‘Love Child’ Why Not?

Someone who spent years lying about Barack Obama’s birthplace ought to deal with this:

Door Man Paid To Keep Quiet About Trump Impregnating House Keeper (New Yorker)

“I’m stepping down to spend more time with my actual children.”

CNN: Trump Door Man Confirms Leaked Reports

House Judiciary chair Jerry Nadler if Dems win (CNN): “If Trump fires Rosenstein or Mueller that’ll be evidence of obstruction of justice.”

Rep. Denny Heck (D-Washington) on CNN:

“It gives me absolutely no joy, no psychic gratification whatsoever to say this … I think Donald Trump is manifestly unfit to be President of the United States. … He’s not well suited for this job. And I wish he would have a conversation with his God, himself and his family about whether we would all be better off if he would just resign.”


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  1. housekeeper?

    odd, remembering that Trump had called the 1996 Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, as “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping.”   also that “Eighty percent of Trump [culinary] employees are Latino,” Carmen Harull, a Trump Hotel housekeeper from Argentina, told the Guardian.


  2. He won’t resign but, ah, karma…when millions get to tell him he’s fired.

    Comey’s book paints Trump as a clueless liar.   I’m conflicted about reading it.  Nightmares. At least he is being kind enough to refer to the Trumpsky admin as a “forest fire” and not a dumpster fire.

  3. He thinks he is having a conversation. With God…anytime he talks to himself.  That’s the problem.

    Looking forward to the Comey interview in Sunday night.

    Here’s hoping some journalist with keen sleuthing skills can resurrect some of the catch & kill stories nabbed by the Natl Enq.  “Pappa, can you hear me”? ?


  4. Tiffany Trump was born out of wedlock. This is true.

    Enquiring minds want to know.

    Meanwhile the destruction of a functioning competent government rolls merrily along …. enabled by those we elected to protect that very institution.


  5. Who will protect American consumers from the unscrupulous Mick Mulvaney?   Elizabeth Warren to the rescue!

    Why isn’t this getting more coverage?

  6. BiD… if you read any of the Trump biographies (Tim O’Brien, David Cay Johnston), you find out that trumpty will do whatever he thinks will benefit him the most…  and yes, that includes quitting.  If he thinks by quitting he can avoid jail time or save his name brand, it’ll definitely cross his mind.


  7. If you go read the Newsweek coverage of his interview with Howard Stern, he said he was happy that he had a beautiful, little girl, but when he was told, his first reaction was asking Marla what are we going to do about this?

    Hmmm.  Sounds like he was pro-choice at some point.

  8. I read yesterday’s comments and instead of his usual gloat bomb, ping tried to besmirch and stain a historical southern upbringing.   Times change, even boehner has evolved.   It is the change we are able to achieve, not clinging to deplorable attitudes.  I prefer peace and building bridges, not walls or statues.


  9. In both of the interviews with playmate and porn star?  trump had unprotected sex just like arnold.   A housekeeping baby is always possible with these guys as this HAS been going on since the beginning of rich human time.

  10. It does make one wonder about abortion in trump’s world.   He has made a reference to ‘some sort of punishment’ for a woman terminating her pregnancy.  trump also made a reference to ‘a child who turned-out just fine after his parents were considering an abortion.’   He claimed he was a ‘soldier of the sexual revolution’ avoiding venereal disease while nightly visiting the NY sex grottos during the Vietnam war.  Who knows if he was talking about himself when referencing abortion?  King baby is so simple and stupid….every book about him says so.

    Evangelicals will give him a golf cart full of mulligans over his soiled past, while the sin of the private server?  Unforgivable.

    DC fashion hint and stock market tip, buy gloves

    the guardian:
    Russia tested nerve agent on door handles before Skripal attack, UK dossier claims

    “During the 2000s, Russia commenced a programme to test means of delivering chemical warfare agents and to train personnel from special units in the use of these weapons. This programme subsequently included investigation of ways of delivering nerve agents, including by application to door handles. Within the last decade, Russia has produced and stockpiled small quantities of novichoks under the same programme.”



  12. wapo:  Post-ABC poll: Majority of Americans support Mueller’s probe of Russia, Trump campaign
    Nearly 7 in 10 adults say they support Mueller’s focus on possible collusion with Russia. Sixty-four percent say they want the special counsel investigating Trump’s business activities. And a 58 percent majority supports investigating alleged payments by Trump associates to silence women who say they had affairs with him.

  13. It is pretty obvious King Baby is using the office for personal use…bolton coming back has him pardoning scooter and firing bossert…getting the bushy years straightened-out.  Now trump wants the post office reviewed because of bezos and wapo.

    And to make matters worse?  We are constantly reminded by sore ‘winners’ that trump won the election when he didn’t win —  as the election was hacked to achieve the win for trump.   A chinese finger trap with russian writing all over it.

  14. from ad age:
    A report by Maggie Haberman and Michael S. Schmidt in today’s New York Times is headlined “Trump, Angry About Reports of Subpoenas, Nearly Fired Mueller in December.” And an opinion column by Jennifer Rubin published online this morning by The Washington Post is titled “The White House says Trump can fire Mueller. That should give Republicans heartburn.”
    Judging from the just-released ad above, plenty of Republicans are already popping Prisolec at the prospect of the president trying to put an end to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation by ousting the man himself. It was created by a group called Republicans for the Rule of Law, which was founded by conservative commentator Bill Kristol. The ad is slated to appear today on D.C.-market cable news channels, including on Fox News during President Trump’s favorite TV show, “Fox & Friends.”
    “In Vietnam,” an announcer says in voice-over at the start of the ad, “Robert Mueller rescued fallen Marines under enemy fire and was awarded a Bronze Star for valor.” It goes on like that, laying out Mueller’s credentials while conspicuously never mentioning a certain someone who famously got out of serving in Vietnam on a “bone spurs” deferment (plus four educational deferments). A series of GOP leaders are also shown saying things in support of Mueller—including Vice President Mike Pence, who says “The special counsel has a job to do”—before closing with an appeal: “Call your representative,” the announcer urges, “and tell them to protect the Mueller investigation.”
    On their homepage, the Republicans for the Rule of Law somewhat adorably include a short form-letter petition to Trump that you can virtually sign on to by filling out your name, email address and zip code. It reads,

    Mr. President: Firing Robert Mueller would gravely damage the Presidency, the GOP and the country. Please don’t do it.

    There’s also a checkbox labeled “I am a Republican” that one can tick.

  15. trump is unhinged, pence and javanka are heading to peru (white gloves on), hope no longer corrects his tweets…he will react poorly all weekend.

    On a personal note, after seeing bolton in the WH? Hubby shaved his facial hair.   Luckily, hubby looks good with or without, but horror of the bolton mustache?   A wild lip animal.

  16. While I get the Support Mueller ad whether it be truly inspired or simple butt covering by certain Republican operatives, this whole circus has to be antithetical to the actual Mr Mueller. Good people in government are increasingly rare: why expose yourself to public harassment, lies & innuendo when you can choose not to? I fear there is no happy medium here: everyone gets used & exploited by someone somewhere for whatever agenda.

  17. it’s Friday the 13th!

    world, beware the twit as he has been known to issue creepy missives on this date.  for instance this as reported by cbs  in 2015:


    Following up on his epic rant against his GOP opponent Ben Carson on Thursday night, presidential candidate Donald Trump released a video on Friday — Friday the 13th — set to creepy music, suggesting that Carson is either a “violent criminal” or “pathological liar.”

  18. this was on fox news!

    Michael Cohen arranged ‘yet another hush NDA’ with GOP donor, Stormy Daniels’ attorney claims

    President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen recently arranged a nondisclosure agreement on behalf of a GOP donor who impregnated a woman and then “made sure she had an abortion,” porn star Stormy Daniels’ attorney tweeted late Thursday.
    The claim by Michael Avenatti, who filed Daniels’ ongoing defamation suit against Cohen earlier this year, came at the end of a whirlwind week in which Cohen’s home and office were raided by FBI agents.
    “In last 18 mos, Mr. Cohen negotiated yet another hush NDA, this time on behalf of a prominent GOP donor who had a relationship with a LA woman, impregnated her and then made sure she had an abortion,” Avenatti tweeted. “The deal provided for multiple payments across many months. #basta.”

    “Basta” is the Italian word for “enough.” Three hours after his first tweet, Avenatti provided more detail for his claim: “And to be clear, the GOP donor is also LA based.”
    There is no indication that this alleged NDA involves illegal activity or illicit funds.

  19. uncharacteristic reporting for them.  is faux news throwing cohen under the bus so that the twit doesn’t have to?

  20. As to Boehner’s evolving……..it just further proves that if you want a republican to support something, all you have to do is PAY them.

  21. The ad is ok but I think I would have ads attacking the people attacking the special counsel

    Another thing I would do is show all the goopers leaving and why — the chicken shit moderates and the others who are leaving for moral and ethical reasons — they are taking the money and running     How about some exit interviews with tubby Farenthold (sp)  and some of the others.   Pay per view

  22. Is SFB paying child support?   Does the mother have to collect benefits because he doesn’t pay.

  23. an important hearing now going on

    Trump lawyer Michael Cohen asking federal judge to suppress information found in FBI raid
    President Donald Trump‘s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, is asking a federal judge to block the government from using information seized in FBI raids on his home and residence this week.
    The U.S. District Court hearing on the request is scheduled for Friday morning. It will address the temporary restraining order Cohen filed in response to the warrant that authorized the searches.
    Judge Kimba Wood will handle Cohen ‘s motion at the hearing.


    BTW, among other things, wiki tidbit about judge kimba wood:

    On July 8, 2010, Wood was the presiding judge over the US case against ten alleged Russian ‘illegals‘ involved in the Illegals program. She accepted the defendants’ guilty pleas and sentenced all ten to time served. The ten were then deported and exchanged for four prisoners previously held in Russia.

  24. SJ, having served in local and regional government in the volunteer, appointed and elected levels, there are a number of things that make it worthwhile:
    –Knowing that you have the knowledge, training and experience to do a first-class job.
    –Knowing what a first-class job is in the context of the local environment.
    –Enlisting like-minded individuals to be part of a consensus building process.
    –Getting the Press involved at the editorial level.
    –Making the entrenched interests absolutely crazy.
    –Knowing who my real and enduring friends are.

  25. craig,  should be comforting to know that a nonagenarian pulled thru and is up and about in 11 days.
    It’s been a nail-biting few days for the royal family following Prince Philip’s hip operation. The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to hospital last Wednesday and there was a sigh of relief this morning when the 96-year-old royal was discharged with a clean bill of health.
    Eleven days after Philip had a successful hip operation to replace his hip with a prosthetic implant, he appeared in good spirits as he waved to waiting photographers as he was driven away from the King Edward VII hospital in central London back home to Windsor Castle….

  26. NY Times: Michael Cohen Asks Judge to Shield Trump Files From Prosecutors
    President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, asked a federal judge in Manhattan on Friday to block the Justice Department from reading documents related to his decade-long legal representation of Mr. Trump and that were taken in a recent F.B.I. raid.
    A lawyer representing Mr. Trump’s interest in the case also appeared, and asked a judge to order the Justice Department to temporarily delay looking at the files until the matter could be litigated.
    “Those searches have been executed and the evidence is locked down. I’m not trying to delay,” Joanna C. Hendon, an attorney for Mr. Trump, said during the hearing on Friday. “I’m just trying to ensure that it’s done scrupulously.”
    Mr. Cohen wants his lawyers to be able to review the files and withhold privileged material before prosecutors can see them. As an alternative, he asked that an independent lawyer be allowed to review the files first. A judge postponed any decision until a follow-up hearing Monday.


    Searching a law office is one of the most sensitive — and most heavily reviewed — activities the Justice Department conducts. It is rare to seek documents from lawyers in any case, but doing so by search rather than subpoena is unusually aggressive and is typically reserved for cases when prosecutors believe that the lawyer would conceal or destroy evidence if asked for it.

  27. BW – Exactly! That is the reason Trumpsky  is pardoning Scooter.  It’s a message to everyone on Mueller’s list that he’ll pardon them, too.  (There he goes, telegraphing messages, again.  Not too subtle.)

    Light a candle that he won’t be in office to pardon them, and that friend-of-Flynn/Manafort, Mike  Pence, goes down, too.

    Repug critters disappearing like it’s the danged rapture.


  28. OK, so Cohen has an attorney with regard to info seized by the FBI.

    Why did Trumpsky hire a lawyer to inject themselves into the Cohen case unless there is something truly awful that he wants to cover up?


  29. Scooter Libby Revenge Pardon  James Comey authorized the special counsel that led to Scooter being convicted

    oh rats no conspiracy Victoria Toensing is Scooter’s lawyer

  30. Follow Follow @MSNBC



    “It’s very clear that this is a message he is sending that you can commit crimes against national security and you will be pardoned.”

    – Fmr. CIA operative on Trump’s plans to pardon of Scooter Libby




    7:34 AM – 13 Apr 2018


  31. Well, his sentence was already commuted, but still…

    Trumpsky is like a viscous, little eighth-grader.

    Karma is coming big for Trumpsky.  Get more paranoid if you can.

  32. I believe the generals will attempt to protect us from this malignant narcissist called trump so he doesn’t commit suicide by nuclear annihilation.  I hope they lock him in his room this weekend with knives, rope and poison.  comey is under the skin of the US of AA, enough hate and distrust on both sides of the politcal spectrum for that showboater.    This may be a good Friday the 13th nightmare once the sun goes down.

  33. Time for the Friday afternoon  Trump dump and a quick exit to play golf. Is Scooter all there is?


  34. Rosenstein said he expects to get canned and is ready for it.  Think he has the goods?  He’s overseen both Comey and Mueller investigations. If Trump weren’t so stupid some people might think he was brilliant.

  35. From what I’m reading  Comey is being his usual weaselly self. The f*cker threw the election. As far as I’m concerned firing him is the only good thing  Trump ever did.
    From the Friday afternoon dump:
    Second may be his firing of McCabe. The Inspector General’s report is out. Cause for firing McCabe? all the leaking coming from the FBI about Clinton’s emails.



  36. from above link

    C. Conclusion

    As detailed in this report, the OIG found that then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lacked candor, including under oath, on multiple occasions in connection with describing his role in connection with a disclosure to the WSJ, and that this conduct violated FBI Offense Codes 2.5 and 2.6.  The OIG also concluded that McCabe’s disclosure of the existence of an ongoing investigation in the manner described in this report violated the FBI’s and the Department’s media policy and constituted misconduct.

    The OIG is issuing this report to the FBI for such action that it deems to be appropriate.

  37. “Cause for firing McCabe? all the leaking coming from the FBI about Clinton’s emails.”

    jack, to be clear, they say it was his misleading responses to their questions about his role in leaking the info that fbi was investigating clinton.

    does seem ironic that the twit fires someone who helped get him elected…. two somebodies counting comey’s infamous letter to congress 8 days before the election.

  38. Buzzfeed:

    Government Confirms Criminal Investigation Into Michael Cohen

    The news came out in a filing opposing Cohen’s request to stop the government from reviewing the documents it seized from him in Monday’s search.

    Government attorneys stated on the record for the first time on Friday that President Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer “is under criminal investigation.”
    Cohen, Trump’s longtime personal attorney, was the subject of widely publicized search warrants that were executed at his office, home, and Manhattan hotel room on April 9.
    The prosecutors from the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York also revealed in a Friday court filing that search warrants on multiple email accounts “maintained by Cohen” also had been previously executed and the emails reviewed by federal investigators as part of the “months-long investigation into Cohen”.
    The news came as lawyers for Cohen, joined by a lawyer representing Trump, were in federal court Friday morning asking a federal judge to halt review of the evidence seized in the searches against Cohen earlier this week.
    The concerns raised by Cohen and Trump’s lawyers surround claims of attorney–client privilege and how items seized in those searches should be reviewed, and by whom.
    “The dispute before the court is who should make the determination” on attorney–client privilege, US District Judge Kimba Wood noted as the hearing began, but matters quickly got delayed when an attorney for Trump intervened and asked for more time to review the government’s filing in the matter.
    Attorneys from the Southern District of New York US Attorney’s Office represented the prosecution in the hearing before Wood on Friday, the first official confirmation that SDNY is running the investigation that led to the warrants against Cohen.
    Shortly before the hearing, prosecutors provided Cohen’s lawyers with a filing that had not yet been made public. The opposition to Cohen’s request for a temporary restraining order was posted on the public docket later Friday — revealing, among other matters, the email searches for the first time.
    In the filing, the SDNY attorneys also acknowledge that the case began as a referral from special counsel Robert Mueller’s office — which Cohen’s lawyer had said previously — but the filing goes on to state that the “months-long investigation into Cohen” has “proceeded independent” of Mueller’s office.
    In the morning hearing, the prosecutors made clear their preference to review the seized materials for privilege by using a “taint team” — lawyers from the US Attorney’s Office who are uninvolved in the investigation or prosecution of the matter — to review the materials. (The SDNY filing calls it a “filter team.”)
    Cohen, on the other hand, is asking the court to appoint a special master to review the materials for attorney–client privilege — before anyone from the US Attorney’s Office would do so. Cohen was represented at the hearing by Todd Harrison, one of his lawyers from McDermott Will and Emery.
    Trump’s lawyer, however, was — at this point — just asking for more time. Joanna Hendon, a partner at Spears and Imes, said that she had only been retained by Trump on Wednesday evening.
    “This is the president of the United States,” Hendon told Wood, arguing that, as the privilege-holder, he should be involved in the proceedings. “These interests are so weighty. Ultimately, in my view, this is of most concern to him, I think the public is a close second, and I think anyone who’s ever hired a lawyer a close third.”
    Assistant US Attorney Thomas McKay complained about the “last-second intervention” by Trump’s lawyer, arguing that Trump’s intervention isn’t necessary because there would be “no difference between the arguments he would make” and those Cohen’s lawyers would make.
    Wood has given Trump until 11 a.m. Monday to let the court know if the president will be making any argument different than that being advanced by Cohen regarding the treatment of the seized materials.
    The hearing itself was continued until 2 p.m. Monday.
    Before the judge halted the hearing, Wood had a sidebar discussion — a discussion between the lawyers and the judge but not open to observers — regarding, as Wood put it, “potentially innocent individuals and their privacy being invaded if made public.”
    Another hearing on whether the transcript of that sidebar discussion should be made public is set for later today, at 2 p.m. Friday.
    Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for adult film star Stormy Daniels (whose given name is Stephanie Clifford), asked to also be heard in this afternoon’s discussion, which the judge agreed to.
    “We have every reason to believe some of the documents received relate to my client and privacy issues you speak about,” he told the court.
    One of Cohen’s lawyers, Stephen Ryan, previously said that the warrants were sought by the SDNY US Attorney’s Office upon a referral from special counsel Robert Mueller’s office. The special counsel’s office has not, however, commented on the matter

  39. The way Trump is foaming at the mouth today, I’m expecting a diagnosis of rabies.

  40. So, whatcha doin…?

    Trumpsky called Cohen.

    The Idiot In Chief just can’t stop colluding!

  41. trumpcrime family woos bushwarcrime family
    “It’s very clear that this is a message he is sending that you can commit crimes against national security and you will be pardoned.”
    – Fmr. CIA operative on Trump’s plans to pardon of Scooter Libby, via Ms Patd
    No doubt his crime against national security is what endeared libby to the head White House mole.

  42. trump’s pardon of libby could bring cheney lovers in the legislature to his side in the event of his firing Rosenstein and Mueller.

    Btw, I fully subscribe to Mr Jack’s comments on mccabe and comey.

  43. From last month —

    George Nader, an adviser to the UAE who is now a witness in the US special counsel investigation into foreign meddling in American politics, wired $2.5 million to Trump’s chief fundraiser, Elliott Broidy, through a company in Canada, AP has reported.
    The money was reportedly paid to Broidy to bankroll the persuasion of US Congressional leaders into taking a hard line against Qatar, a long-time American ally yet a recently turned bitter adversary of the UAE.
    Shortly after receiving the cash, Broidy sponsored a conference on Qatar’s alleged ties to Islamic extremism. During the event, Republican Congressman Ed Royce of California, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, announced he was introducing legislation that would brand Qatar as a terrorist-supporting state.

  44. former rnc official broidy’s settlement terms with pregnant playgirl revealed.

    Under the terms of the deal, the Republican donor, Elliott Broidy, would pay the woman in installments over the course of two years, and she would agree to stay silent about their relationship, two people with knowledge of the arrangement told The New York Times. The deal was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.


  45. From the LA Times —

    The Trump administration is abandoning a Justice Department threat to crack down on recreational marijuana in states where it is legal, a move that could enable cannabis businesses in California and other states that have legalized pot to operate without fear of federal raids and prosecution.

    White House officials confirmed the policy shift Friday. Trump did not inform Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions in advance of the change in policy, an almost unheard of undermining of a Cabinet official.

  46. MSNBC is reporting that Cohen, “I’ve never been to Prague – see my passport”, was in Prague and possibly meeting with one or more Russians.  Too bad he told everyone he was not there.

    Rosenstein has a lot better chance of good employment after leaving (being fired) than any of the CadetBoneSpurs cult members. Once in the cult/mob you lose everything, including your human person ID.

  47. bw, wonder if broidy skimmed off from that 2.5 million (nader wired to him)  1.6 million to pay hush money to the playboy model plus lawyer fees…. or being an upright  guy he kept his word using it to influence congress critters.   honor among thieves and all that.

  48. Remember Carter’s Little Liver Pills?  You are old.

    But, you were young then.  I am so sick of all the ads promoting modern patent medicine crap. The American medicine show continues.  Your colon needs help.  Buy something online or mail in your check (that is if you still have a checkbook).  I found my colon does quite well if I eat a bowl of Kimchijjae.

  49. really miss nash right now… think of the hilarious imaginary phone conversation of twit & fixer he could write.

    a telephone bit with the Bob Newhart or Shelley Berman touch

  50. Yes, I miss Nash’s Trailmix Cafe.  I’m sure he would’ve had fun with “the most beautiful piece if chocolate cake you’ve ever seen.”

    Did Cohen have multiple passports like Manafort? (No, it looks like you don’t get the passport stamped if you enter from Germany.)

    Was Skripal the informant (or relay) to Steele on the Prague meeting?

  51. To my real and enduring friend, Flatus…….I wish I could get some of these doomed perfect records to you before you get too old to play em………

  52. And because Trumpsky had to open his big mouth two days ago, Russia & Asswad were ready for us.  Civilians in there area will be the ones who suffer.   POTUS DUFUS

  53. I feel the same kind of sick that I did the evening HW went after Iraq after  they invaded Kuwait.

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