Confess, Confess

By SJWNY, a Trail Mix Contributor

I did it. I supported John Edwards for President.

Every time I think of this I shake my head. How badly things turned out. But before we knew how repugnant his personal behavior was his public persona reflected what I wanted in a President.

In 2004 he held a rally at the Polish Cadets Hall in Buffalo. It was rocking – populism 101. The man had a following with the everyday working grub.

Any person you supported who turned out to be a head shaker? How could I have supported this person?

Time to confess, wipe the slate clean, live & learn. After all, 2020 is fast approaching for a new crop of losers to embrace.

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  1. cbs news:

    Ex-FBI No. 2 Andrew McCabe wrote memo on Comey firing – AP source

    The memo concerns a conversation that McCabe had with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein about Rosenstein’s preparations for Comey’s firing. Rosenstein played an important role in that episode, having authored a memo faulting Comey for his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation that the White House held up as justification for President Trump’s decision to fire the FBI director.
    Rosenstein has said he wrote a memo laying out his concerns with Comey after learning that the White House intended to fire him.
    According to McCabe’s memo, Rosenstein indicated to him that he was initially asked to reference the Russia investigation in his own memo on Comey. But the final version didn’t include discussion of Russia and focused instead on the Clinton email case.
    Rosenstein appointed Mueller special counsel one week after Comey was fired. He has said he would recuse himself if necessary if his actions became relevant to Mueller’s investigation.
    The AP reported in March that McCabe had drafted multiple memos, including about his interactions with Trump. Comey also drafted a series of memos about his own encounters with Trump that unnerved him.

  2. “Time to confess, wipe the slate clean, live & learn.”

    sjwny, from your thread to the eyes & ears of the goper critters in critterville,  make it so.

  3. Confession is supposedly good for the soul. I guess it doesn’t really help the soulless so let’s not hold our breath shall we?

    Oh wait, you mean we should confess. Oh OK, I supported Bill twice, Gore, Kerry and Hillary twice.

    Should I be shaking my head? Only at the outcomes.

  4. Bill Clinton, twice.  Ross Perot was right about NAFTA.  All of my friends here in manufacturing saw their jobs head south.

    Obama, once, but I felt I had no choice but to vote for an empty suit with the ex-half-gov on the other ticket.

    The rest of the time, my choices didn’t win so it doesn’t matter.  Actually, it wouldn’t matter if they had won. It always is what it is.

    Coulda, woulda, shoulda don’t make no nevermind.

  5. pat/jamie –  Rewrite history much?  If they were Hillary’s ideas, why were the words coming out of Bernie’s mouth instead of hers?

    Why did she drag her feet at adding them to the platform, but only agreed in order to avoid a floor fight at the convention?

    Again, it’s all coulda, woulda, shoulda & it’s on to November.

  6. A beautiful morning glory to the trail.

    Interesting post, SJ.  For some reason, however, I think comparing the past presidential candidates to our situation with trump is like comparing apples to grenades.  trump is already running his 2020 campaign and many are still reeling from his last campaign.

    john edwards, like clinton, was seducible  However, candidate and now fake potus trump has diminished women and elevated hatred woman.  trump and his slurs against women.  I see a big difference from an affair of the heart (and groin) vs. ‘there was blood coming out of her eyes.’   A systemic take down by trump and his supporters of anything female.   I know I sound like an alarmist, but IMHO?  We are beyond danger with trump and although historically we have had some doozies for candidates?   This seems different and scandal-free Obama?  Won two elections.  Hardly a loser.

  7. To be honest; Carter, Anderson, Reagan (yea, I know), Dukakis, Clinton, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama, Obama, Clinton

    But I also think the interesting twist to all of this is how often we voted FOR a candidate, and how often we voted AGAINST one.  My vote for Anderson was a vote against Carter.  My vote for Dukakis was a vote against Bush.  My vote for Kerry was a vote against Bush, etc.  I was giving McCain strong consideration against the resume-light Obama in 2008 until he put batshit crazy in as his VP candidate.  And I certainly didn’t vote for Hilary, but rather against the narcissist.  We could have done so much better as a party in 2016.  Imagine what Biden or Pocahontas could have done on a ticket with Bernie.  Or someone like Chris Van Hollen perhaps?

  8. Strange fruit…from central PA station WPSU, the Lynching Memorial.

    Part of the discussion of photographs of lynchings —
    GROSS: What was the function of these lynching postcards? Was this supposed to, like, commemorate the hanging that you attended?
    ALLEN: They were – besides the obvious function of sensationalism and the profitable nature of these images for photographers – many of them were sold on the streets in drug stores, through the mail – they served to bond the white community together in supremacy. They also were news events that were highly covered by the press. So these images were small newspapers that people posted through the mail and sent to their relatives to say, this is what happened in our hometown.

  9. Blue, Perot, Bernie! and Trump are operating on slogans and anecdotes with respect to NAFTA.  It’s effect on jobs has been minimal according to most economists who’ve studied it. Marketplace has a good article on on the topic. Economic globalization and robotics have had a greater impact on US manufacturing jobs than NAFTA could ever dream of having, and the fact is that since NAFTA was implemented the US experienced a 48% increase in real GDP from 1993–2005 – the first 12 years after NAFTA implementation.


    Most economists who have studied the issue argue that NAFTA’s effect on the net number of jobs was minimal. If you assume the worst about NAFTA, and assume (incorrectly, most economists would say) that the entirety of the U.S. trade deficit with Mexico is caused by NAFTA and that this trade deficit represents goods that should be made in the United States by American workers, “with that kind of calculation, you’d get something on the order of 150,000 jobs in U.S. manufacturing” lost due to the trade agreement, according to Robert Lawrence, professor of government at Harvard’s Kennedy School.
    Lawrence emphasizes that this calculation is based on flawed assumptions, but points out that 150,000 jobs is a rounding error in an economy that gains or loses that amount of jobs in a month.
    So what, then, can we say NAFTA actually did?
    “NAFTA helped the U.S. auto industry survive,” said Hanson of UC San Diego. “The U.S. auto industry designed a very efficient production network that spanned the U.S., Mexico and Canada.” Cars and car parts are no longer just made in the U.S., they are made across multiple borders, extremely efficiently, “allowing the U.S. to compete more effectively with the rapidly growing and improving auto industries in Europe and Asia,” Hanson said. The U.S. aerospace benefited in the same way, he said.
    Other industries didn’t do so great when they were exposed to competition from Mexico. Apparel, rug making, brick making, furniture making, “these are industries we don’t generally think about when we think of the U.S. as an advanced industrial economy, but they provided a lot of jobs,” said GWU’s Maurer.
    This comparison of industries that won and lost helps make sense out of the confusion over job loss due to NAFTA. The trade agreement caused both job loss and job gain.
    “I think we can say with a lot of assurance that we have a different mix of employment because of NAFTA,” said Josh Bivens, director of research at the Economic Policy Institute. We lost low skilled jobs for non-college educated Americans in rugs or furniture making or brick making. We gained design and business services jobs in autos and aerospace.
    “That change in the mix of employment has been generally not good for non-college labor in the United States,” Bivens said.
    Then again, neither has automation, the move to a services-based economy, the decline of labor unions and globalization generally.
    “NAFTA is just this very visible political symbol that people take as the stand-in for all the pressures globalization put on American workers,” said Bivens, who remains critical of NAFTA and policymakers for failing to protect the workers who lost out as a result of the trade agreement and economic changes that came after it.



  10. My apologies for my simple mind and approach to voting.  I was a teenager when nixon became prez.  Since that time I have detected a pattern from the gop…throughout my life it seems they have always had their hand in my pocket and if there was no money?  They copped a feel.   The gop doesn’t give a rat’s behind about me or my rights.  I vote for the dem candidate always…as imperfect as they may be?  A better chance for me as an American woman.

    nixon…a look back in history…when a candidate conspired with a foreign power to win an election.


  11. SJ, I too was a fan of Edwards. Until I started following him on the campaign trail and got a creepy feeling. He was such a different person on and off stage. Charismatic in front of crowds, but almost sullen away from them. I think that is one reason he got a media reputation as phony. I never came close to imagining how much he was hiding, but I did get the feeling he was hiding something. Still I think he is one of the few candidates who would have actually done big things for the “other” Americans as president, not just pay them lip service.

  12. Taking it back a bit further, McGovern, Carter, Carter, Mondale, Dukakis.  McGovern was probably my biggest “against” vote although I liked his position on the war. The rest were “for” votes – although every vote for one is a vote against another.

  13. I voted for a lot of those people — I don’t regret voting for someone who lost big

    I also supported and even went to Nevada to work on the primaries for John Edwards and yikes was I sorry.  My excuse and rationalization was working for the unions who were supporting him.

    I’m with Craig  a kind of creepy guy

  14. “..candidate and now fake potus trump has diminished women and elevated hatred woman”

    BW,  add the all-white Bernie bros & his frat boys to that movement.  

    maybe not hanged like the “strange fruit” but way too many American women are raped, abused, put down, ignored, unheard and otherwise shoved aside.

    the majority folk of poverty are women, invisible to the powers that be.

  15. John Edwards was one of the few candidates who mentioned poverty, two Americas.  His fall is nothing like we are seeing with trump.

    trump uses history, too — per ivana, trump kept a book of hitler’s speeches, My New Order, at his bedside.

    From the independent, comparison of trump’s style to hitler’s…right-out-of mein kampf.
    “Hitler used the tactics of bluff masterfully, at times giving the impression of being a feckless Chaplinesque clown, at other times a sleeping serpent, at others yet a trustworthy statesman,” Mr Rosenbaum said.

    “The Weimar establishment didn’t know what to do, so they pretended this was normal. They ‘normalised’ him.
    trump tosses bannon’s copy of mein kamfp into trash after break-up.

  16. BiD

    You are right that she didn’t make enough noise, probably trying to walk a middle line for voter turn out instead of preaching loudly what she had supported for three decades and had written out on her policy pages.  She actually expected that to be reported honestly after hours upon hours of Congressional hearings that no one (absolutely no one) has ever faced directly without dodging questions.

    She is by nature a private, brilliant, hard working person admired by everyone who has ever worked closely with her and she foolishly expected that people would appreciate that instead of the glib soundbites.  She was a very good candidate in small groups in conversation and a very bad campaigner where it was large crowds and screaming media rehashing old charges and memes over and over.

    If I had my way in the woulda shoulda it would have been Clinton/Obama 2008; Obama/? in 2012/2016

    I campaigned for her hard in 2008 (as anyone who remembers the Trail wars can attest and then voted for Obama in 2008 & 2012 and Hillary in 2016.  I would vote for her again in 2020 if she wanted to try it one more time.  As it is, just a Democrat in 2020 who would give her the next seat on the Supremes or any job she wanted.  The nation lost a lot in not electing Hillary.

    BTW, I genuinely like you very much, but every time you called her “Killary” I cringed because I knew you were just listening to the haters.

    Hillary’s Vision For America is still on line to be read by anyone actually trying to be fair to the woman.



  17. Have seen it suggested that howdy gowdy is mueller informant…..he better inform his ass off if he wants to reduce the stench of Benghazi, the little rat-face weasel.

  18. I’d like to associate myself with Sturgeon’s remarks on Trey Gowdy

  19. After Johnson left office, I had no confidence in the nominees of either party during the remainder of the 60s, and all of the 70s and 80s;  I did not vote for president during that extended period. I’ve voted Democrat before and after. I have consistently voted for the Democratic candidates for other federal, state and local offices where those individuals were not scoundrels.

    Prospectively, I will not vote for the gentleman from Vermont should he be nominated. If he is matched against Trump, I will not cast a vote for president.

    BTW, just watched the really shitty platforms uttered by a couple of pigs running against Feinman; made me doubly glad that I sent her an abnormally large check last week.

  20. Some people are born with nicknames……some have achieved nicknames……..others have nicknames thrust upon them.

    —Bongo Seville

  21. So SFB passes a Right to Try law (already passed by 40 states) that supposedly loosens restrictions on access to experimental drugs for people dying from diseases that conventional FDA approved treatments aren’t curing.  Sounds good?  Not so fast, there, Cowboy.
    A NYT article from yesterday looks a bit beyond the hype coming from the WH.

    A program known as compassionate use, or expanded access, has been in place since the 1970s. It allows patients with a serious disease or condition to obtain experimental medicines; the Food and Drug Administration says it authorizes 99 percent of the requests for expanded access that it receives.

    The new national law — like similar laws in more than three dozen states — allows patients and doctors to ask drug companies directly for access to the experimental drugs, rather than wait for  approval by the agency.
    Yet these laws “do not ensure that manufacturers will provide the drug or that insurance companies will cover the cost,” according to a policy report from Rice University. Obtaining the medicines from manufacturers can be more cumbersome than going through the Food and Drug Administration’s existing program, the report found.
    Colorado enacted the first right-to-try law in 2014. Since then, “there have been no documented cases of anyone receiving access, because of a right-to-try law, to an experimental product that would not have been available via the F.D.A.’s expanded access program,” a 2017 study by researchers from New York University concluded.

    I can’t begin to imagine what a drug company might charge for a drug that is still not fully approved for sale, and no insurance I’ve ever had covers the cost of any drug that is considered experimental.

  22. Pogo

    The insurance angle is what I attacked on line.  Just being allowed to ask for a drug doesn’t mean your family won’t end up bankrupt should it be available.  GOP making all sorts of “aren’t we wonderful” over this legislation while completely sliding past what they destroyed in health care just to get the ACA passed in the first place and what they have managed to legislate out of existence since.


  23. I believe the prescription method of obtaining drugs should be eliminated and people should be able to (in consultation with a doctor or pharmacist if they want) write their own

  24. I’ve voted for the Democratic candidate for president starting with McGovern… ending with Hillary… and everyone in between.   And no… I have never regretted that choice.

    sj…  I think we were all so appalled at Edwards’ behavior because we all so much loved his wife Elizabeth.  However, I do think he would have been an effective president had he got the nomination and won.

  25. And as it turns out there aren’t any (or many) patient advocacy orgs that support the bill.

    NORD [National Organization for Rare Disorders] and most other patient organizations that represent individuals who seek access to investigational therapies outside of clinical trials oppose Right to Try,” explains Paul Mehlmeyer, Director of Federal Relations for NORD. “This is because Right to Try will not succeed in increasing access to investigational therapies. Removing the FDA from the approval process potentially opens the door for nefarious companies or individuals to take advantage of our patients. This bill solves nothing and will likely do more harm than good.”

    Maybe that explains why it got so few Dem votes in the House.

  26. pogo – The impact from NAFTA was not negligible for about 30 folks who used to work here.

    I guess if it’s not happening in your backyard, you don’t care as much.

  27. Blue, I live on WV. There’s no NIMBY here. You’re engaging in the same over generalization Of anecdotal evidence and rejection of fact that Bernie and Trump engaged in regarding this issue.

  28. pogo – By your reasoning, there is only a pro-Trump side (in which you include Bernie & Perot)…and your side, the Hillary side.   In your world, there is no room for those whom NAFTA shafted.  You make me sad, because the Dems will go down with that attitude.

  29. Hillary, on the other hand (in pogo-land), didn’t engage those folks and their concerns at all…unless you count the time she belittled them.

  30. Not all jobs went south during NAFTA and this should please the NAFTA-haters. Finally a punishment for our good neighbors to the north and south and across the pond.

    U.S Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told reporters on a telephone briefing that a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports from the EU, Canada and Mexico would go into effect at midnight (0400 GMT on Friday).  From reuters.

    bid, I hope your 30 friends have found jobs.   As for the tinkering with trade agreements.  I fault bern for the demise of TPP within the dem party — total dis to Obama.  We have lost all of our footing in the world and who wants a trade war(s)?  A lot more than 30 will lose their jobs and the cost/shortages will hurt more Americans more than any trade agreement constraints.  It is a now a global free-for-all and America alone.  china’s silk road continues.

  31. trump sends message to comey and fitzgerald as he is considering pardoning Martha and Blago.  He sends many messages with this tease.   His crooked buddies can rest assured.  As for Martha and Blago?  Both dems and this should confuse the blue wave machine.  Impeachment is forefront in his mind.   I wonder what Martha’s smoking buddy, Snoop Dogg thinks.

  32. Thanks Renee.  I try.

    BiD.  It has nothing to do with Hillary, and in fact, your assertion about Hillary’s position on NAFTA – the same assertion SFB made during the campaign, is false.  Trump got 4 Pinocchios for that false assumption – you can share in that award for perpetuating the Trump lie.  in fact, as early as 2008 she campaigned on renegotiating those parts of it that weren’t working as hoped when it was enacted.  But as for its enactment NAFTA was a Bill issue – there are extreme (i.e. pro and con NAFTA) positions and then there’s research that supports or refutes both of those sides.  Based upon the studies undertaken by people who study the economy, the fact is that the effects of NAFTA are not nearly as “disastrous” as the Trump/Bernie!s assert, and there’s a reason they don’t cite facts to support the disastrous effects of NAFTA. The studies don’t support their meme.

    Take one industry (close to my heart) – guitars.  I get daily notifications of sales, etc. of guitars from the 2 largest musical instrument marketers in this country that I can sort by country of origin.  If what T/B! said was true NAFTA should have enabled more expensive US guitar makers to export manufacturing to Mexico and Canada (both had a guitar manufacturing segment before NAFTA was enacted and in the case of Mexico, they manufactured, cheaper price point versions of Fender guitars made in the US).  Anywho, of the “open box” guitars on sale at Musician’s Friend today of the 291 offerings from North America 51 are from the US, 7 are from Mexico and 11 are from Canada.  From the Pacific rim 106 are from China, 54 are from South Korea. 34 from Indonesia and 21 from Japan.  This is not scientific, but it does reflect where the foreign competition in this industry originates – and NAFTA does not predict where the foreign competition (translated into jobs in the industry) where the jobs in this industry are.  The threat to US manufacturing ins in the Pacific Rim.  But we can’t see China from our back yards.  And in 1996 Toyota opened an engine assembly plant in Buffalo, WV to the tune of $1.4B and 1600 jobs, and there is a $115M expansion scheduled over the next 2 years to produce hybrid transaxles.   Under your theory that plant should have been opened in Mexico where the labor in the assembly plant would be much lower.  None of this jibes with the disastrous effects of NAFTA claimed by supporters of its two main critics.

  33. To me the internets are slow the past few days and the ruskie’s trolls are back in business.  Hamilton68.

    Holy goldman sachs!  gary cohn’s departure freed trump and accelerated trade wars.  Today, vp, jung of goldman sachs indicted on security fraud.

    Jung tried to skirt tracking by using an account held in the name of a friend living in South Korea to place illegal trades. By using a friend’s brokerage account, Jung attempted to avoid his employer’s requirements that he pre-clear his trades and that he use an approved brokerage firm that would have reported the trading to his employer.

    RR…good read from vox, since trump dumped Mexico?  china and eu have filled the vacuum.

  34. Oh great jumping cross-eyed Jesus…..who plugged in  the effing Bernie machine again



  35. Pogo.    Got a link to that musicians thing? I’m looking for a Korg M1

  36. BiD

    Can you produce an example of when Hillary specifically belittled folks that isn’t just an anecdotal, out of context, heard somewhere meme.

    This was the biggest problem during the campaign.  These things floated around Facebook and the Internet.  Most were either false or twisted and a huge number were directly from the Russian bot machine to interfere with the election.


  37. Guess I’ll have to wait for next trip to NYC for the Korg…..they’re not being made anymore and so are a tad hard to find

  38. cbs news:

    Last Updated May 31, 2018 4:06 PM EDT


    Key U.S. economic allies are firing back with retaliatory trade measures in response to the Trump administration’s move to impose steep tariffs on steel and aluminium imports.
    Canada’s government on Thursday announced plans to levy tariffs on products including American-made steel and aluminum, effective July 1. That policy will continue so long as the U.S. tariffs remain in force.
    The Canadian tariffs involve 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum, or as much as C$16.6 billion ($12.8 billion) of U.S. imports, which also includes miscellaneous items such as playing cards, inflatable boats and yogurt.
    The White House has said the tariffs — 25 percent duties on steel and 10 percent on aluminum shipments from Canada, EU member states and Mexico — are necessary to safeguard U.S. national security.
    In announcing his country’s response, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it was “inconceivable” that “Canada could be considered a national security threat to the United States,” noting that U.S. fighter planes and tanks contain Canadian steel.
    Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, said the European Union also will apply news tariffs on American goods, with the trading bloc signaling it would target products made in states represented by key Republican leaders. The EU has said it would respond with tariffs on $3.3 billion in American imports as early as June 20.

  39. more from above:
    In addition to swift denouncements from U.S. allies, the Trump tariffs were bashed by some Republicans, including Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse. 
    “This is dumb. Europe, Canada and Mexico are not China, and you don’t treat allies the same way you treat opponents,” Sasse said in a statement. “We’ve been down this road before — blanket protectionism is a big part of why America had a Great Depression. ‘Make America Great Again’ shouldn’t mean ‘Make America 1929 Again.’ “
    Sen. Pat Toomey also derided the steel and aluminum tariffs, with the Pennsylvania  Republican in a tweet calling the decision “bad news.”

  40. I wavered between Carter and reagan, but did the right thing in the end.

    John Kerry is still my last choice in 04. A worse candidate is hard to find. I supported Edwards. sigh.

    I supported Obama all the way in 08. In hindsight, HRC would probably have done the better job.

    I still supported HRC to the MAX in 16, although she was not my first choice among Dems. The alternative was unthinkable, and still is. I am glad that I supported her with signs, money, and work. She was just fine, but her campaign stank almost as much as Kerry’s in 04 did.

    We should all understand that the $70+ M!LL!ON$ spent on ben gozzy ‘investigations’ was merely to prevent her from using the ‘Who are you going to call at 3 am ?’ advertisement. Nobody in their right minds would consider a trump type as someone to call. I say that those ‘investigations’ were an illegal campaign contribution.


  41. Speaking of online, a friend’s Lincoln AC/DC Arc welder threw a rod so we get the new Northern Tools catalog and find new one at $549.   Just for the halibut I checked online. Same unit, same company, $569.  I don’t know what that means but it might mean something I guess.

  42. It’s time that Berners and Clintoners kiss and make up. Getting the cure for the horror that is destroying America is far more important than your petty gripes.

    Berners : Bernie lost, despite un-asked for russian help. Now get over it.

    Clintoners : You beat Bernie, now get over it.

    50 years from now you two are going to look as silly and self-destructive as the Humphrey vs Muskie vs McGovern people post ’72. You can either drop this bickering, forgive the past, share the burdens, and live into the future of your dreams, or you can die under a brutal fascist dictatorship. The choice is that stark.

  43. Big Brother vs Emmanuel Goldstein = stalin vs trotsky = trump vs Mueller and the Rule of Law.

    The choice is that stark.

    Make America Honest Again !

  44. Since I know a little something about “compassionate use” when it comes to investigational drugs … When a drug has gotten through the initial clinical trials and has demonstrated a treatment effect, companies (sponsors) will make the drug available at no charge for patients if the treating physician agrees to assume responsibility for executing the compassionate use study protocol and patients meet entry criteria. There is paperwork involved but it’s not onerous, particularly for physicians who have experience in participating investigators in clinical trials. Entry criteria are much looser than those for the registration trials needed for FDA approval but there are limits. Patients have to agree to meet the visit schedules for follow-up and testing such as labs for tracking drug safety. For sponsors, compassionate use provides additional safety data that can be useful for FDA approval although there are risks if something really bad happens (such as patient dying while on the investigational drug) which is why the protocol will have some exclusion criteria if the sponsor already knows that the drug represents a safety risk in certain situations. If it’s a chronic treatment, the patient can continue to receive the drug at no cost (assuming it works and can be tolerated) until the FDA approves the drug. At that point, the compassionate use protocol ends and the patient has to switch to commercially available drug. Study visits during compassionate use may/may not be covered by insurers although in the disorders that I’ve worked on over the past — ahem — years, I’ve rarely encountered a situation in which insurers did not provide at least some coverage for physician visits/testing for compassionate use. Right to Try apparently wants access to experimental drug much earlier in the process. That’s crazy. Those of us who have been in pharma long enough have seen enough drug failures to know that early access is an unwise gamble. I can’t count the number of drugs I’ve seen get to the very last stages of development to then totally blow out because the final set of studies failed because it really didn’t work after all. Early on, we know virtually nothing about safety, particularly the really bad but infrequent side effects. Animals can’t tell us. If some patient on “right to try” develops, for example, toxic epidermal necrolysis (requires admission to burn unit and is potentially fatal) while on an experimental drug, the sponsor is in for a boatload of trouble in terms of whether that drug even moves forward and if it does what the FDA is going to require in terms of additional risk-benefit studies and eventually what the labeling looks like.

  45. NORD – I have one of the rare diseases they include.  One of the medications which helps prevent symptoms is usually only produced by one company.  They make it for the tax deduction and when that ends, they stop producing the drug and sell the recipe to another company.  Frequent lack of supply happens along with low supply.  And, very high prices.  Mastocytosis.

    Happy SFB tax day.  Add the new tariff taxes to the SFB gas tax and a lot of other higher costs from agriculture because there are no farm hands or pickers.  The moron is doing everything a Russian agent would do to destroy America.  And, the greedy old perverts will not do anything about it.

  46. X-R……..ok I take it back about the horses asses he rode in on……..

  47. BW – My comment about NAFTA had to do with my votes for Bill.  Pogo is the one who dragged Hillary into it when he tried to align Bernie with Trump because they both addressed the concerns of certain folks, while Hillary just ignored them or called them “a basket of deplorables.”

    That is not how you get votes.

  48. That’s funny……after Nugent called Hillary a c*nt he got invited to the White House.

  49. The Hillary echo-chamber wins.


    I hope you’re not disappointed in November.

  50. This is why time travel is so dangerous.  We need to live in the ‘political now’ as we have a digital hitler running the country.  Although I like time travel into the past, I really want to travel into the future.  But, every time I think I am traveling into the future?  I am stopped, held back…I guess it is because the future hasn’t happened yet.  Hah!

    Heddycariad…very fine comment and I am glad I took the time to read it.  My late SIL, the doctor, was in NIH clinical trials.  For the last years of her life, she would travel to Houston to have treatment.  She would share with me how scared she was flying when her immune system so weak.  I told her she should wear a mask on the plane.  She lived in California and also traveled to LA for endless tests after her Houston visits.   She had lung cancer (never smoked) and the trials lasted over two years.  She did extend her life, but it was grueling.   She had wigs, started eating organically.  The drug she was given is one that is now advertised as giving lung cancer patients a life extension of a couple of years. I had wished she would find relief in cannabis at the end when she was told there was no more treatment, but she suddenly died much to our heartache.

  51. BiD

    I totally favor many of the proposals of the progressives.  They are for the most part the positions of the Democratic party with just a matter of degree, how and when.

    The problem isn’t with that wing of the party, it is with Bernie Sanders.  He is and always has been a fraud and just as much a conman as Donald Trump.  He spouts a good line and then arranges his behind to the scenes to make sure his bread is getting buttered.  Jane is the same as her former employer will be glad to attest.  He saw a chance to put on a show and attract a crowd while knowing there was no way to deliver on the promises.

    Yes, Hillary was in many ways her own enemy, but Bernie, the bros, GOP and Russians recirculated 30 years of talking points most of which were out of context, twisted slant, or total lies.  Thanks to an outdated Electoral College that made it possible for 70K vote in three states, mostly working class whites who fell for the Bernie spiel, we are now stuck up shit creek with Trump.

    We aren’t rejecting progressives.  We are rejecting those who are making the perfect the enemy of the good and possible.



  52. Mr. Mueller has spent $7.7 million on the ruskie investigation…the justice department has spent $9 million.

    What a bargain…that is just the cost of mel living separately from the digital hitler.  Where’s ‘waldo’ has been replaced with where is  ‘mannequin mel?’

    I would make a few mel jokes, but comedy is suffering these days.  Same with science.   About a month ago the news was touting stories about man hunting man-sized sloths (abominable snowman) to extinction and in Peru a mass grave of sacrificed children (hearts ripped-out) and baby llamas was found.

    I still cling to my science and humor, but it is tough going these days.

  53. Berners : Bernie lost, despite un-asked for russian help. Now get over it.
    Clintoners : You beat Bernie, now get over it.
    50 years from now you two are going to look as silly and self-destructive as the Humphrey vs Muskie vs McGovern people post ’72. You can either drop this bickering, forgive the past, share the burdens, and live into the future of your dreams, or you can die under a brutal fascist dictatorship. The choice is that stark.

    X-R, amen. thank you.  i’ll try .


  54. XR I understand what you’re saying, but the discussion was about NAFTA and the current politicians who, wrongly in my view, blame NAFTA for”massive “ job losses. Yes, the Bernie v. Clinton “fight” should be dropped- Clinton is not still an office holder or policy maker. She becomes the convenient target when the supporters of a NAFTA overturn are challenged and can’t support their position. I do not advocate for Clinton but will defend mischaracterization of her prior positions, and I will continue to criticize Bernie, or any other pol who is not a democrat, so long as he or they try to use the Dem party to their own benefit.

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