Quoth the Raven “Nevermore”

— Edgar Allen Poe

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

One of the rather less than pure and sweet morals programs intelligence services run are using agents, men and women, who use sex to entrap or elicit information from the men and women who end up in their nest.  Looking at the “lawyer” who met with the Trump kids and campaign people would fit that category.

Looking at the Steele dossier, it seems a couple of red sparrows were involved.  Red Sparrows are what Russian intelligence community terms the sex workers and agents.  They are very pretty.  Think of Anna Chapman.  Think of the lawyer who met in the SFB stack of stuff, Natalia V. Veselnitskaya.  Both representative of women who entrap you. Although there is no mention the lawyer was a sparrow.  And, men who do the same for men or women are ravens.

Could the women in the Moscow hotel that probably had a very wet mattress to throw away have been red sparrows?  I would bet on it.  Putin is proud of how beautiful Russian sex workers are.  Even better they are well trained as agents too.  A certain president has a penchant for sex workers and beautiful women.  Especially young women.

A self-absorbed man-child would not have noticed or cared about who the women were if he were trying to get laid. It is possible he would not have noticed other instances if the women were not women but younger than eighteen.  He has been accused of entering the dressing room of the 1997 Miss Teen pageant, where contestants were as young as fifteen.

If a video of a man having sex with a teenage girl exists, that would be very damning and a very solid reason for blackmail.

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Author: Blue Bronc

Born in Detroit when Truman was president, survived the rest of them. Early on I learned that FDR was the greatest president, which has withstood all attempts to change that image. Democratic Party, flaming liberal, Progressive, equality for all and a believer in we are all human and deserve respect and understanding. College educated, a couple of degrees, a lot of world experience and tons of fun. US Air Force (pre-MRE days). Oil and gas fields, computer rooms and stuff beyond anything I can talk about. It has been quite a life so far. The future is making my retirement boat my home. Dogs, cats and other critters fill my life with happiness. Work pays the bills.

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  1. bbronc, your post reminds me to ask (and go news surfing for) about the self-described sex-coach (possible sparrow?)  that’s in a thai jail but seeking a negotiated way out thru our embassy.

    any word on her yet?

  2. latest dated story found so far was this from business insider.  will look for more.


    The FBI reportedly wants to talk to a jailed ‘sex coach’ who claims she has audio recordings that prove Russian election meddling

  3. BB, While it was for Germany’s benefit then, this dates back to Mata Hari. Didn’t work out well for her.

  4. PATD – I think that young woman was killed a couple weeks ago.  I will have to do some research later for that link. It happened during one of the moments the media was overwhelmed with something SFB and his minions were doing.

  5. This verifies a very good reason to elect women to positions of power. The following is an awful statement, but men, you are more easily led by below your belt than women & yield to temptation & the “easy available” at much higher rates. Successful women have to be strong just because a gracious plenty of male perception towards them is how she looks & is she [redacted.] I’m not telling tales, simply stating reality. Are there women who could be entrapped/blackmailed by hunky boy toys? Of course. But the rate would be far less than men. It’s how we’re wired.

    Now … will the male powers that be ever allow their majority in government to be chipped away … ? Ladies, we are the majority. Act like it. Vote. And run for office. And vote. Support women candidates.  And vote …



  6. A beautiful morning glory to the trail…nice ‘catch-of-the-day,’ BB.

    Since ivanka was born?  trump entered into passive incest territory — trump bought a teen pageant so ivanka could host.  A true perv as another symptom of his narcissistic defects.   ivanka is off-limits per rudy-g — only trump gets to touch her.   While in his adult realm?  trump plays with porn stars, beauty queens, bunnies and sex workers while his heart belongs to ivanka, not mel.  The honey traps of the wealthy.

    As for red sparrows or honey traps….from this 2014 Mirror article as Ana Chapman is mentioned.

    MI5 chiefs have told British officials in Russia to guard against ‘honey traps’ as ­relations with the Kremlin plunge over Ukraine.

    cohen, like trump?  Shares a love of eastern European women…and a hate of the grown American woman and how she uses her mouth for truth, not pleasure.   cohen is married to a Ukrainian and his FIL has gotten him into some schemes with other Ukrainians.   Cabs and cannabis come to mind.

  7. Unemployment fell to lowest levels since 2000 when Bill Clinton was President. If this holds, will it portend well for the GOP come November? Paycheck stability tends to rate higher than political ethics when voting: I, Me, Mine vs You & Us.

    How can the Democrats mine & message positive economic news to their advantage? Make inroads where maybe the news isn’t so cheery? Food for thought.

    Also, was the Parkland Young Adult phenomenon just that, a light in the dark that burned bright than fizzled? Too much, too soon? Over exposure or the American way of picking up & moving on, defining the unpleasant as yesterday’s news?

  8. Heddy…how broke is he?

    Anyway….the junta is off to Dallas for the nra convention another hotbed of guns and honey traps.

    nra twitter feed —  Without the support and generosity of members, American rights would look a lot different. Meeting all these incredible people at the Annual Meeting of Members inspires us never to stop fighting to defend the .

    How about all of the member money so generously given from russia?    FEC probe of the nra and ruskie donations.


  9. heddycariad, thanks for the link.  should be good for another “how broke is he?” chorus

  10. BlueBronc…  of course the Russians are blackmailing the Orange One with a sex tape.  At this point it should be obvious to anyone (except the dummies who still defend this mess) that when one vehemently denies anything…  it’s true….  and it goes doubly for SFB.

    heddyc…   I love David Cay’s last line…

    So just keep asking yourself, and asking others: Have you ever heard of a multibillionaire who couldn’t pay a $130,000 bill and needed a 120 day or longer loan from his lawyer to cover the bill?

  11. Pogo…  it looks like LeBron is determined to show the world that he is not old for a basketball player. So far it does look good for another rematch with the Cavs vs the Celtics…  but you know how sports goes.  I say…  enjoy it while you can…  if LeBron goes to the Lakers, we might be seeing the last of that match-up.

  12. As the baby boomers retire?  More jobs for the younger and returning home vets — yet, wages are very thin and benefits?  Not much for the average worker.  Now the safety net for older Americans kicks-in and the gop doesn’t want them to touch their life long promise of security at life’s end.   A birth boom causes so many problems as it occurs when resources are plentiful and there are enough working folks to spread the wealth and support the younger and older populations.  The boomers produced gen xers who are a shallow demographic compared the wall of babies from 1946 -1966.  Now it is the millennials turn to support the society as they bring-up the rear!   Millennials as a group now outnumber the baby boomers.  Hip hop is more popular than rock and roll (sigh).  It seems most young humans are forced into contract labor…not the pretend careers of yesteryear.   We will all see how this works-out for the US.

  13. bbronc,  wouldn’t be surprised about that or that all traces of promised tapes & vids have disappeared. also found this from april 17th story in Toronto sun  : Russian sex guru, harem sprung from Thai jail


    Kirillov and Vashukevich, with half a dozen other people, were taken back Tuesday to a Pattaya court from the immigration detention centre in Bangkok where they are being held.


    Vashukevich’s earlier revelation of an alleged affair with Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch close to President Vladimir Putin, fueled opposition allegations in Russia of official corruption and enraged the Kremlin.
    Vashukevich claims to have audio recordings of Deripaska that provide evidence of Russian meddling in the U.S. polls.
    Deripaska has been linked to Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager who has been indicted on money laundering charges in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.
    Cops last week added additional charges against them of soliciting to provide sexual services, which carries a maximum prison term of 10 years, and conspiracy to solicit, which is punishable by up to seven years.
    With good reason, the sexual adventurers fear violent recriminations from Russia, which has shown a willingness to go to the ends of the earth to liquidate its enemies.



  14. This one made me grimace — pale faces call cops on native Americans visiting CSU campus.
    A New Mexico mother believes her two Native American sons were the victims of racial profiling during a campus tour at Colorado State University on Monday.
    Thomas Kanewakeron Gray, 19, and Lloyd Skanahwati Gray, 17, had saved enough money to drive roughly seven hours from the family’s home in Santa Cruz, New Mexico, to Fort Collins to tour the campus, Lorraine Kahneratokwas Gray told The Associated Press.
    The family is Mohawk, and they lived in upstate New York before moving to New Mexico, she told the AP.
    Their trip was interrupted when a parent called campus police because she was nervous when the two men joined the tour, according to a letter sent out by CSU.

    Police responded to the call by contacting the brothers. Campus police spoke with the students, confirmed they were part of the tour and told them they could rejoin the group. But by then the tour had moved on without them. 


  15. bobby 3 sticks shooting blanks?


    usa today:  Robert Mueller seeks 70 blank subpoenas in Paul Manafort’s case


    and the hill:
    Special counsel Robert Mueller is requesting 70 blank subpoenas ahead of the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.Mueller is making the request for the subpoenas in the Alexandria, Va., court where Manafort is facing trial on several charges, including bank fraud.
    A spokesman for the special counsel confirmed to The Hill that the filing is an additional set of requests, after prosecutors previously requested 35 sets of blank subpoenas for the trial.

    Manafort is facing several charges of bank fraud and money laundering, including 18 criminal charges in Virginia federal court. He is also facing five charges in D.C.Manafort has pleaded not guilty to the charges. The trial is set to begin July 10.


  16. Rachel maddow on ny times headline:


    It’s something even weirder than fascinating that this will forever be a front page in U.S. presidential history. This is the front page of The New York Times website right now: ‘President acknowledges porn actress payoff. Contradicts earlier claims.’ What a life we’re all living. Happy National Day of Prayer.

  17. SJ, the economic news is pretty bland.  Labor participation has been flat since the beginning of the year and after a 2 month spike in job creation it’s dropped back to less than the 2017 average.  With fewer jobs created than 2 months ago, and following a pretty disastrous March the drop in the jobless rate can only be a reflection of folks dropping out of the job market.  Hey, we’re an aging country and apparently fewer old folks are looking for jobs at McDonald’s and Walmart.

    Patd, Mueller is seeking blank witness subpoenas – apparently the prosecutors trying the case have decided to throw the kitchen sink at him.  This really isn’t all that unexpected – very high profile case about bank fraud and money laundering – a lotta pieces to those puzzles.

  18. Mr Trump has every reason to be fearful; and, Mr Mueller had better choose the location for any ‘meeting’ carefully:

  19. More and more missteps, more and more tendrils. And Rudy is greasing the skids.

  20. Rudee the drunk

    She is divorcing him because he is one of the few people who can make Trump glad he wasn’t the one who made the remark

  21. Here come da judge!   Judge skeptical about Mueller case against manafort.

    More headlines –

    Newsmax —
    Federal Judge: Special Counsel Mueller Prosecuting Manafort to Get to Trump
    abc —
    Judge to prosecutors in Manafort case: ‘We don’t want anyone with unfettered power’
    fox —
    Federal judge accuses Mueller’s team of ‘lying,’ trying to target Trump: ‘C’mon man!’


  22. Ellis vs. Jackson, 2 judges — from politico in April, 2018.

    The Virginia indictment has complicated the bail situation further, since Manafort is now subject to the rulings of two judges. The judge in Alexandria, T.S. Ellis III, initially ordered what he called “home incarceration” for Manafort at his Alexandria condo under conditions similar to the ones Jackson imposed.
    However, Ellis has indicated he’d considering lifting some of those conditions if Manafort were to post enough money or assets to ensure that he would appear for future court dates.
    Ellis has set July 10 for Manafort’s trial to open in the Virginia case, while Jackson has set a Sept. 17 trial date for Manafort in the D.C. case.

    Ellis was nominated by reagan.


  23. time to light the altar and make sure  the dems keep the wave machine working…the pushback against Mueller is fierce.

  24. So, Twit tweeted in support of Trudy’s Fox appearance.   Now, Trumpsky said he didn’t have his alternative facts straight.

    When it comes to lying, Trumpsky is not exactly a finesse liar.


    sj – The movement energized by the kids at Parkland has not fizzled.   The media has stopped widely covering events, although they continue to do Town Hall events, etc.   But, the kids also have other things to do, like take finals and graduate.   Some of the lull also happens in campaigns; down time.    Fear not.  New voters will appear in the fall.  I hope registration drives down here are helping folks get their IDs, too.

    Putz Pence has landed and the sky is crying.  Trumpsky set to arrive later.  Local news showing protesters outside of the NRA Convention; I’m sure there will be more this weekend.

  25. Air Force One has just landed at Love.

    (Putz already on his way to the Convention Center.)

    There is an overflow crowd waiting in the rain to get in to hear Putz & Trumpsky.

    The crowd inside looks to be older & white (surprise).  Lots of cowboy hats, which folks don’t normally wear around here.

    I guess the cowboy hat is the NRA version of the fascinaters worn at royal weddings.

  26. bId,

    You’re spot-on about the kids other responsibilities as their school-year winds down. I suspect inertia and mutual support has kept them focused on their mission for the last several weeks; that will be coming to an end as the older students graduate and the need to cope becomes the advancing students’ new reality.

    I’m incredibly proud of them.

  27. Pogo,


    It’s all perception, not reality, in the New Normal. Don’t muddy the waters with pesky facts.

    What counts is the mood/perception on Election Day. Do I have a job? Enough money to live? Am I anxiety ridden or can I sleep? Republicans let me keep my money; Democrats take it for deadbeats. May seem like silly questions, but they play a part in last minute decision voters who fear the deep end so wade in the shallow. These Last Minute Folks played a part in the HRC downfall.


  28. “Let me be clear, Mr. President,” Cavuto said. “How can you drain the swamp if you’re the one who keeps muddying the waters?
    “You didn’t know about the $130,000 payment to a porn star, until you did,” he continued. “Said you knew nothing about how your former lawyer handled this, until you acknowledged today that you were the guy behind the retainer payment that took care of this. You insist that money from the campaign or campaign contributions played no role in this transaction. Of that you’re sure. The thing is, not even 24 hours ago, sir, you couldn’t recall any of this.”
    Cavuto went on to tick off a list of examples of statements Trump has made that were incorrect or appeared to conflict with earlier statements. There was “the time you said the Russians didn’t interfere in the 2016 election, until a lot of Republicans had to remind you they did,” Cavuto said. “Came back months later, and you said, ‘Well, I never said that Russia didn’t meddle in the election,’ when in fact you had — a lot.”
    Cavuto said that none of this “makes you evil” or “makes what you say fake” but does make “calling out the press for being so a bit of a stretch.”

    “You are right to say some of them are out to get you. But oftentimes they’re using your own words to bat you,” Cavuto said. “You probably  might not care. But you should. I guess you’ve been too busy draining the swamp to stop and smell the stink you’re creating. That’s your doing. That’s your stink. Mr. President, that’s your swamp.”

  29. blueINdallas & Flatus,

    I hope you are correct. We have a habit in this country of over exposure of whatever the flavor of the week is. From dizzying heights to *pfft.*

    Yesterday’s News is the name of a great cat litter, btw. My cats were raised using it from kittenhood.

  30. rudy-g’s clarified statement (from CNN) —  NO mention of the 3 held prisoners.  To me, mentioning the 3 prisoner’s release on hannity?  Despicable.  The harm to the family members to clear a crook’s name by showing-off?  Now rudy-g is a showboater.

    The statement —

    These are my views:First:There is no campaign violation. The payment was made to resolve a personal and false allegation in order to protect the President’s family. It would have been done in any event, whether he was a candidate or not.Second:My references to timing were not describing my understanding of the President’s knowledge, but instead, my understanding of these matters.Third:It is undisputed that the President’s dismissal of former Director Comey – an inferior executive officer – was clearly within his Article II power. Recent revelations about former Director Comey further confirm the wisdom of the President’s decision, which was plainly in the best interests of our nation.


  31. Blonde Wino,

    The Trump Administration is creating jobs 😉

    Listening to President Trump speaking at the NRA Convention.  He’s using them, they’re using him. It’s mutual.

    Really dull ugly background. With all that blood $, think they’d be a little more creative. Some wag should digitally change it to “ERA.” I dares ya.

    African American people love Donald J. Trump because Kanye said so.


    Wooo Wooo Wooo Wooo Wooo Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.

    He just invoked the name of St Ronald Reagan.


  32. If Donald J. Trump says you are a good person, you are in reality very bad & corrupt but you wouldn’t realize this, would you.

  33. SJ, if ronald reagan had not been shot?  We would not have the brady bill.

    a provision of US federal law that requires a waiting period for handgun purchases and background checks on those who wish to purchase handguns.

  34. Sunshine lollipops & daydreams

    We’re really doing well with North Korea.


  35. President Trump is quite animated, even for him. Must have found another “happy” doc to meet his needs.

  36. “BOOM! Come over here!”

    “BOOM! Come over here!”

    “BOOM! Come over here!”

    Seriously, the President of the USA just said this on live TV. With his finger pointed like a gun.

  37. President Trump making stabbing motions now.

    “Knives …knives… knives.”

    Sweet Jesus I am telling the truth.

  38. President Trump just promised “We’ll be here for a long time.”

    Your move, Dems.


  39. SJ…and I am sure the crowd is drooling for more hand antics..they have to use their hands as ‘fake guns’ as the SS wisely banned guns during potus,vpotus speeches.

    bang, bang.

  40. And the secret word (or woid, as Groucho said) is:


    The President just used this. Not as in “uncle” but as in pus & an oozing wound, ya know, like those illegals flooding the border. It’s an epidemic!

  41. As for the dems?   They have won the popular in all of the past prez votes since 1992 except for John Kerry in 2004.   Although there are some cracks in the gerrymandering wall, voter suppression is rampant.  This year many states have adopted the ‘real ID.’   When I was renewing my DL?  Many turned away for lack of paperwork and in my area?  Sent to DHS…hubby reported the same thing.  A lot of turnaways.   Some states ask for id when voting which plays into the voter suppression.

    dems have to get a unified message and a bevy of young surfing jackasses.  I have been impressed by many young, female surfers.  We need them all…it is their time to run the show for their future.

  42. I guess that means I live close to ‘Pusville’ on the border while many others just live in ‘Shitholia.’

    Words to go down in history (restroom walls!) from the potus.

  43. The Texan remark was in reference to President Trump’s Alamo tangent. Santa Ana still gets a crowd riled up 😉

    Was I the only moron  person brave enough to watch this thing live? I took one for the Trail.

  44. Thank you, SJ.  I fell apart watching his horror show before he left for Dallas.  His arguing with the truth and rewriting history…roughshodding over decency..makes me wildly nauseous.
    (thanks for clarifying about the alamo contingent)

  45. Move over starbucks, the update on the Native Americans and CSU.
    Officials at Colorado State University are in damage control mode after two Native American brothers had “unwelcoming and concerning experience” on a campus tour. The story has drawn national attention.
    The university is offering to reimburse Thomas Gray and his younger brother for the expenses they incurred traveling from their home in New Mexico to Fort Collins for Monday’s tour. They’d also like to bring them back for an all-expenses paid VIP tour.
    The teens didn’t get a chance to experience a complete tour of the university because campus police stopped them for questioning during it.
    It turns out a parent of a different student on the tour contacted police because she thought something didn’t seem right with the two, who were extremely quiet.

  46. Obama spokesman, josh earnest, hired by united airlines — and there is one more incident in the unfriendly skies.

    cbs also reports on the regional united carrier attendant with photos.

    United Airlines is responding to reports of an incident involving an attendant, saying late Thursday it is “aware of a concerning incident involving a flight attendant serving on our regional service provider Trans States Airlines flight 4689.” The statement came after a person who indicated in online posts that she was on the flight posted pictures and cellphone video of a flight attendant looking disheveled and later confronting another passenger. 


  47. What are you saying SJ  are you suggesting that Donald J Trump would lie about his drug and alcohol use?

  48. Bid…article on laser weapons as the US plans widespread use by 2020.

    The air force is also working on a defensive shield, encapsulating and protecting fighter planes, much like in Star Wars or Star Trek. The difficulty is creating a laser bubble which would take out missiles, drones, and other aircraft, without interfering with the airplane’s own aerodynamics. The project has so far successfully tested a turret which could provide such shielding. It isn’t just the US developing these. Other countries are showcasing their own laser weapons, including The UK’s Dragonfire Programme and China’s Silent Hunter. Each can take out drones, light aircraft, missiles, cars, and projectiles such as artillery shells.  


  49. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    President Trump is a happy fella. At odd, inopportune times. He reminds me of listening to corn popping in a pan. Ping .. ping … pingpingpingpingping!!!!! Then there’s always one …. last ….. POP.

  50. A recurring line at the NRA Convention that is a big applause line according to the local media:  Don’t trust the media.


  51. Sheeeit…. That boy would rather climb a tree and lie that stand on the ground and tell the truth.

  52. And Rebellious wins the Oaks aboard Monomoy Girl

    Monomoy Girl
    Florent Geroux
    5 to 2

  53. BW  –  China attacked our military personnel.  Why isn’t that a bigger deal?

    They probably need to outfit commercial pilots with eye protection, too.   Many cases of idiots with non-military, high-range lasers targeting planes.

  54. Alright!  Thanks for that info, Jamie.  I missed the race…   been playing cards all day with friends…  just got home and logged on here to see who won the Oaks.

    I will make sure to watch the Derby tomorrow.

  55. They’ve been attacking our active duty military during operations?


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