodies can still kick ass!

  19. from raw story:
    A records request conducted by The Intercept revealed that Russian hackers attempted to breach at least one state’s voting system by impersonating a Florida-based election technology company — but used a Gmail address to do so.

    Previous reporting by The Intercept revealed that the National Security Agency implicated Russia in hacking attempts like the one sent to voting officials in North Carolina and at least 38 others states in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election. The NSA believed Russia military intelligence groups were behind those hacking attempts.

    In a screenshot of an email from Tallahassee-based VR systems provided to The Intercept from the state of North Carolina, the company warned its users that any email coming from a Gmail address was not legitimate — but as the report noted, the phony email “could have easily tricked less scrupulous users.”

    The November 1, 2016 email included an attachment to a “malware-packed” Microsoft Word document, and the official email from VR Systems implored users not to open the attachment.
    The report also noted that “vrelections@gmail.com,” the Gmail address used in the hacking attempt, “matches an address cited in the NSA report as having been created by Russian government hackers, although in the NSA report the address was rendered with a period, as ‘vr.elections@gmail.com.’”

  20. mercury news:

    Analysis: Mar-a-Lago trips have cost more than Mueller probe

    President Donald Trump’s frustration with the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and any coordination with his campaign was expressed in dollar terms Friday morning.
    “A.P. has just reported that the Russian Hoax Investigation has now cost our government over $17 million, and going up fast. No Collusion, except by the Democrats!,” Trump tweeted Friday.
    Trump is referring to an Associated Press report citing data recently submitted to the Justice Department by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team. Through the end of March, the price tag for Mueller’s efforts has been about $16.7 million. From October to March, the probe – which The Associated Press did not refer to as “the Russia Hoax Investigation” – cost about $1.7 million each month.

    Guess what. Trump’s been to Mar-a-Lago 17 times, for a grand total of $17 million in flight and protection costs.
    Again, this is only including two subsets of the costs incurred by the federal government. It doesn’t include, Judicial Watch told the AP, things like “airlifting equipment such as the presidential limousines.” Nor does it include all the costs of protection. In July of last year, The Washington Post determined that the Coast Guard had spent about $6.6 million on guarding the beachfront-adjacent property over the course of Trump’s first five visits there. If the other visits were similarly expensive, the overall price tag essentially doubles.
    Just to go to Mar-a-Lago, Judicial Watch figures that each trip Trump has made to his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, costs more than $40,000 in just travel time. He’s been there nine times. He’s been to his golf club in Sterling, Virginia, a whopping 31 times, usually on the weekends; the costs of those trips are not included in the total.

  21. 9 is the bad luck number in Italy, just as 13 is the bad luck number in the US of A.

    Beware the orangetan,

    the lips that purse,

    the mitts that pinch,

    And eschew the frumious bandy snatch.

  22. xrep… of course the number 13 is considered bad luck in the US of A…  it is a patriarchal society.  The number 13 in numerology or spirituality represents the power of the Feminine.  I could share some links…  but just google “number 13 and women” if you’re interested and you’ll have a plethora of sites from which to choose.

  23. Korg M1’s are going for around $350-500……now that’s daylight I can live with.

    i heard the switched on Bach a lot when it came out…..it was cool but I soon put it aside and went back to the Rocky-Roll…….

    dont know about Moog-ers……I know the korg inside out….the next one will be my 3rd one…….Paul Schaeffer recommended it to me for the first one…..

  24. Ms Renee,

    Thanks for the tip. So, 13 must refer to the event in which all those wonderful, young, thoughtful women who are going to replace all those grasping, old, racist, sexist geezers in legislatures and executive offices.

  25. ‘Sexist’ was in the first draft. I don’t know how it escaped. The evil demons of the Prince of Lies musta had sumpin’ to do with that.

  26.  So, 13 must refer to the event in which all those wonderful, young, thoughtful women who are going to replace all those grasping, old, racist, sexist geezers in legislatures and executive offices.

    xrep…  I sure hope so(insert great big smiley face)!

  27. Around here if you say la mota the Mexicans all laugh…..

    None of the Mexicans smoke cigarettes…….maybe after work some do, but I doubt it.


  28. Sturg, I love music. But that’s the end of my musical talent. In my eyes/ears when the Moogs came out they were novel creations that pushed the curve. From what I read, the people who jumped in at that stage devoted their days and nights to become functional on the “instrument”.

  29. I got to fool around with a very early moog but at the time I figured I had enough to keep up with…….it was a long time before I finally got a synth……piano and Hammond was the ticket……but when I did get one I put it on top of the piano

  30. That makes perfect sense to me. At the time back then, I was looking for an alternative to E. Power Biggs and his theater organs.

  31. If you can find I Dream of Wires you will get a great movie about the Moog, link to Facebook page.  Switched On Bach was played a lot when it came out.  A year or two ago I found one, unopened, so I could listen to it with a lot better system.  It is still fun to listen to.


  32. I loved E. Power Biggs. The immense organ pieces were wonderful. Then Vanilla Fudge and the Allman Brothers, Booker T. Al Kooper, Stevie Winwood, Billy Preston and Felix Cavaliere introduced me to the Hammond B-3 sound played through a Leslie cabinet. Still think that’s the nuts when it comes to organs without walls of pipes to make sounds. Of course the Farfisa launched 1000 garage bands, so there’s something to be said for it, dippy sound notwithstanding.

  33. Sign of the times: Going to make Cream Puffs this weekend; usually use good old Betty Crocker’s recipe from an ancient cookbook. Looking through newer cookbooks (this century, anyhow 😉 ) noticed very few have Cream Puff/Éclair recipes. Is this generational? Are today’s youth missing out on the joy of a perfectly made cream puff? The batter makes delicious crullers too. Neat that butter, water, eggs & flour beaten together can grow magically in the oven. My mother also liked to make Yorkshire Pudding. I liked to watch it puff. Dad liked to eat it.

  34. These are also on the new cookbook endangered recipes list:

    Grasshopper Pie

    Watergate Cake (particularly yummy)

    Cola Sheet Cake

    Sunshine Jell-O Salad

    Notice a pattern -? These were all potluck supper staples (at least in my region.) Vanishing church congregations, societal clubs & organizations lead to less “us” & more “me.” We had some good eats though at these shindigs. Except for one Grange meeting in Pennsylvania where a particularly odd woman brought macaroni & cheese, complete with …. hairpins. Still makes me wretch. Maybe potlucks are good to disappear …

  35. Sturg

    Come on down — we’ve got your lucky number right here and it is legal

  36. sj – Maybe you can come up with a lie-gate cake recipe.  Lots of butter & sugar, zero calories.

    The best cookbooks are the old, church cookbooks.


  37. I won’t miss any of those desserts. Mom made grasshopper pie a time or 3 and I liked it fine but my pie sweet tooth ran toward (in rough order) pecan, peanut butter, coconut, apple, blueberry, strawberry…and later on, derby pie.

  38. Yes…..Farfisa……what fresh hell was THAT?

    a rather annoying fellow demonstrates a rather annoying instrument of sound.

  39. jumpin’ the shark on it

    Peter Pringle
    Published on Nov 27, 2010

    This song is called THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD and it was one of the last songs the Beatles did together (1970) before the group broke up. For me, this video was an experiment in trying to play precision theremin and sing at the same time. I found that the best I could do was play “fills” (short instrumental phrases between the melody lines), so I only sang one verse.

    The song itself has a very interesting history and has its own article on Wikipedia, at the following URL:


    The theremin I am playing is a Moog Ethervox, and I am singing into a Sennheiser headset microphone.

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