We Are All Americans

By SJWNY, a Trail Mix Contributor

Appomattox Court House, April 9, 1865.

Lee had one bit of additional business he wanted to conclude with Grant. Explaining first that he had more than a thousand Federal prisoners whom he could not feed, he added glumly, “Indeed, I have nothing for my own men.” Without hesitation, Grant proposed sending rations for the 25,000 men across the lines. Was that enough? he asked. “Plenty,” Lee said. “An abundance, I assure you.”

 After the two men had signed preliminary papers, Grant proceeded to introduce Lee to his staff. As he shook hands with Grant’s military secretary, Ely Parker, a Seneca Indian, Lee stared for a moment at Parker’s dark features and finally said, “I am glad to see one real American here.” If this account is true, Parker responded to the general, “We are all Americans.”

…… By now, a crowd of anxious sightseers was clustered around the front porch to catch a glimpse of the Confederate general. His face flushed a deep crimson, Lee emerged onto the porch, carrying his hat and gloves. Here he paused, put on his hat, and slowly drew on his gloves, absentmindedly gazing out into the field beyond. Once, then twice, then a third time, he unconsciously balled his left hand and pumped the fist into the palm of his right. Still seemingly oblivious to his surroundings, he automatically returned the salute given to him by the Union officers crowding around the porch, then descended the stairs. Now, as if drawing himself back from a daze, he glanced deliberately in one direction and then the next. Not seeing his horse, he called out in a half-choked and more than half-tired voice, “Orderly! Orderly.” The horse was brought around. The general smoothed Traveller’s forelocks as the orderly fit the bridle, then with a slow, exhausted tug, pulled himself on the horse, letting out a long, deep sigh, almost a groan. By then, Grant had walked out on the porch, too, and as Lee rode past him, their eyes met. Each silently lifted his hat to the other. On the porch and in the yard, countless other Federals also returned the gesture.

 In no small measure, this one poignant moment captured the spirit of Appomattox more than words ever written about that day. But this didn’t stop participants from trying to give voice to the event, including Grant himself. “I felt sad and depressed,” Grant later explained of this moment, “at the downfall of a foe who had fought so long and valiantly, and had suffered so much for a cause, though that cause was, I believe, one of the worst for which a people ever fought.”

Two of Grant’s aides put it thus: “This will live in history,” one wrote. Another commented, “Such a scene only happens once in centuries …”

From April 1865, The Month That Saved America by Jay Winik, pages 189-191, Harper Collins 2001


Once in a while reality meets up with reason, providing a defining moment in history featuring a perfect cast of people born to court destiny.

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  1. Will note that 157 years ago, April 12, 1861, General P.G.T. Beauregard fired upon Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor.

    Side note: Current Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions was named after that Beauregard who fired on Sumter.

    Some things die hard or refuse to die at all.

  2. What was it about April and the Civil War? Thanks SJ, nice catch. You’ve got a knack for what we call in the biz “evergreens” — interesting stuff not hooked to the news.

  3. Awaiting the morning glory and thank you, sj, for the reminder this is ‘what’ peace looks like….compassion instead of sore winners.

  4. trump continues to aggravate the special counsel insisting on rehiring cohen-watnick, coffee boy and nunes whisperer to keep an eye on head sheriff sessions.

    Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who was forced out of the National Security Council last year, will advise Attorney General Jeff Sessions on national security matters. He left the White House in August for a job at Oracle Corp. following reports that he had shown House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes classified documents.

    Oracle is the oldest data company and I am sure cohen-watnick spent much time on their SEM (from wikipedia) —

    Oracle Social Engagement and Monitoring (SEM) System – Oracle has developed a Social Engagement and Monitoring Cloud service that allows businesses to capture relevant brand conversation from global web and social channels to understand commentary on their products. The Social Engagement and Monitoring cloud provides the most effective and efficient responses across social and customer experience channels. SEM is able to route correct responses to the right team, member, or customer-experience channel to ensure the best customer service. The analysis helps vendors to understand what is important to customers. It identifies trends, spikes, and anomalies to make real-time course corrections. It also can identify brand advocates. The SEM cloud identifies customer intention and interests by analyzing the common ways customers talk about a product or a service.

  5. pompeo…failed to disclose his ties to chinese company during hearings on his cia directorship.

    CIA Director Mike Pompeo failed to disclose links to a company owned by the Chinese government during his 2017 confirmation.
    The CIA defended Pompeo’s omission saying, “He would have no reason to know details on the layers of companies” that worked with a business he ran in Kansas.
    But in 2010, Pompeo expressly described the Chinese company as a supplier to his own firm.

  6. politicususa:  Adam Schiff Terrifies Trump By Linking The Access Hollywood Tape and Russia Collusion


    Schiff said, My reaction is a couple of things. First I think they’re doing their job and if there is any issue with an execution of a warrant, the president knows you go to court and you don’t fire the prosecutors. That is an on obstruction of justice. But I think there are possibilities that you outlined. This could be about whether or not Michael Cohen was suppressing that tape much like trying to pay hush money for the other people, stormy Daniels among others to keep their stories out of the press during the president’s campaign and whether that was a violation of the campaign finance laws, not to report it. That is one possibility. Also possible that they are looking at whether the trump campaign and Michael Cohen had any role in the timing of the Wikileaks dump of the Russia stolen Podesta e-mails. I tend to think it is more likely — the former because this was referred to the southern district of New York and that indicates it had more to do with the issue of Stormy Daniels and campaign finance law violations than it did on the issue of potential collusion. But it could be a culmination of both.”

    Rep. Schiff is right. It could be both. While investigating the timeline of the release of the Access Hollywood tape and the leak of the stolen emails, Mueller’s team could have come across criminal activity related to Michael Cohen’s payoffs and efforts to silence women. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one or the other. It can be both.


  7. Forget about it!  Global brotopia is over!  cossacks strip trump of honorary membership and plan to burn him in effigy.

    A Cossack society in St. Petersburg, Russia has voted to recall the honorary membership given to US President Donald Trump and plans to burn him in effigy in protest over “insults to the nation.”
    When the 2016 US election was over and the State Duma toasted Donald Trump’s victory with champagne and Vladimir Putin congratulated him, because of this euphoria, we made Trump an honorary member of our Cossack society.
    We also invited the newly-elected US president to visit us, because it was presumed that the meeting between Russian and US presidents would be held in Vladimir Putin’s native city of St. Petersburg.
    Then, the political events started to develop in an unwanted way, we understood our mistake and decided to dishonorably discharge him from our organization,” Rosbalt news agency quoted Polyakov as saying.

  8. Country shopping (they have to head somewhere after the debacle)?   pence and javanka head to peru in place of potus.

    trump’s inability to multi-task reminds of the 2008 election when mccain wanted to halt all campaigning to solely focus on the bush economic meltdown.   trump doesn’t have the stamina or the temperament to do his job.   In fact, I doubt he works at all and maybe has never worked a day in his life.

  9. Patd…thanks for the schiff link and eventually we will find most of the payoffs originated as rubles.

    Nat’l Enquirer’s $30K rumor.
     Eight months before the company that owns the National Enquirer paid $150,000 to a former Playboy Playmate who claimed she’d had an affair with Donald Trump, the tabloid’s parent made a $30,000 payment to a less famous individual: a former doorman at one of the real estate mogul’s New York City buildings.
    As it did with the ex-Playmate, the Enquirer signed the ex-doorman to a contract that effectively prevented him from going public with a juicy tale that might hurt Trump’s campaign for president.

  10. So what do you think the headline tomorrow will be, or properly Saturday morning? One possibility is “President Trump fires Rod Rosenstein in early morning tweet.“ Another possibility is “US missiles fired on Serien targets…” and (a) “are shot down and do little damage “ or (b) “inflict significant damage to…” (a)”Syrian military targets” or (b) “civilian areas near Damascus”.  A third possibility is “Russian air defense system prevents attack of US missiles fired on Syria.”

    Whaddayathink? Got a better next big deflection, err, headline?

  11. BananaNazi is NOT one of US.

    Reports are that he is trying to get a Trumpsky to fire Rosenstein & invoke Executive Privilege retroactively.


    How would that be possible if things happened before he was elected?  He wasn’t the executive then.

    As Nixon discovered, being prez does not mean you are exempt from everything.

    Also, any attempts to discredit Comey in advance of the Sunday w/George interview will not fly with anyone except the staunchest Trumpers.

    The FB hearing with Zuckerberg explained just how deep & wide the data-mining & ad-targeting went last year, too.

    Now, make sure everyone knows that the law firm attached to a Trumpsky minion was also tied to Cambridge Analytica.

    Leak, people. Do your job, media.   If you love your country, shine your light on all of it now.

    I hope Cohen spills.   Trump won’t be around to pardon him, so he should just be a decent human being, a good citizen, and, get a deal for himself in the process.  Cohen should try being one of US, instead of a weasle-y lawyer to the head weasel.

    BananaNazi should go crawl back into his hole & drink himself to sleep.


  12. Great-great-great Grandpa who was killed at The Battlefield of the Wilderness about three months after he enlisted to fight for the Union,  leaving eight children (and one on the way) behind.

  13. His oldest daughter’s husband (Great-great Grandpa) also fought for the Union & survived his injuries. However, he was never physically or mentally strong afterward.

    My aunt gathered all sorts of military documents on them, ending with Pvt. Luther Covey’s widow applying for a widow’s pension.

    By all accounts, the family was much more functional and successful before the war. The Union was preserved, but frankly, our family was destroyed in many ways.

  14. The lingering effects & issues ( even illusions ) of the Civil War never left us & influenced the 2016 election. Candidate Trump tapped into the neglected feeling of everyday white people, feeding the notion he was a cause they could believe in & would help restore life to how it should be. Fear spirals to economic disparity, racism & intolerance when it is put as us versus them.

    Unfortunately we have no Grants or Lincolns in either Party circa 2018 but a gracious plenty of McClellans.


  15. btw, here’s the link for that cnn  re “White House correspondent April Ryan says that she has received death threats after asking press secretary Sarah Sanders is President Trump has considered resigning.”


    the moderate voiceDonald Trump said the raid on his private attorney’s office is an attack on our country and what we all stand for. Apparently, we all stand for money laundering and paying porn stars hush money.

  17. Remember in “Little Big Man” when Custer asked Jack Crabb, who was then a scout for the 7th Cavalry, for his opinion as to what course he, Custer, should take?

    Bannon might be doing a Jack Crabb on him…..

  18. Just say no to Mike Pompe-O    what a horses ass

    Nice post SJ-
    I disagree about your conclusions about the 2016 race however and our available leadership

  19. Amen SJ, too many McClellans indeed. 2016 did feel like a Civil War reenactment, except that Dems and GOP switched sides.

  20. $30,000 rumor? Tabloid paid for, spiked, salacious Trump tip

    NEW YORK (AP) — Eight months before the company that owns the National Enquirer paid $150,000 to a former Playboy Playmate who claimed she’d had an affair with Donald Trump, the tabloid’s parent made a $30,000 payment to a less famous individual: a former doorman at one of the real estate mogul’s New York City buildings.
    As it did with the ex-Playmate, the Enquirer signed the ex-doorman to a contract that effectively prevented him from going public with a juicy tale that might hurt Trump’s campaign for president.
    The payout to the former Playmate, Karen McDougal, stayed a secret until the Wall Street Journal published a story about it days before Election Day. Since then curiosity about that deal has spawned intense media coverage and, this week, helped prompt the FBI to raid the hotel room and offices of Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.
    The story of the ex-doorman, Dino Sajudin, hasn’t been told until now.
    The Associated Press confirmed the details of the Enquirer’s payment through a review of a confidential contract and interviews with dozens of current and former employees of the Enquirer and its parent company, American Media Inc. Sajudin got $30,000 in exchange for signing over the rights, “in perpetuity,” to a rumor he’d heard about Trump’s sex life — that the president had fathered an illegitimate child with an employee at Trump World Tower, a skyscraper he owns near the United Nations. The contract subjected Sajudin to a $1 million penalty if he disclosed either the rumor or the terms of the deal to anyone.
    Cohen, the longtime Trump attorney, acknowledged to the AP that he had discussed Sajudin’s story with the magazine when the tabloid was working on it. He said he was acting as a Trump spokesman when he did so and denied knowing anything beforehand about the Enquirer payment to the ex-doorman.
    The parallel between the ex-Playmate’s and the ex-doorman’s dealings with the Enquirer raises new questions about the roles that the Enquirer and Cohen may have played in protecting Trump’s image during a hard-fought presidential election. Prosecutors are probing whether Cohen broke banking or campaign laws in connection with AMI’s payment to McDougal and a $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels that Cohen said he paid out of his own pocket.
    Federal investigators have sought communications between Cohen, American Media’s chief executive and the Enquirer’s top editor, the New York Times reported.
    But four longtime Enquirer staffers directly familiar with the episode challenged Howard’s version of events. They said they were ordered by top editors to stop pursuing the story before completing potentially promising reporting threads.
    They said the publication didn’t pursue standard Enquirer reporting practices, such as exhaustive stake-outs or tabloid tactics designed to prove paternity. In 2008, the Enquirer helped bring down presidential hopeful John Edwards in part by digging through a dumpster and retrieving material to do a DNA test that indicated he had fathered a child with a mistress, according to a former staffer.
    The woman at the center of the rumor about Trump denied emphatically to the AP last August that she’d ever had an affair with Trump, saying she had no idea the Enquirer had paid Sajudin and pursued his tip.
    The AP has not been able to determine if the rumor is true and is not naming the woman.
    “This is all fake,” she said. “I think they lost their money.”
    The Enquirer staffers, all with years of experience negotiating source contracts, said the abrupt end to reporting combined with a binding, seven-figure penalty to stop the tipster from talking to anyone led them to conclude that this was a so-called “catch and kill” — a tabloid practice in which a publication pays for a story to never run, either as a favor to the celebrity subject of the tip or as leverage over that person.

    After initially calling the Enquirer’s tip line, Sajudin signed a boilerplate contract with the Enquirer, agreeing to be an anonymous source and be paid upon publication. The Enquirer dispatched reporters to pursue the story both in New York and in California. The tabloid also sent a polygraph expert to administer a lie detection test to Sajudin in a hotel near his Pennsylvania home.
    Sajudin passed the polygraph, which tested how he learned of the rumor. One week later, Sajudin signed an amended agreement, this one paying him $30,000 immediately and subjecting him to the $1 million penalty if he shopped around his information.
    The Enquirer immediately then stopped reporting, said the former staffers.
    Cohen, last year, characterized the Enquirer’s payment to Sajudin as wasted money for a baseless story.
    For his part, Sajudin confirmed he’d been paid to be the tabloid’s anonymous source but insisted he would sue the Enquirer if his name appeared in print. Pressed for more details about his tip and experience with the paper, Sajudin said he would talk only for in exchange for payment.
    “If there’s no money involved with it,” he said, “I’m not getting involved.”

  21. looks like evidence is piling up for strong campaign-finance violations  case.

    curious as to who actually foot the bills.  will this inquiry stop at simple bank fraud on one person’s part or will it be traced more towards r.i.c.o. findings?

  22. and in Cohen’s case, Pat, don’t forget the tried-and-true extortion charge, that’s one way the feds get mobsters: “In United States federal law, extortion can be committed with or without the use of force and with or without the use of a weapon. … Neither extortion nor blackmail requires a threat of a criminal act, such as violence, merely a threat used to elicit actions, money, or property from the object of the extortion.” (Wikipedia)

  23. not a civil war reneactment but as Trump said   the last chance to save white America –not the civil war just plain old racism  nothing to do with economic fears —  The Trump voter is a racist  not limited to black people but every color but white and better be a Christian too

  24. KGC, don’t overlook that pivotal group of voters who chose Obama twice, and then Trump — how can they be racists? I’m not giving up on them for 2020 — there are many signs, in polls and anecdotes, they are moving away from him.

  25. The interviews I have seen with people who voted for Obama and then voted for Trump are either misogynists or the type pf people who just want to poke a stick in the eye of government — they are people who need to have reasons to think they are superior to others.   I think the victories will come from people who did not vote or voted for the idiot third parties.  The polls all show Trump is maintaining is core voters.

    I’m talking about Trump districts. Here is California –no Republicans will survive
    But I agree there is hope as long as the candidates are white, Christian men –kind of like Conor Lamb — he is either willing to say anything to get elected or he is a liar He claims to support the core Democratic plans opposed the tax cut etc. supports abortion rights –the difference between Lamb and Obama Clinton is he is a white man….but on the issues except for the one area of the gun issue they are identical

  26. Great line RR


    Wow Pompeo is a smug arrogant jerk and also a Big Fat Liar Too bad he has lived his life on the public record and has once again demonstrated that Republicans do not understand the concept of facts. Tim Kaine has read his record and is holding him to it. Pompeo apparently has early onset alzheimers

  27. Bloomberg: Measure Protecting Mueller Is Likely to Pass Committee, Republican Says

    Legislation to thwart any attempt by President Donald Trump to fire special counsel Robert Mueller is likely to pass the Senate Judiciary Committee in two weeks, the panel’s chairman said, even though Majority Leader Mitch McConnell maintains it’s unnecessary.

    Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa told reporters Thursday he has little doubt his committee will have bipartisan support to pass a measure ensuring the special counsel can only be fired for “good cause.” Grassley said he couldn’t say whether he’ll back such a proposal until he sees the final product.

    “A bipartisan bill always gets out of committee,” he said, adding that regardless of how he votes, “it’s still going to get out of committee.”

    Grassley said at the meeting he’s concerned about the bill’s constitutionality and said he backed a clause allowing the remainder of the measure to remain in force if any provision is struck down in court. He said he’ll offer an amendment that would require the attorney general to give Congress a detailed report justifying any “significant decisions” involving the special counsel, including termination.

  28. Pompeo is answering the committee questions thoughtfully and with ease. He’s a shoe-in and a hell of an improvement over Tillerson. Two or three months will show us whether or not he has the will to rebuild State.

  29. Pompeo is lying out of every orofice  he will be just what SFB  wants him to be

    I don’t recall, blah blah blah blah…no better than Tillerson just more polished. Tillerson wasn’t fired for competency he was fired for calling Trump a “fucking moron” and for publicily disagreeing with him about Russian issues. Doubtful if Pompous Pompeo will be any better He’s very glib he has said nothing refusing to comment on a lot of issues

  30. So, there’s an illegitimate Trump wandering around somewhere?  Just one?  Since he doesn’t seem to wrap it up (per Stormy), he could’ve impregnated more women.

    Did he ever pay for an abortion?

    Now, that would turn his base against him.

    Start digging & spilling info, folks.  Now!

  31. Vitter doesn’t “mean to be coy,” but she can’t comment on school desegregation because she may disagree with the court’s decision.  Honey, you aren’t being “coy” at all.

    Maybe the Repugz are all jumping ship (not running for re-election) because they are gonna team up and start a new party?

    All of this alt-right nonsense was the result of McCain picking you-know-who as his running mate & the rise of the ‘baggerz.  Now that Trump has gotten his stench all over the GOP brand, too, might the old-school Repugz not be regrouping under a new banner?

  32. the new Yorker:

    he National Enquirer, a Trump Rumor, and Another Secret Payment to Buy Silence
    How the media organization protected the Presidential candidate early in his campaign.

    By Ronan Farrow
    3:19 A.M.



    and about the above from hollywoodlife:

    Ronan Farrow has printed another shocking Donald Trump expose in The New Yorker. This time, the subject is Dino Sajudin, a former doorman at Trump Tower who was reportedly paid off by The National Enquirer’s parent company, American Media Inc., just like Karen McDougal. Dino did not comment for Ronan’s piece, but six current and former employees of AMI say that the ex-Trump employee made claims in 2015 that the now-president fathered a love child in the 80s. Ronan’s sources say Dino provided the names of the alleged mistress and child to the Enquirer, and was then allegedly paid $30,000 so the mag could have exclusive rights to the information (i.e. Dino could not go public with them anywhere else).

  33. BiD – I am thinking the odds are real good that a few “who’s my daddy” types roaming around.  Probably a few in their thirty’s if not forty’s.

    One of the republican representatives responded “50-50” when asked about the House election, “they might take 50 seats, and then another 50 seats”.

  34. No reason for Pompeo quit if Trump fires Mueller.  He would welcome it.    That would make Pompeo one step closer to being POTUS when Trump gets dumped for obstruction, and Pence goes down because of his ties to Russia via Manafort & Flynn.

  35. wonder if reporters aren’t mixing up the marla maples episode in all their excitement over a “love child” story in the ’80s.  tiffany (acknowledged love child at the time) was born in early 90s.


    BiD, you’re right, the twit’s base would only be upset if any abortion or baby of color were involved.

  36. BID

    I never thought of the half gov that way — giving credibility to the Tea Party

    wonder where Joe the Plumber is today?

    Corey Booker is really showing what Pompeo is and using his own words to do it

  37. Rallies prepped in case Mueller or Rosenstein are fired.  Shine up your pitchforks & get out your walking shoes.

    Hopefully, info will just get leaked all over the place, giving Trump & Pence no cover from this “Russia thing.”

  38. well, there goes Kelly…. twit sh*t will hit after he sees this

    daily beast:  James Comey: John Kelly Called Trump ‘Dishonorable’ For Firing Me


    Kelly, Comey recalls, said he was “sick” about the situation and “intended to quit” in protest. Kelly “said he didn’t want to work for dishonorable people,” referring specifically to President Donald Trump, who appeared to be upset at the FBI’s persistent investigation into his campaign’s possible collusion with Russian officials.
    According to sources, Comey writes in his book that he encouraged Kelly to remain in his post, saying “this president,” more than his predecessors, needed people of principle and integrity around him.
    The phone call was first reported by CNN last year. But Comey’s book provides both on the record confirmation and additional details of the conversation. Those details were relayed to The Daily Beast by two sources who have read the book,A Higher Loyalty, prior to its planned release on Tuesday.
    The revelations conveyed by Comey threaten to cause a firestorm within the White House, further complicating an already tenuous relationship between Kelly and Trump. The chief of staff has been on increasingly-thin ice with the president in recent weeks, largely dating back to his disastrous handling of the resignation of Rob Porter, a former White House official accused of beating his ex-wives. Kelly reportedly told Trump in February that he would resign if asked. And Trump has let it be known to numerous aides and confidants that he feels comfortable operating around (and even without) his chief of staff.
    A senior White House official disputed Comey’s characterization of the phone call with Kelly, saying that Kelly has maintained that the call was brief—roughly a minute long—and that the gist was, “I don’t know why you got fired, [and] best of luck to you,” according to the official. The version of this story that Kelly has told other senior staffers clashes markedly with Comey’s, the official noted, and does not include Kelly calling President Trump “dishonorable.”



  39. SJ’s post has me thinking about something Carl Bernstein repeatedly says: “The difference between Watergate and now, one of the big differences is that we are in the midst of a cold civil war in this country, a political and cultural civil war,” Bernstein said on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ (7/16/2017).

  40. There better be a lot of fact checking of Trump’s speech  he should be on fire

  41. I think the same civil war was going on then but the sides have realigned

  42. KC, all of the fact checking orgs will be working overtime to correct the inaccuracies in SFB’s speech.

  43. Boy Howdy I have never seen a more perfect example of if his lips are moving he is lying

  44. Another r retires.  That puts the not running again R seats at over forty.  Some appear to be in solid R voter districts too.  At this point in the game that is huge.  I wonder if it will top one hundred?  The fun is over from running the country.  Especially surrounded by a whole lot of fresh, energetic and excited Dems.

  45. I wonder if Dennis Ross R-Tampa Bay is thinking Florida is going to be a big market for the activities of the Parkland students – easy enough to travel there.

  46. Time to relax and enjoy life.  The new “nail” for the 78 head arrived and installed.  Time to start playing the acetate records again. Starting with Woody Herman and the Woodchoppers. Good listening.

    Pomeo sounds like another one of the “don’t ask me about people who are not white, male, xstian and in the missionary position doing it to a white, female xstian.

  47. They look like a lot of fun to watch

    Pet entertainment so much fun

  48. Wow all this ultra supportive crap about Paul Ryan like they were holding his family hostage so he would cooperate with Trump.    He went along quite willingly — or maybe it is some kind of Stockholm syndrome

  49. Alexandra petri:

    Paul Ryan can’t possibly have made a deal with the Devil

    “I don’t see this as some Faustian bargain, Devil’s bargain or whatever it is you call it.” — House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) to Jake Tapper, asked about whether he “personified the Devil’s bargain the GOP has signed with Trump”

    Some mornings he looks in the mirror and wonders whether it was worth it, just to increase the deficit.
    Sometimes — he is almost too afraid to voice the thought aloud — he thinks that increasing the deficit was not always his cherished wish. That it was something different. Something to do with Jack Kemp, maybe.
    (He got to see Jack Kemp, once, in a dream, but Jack just looked disappointed and turned away.)
    Undermining the institutions of this democracy? Was that the wish? He does not think that was the wish. If he was doing this to protect the institutions, then what were all these hearings casting vague suspicion on the FBI?
    He tries to remember.
    Tax cuts were a wish, and entitlement reform, and there must have been a third thing. To see Greg Gianforte seated in the House after he body-slammed a reporter? No.
    To stand behind a president who spouted racism about “shithole countries” and equated the white nationalists at Charlottesville with those who protested them? To allow President Trump to fill his White House with family members and conflicts of interest leagues deep and fathoms wide? To support a man who never released his tax returns?
    At least Ryan managed to preserve the integrity of his beloved Republican Party, a party of ideas, not of people who are banned from malls and want to do unspeakable things to schoolchildren in the name of the Second Amendment. He has lost himself, maybe, but he has protected his party’s image as a group of people who were united by something more than greed or identity. And at least the majority has been preserved.
    Why does he hear laughter? Is none of this true? Has there been some horrible mistake?
    He has sacrificed so many big, beautiful ideas — the notion that there are things more sacred than party loyalty? That you should persuade people, not insult them? That there are things you should not tolerate just to win some sort of hollow victory or get the chance to maybe saw the government safety net out from beneath an elderly lady? (And Ryan has not even gotten the opportunity to do that.) He must have received something truly remarkable in return.
    It must have just been tax reform, but that seems so small and specific and deficit-increasing.
    No, there can have been no deal with the Devil.
    The Devil at least makes a point of giving you something you want in return. Trump has no such scruples. He is happy to take your labor, for months, and then walk away, leaving you with a shattered reputation and an agreement with no signature on it. Ryan may have given away his soul, but he has started to wonder, as Stormy Daniels did, whether Trump even bothered to sign his side of the thing.

  50. Adam Pifer – 3rd from left in second row

    This photograph is of the September 18, 1914 reunion of the Yates’ Sharp Shooters, 64th Illinois Regiment that was held in Princeton, Illinois.
    The individuals in the photograph below are as follows: 1. S.B. Howard, 2. H.C. Igou, 3. Jas. R. Thacker, 4. D.M. Wedding, 5. E. Ary, 6. S. Hoffman, 7. S.P. Cosner, 8. J.W. Whitcomb, 9. J.C. Gaier, 10. William G. Johnson, 11. Agustus Belknap, 12. J.S. Anson, 13. Nath’l Ary, 14. Ryan Ary, 15. S.W. Laughlin, 16. Jacob B. Adams, 17. Adam Piefer, 18. E.W. Doolittle, 19. Mrs. Jno. Anson, 20. Mrs. Nath’l. Ary, 21. Mrs. Mary R. Howard, 22. Ryan Ary, 23. Miss. A. Gertrude Merrill, and 24. Miss. Helen Mercer.

  51. And on the other side: 1st Regiment, Tennessee Carter’s Cavalry, Lt. Reuben Rose McKeehan


    After Adam’s son James married Reuben’s daughter Lydia, the old gentlemen played checkers almost every night

  52. When I was a youngster, the local Civil War vets would gather and march every Decoration Day in the small Ohio town of Peninsula that was not far from our farm south of Cleveland.

  53. For you youngsters, the “nail” I referred to above was slang for the needle used in the sound head of the old Victrola’s as it resembled a nail without a head.  If you hear “add a penny” that is reference to weighting down the sound head by putting a penny on it so it would push the needle deeper into the worn tracks of the record.  The acetate records were fragile and easily worn down.  At the time there were few alternatives to entertainment.

    Something on the MSNBC Nicolle Wallace program that I am still thinking about.  Cohen plans on taking the 5th in testifying in the trial against the Virgin Ms. Stormy case.  Although we are taught that taking the 5th is not an admission of guilt, sometimes you have to wonder about it.  It is important not for the issue of the virgins, Ms. Stormy or  Ms. McDougal, or the other 18 women accusing SFB of alleged sexual assault it is what is going to happen when he has to face charges of collusion with the Russians or even alleged treason for what he did for SFB.  There may be many things he faces, for which he only has one recourse, turn on his master.

  54. If you have Amazon Prime, I just saw that Laugh In is now on the Prime list.  I always tell youngsters to find DVD’s of Laugh In and Smother’s Brothers for a sense of the late sixties. There are other programs, mainly the variety shows, like Ed Sullivan, but his program was over.  Carrol Burnett was starting her show, the networks, CBS NBC ABC, were showing a lot of crap at the time too.

    Now it looks like SFB is ready to fire someone, just not sure who.

  55. Ed Sullivan was where Elvis had his first public viewing; it was an amazingly big deal.

  56. The Smothers Bros has a reboot in the 80s or 90s, too.  Always amazingly smart stuff.

  57. In celebration of Throw-back Thursday, EPA Boss, Scott Pruitt today announced he’s bringing back Love Canal.

    from a friend on facebook

  58. Anyone wanna predict the WH talking points  for the Sunday shows, in advance of the Comey interview airing  big Sunday night?

    Their MO is so obvious that it’s hard to believe it still has any impact.

    Trumpsky still thinks he is too big to fail.  Wrong.  The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

  59. Best ever post!  So much to unpack.  Sadly this has been lost in our current culture as demonstrated by the mob mentality of recent events.

  60. And Comey is slim.  Looking through some of the posts the point of the original message has been lost.

    See you some time in the future.

    An Olde Dixie Rebel – best fried chicken and great little league baseball team!

    Love you Craig

  61. Sorry Ping, but our Little League team named after Dixie was a disgrace. We need to own that.

  62. Take a step away to those things that matter.  Leave DC and all things DC.

    Turn off the news, the self perpetuating swirl of slim based in DC.

    Craig,  Let us know when you return to the other real world


  63. I know growing up in the south, I observed love among all people regardless of color.  So sad that you did not experience the same.  All in the south are not evil and your condemnation as a blanket statement shows such a weakness in our society today.

    Still love you

  64. Maybe my last comment on this blog

    How can anyone read and really understand General Robert E Lee hold malice or fall into the MOB Ignorant mentality of short sighted connected to a failed 4th estate?

    So SAD!

    Thank you God that most Americans see past this ignorance.

  65. “Although we are taught that taking the 5th is not an admission of guilt, sometimes you have to wonder about it.”

    bbronc, not our president. he’s sure it’s an admission of guilt. he said so.

    from a 2017 raw story
    ….during the 2016 campaign, Trump blasted people for invoking the Fifth Amendment in connection to an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.
    MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin posted video of Trump’s 2016 comments on Monday.
    “Here’s people taking the Fifth Amendment,” Trump said at the time. “Like you see on the mob, right? You see the mob takes the Fifth.”
    “If you’re innocent,” he added, “why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

  66. mr. pong, wish you well too.

    how’s the weather down there?  tornado alley seems to be sagging south these days.  hope the twisters from the other day spared you and yours.

  67. So Comey made a joke in the book about the size of SFB’s hands and suddenly everyone is a puritan.  I say it does nothing to harm the credibility of the book and this type of crap is spread by the craven

    Oh yeah and we are joining the TPP now

  68. Ping

    Interesting and probably says more about the modern Republican party/ Trump voter  than any thing I could say.


  69. When I was a wee squid me dad had a record player in a plywood box he’d built himself ……marvelous thing , it played both sides of the record…….had a needle on top, and a needle on bottom of the arm…..two circles spinner the record before it dropped the needle played it from underneath……the arm moved, the record dropped, and the needle came down and played the top of the record……..I’ve not seen anything like it since………we’re tawkin’ 52

  70. Ping

    I’m surprised that of all the horrible things people have said to you (many of them by me) that this is the issue that would make you walk away.


  71. I’ve always wondered:  Where in the world did he get such a thing……..in 52 ……..

  72. Have you ever in your life seen a record player which would play the bottom side of a record before it dropped?

  73. Ping, my regrets about playing for a a Little League baseball honoring the Confederacy shouldn’t be such a big deal. I just don’t think kids should be encouraged to think what it stood for was OK. Did we have any black players? I don’t think so. But if so, how must they have felt?

  74. This little guy fought in Guadalcanal.  Wish the creeps that run the world could remember that all those folks they harm or put in harm’s way were somebody’s baby.  He was a sweet man, but always very troubled from the war.

    Ping – Take Care

    Sturg – Never heard of such a contraption before.  For realz or fake newz?

  75. Shit Ping. If ya stayed you’d become the center of almost everyone else’s attention, along with SFB and his crime family. I grew up in the South, too. I saw my first biracial couple in 1970 when I went to that liberal bastion, the University of Alabama. Up to that point, aside from personal respect between individuals it was little different than the traditional South.  “They” were expected to hang with their own as were “we”, and for the most point did. There were no black kids in my suburban public high school, and other than the black woman my mom hired to help her clean house and clothes, my only contact with black folks was through sports or working for my uncle’s construction company or at the steel mill. And let me tell you there w’unt no love flowing. Of course Birmingham may not have been as progressive as Central FL, but then again…

    Go if you want-but your perspective as an intelligent conservative, will be missed.

  76. Intellegent conservative. they are out there but ping ain’t one of them. Ping basically demonstrates the success of Nixon’s southern strategy. Which had nothing to do with conservatism and everything to do with a route to power.

  77. SJ, different parts of the country have different stories. Where I was born and raised the stories passed down weren’t  soldiers in battle. They  were stories of ancestors dragged out of their house and taken down the road and hanged, running the livestock out in the woods so raiders wouldn’t steal them, of sending the youngest boy to the mill with corn because he wouldn’t  be killed and then worry as he doesn’t come home by dark. My civil war hero was  my Great, great grandmother who was a widow  with eight children when the war began.


  78. The older I get the more I believe that Lincoln made a grave mistake by not hanging Lee and the other southern rebel leaders. As it was most went home to fomented mischief that lead to the Klan and over 4000 lynchings


  79. Flatus,

    When I think about my Civil War Uncle Edwin I think of you. Decent, intelligent good people who willingly put lives on the line for our country. We are indebted to all like you in the past, present, future.


    Glad you liked the Post … sorry you are leaving. Heck, General Joe Johnston marched in General William Tecumseh Sherman’s funeral, just sayin’ 😉 Minds far wiser than ours got the ending correct back in 1865. Remember the popular Union ditty Hang Jeff Davis From A Sour Apple Tree? Gotta say, a lot of Northerners agreed with those sentiments. But it would have been wrong. The Union didn’t fight invaders from another country nor did the Confederates. They fought fellow Americans. Thank goodness Lincoln, Grant, Lee got that.



  80. SJ

    that is what they taught us in school but for some reason they left out all the lynchings.


  81. Whskyjack,

    I get what you say.

    My mother had family who moved to Bloody Kansas right when it was the bloodiest. I wish folks knew/remembered their history because it has so much to teach us if we’re smart enough to listen. I’m sorry your family went through what it did.

    I respectfully disagree about executing Rebels. The minds of 1865 got it right, I believe. There will always be hate & racism, can’t cure that like you can’t cure the stupid. But you can lay foundation stones for a decent society & overall I think this country is OK. My Dad’s folks willingly chose to immigrate here as did the ancestors of countless other Americans. Were we lucky to have Lincoln? Holy cow. It amazes me how this country had historical timing in Washington, Lincoln, FDR. Flawed imperfect men who rose to the occasion when needed. Pretty darn neat.

    I enjoy your comments – thanks.



  82. Jack, It’s hard for me to deny the legacy of the South. I grew up in Birmingham in the 50s and 60s, went to high school with Bull Connor’s nephew and was married to a woman whose father represented Robert Shelton. One of my best friends was from a little town that some claimed was the subject of the Jimmy Buffett song, Livingston Saturday Night (it was not) but it was described by his wife (from Columbus, OH) as a little town that was 50 miles down the road and 100 years back in time. I suppose she called it that in part because he went down there for an Old South cotillion each year, complete with confederate uniforms and hoop skirts. Not a frat, the town.

  83. Years ago I read how a clerk in the Library of Congress was given the task to collect & file all things from the Civil War. This undertaking would have been in the 1870s –> 1890s period. Seems this clerk was very much anti-Confederate so he filed everything under “War of the Rebellion,” a designation he knew those with Confederate sympathies despised.

    Heh heh heh.


  84. My Great great grandfather on my paternal grandfathers side of the family was forced to join the home guard even though he was in his fifties and had a wife and children at home.  they mostly patrolled the local region and kept the raiders and thieves at bay.

    In college I did a bit of research, the college library had a printed and bound  set of the Union dispatches from the civil war. So I researched my ancestor. When Price invaded Missouri for the last time, my ancestor’s unit basically followed him through Missouri a day late for any of the minor battles that happened.  But they did catch up with a bunch of stragglers some where south of Ft Scott. The Lieutenant ordered them to attack  and the whole bunch looked at him and basically said “do what? really?”

    Ya know these were farmers with families, a glorious battle just wasn’t their idea of fun.


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