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  1. he certainly is filling in the requisite intent picture for Mueller’s cases on both obstruction and conspiracy.  who needs friends and enemies to do it when the twit paints it himself in vivid brassy colors.

  2. When Chris Christie, on-camera, says he advised Trumpsky not do something & shakes his head and says  that he did it anyway…precious moments.  Do you suppose Christie will try another run?  Maybe he is just trying to separate himself by telling the public that Trumpsky’s poor choices are his own?

  3. BiD, more of what he said from the hill:

    “Bob Mueller himself is not a partisan, he’s an honest guy, he is a hard working guy, he’s smart and you can’t argue that the investigation hasn’t been effective so far”
    Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) defended special counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe into Russia’s election meddling on Monday, saying that “you can’t argue the investigation hasn’t been effective so far.”
    In an appearance at the University of Chicago, Christie said he has repeatedly told President Trump that “there’s no way to make an investigation like this shorter, but there’s lots of ways to make it longer.”
    “He’s executed on a number of those ways to make it longer,” Christie said.
    Christie’s comments come as tensions ramp up between Mueller and his Republican critics, with Trump calling the investigation a witch hunt and calling for an investigation into whether the FBI or Department of Justice surveilled his campaign for political reasons.
    Christie, a former U.S. attorney, vouched for Mueller, calling him nonpartisan, honest and hardworking. He also pointed to the multiple guilty pleas and indictments as evidence that the investigation has been effective.
    “I don’t question Bob Mueller’s honesty or his integrity, never have, and having worked with him for years, I still wouldn’t,” Christie said.

  4. Holy body language — watch haspel look down at the mention of nunes during her finest hour.

  5. Trump’s new strategy against obstruction of justice charges appears to be obstructing justice.

    This is how the man rolls since forever & has gotten away with it, to the point of becoming Leader of the Free World. Some animals release a mist of noxious odor to throw pursuers off trail; Donald J. Trump lassos words, spinning them tighter & faster then letting everything go like a geyser of confusion spraying every which way in every direction. Chaos keeps uncertainty to the fore; uncertainty breeds doubt; doubt makes alternate facts & outright lies possible & believable to an audience so inclined. It isn’t a lie if you believe it.



  6. Sweden is issuing emergency preparedness pamphlets to all citizens.  Apparently, they take Russia’s actions serious as sh/+ these days.  (I wonder if Devil Nunes is mentioned by name?)


  7. twit team theme for the week seems to be look at the leaker not what he leaked. sure lot of collusion going on amongst the perps (sorry, alleged perps).


    politico: Manafort defense targets Mueller prosecutor Weissmann


    “It has been reported that a complaint was made to the Justice Department by the FBI with respect to the meeting with the AP reporters, which suggests that normal procedures were not followed in this case,” Manafort lawyers Kevin Downing, Tom Zehnle and Jay Nanavati said. “The individuals that would be the focus of a leaks investigation are readily identifiable.”
    A spokesman for Mueller’s office declined to comment on the new defense filing submitted in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Virginia.
    However, in a response to Manafort’s initial motion for a hearing into the leaks, prosecutors said there was no indication that the leaks Manafort’s team cited involved grand jury information. Mueller’s team also suggested that members of Congress, witnesses, attorneys for other suspects and even Manafort’s own attorneys could be potential sources for many of the reports.
    Prosecutors also suggested that any impact the press stories may have had on the jury pool could be addressed through jury selection. But Manafort’s team said that wouldn’t be enough to negate the flood of damaging media reports about their client.
    “In light of the mass media coverage of these leaks in print, on television, radio and the internet, it seems unlikely that there is a jury questionnaire, instruction or change of venue that could cure the irreparable harm to Mr. Manafort’s Constitutional rights resulting from leaks by the highest-level government officials,” Manafort’s defense lawyers wrote.
    The defense attorneys argue that evidence of grand jury leaks is abundant, but that Judge T.S. Ellis III should order a hearing even on leaks of classified information and other sensitive investigative details regardless of whether they involved a grand jury.


  8. BiD, maybe we can make copies for our own distribution.


    cnn:  Sweden to send war pamphlet to 4.8 million households

  9. The trumpence junta is a bunch of screwballs.  Sleazy screwballs.

    krudlow and munchkin and zte.

    All of our infrastructure and manufacturing jobs?  trump is more concerned about foreign countries enrichment that helped him get elected.  And to put this on parity with clinton’s sex scandal?   We are helping foreign governments to help trump’s bottom line while bankrupting the US of AA.  trump’s sex scandals?  His base does not care, just like the dems did not care about clinton as his popularity rose after Monica, but the sellout of America?  Bigger stuff.

  10. BB, she is the head spook, she has had decades of public control and her shame was showing through. She knows.

  11. Question to the non, uh, fans of Senator Sanders:

    Just curious. Today there are run offs, etc in states that feature Democratic candidates who clearly fall into the Bernie camp ( as opposed to the traditional Dems.) If said candidates win, would you support them against any Republican candidate? This is interesting because the divide from 2016 still exists. Republican dirty tricksters are skilled & experienced in exploiting such fractures within the opposition.

    The Democratic Party is the proverbial herding cats, the Republicans are servile lap dogs. Third Parties are angry alligators that do little but snap & destroy.

  12. Great description, SJ –

    The Democratic Party is the proverbial herding cats, the Republicans are servile lap dogs. Third Parties are angry alligators that do little but snap & destroy.

    It is important to realize how the information tentacles reaches the 3 parties.   gop has the luxury of ‘one message’ news sources while the rest of the political spectrum gets their scrambled and scattered information feed across many media sources.  The gop has ONE control of thought between faux news, alt-right online and radio media and church  —  same message via many tentacles.

    as for the bern?  He lost me when he trashed TPP and forced the dem platform to reflect the same message as trump about TPP.   We were all played during the 2016 election and bern is just as behooving to the assange online camp as trump.

  13. sj…  I am a registered Democrat…  I support all Democratic candidates.  I think most of us have repeated this mantra numerous times.  Bernie lost me when Hillary became the Democratic nominee for the 2016 presidential election and then he refused to back her.  IMO, Pogo is correct… he is a Prick.

    And…  I agree fully with this statement…

     We were all played during the 2016 election and bern is just as behooving to the assange online camp as trump.

  14. I haven’t done a deep dive into the Manafort filing regarding Weissman, but regardless of anything else if he is claiming that publicity based upon the leaks is the problem Manafort would have to show that coverage of HIM was so pervasive that he could not get a fair trial in that jurisdiction, and even then he would just get a change of venue.  I think it’s a long shot.  Most people don’t pay much attention to stuff like that.

  15. to quote Jaime — “As long as Sanders doesn’t run a third party candidate I support who ever wins the primary.” 

    I think that is true for a majority of Dems …just not spoilsports
    Also the so-called socialist platform that is the term used by Goopers is the Nancy P platform and it is only when other Dems say you have to respond to the Trump voter do the Dems get lost in the weeds.
    They need to be strong on a positive progressive platform and leave the racist assholes behind.

  16. At this time…..If you vote for anyone but a democrat, you are a republican.

    The End.

  17. Sj, yes, if they run in the dem primaries and make it into and win dem runoffs and run in the general as a dem, I’d support them.  The fact that they may be more progressive than the average establishment dem is not a concern to me.

  18. PatD – I still have my grandparents’ preparedness manual with an intro by some guy named McNamara.

  19. For me, there is little difference from rabid Bernie supporters and rabid Trump supporters. Both of their ranks are filled with nativist, and fringe single issue nut cases. Neither group is rational and both are anti science.

    So given that, if it looks like a Bernie is going to win the primary in a race that is important to me, I will probably ask for the Republican ballot in the primary to see if I can help a sane Republican win.

    While my vote is mostly given to Democrats, that is just because the Republicans  have gone  majority crazy. If the Democrats do too………..


  20. How are Bernie supporters anti-science?

    As much as I am dismayed by Trumpsky’s presidency, I am still relieved that Hillary is not Prez & I hope she will not be arrogant enough to run, again.  I hope the same for Bernie; please don’t be arrogant enough to run for Prez, again.

    It’s time for someone new.

  21. blueINdallas,

    Just being “I’m not Trump” may not be a wise strategy, especially if the economy is personally treating said voter well or at least OK. Times have changed – moral failings that would have sunk a candidate in the past are now accepted. Personally, I believe it all boils down to money & quality of life issues over any moral shortcomings. If Trump won after Access Hollywood ….. he can very well win again. He can also use the Mueller investigation to his advantage by playing to the “they’re out to get me/it’s a conspiracy” crowd. He plays this game quite well, btw. He was the one savvy enough to do marathon appearances at rallies the night before the election rather than sit back & take in a “victory” celebration hosted by multi millionaire entertainers. Look at me … I have no guitar .. I have no piano … Ouch. But he did win the Presidency.





  22. perhaps I have a touch of the old Blind Faith but that man is incapable of catching Mueller off guard.   He has as much chance as a snowflake in hell.   The G-men are on his trail.

    And “I’m not trump” carries a much bigger stick these days.

  23. McNamara, the feller that sent my outfit to Vietnam–personified the self-serving stuff. The people in my cohort were content serving under Kennedy’s leader/stewardship. Despite being alerted for the Berlin and Cuban things, we didn’t believe that we were about to be wasted-wasted.

  24. Would I vote for a repub like flake over a Dem like manchin ? I’m sure that I would remember the Garland/gorsuch horror and vote for manchin.

  25. Thanks for the Tribune, Mr Sturgeone.

    As I read it, I had a fleeting fancy of Big Al being re-incarnated as the big deadbeat treasonous perv in the White House. But of course, trump was born a few years before the colorful republican mobster died – of (maybe why the mobster-like pussypincher is microbe-phobic) advanced syphilis.

  26. Mr Flatus,

    I never thought the Berlin or Cuban crises would spawn nuclear war either. Principally, I figured that a totalitarian dictator would balk at getting all his thralls exterminated. Who would Nikita boss around after an event like that ?

    Regarding McNamara, what a bloody monster he was. He deserved a Nuremburg style trial and hanging. I could add a dozen other names, but mac was #1.

  27. mcnamara was supposed to be a penny-pincher, who would make our military lean and mean, and get better performance at a lower price. All of his savings were erased in 1965. But the war got more expensive and lasted another 9.5 years. That’s not even considering the tens of thousands of irreplaceable soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen, or all the injuries, physical and mental. It would have been far better if he had ended his career at the end of a rope. For one thing, if mac had taken the big jerk, the Pentagon smarties probably would have thought longer and harder about getting involved in (mired) Afghanistan and Iraq.

  28. Very interesting to see the reactions to voting for a Bernie Dem Candidate.

    Or not voting.

    Is not voting for a Democrat because of Bernie stink the equivalent of cutting one’s nose off? Isn’t the overall game numbers, as in who has the majority? As long as the GOP has the majority, the Democrats remain impotent & irrelevant.

    Heck, I supported & voted for HRC in 2016 because the alternative was not an option. I could give a hoot if the 2020 nominee is a Berniecrat or a Pelosicrat as long as he/she is competent & not prone to fascism. As much as I dislike Party machine politics in the end what is best for the whole wins out over petty selfishness. I am one of many, not an island alone.

  29. Ruth Bader Ginsburg b 1933

    Anthony Kennedy b 1936

    Stephen Breyer b 1938

    Three rather good reasons to vote for a sane future.


  30. XR, not that Morrissey is a common sense kind of republican or anything, but I’ll be voting for Manchin in November. And yes, it’s a numbers game.  How many principled repugs are there in the congress who vote against trumpian  policies and appointees even 20% of the time? Hint – the  answer rhymes with nun.

    What sj said.

  31. Vote democrat…….Bernie dem, pelosi dem, Feinstein dem, Franken dem……whoever the hell else dem…….there’s a lot more mess to clean up this time.

    Dems can be picked apart later, when the dust settles……

  32. Bernie is the poster boy for the moron wing of the Liberals/Progressives, those who are full of ideas but have no solutions, who have opinions on politics but don’t know shit about policy, who think whining and complaining are equivalent to voting and participating.  They’ll always be a cancer on the Liberal movement and doom it to failure- for want of a more liberal society they gleefully subverted the better option towards such a society and opened the door to fascism, and will do it, again, because they’re intellectually bankrupt.

  33. The EPA blocked journalists from news organizations they didn’t like, ER, I mean because of “space limitations.”

    C’mon, let Screw-It Pruitt make his horrific comments in public.   Shine some sunlight on his BS & let everyone know how bad it smells.

  34. Cohen’s Russian-immigrant taxi cab partner just made a deal.  C’mon, Cohen! It’s time to flip!

  35. I cannot agree with Mr Bink. The better option was not defeated by the Clinton wing of the party, but by the purges of voters in WI, MI, and PA, by the russian/republican propaganda effort, and the efforts of comey, mcnab, and strzok to make HRC seem like the corrupt racketeer that trump actually is.

  36. It just seems that after the horribleness of 2016 there would be a realization that any vote towards sanity is welcome & should be encouraged. Always going to be division, can’t change human will. Once in a while compromise & commonsense take root. Maybe a little less name calling & derision with a lot more listening & respect (from both camps) would be wise. Imagine that.

    Paging Bishop Curry. You & your Love sermon from Harry & Meghan’s wedding is needed. Stat.


  37. X,

    The underlying premise of your assertion is that Americans are stupid and shouldn’t trust their own judgment- so, ultimately, we agree!

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