What If It’s Dirty Water?

MOSCOW (Reuters) – The Kremlin said on Tuesday that U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election is “pointless”.

“In Russian, it’s called passing water through a sieve,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

The remarkable synchronicity with Trump/Giuliani spin aside, the Kremlin’s point is not so well taken if you pour dirty water through a sieve.


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  1. At the rate the EPA is setting aside regulations, it won’t be long before we are all drinking water as poisonous as Flint’s.

  2. The fact that the Kremlin would bother to comment since they claim to think that  (as we say in English) “there is no there there,” tells me that the investigation is not only not pointless, but that Mueller has the goods on ‘em.

    Dirty commies make for dirty bath water.

  3. Ain’t good to fall in with bad companions, just ax Junior.

    “What if he turns out to be a loser?”


  4. Then Junior will be a chip off of the old, block.  The nut never falls far from the tree, as they say.

  5. Onliest thing I know about Boston is getting kicked out of the airport bar at Logan…..that’ll hold me…..

  6. Always did love that ” gonna tell you a big fat story” though…….lol

  7. Rosanne got the Kathy Griffin sanction – cancelled.  Pity – I kinda like John Goodman, and frankly, some of the writing for the show (I’ve seen part of 2 episodes) is very funny.  Wonder what SFB’s tweet will be…

  8. ABC goes back to American Broadcast Network.   Roseanne cancelled.

    If the gop doesn’t believe there will be a blue wave?  See how public opinion works in spite of ratings.  rudy getting a rousing “BOO?”  We’re coming for you, trump.

  9. courtesy of cbob published on youtube 9/18/2006

    Well, I’m not going to point any moral,I’ll leave that for yourselfMaybe you’re still walking, you’re still talkingYou’d like to keep your health.But every time I read the papersThat old feeling comes on;We’re, waist deep in the Big MuddyAnd the big fool says to push on.
    Waist deep in the Big MuddyAnd the big fool says to push on.Waist deep in the Big MuddyAnd the big fool says to push on.Waist deep! Neck deep! Soon even aTall man’ll be over his head, we’reWaist deep in the Big Muddy!And the big fool says to push on!

  10. thos pete seeger lyrics i added  to cbob’s vid above somehow came out crammed together…. ???

  11. Per abc…..I think it’s a false victory…..a strategic loss…..a feint….it was used to great effect on Custer.

    it all looks too “pat”.

  12. She tweeted a hateful racist statement and should have been fired and she was

  13. Seems pretty obvious that it involves her…….and fox……..unless she’s just gone crazy……..

  14. She has always been a loud mouth contrarian who doesn’t know shit.   Maybe SFB will make her director of communications at the wh

  15. quote from sen. flake’s speech to harvard law grads:

    Our presidency has been debased by a figure who has a seemingly bottomless appetite for destruction and division and only a passing familiarity with how the constitution works.
    And our Article I branch of government, the Congress (that’s me), is utterly supine in the face of the moral vandalism that flows from the White House daily. I do not think that the founders could have anticipated that the beauty of their invention might someday founder on the rocks of reality television, and that the Congress would be such willing accomplices to this calamity. Our most ardent enemies, doing their worst (and they are doing their worst), couldn’t hurt us more than we are hurting ourselves.

  16. this one may hurt her more than the abc cancellation

    from the guardian:

    Barr has also been dropped by her agency ICM Partners. “We are all greatly distressed by the disgraceful and unacceptable tweet from Roseanne Barr this morning,” a statement read. “What she wrote is antithetical to our core values, both as individuals and as an agency. Consequently, we have notified her that we will not represent her. Effective immediately, Roseanne Barr is no longer a client.”


    buckle up for a tirade from trumptroopers… 1st amendment rants, fbi spies and it’s all Hillary’s fault harangues interspersed with twit tweets and an invite of ms barr to the white (‘s only) house

  17. Welp……reading her friend’s twitter feed, seems like she really did just drink too much wine and then make a horrible tweet……


  18. Maybe putin’s next move is to cancel assange.

    snowden carrying water for putie

    Maybe interviews like this are keeping snowden safe while he bides time in russia —

    “And to be honest, everyone who has heard Trump speak for three minutes knows he’s a wrecking ball,” Snowden said. “This does not sound like the kind of person that you would want to engage in some kind of complicated Manchurian Candidate … the guy can’t even remember what he was going to say at the end of a sentence.”
    Snowden added that the possibility of some sort of collusion is still there.

  19. snowden muddying the water.   trump is a patsy, easily manipulated, subject to kompromat and flattery.  Much easier for putie to manipulate than a true Manchurian candidate.

  20. Use a colander to get the bigger chunks of sand and rocks, then a sieve, then a funnel with a coffee filter.  Boil twenty minutes (if you have fuel and fire). Add bleach or iodine if you have to drink it rare, sans heat.  Good luck if you have to filter it through your sock.

    Just got back from the VA medical center.  Lucked out, I don’t have a broken hand.  Somethings make my PTSD a little more active, like Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, 4th of July. . . etc. Sunday I was worn out from five hundred miles of driving along with working on two boats in heat and humidity.  I was home, made dinner, sat down in my favorite chair and fell asleep.  I apparently went into deep sleep and somewhere one of my standard nightmares (yes I have many that are repeaters) started.  It is one where I am being attacked and am fighting back. This time there was a table edge and I beat my hand against the corner.  My hand looks and feels like hammered hand.  this morning I decided it was time to see if I broke it.  Good news is I did not break any bones, the bad news is it is like a hammered hand and my doc said don’t use it for a while.  Which is what is going to happen.

    This is what happens with PTSD, or PTS as veteran organizations are starting to use.  No Rambo with an M16A1 (full automatic not three round bursts) and suspenders of M67 grenades tearing around blasting people and buildings.  We tend to try to get over it and if necessary seek treatment.  And a bit sheepish about it too because we were trained to get over things.  At least Gale got more love from men and men with beards.  She is going to get through her PTS.



  21. I think a better translation of the Russkie might be, “…pissing into the wind.”

  22. Just read yours, BB. You and Gale take care of each other; sounds as if she needed the trip to the clinic as much as you.

  23. Flatus – thank you.  My little service dog, a Brittany with hound, Gale Storm, brings smiles where ever she goes.  I guarantee that if any of the vets who meet Gale happened across whoever abused her, there would be a solution to animal abuse.  I have vets cry when they meet her and learn about her history. Sweet little Gale does so much good.  It is strange to me to walk down halls, anywhere, when no one smiles and tells me what a beautiful dog she is.  Even with other service dogs next to her, she gets the “what a beautiful dog”.

    She has serious PTS, from what I can put together, caused by a tall man, with a beard, using sticks and his feet, abused her.  Over time at the VA medical center she has gotten used to “sticks” which are canes.  Natural wood sticks/limbs used as canes are still an issue.  But, when the men come down to her level and schritriches her ears she inches up to them for more.  Slowly, and over time, she is getting the same results from many of us who go and face our pain.  But, for some of us, it is not like just meeting a man with a beard.

  24. Despite my ambulance trip to the hospital courtesy of a 30 year old injury deciding to reactivate sciatica with a vengeance, it meant excellent care in CA, a really nice trip in the care of AMTRAK.  Now safely home, all drugs have been acquired, appointment with a spine aimed needle scheduled and a comfy bed awaits.  Still managed to have some time with otters, time on a beach watching daughter flying a kite and a great lunch at Bubba Gumps.  Now to recover surrounded by the cats.



  25. Jamie, I thought that was a night-crawler stranded on the sidewalk–until I clicked on the picture.

    Until I read “cats” I was thinking it would be nice if you and BB lived on the same coast–oh, well. Gale has enough stress in her life.

  26. Jamie – Gale would be an amazing visitor.  Sometimes it takes a friend with bad happenings to make the best friend.  You know each other.

  27. After watching the vid making the rounds of New Jersey’s Finest beating up a young woman, i’m left to wonder, as i often do, why “resisting arrest” is a crime.  Should one just allow themselves to be subdued violently and abducted in a “free” society?  That charge is just a codified trick to give police the authority to arrest whomever they want, not necessarily for any good reason.

  28. and once again trey challenged the twit with:

    “If he were my client,” Gowdy said, “I would say, if you’ve done nothing wrong, then you need to sit down with Mueller.”
    It’s not the first time the South Carolina Republican has expressed his disapproval of the way the president and his legal team are approaching the Russia probe. Earlier this month, Gowdy condemned Trump’s attorney John Dowd for calling on the Justice Department to end the special counsel probe.
    “If you have an innocent client, Mr. Dowd, act like it,” Gowdy said on “Fox News Sunday.”

  29. reflecting what a lot of talking heads have been saying this a.m. about rosanne “barred” is  this op ed at cnn:

    “Dear ABC: Cancel Roseanne, but not the show (opinion) ”
    By Ernest Owens

    I think this could be a teachable moment for network television executives as they evaluate their priorities and navigate a new politically polarizing climate. Instead of canceling the show and sending the cast away for good, ABC should reignite the show to highlight ways to address the destructive racism endorsed or tacitly accepted among Trump supporters like Barr. They could use this controversy to challenge the viewpoints of Roseanne’s polarizing following.
    Roseanne’s presence on the show kept it from being what it could be — a way for the entire country to connect with was once called Middle America’s “silent majority.” She essentially used her fame to regurgitate harmful, racist stereotypes and incite a heightened fear of cultural differences she can’t be bothered to read up on before opening her mouth or reaching for her smartphone.
    Although they’re late to the party, ABC did the right thing by immediately distancing itself from Roseanne’s brand, which proved to be toxic. Let America see John Goodman’s Dan Conner, who some might see as a 21st-century Archie Bunker, continue to support his gender non-conforming grandson. Let them see the messy, complicated ways that families find to love each other.


  30. someone on morning joe suggested the revitalized show be called “Dan” to which heads nodded in agreement.

  31. Well they killed off and then brought Dan back to life for the new show.  Maybe they could bump off Roseanne as the character they should have killed in the first place.


  32. A small reparation from Gowdy for all the damage he did during the hearings to lie about and damage Hillary Clinton.  At least he did finally admit that he doctored documents to make her look bad.  Now he’s being honest about the Twit.  Just shows what quitting the job can do for your ability to tell the truth.

  33. Rick and I watched the premiere hour episode of Roseanne…   we both thought it was ok.  But somehow, we (conveniently) forgot to ever watch it again.

    We both really liked the characters of Dan and Darlene.  We’d watch that show.


    BiD, here’s more on that story from the guardian:
    Putin critic Bill Browder released after arrest in Spain

    Anti-corruption campaigner was arrested in Madrid by Spanish police with a Russian warrant
    Bill Browder, a prominent critic of Vladimir Putin, has been released following his arrest in Spain on Wednesday morning under a Russian warrant.
    The anti-corruption campaigner wrote on Twitter that he was freed from custody in Madrid after the Interpol general secretary in Lyon had advised them not to honour the Russian arrest warrant. He said it was the sixth time Russia had “abused” Interpol in his case.
    As head of the Hermitage Capital Management investment fund, Browder led a campaign to expose corruption and punish Russian officials he blames for the 2009 death of Sergei Magnitsky, whom he employed as a lawyer.
    He had earlier on Wednesday tweeted his arrest and posted a photo from the back of the police car.
    He subsequently tweeted a picture of the arrest warrant, which said he was detained on suspicion of fraud.


    Browder said the reason he was in Madrid was to give evidence to the senior Spanish anti-Russian mafia prosecutor Jose Grinda about what he described as the “huge amount of money from the Magnitsky case that flowed to Spain”.


  35. killl her off that’s the ticket…wish we could do that in real life

  36. BiD, looks like it’s hunting season putin-style

    the guardian again: 

    Russia rejects claim it was behind dissident journalist’s killing


    Ukraine accuses Moscow of shooting dead Putin critic Arkady Babchenko

    The Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, has rejected a Ukrainian allegation that Moscow was behind the murder of a dissident Russian journalist in Kiev, calling it part of an anti-Russian campaign, according to Moscow media reports.
    Arkady Babchenko, a critic of President Vladimir Putin, was shot dead in Ukraine on Tuesday, where he had fled into exile after a series of threats. Police in Kiev said the high-profile murder may have been linked to his reporting.

  37. BiD, thanks for catching that.  here’s guardian update with a little more:

    But on Wednesday, officials said Babchenko staged his death in coordination with Ukrainian police as part of an investigation into threats made against his life. The plan had been in place for more than a month.
    Police said they had made one arrest in connection with the operation.
    Speaking to journalists, Babchenko apologised, saying: “I have been forced to bury my friends and colleagues many times and I know the sickening feeling.”
    Apparently he had not even told his closest family members about the plan.“Special apologies to my wife, Olechka, there was no other option,” Babchenko said to a room of visibly stunned journalists. “The operation was under preparation for two months.”
    It was not immediately clear how Babchenko faking his death led to the apprehension of the suspect.
    According to Gritsak, Russian authorities had recruited a former fighter in east Ukraine by offering him $30,000 for the killing.



  38. The biggest problem I think we face is what to do with all these people who supported, still support Trump.  They are never going to change their minds.  We have to figure out how to isolate them and dimish them in the mind of the general public.

    Maybe the mistake has been to pick on him and not them.

  39. wapo:
    NEW YORK — Federal prosecutors investigating President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen are poised to receive on Wednesday 1 million files from three of his cellphones seized last month, according to a filing submitted to the court Tuesday night by special master Barbara Jones.
    In her update to the court, Jones said investigators from the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York have already been given access to nearly 300,000 pieces of potential evidence seized from Cohen’s office and residences in an April raid.
    Jones was appointed by U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood late last month to review the material after attorneys for Cohen and President Trump said many seized documents and communications could be protected by attorney-client privilege.

  40. “People need to defend their choices”


    HRC’s biggest mistake was apologizing for her “deplorable” comment

    She should have doubled down and said “Yes I’m talking about you” and if you are thinking about voting Republican out of habit or as a one issue voter  then realize that is what you become too. It won’t clean off, it won’t smell better. ”


  41. roseanne should be losing a lot of money right now…maybe she will be destitute in a few months and then she can remember ‘why’ she created a character like roseanne connor to begin with.

    charlie sheen is ready for his reboot of Two and a half Men.

    “Adios Roseanne! Good riddance,” Sheen tweeted on Tuesday along with the hashtag #CharlieHarperReturns. “Hashtag NOT Winning. The runway is now clear for OUR reboot.”

  42. About the Roseann comment

    Ya know, there is no amount of drugs or alcohol that make you believe that was an appropriate comment to put out on an open forum. The only explanation is Roseann has been trading Ni**er jokes on a private forum for some time and just got mixed up on which forum she was on.  BTW just like Just like Charlie Rose, everybody on that show knew she was an unrepentant racist yet they went along with it because it would bring in money to their  lackluster careers.

    So No, the cast and producers, who have worked with her bigoted ass before,  the whole mess of them need to just disappear.


  43. Um, Trumpsky told them what they wanted to hear.   Calling them names served no good.

    Which, again, is why Bernie could’ve beat him; he understood what they needed.

    The difference, it was just BS when Trumpsky said it to them.

  44. russian foreign minister in N. Korea for talks ahead of trump’s photo op summit.  pompeo meets with N. Korea’s top spy in New York.  Could you imagine the uproar from the gop, freedom caucus and roseanne IF J.Kerry had met an iranian spy in NY for the iran nuclear talks?

    Meanwhile china will be hosting iran next monthchina is making friends all over the world  (this site is interactive ) while trump is killing trade relations with just about every country.  At least ivanka got her propriety trademarks from china.

    IMHO?  trump is still gunning for the Nobel peace prize 2019.  I would hope the dems might nominate Mr. Mueller for the same prize after the indictments and impeachment.

  45. So Bernie would have attracted the Democratic racist vote?


    works for me.


  46. Good one, jack.  Hillary did win the popular vote and the pretend potus leads a minority coalition, period.

    As I have always stated, trump supporters are a minority…they may be loud mouths and have all the guns, but I think we can take them.

  47. As painful as it is for me?  The trump supporters in my family are currently racist.  They also voted for Obama in 2008 and loathed bush (a fact trump successfully used).   It was faux news that helped uncork their inner racist as they seemed to have managed to evolve.  My BIL is twenty years older than my sis.  He has always had this dual racism about him.  Born and raised in PA?  He did not like Puerto Ricans and he was a real jerk to his daughter who adopted a Puerto Rican child.   But, he seemed to genuinely mellow UNTIL he started watching faux news about 7 years ago.  Same with my sis.  My sis says it is his age and I loath when humans think all older humans are racist or forgive an old racist because of age.  Many of us grew-up during riots, etc., but that didn’t make me a voting racist and I hope I have evolved from the 1960’s and racist crap I have been hearing my whole life.    Now how to put the poison back in the bottle.

    Today?  My BIL makes awful remarks about the NFL players even though we have placed a ban on political discussions and drinking when we break bread together — he still spews.  I try to muster compassion, but my sis make me queasy since her support and defense of the dark side poison.   She is worse than her hubby by being complicit.

  48. Blondie – absolutely it’s racism.  Most people don’t realize that if only 15 percent of Americans are unapologetic blatant racists (and I think that number is higher), then 1/2 the core base of the Republican party are racist.  My parents are a member of that club – openly calling people N’s, screaming about the hoard of Mexicans coming in to take over our country, etc.  It’s sure a great diversion away from what they’re doing to our economy, our environment, our legal system and our social class system.

  49. jack – No, Bernie would’ve addressed the concerns of folks in the areas lost to Trumpsky…unlike Hillary who simply belittled them.

    If you guys still don’t get that, the hope for a blue wave is a goner.

  50. Thanks for the comment, Dvitale.  I have been devastated by the change in my sis…sort of a invasion of the body snatchers situation.  I don’t like her new avatar suit.  When I was a child, I read about families being torn apart by the civil war…one son fighting for the confederacy and one side fighting for the Union.   I thought, how sad and it would never happen in family.

    Before each breaking of bread with the relatives since the election?  I am tears and fearful.  It is the worst feeling to me to be disgusted by your flesh and blood.  I have talked with a therapist about the situation and found out he is in the same boat.  He has a brother who is a trump supporter and incredibly vocal about.  I have been attempting to keep a firewall between my sis and myself.  Only way to act civilly towards her.  Poker face stuff.  Stifle emotions.

  51. I’ll bet Tom Steyner has acquired quite the database with his Need to Impeach efforts. He is quite active in the 2018 midterms at a local level.    I prefer his grass roots, local approach via the internet/email; not like the 2020 prez candidates espousing platitudes in the media.  That does nothing for local politics.  Steyner has honed his message to the point where he sends messages about local primaries…polling locations, etc.   Get the vote out.


  52. BW – My family has limited contact for years.  I got tired of the horse apples about how horrible Obama is and now was.  Now I hear about how great SFB is.  It is surreal. And, it is sad.

    I think the Russian hit men are paid for piece work.  Speaking of which – any The Americans followers around here?  Tonight is the finale.  The CIA held a webinar with the actors and real spies at 1600 this afternoon about how close the television series was to being a real spy.  I need to check the website to see if it can be replayed.

  53. BW – Tom Steyer sent me a copy of Fire and Fury with the proviso that I post a pic of me and the book on Twitter.  Which I did.

    In spite of the mainstream Dems structure trying to poo poo him, I think he is doing a lot of good by gathering Dems together.  He is using his money to focus on taking back America.  I would like him to run for some office, but, he is smart enough to be a leader and organizer, which is where his talents lay.  Use your talents, not go Peter Principle.

  54. How is your hand, BB?  Fractures sometimes take days to show-up on x-rays.   You could have also broke or injured the hand capsules with such a hard hit.  I am sure it is painful due to all of the nerves in the hand.  Your beautiful hands, take care of them as they create so much.

  55. BB  Love to see the pic.  Dems are mad at Steyner because he just doesn’t give them his money directly to use as they want to. He may have his own ambitions, but I like his politics…he is an environmentalist.   He understands organization which may be alien to the dnc.

  56. BW – the hand is starting to feel better and become colorful.  There are a couple of serious bruises, but those will heal.

  57. Bernie appealed to the racism and misogyny and his followers spewed out every Russian meme and lie about Hillary the bots were spreading.  Nothing has changed

  58. A few Trump-head acquaintances and friends try to test me every now and then by attempting to broach a political discussion- i let them know it will be held under the pretense that Republicans are treasonous criminals that want to destroy our country, or not at all.  Guess what?  They always decide to talk about something else.  They’re nitwits that know their bullshit foxnews propaganda doesnt stand up to scrutiny.  Call them out.

  59. independents now outnumber repugs in California.  The world’s fifth largest economy is on to something.

    A report from Political Data Inc. Tuesday showed that voters with no party affiliation have surpassed the number of registered Republicans in California by about 73,000 people, making the GOP fall to third-party status. The state as a whole remains blue, with 44 percent of the state’s electorate registered as Democrats.
    No wonder ivanka and mccarthy are heading to nunes country to campaign.

  60. When trumpezers bring up the ‘wonderful trump economy’ I always agree that the Obamaconomy remains remarkably robust.

  61. Jamie- That’s baloney.  Hillary had to adopt (co-opt) Bernie’s ideas because that’s the direction the Dems are heading. Her message wasn’t resonating with a large part of the party, which is why some bailed for a 3rd-party candidate.


  62. BiD, fact is the bern stole those ideas from hil who was espousing them long before the bern ever decided to get a free ride on the dem express.

  63. Blondie – totally true story.  I went back to Phoenix in March/April to visit mom and dad.  Dad had just gotten out of hospital after a 3 month stay (we thought we were going to lose him – he’s 85ish).  I was sitting in kitchen with my mom when the story hit the air (on faux news) about the pedestrian bridge in the Miami that had collapsed and killed a couple of people.  Mom pointed at the TV and said “that ni$$er Obama did that – he has done nothing for our infrastructure”.  I informed her that the bridge was a week old and  Obama probably had nothing to do with it – she changed the subject.  We have so many of our citizens that have been completely brainwashed by this media – they are unable to practice critical thinking skills.  I love my mom – but when I walk through her house and hear Fox on 4 TV’s in different room across the house – and Hannity spewing his bullspit – it’s just sad.


  64. Dvitale, I know it hurts and I carry a shame with hearing family’s ugly talk, sometimes it makes me wince.  Same dna, but I haven’t allowed my heart and head to be hijacked.   Faux news offers a comfortable rut for many by supporting willful ignorance — a blind eye and deaf ear to reality.

    From wapo —white America’s racial resentment.
    White Americans are more likely to favor welfare cuts when they believe that their status is threatened and that minorities are the main beneficiaries of safety net programs, the study says.
    The findings suggest that political efforts to cut welfare programs are driven less by conservative principles than by racial anxiety, the authors conclude. That also hurts white Americans who make up the largest share of Medicaid and food-stamp recipients. President Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans have proposed deep cuts to both programs.

  65. BID

    Small point.  Bernie stole every single one of his ideas from her policy pages simply because he had none of his own.  She made a mistake of not touting all the plans she had spelled out and not yelling when one of her ideas was being spread by others.  Those ideas and policies are still on line and available to everyone who care enough to look at them.

  66. what? read? consider? think?  Jamie, sooo passe’… your meds must have addled your brain.  nowa-dayze we  ‘muricans only spout and shout. no time for silly stuff like that.

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