The kid has a point

David Hogg @davidhogg111
“You know if the government has enough info to send me a draft card on my 18th birthday they should just register me to vote while they’re at it.”

But as we all know it is in the “want to” not in the “can do” that is the problem.


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  1. at some point in time, we all will be chipped or implanted with identification data precluding the need for social security, draft, medicare/medicaid, medical alert, and voter registration cards…  just wave a pinky at the all seeing camera.

  2. Speaking about want to/can do, how are the kids doing that you & Mrs Whskyjack helped out? Are they doing well in school?

  3. more from “the kid” and what he’s up to

    guardian:    Parkland survivor David Hogg aims to ‘create the NRA – except for the opposite issues’

    …..Hogg is looking at voter data in places like Republican congresswoman Mia Love’s district in Utah.
    “The youth voter turnout rate is around 6%. Six!” Hogg said in an interview with the Guardian on Monday in New York, where he was accepting an award for his advocacy. Love, he said, had received about $63,000 from the NRA. “If we can double the turnout rate, we could probably change the election, and get someone that’s not supported by the NRA elected,” Hogg said. His full goal: for youth turnout in Utah to be “80%. At least.”
    Hogg wasn’t necessarily going to be focusing on Love’s district, he said. “It’s just a case example.”
    Over the summer, Hogg and other March for Our Lives organizers will be working on what they hope will be “the largest voter registration push for youth ever in American history”. Rather than heading to college after he graduates from high school later this spring, he said: “I’m going to be working on a candidate basis over the fall in key congressional districts.”

  4. also from the above article:

    On Monday, the former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg presented Hogg with an award for citizen activism from the Common Good, a non-profit founded by entertainment industry leaders. Bloomberg, a billionaire gun control advocate who funds the country’s largest gun violence prevention group, Everytown for Gun Safety, was previously one of the NRA’s most reviled opponents. Bloomberg called Hogg “an inspiring young man”. He also presented Hogg with a check for $2,500 to go towards his future college tuition. His advice to the 18-year-old, Bloomberg said, was to “start out by finishing high school and then go to college”.

  5. Patd,

    Pinky waving sounds like one of those 1970’s “technology rules all” movies starring Jenny Agutter & Michael York 😉 Alas, it rings all too true today.

    Thank You for your yeoman work here. Keep on Posting, Cliff.

    Forgot to mention Blue Bronc yesterday & her Posts. My bad – I apologize. Interesting stuff that covers cyber governmental minutiae to the fun (! -?) of boat ownership. Thank You.



  6. Jack…  what Mr. Hogg doesn’t understand is that his draft notice comes from the federal government.  Registering to vote is a state by state thing.  Just think of the primaries…  some states allow independents to choose a ballot…  some states allow only those who are registered in a party to vote… and some state have totally open primaries where anyone who’s registered can request either party’s ballot.  My state allows one to register the day of the election.  Many states you must register by 90 days before.

    I’m not saying it can’t be done.  But it would mean federalizing our elections.  And what does it mean for people who move and need to reregister in another town/state.  Would they have to go to a federal building to get that done instead of just doing it at their new town/city office.  The thought of the size of the federal program they’d need makes my head spin.

  7. sj…  I apologize for being upset with you…  I had a bad day yesterday.

  8. RebelliousRenee,

    I am sorry for your loss. No need to apologize (though very nice, thank you.) I apologize for upsetting you even more in your time of distress.

    Show us pictures of your artwork! I love weavings, yarn work. You are a master at this.

    No hints here, but … I love oranges, yellows. Just sayin’



  9. sjwny, the pinky wave was just a nod to the already established retina and eye identification ability.  really no need for chips anymore if they can combine that with one’s dna print in addition to a new socsec and universal voting registry.     but as renee points out, we’re a long way from federalizing voting just as we are from national gun safety laws.

  10. ny times:  There’s a Sinkhole at the White House. Blame the Swamp. (Really.)

    A sinkhole has formed on the North Lawn of the White House, and predictably, the temptation was too great for many on social media, who filled the void with all the “drain the swamp” jokes and metaphors one could imagine.
    But forget the obvious political jabs and the fact that President Trump uses that phrase as a rallying cry about eliminating corruption in Washington: The saying has some geological merit.
    There is a “legitimate swamp” around the White House, Jess Phoenix, a volcanologist, geologist and a Democrat running for a congressional seat in California, said on Tuesday.

  11. Renee

    States are already required to keep a data base on registered voters, All of your points are child play for modern data base tech. As I said it is not a “can do” problem it is a “want to” problem.


  12. Jack, so far as I can tell, the state voter registration databases are primarily there to maintain accuracy of their own state voter registrations in the face of a constantly moving population. This requires state bureaucrats to poll everyone with reliable knowledge of peoples’ whereabouts, e.g., the USPS, SSA, fellow secretaries of state, bureaus of vital statistics, etc.. I know of no national voter registration database. Should one now exist, it should be destroyed under authority of the 10th Amendment.

  13. nbc news:
    Stocks took an immediate dive on Thursday morning after President Donald Trump suddenly canceled his upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
    Barely one hour into the trading day, the Dow Jones plunged by more than 200 points, with the S&P down three-quarters of a percent and Nasdaq falling just over half a percentage point.

    In a letter to the North Korean leader and released by the White House, Trump told Kim Jong Un the widely anticipated meeting, scheduled for June 12 in Singapore, “will not take place,” citing the recent “tremendous anger and open hostility” shown by North Korean officials.
    Trump was referring to combative comments that surfaced on Wednesday, when a top foreign ministry official from North Korea called Vice President Mike Pence “a political dummy” and indicated that a nuclear showdown is not completely off the table.
    The fractious relationship between Trump and the Hermit Kingdom has been the source of much market friction in recent days, with investors seeking safe assets such as gold to avoid the volatility pervading the stock exchanges. Gold was up by at least one percent Thursday morning.
    “I think Trump got embarrassed and I think he’s trying to dial back expectations,” Jack Ablin, chief investment officer at Cresset Wealth Advisors, told CNBC. “I don’t think investors would be blamed for thinking that this could go forward. It’s all tied to a bunch of different things, including Chinese trade negotiations.”
    Markets were already on edge as a result of the back and forth over China tariffs, with the Commerce Department announcing Wednesday that new tariffs could be introduced for imported cars and auto parts, despite comments from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin that the trade war was “on hold.”
    Trump ended his letter to the North Korean leader with the recommendation that if Kim still wanted to meet, “please do not hesitate to call me or write.”

  14. so did Icahn get prior notice of that one too?  hope someone is watching who makes a killing off the fall.

  15. Flatus…  you are correct about voter registration state databases.

    Jack…  nothing is child’s play for the federal government.  A child just takes a toy from his toy box and plays with it.  The federal government needs to form a committee to decide if it’s possible to take a toy.  Then it needs to form another committee to decide which toy it should take.  Then of course it needs to pass a law making it ok to play with said toy.

    Not to mention that federalizing elections would mean taking power away from the states.  Good luck with that.

  16. sj…  the only pictures of my work I have were taken professionally.  I just tried to upload several here, but it keeps saying…  error…  must be under 5MBs (whatever the hell that means).  I might take some on my own later with my digital camera…  but it won’t show my work with any clarity or justice.

  17. rr – I still have my/your beautiful scarf. Eleven years & going strong (but it’s my fancy/special occasion only scarf).

    Seeing that young folks continue to lead makes me hopeful and that, if we can survive this administration, the USA will be in good hands.

    TX now wants an ID to vote & that costs money.  I took all docs listed on the renewal form to renew my license; they asked for nothing.  That wasn’t  the he case for everyone, so I hope they were first-timers/new to the state and it wasn’t for an ugly reason.


  18. Huh? “We were informed” you wanted to meet with us, Kim (no more Supreme Leader garbage), but that is “irrelevant.”  So, then why point it out, Donny?  Is ticking off that little jerk more some kind of negotiating tactic?


  19. Of course once you are registered, if you don’t vote, the bad guys win. Same if you vote but don’t stay relevant on current affairs.

    Listening to NPR this am heard President Trump’s plea to vote out the ‘Pelosi Gang.’ I’m no fan of the lady, but that phrase made me picture her, Stenny Hoyer, etc in black leather astride Harleys. Pretty powerful picture, btw. Vroom vroom. The Wild One.

  20. blueINdallas,

    Emperor Andy, A-hole Deluxe? Not surprised. Really.  I’ll just have to donate more & work harder for Cynthia For New York.

  21. California has the motor-voter law which does the same thing sort of — when you get a license or id card you also get voter reg information.   There is not mandatory registration so they cannot automatically register you.    Also – when it is fed v state it takes a lot to get them to coordinate.  The states conduct the elections and registration and are unlikely want to involve the feds.

  22. Can’t get phone and DSL service until tomorrow. My hunch is phone companies are getting out of the landline business, too expensive to maintain and more people switching to cells.

  23. Payback for baby cuomo’s 1/2 grain of help in ’16. Tro da bum out !

  24. Mr xrepublican,

    My lousy governor is the only one of Albany’s infamous Three Men In A Room not in jail, going to jail or deep doodoo. Corruption swirls around him, yet he knows nothing. Sort of the Democrats’ Trump. He is nasty, rude & has a thing about women who stand up to him. Whatta guy. And he wants to be President. Maybe he & Gillibrand can have a death match for the 2020 nomination ….. ooooh …. now there’s a thought. Good fundraiser for the Party. Sandra Lee can invent a new cocktail to go with the hors d’oeuvres.

  25. Craig, I haven’t used a landline for voice in years–VOIP is the way to go. Inexpensive, tremendous feature mix as well. No need for fax machines any more–modern ‘fax’ machines create, and send, any kind of file you want of your documents over VOIP circuits. I get 1,000-gig of data from ATT for $60-bucks a month and one-year of VOIP, all-in, for less than $200. My damned Dish network costs as much as everything else put together.

  26. Craig – you are correct about everyone getting out of landline POTS.  Verizon is even leaving the cellphone systems in many states.  It is going to VOIP services.  Where I live Verizon has installed “cans” on power poles for 5G service, which attach to the fiber optic system they have.  I have T-Mobile and have found on the East Coast very good coverage, even better than AT&T.

    It is time for all Americans to take a knee every time the National Anthem is played.  Screw the orange moron and his mob/cult and suckups.  The guy is mentally unstable, and getting worse.  “Word salad” is being used more frequently when he talks.  He needs to be moved to an attended facility.

  27. We have a landline.  There is no cell service.  Verizon was our local carrier but now it’s Frontier.  We were thinking about some options but during the fires last fall the people who got notified had landlines.

  28. I would walk a precinct for Cynthia Nixon.  I think she is great and I think she is doing well,

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    We love this guy he makes great sausages all from classic recipes from all over the world.

  30. CNN seems to be propping up Cuomo.  All positives stories & clips from his appearances.

    It’s gonna be too hot to eat next week.  We’re looking at a long stretch of 100+ temps.  Coconut water & blueberry popsicles.

  31. Renee, Flatus trust me the feds know how to do data bases and the states and local governments are happy to cooperate. If you live in a city that collects income taxes just forget to file, see how quick you get a notice with numbers straight from your schedule C.

    The problem is to get them to view voting as important as tax collecting.


  32. The draft data base would be inappropriate in any case  it is only men.

    States do not want the feds involved in registration or voting

    As evidenced by the commission put together by Trump –the states do not wish to share or have others in their voter data base.  I agree.

  33. No grilling around here. Mrs Jack is having stomach/small intestine problems. Right now she is on a soft food/ liquid diet. More tests next week. But she still traveled for work to Sacramento Tuesday and back today. Her doctor was not pleased when he heard. Me I have no vocal opinion,


  34. KGC

    Did you ever wonder what data base they access to send those draft cards? Bet it has both male and female. Social security? Maybe?


  35. I’d door knock a precinct for Nixon ! I’d lit drop, too. She’s the one ! snicker.

    The only good Cuomo is the dead one. There was a real man.

  36. I object to the White House getting secret investigation info from the DoJ, because the WH, especially trump) shows daily that it can’t be trusted with secrets.

    I also object because the info could influence both potential witnesses and potential defendants. This would be like letting herbert hoover tip off the dillinger gang that the FBI was closing in.

  37. the info could influence both potential witnesses and potential defendants

    x-r, BINGO!

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