Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

A performance that is both fiery and effervescent at the same time. Martha Argerich and Scarlatti at their very best. Too good not to share.

Enjoy the music but most especially enjoy the day!

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35 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. jace, truly “fiery and effervescent” and beautiful.  thank you thank you.


    flatus, were you just kidding or surmising about the “adjacent records storage area bursting into flames” at trash tower or do we have here another drip in the drip drip drip really evidencing cover-up and obstruction?

  2. abc news: Trump Tower fire leaves 1 civilian dead, 6 firefighters hurt: Officials


    One resident is dead and six firefighters injured after a four-alarm blaze on the 50th floor of Trump Tower in New York Saturday evening.

    Besides the one fatality, six FDNY firefighters suffered non-life-threatening injuries — two of them burn-related, FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said during a press conference.
    They were part of 200 other fire and emergency workers battling the four-alarm blaze at the 58-story Fifth Avenue Trump Tower skyscraper at 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan, fire officials confirmed.

    Firefighters were sweeping adjacent apartments and stairwells to determine the source of the blaze in one of the skyscraper’s residential apartments, according to fire officials. ….The residential floors in Trump Tower do not have sprinklers, Nigro said.

    Trump Tower, named for the 45th president, is also the headquarters of The Trump Organization and was the campaign nerve center for Donald Trump when he ran on the GOP ticket in the 2016 presidential election.


    The fire on Saturday was the second at Trump Tower this year. A fire broke out in a rooftop heating and cooling unit at the skyscraper on Jan. 8, sending black smoke billowing over the skyline. One firefighter and two building employees suffered minor injuries in that fire.

  3. Jace…  Spectacular!

    Pogo…  great posting yesterday.  Sounds like SFB out trumped himself!

  4. This morning is part of the good life, the Paris-Roubaix 257km bicycle race is broadcast for the entire race.  It started just after 5am EDT and goes to the end.  No need to change channels for hours.  Watching the riders bounce and rock on the cobblestones is a lot of fun.  The bicycle racing season is picking up, with the teams trying out the riders with the goal of Tour de France in mind.

  5. Pat, Sturg and I were ‘talking’ to each other, i.e., in the olde military when supply and property records were not computerized, there was an inordinate number of fires in the record keeping areas. Knowing-heads would be nodding in understanding of what had transpired when such a fire occurred.

    Surely, if I were an investigator, I would plan on spending a lot of time in Trump Tower.

  6. Wow Jace that is wonderful

    I hope you are enjoying your day as well – I miss you during the week and hope you are well on the path to good health.

    At the moment the Cracker household is dependent on our generator – both the solar and hydro are off line.  Yesterday the generator stopped and we did all the things we’d learned to make it run again and nothing and then we changed the gas because of the heavy rains and this morning it started right up.  The Cracker family in general is not mechanically inclined so this in indeed a miracle.  Too bad SFB is still living otherwise it would be a perfect morning.

  7. Jace, Thank you.  This choice is magnificent.  Hope your health is improving.  Miss you during the week.

  8. There is a whole long conspiracy conversation on Twitter as apparently people are indulging themselves in what ifs.  Example:  The man who died was a high end art dealer which is one of the better ways to launder funds and many of his Russian “customers” also own apartments in the tower.  The Cat Lady woman was upside down on her mortgage because no one wants to buy condos and despite defaulting on the mortgage she has continued to live there for months, possible insurance fraud?  Feel free to invent your own but there very well could be a FD follow up on causes.


  9. Putin sending a message about sanctions, Syria, etc., to yank Trumpsky’s leash…or the money-laundering thing.

  10. jace, adding well wishes too and a speedy return to full time trail maintenance.

    craig, how’s it going on prepping for the big day in may?  is command center south equipped with all things helpful to navigate during recovery time?   just remembering the hassle less than a year ago hobbling around on one workable leg trying to safely ascend and descend stairs and maneuver mundane stuff like bathroom facilities to say nothing of getting in and out of bed…. a walker with wheels and an extension grabber tool were pathways to freedom.

    hopefully, nurse toby will be at your side to console you and listen to the groaning when all others have grown weary of hearing it.

  11. patd, must say haven’t done much prep. first of several appointments in a week, will find out more. tks

  12. Survivors and activists share their stories of horror and shock after a chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta’s Douma.
    By his third frantic dash down the stairs, with a wet piece of cloth over his mouth and a little girl in each arm, everything went dark for Khaled Abu Jaafar.
    “I lost consciousness. I couldn’t breathe any more; it was like my lungs were shutting down,” recalled the resident of Douma, in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta.
    “I woke up about 30 minutes later and they had undressed me and were washing my body with water,” Abu Jaafar told Al Jazeera on Sunday. “They were trying to make me vomit as my mouth was emitting a yellow substance.”
    Abu Jaafar is one of the survivors struggling to cope with the effects of a chemical attack on Saturday in the besieged town of Douma, the last rebel stronghold near the Syrian capital, Damascus.
    Rescue workers and medical staff have said at least 85 people were killed in the chlorine gas attack – an accusation dismissed by the Syrian government as “farcical”.
    The chemical attack in Douma is the largest of its kind in Syria since April last year, when nerve agent sarin or a sarin-like substance was dropped onto the town of Khan Sheikhoun, killing at least 85 people.
    Symptoms of a chlorine attack include dyspnea and coughing, as well as intensive irritation of the mucous membrane and breathing difficulties.
    On Saturday evening, rescue workers posted videos on social media of people appearing to show symptoms consistent with a gas attack. Some appeared to have white foam around their mouths and noses.
    Abu Jaafar said that those who did not manage to evacuate their shelters died instantly.
    “There were basements in other buildings with people who didn’t see the gas in time. We entered those buildings and found bodies on the staircases and on the floor – they died while attempting to exit,” he said.
    Although some Douma residents rushed to various medical points, a shortage of supplies and doctors meant that treatment options were limited.
    Activists said that several of Douma’s clinics and ambulance teams had been hit during the bombardment campaign, largely disrupting the town’s medical assistance capacity.
    Local activist Alaa Abu Yasser was also among those who tried to help evacuate people.
    “I went to a building where about 35 people had died as a result of this attack; the scenes I saw were unbearable, it’s like nothing I have ever seen even in the movies,” he told Al Jazeera, describing the aftermath of the attack.
    “As I approached the building, a father was crying hysterically as he dragged his feet towards us carrying his two children … he was hugging them, smelling and kissing them after they suffocated to death,” Abu Yasser added.
    Several witnesses speaking to Al Jazeera said that during a chemical attack it is common practice for people to rush to the top floors and on the roofs of buildings in a bid to avoid inhaling the gas that tends to “stick to the ground”.
    “When we arrived to the roof of the building I was helping at, I saw the lifeless bodies of a mother in her 50s, with two of her adult daughters and a child with their arms around each other, all foaming at the mouth,” said Abu Yasser.
    “I mostly saw bodies of women and children in three separate rooms; they’ve been placed there to isolate the smell of the gas from those who survived,” he added.
    Although the White Helmets, a group of rescuers operating in opposition-held areas in Syria, and Syrian American Medical Society have given a death toll of at least 85, there are fears that the number of people killed in the attack could be higher.
    “The rescue teams have not been able to document all the cases,” local activist Mansour Abu al-Khair told Al Jazeera. “They’re overwhelmed and cannot deal with the impact of the attack.”
    He explained many of those who lost their lives were still under destroyed buildings and have not yet been pulled from the rubble.
    “Others are instantly being buried by their families, so they aren’t accounted for in terms of registered numbers,” al-Khair said.
    “We expect the death toll to surpass 100,” he added.

  13. When the camera was on her fingers, I didn’t even hear the music. Mesmerizing.

    Will have to play it, again, and look away.

  14. Is it dinner or the celebration – you both look so happy.  So, what are you eating?

    And you both look too young to have been together so long — a pair of child spouses

  15. There’s nothing like a properly tuned, well exercised, Steinway concert grand.

  16. The University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs won the NCAA Hockey Championship last night, beating Notre Dame 2-1.

    Good dogs.

  17. “Big price to pay.”   Why do I have a feeling that it won’t be Asswad who pays it?

  18. I suspect that woman is playing with more than the regulation number of fingers.

    Thanks, Jace !

  19. There will be one more weekend of Class I prep races for the Derby.  After that it becomes a matter or horse condition, owner decision, current standings, and paying the entry fees.  As it stands now, here are the top 25 horses.  I’ll keep you advised of who will get the 20 spots available.

    There was one whale of a race between Vino Rosso and Enticed yesterday with a review due to bumping at the end, with Vino Rosso declared the winner earning them the 4th and 5th spots on the leaderboard.

    Justify took the Santa Anita Derby beating Bolt D’Oro

    Good Magic defeated Flameaway in the Blue Grass

    Next Weekend will be the Arkansas Derby and the Lexington with several of the other contenders running.




  20. Jamie, since ’tis mischief seems out of the running, Quip is my next choice.  ky bred. won an upset at tampa bay. and said of:  “He is a pretty forward horse and he’s a smart horse,”

  21. Jamie…

    in honor of the good witch of Oz, Glinda…  I’ll take Good Magic.

  22. the guardian:

    New York Times editor says Trump attacks on press are out of control

    Donald Trump’s attacks on the press are “out of control” and damaging “the civic life and debate of the country”, the editor of the New York Times said on Sunday.
    Dean Baquet was responding to a tweet in which the president attacked his main rival.
    “The Washington Post is far more fiction than fact,” Trump wrote. “Story after story is made up garbage – more like a poorly written novel than good reporting. Always quoting sources (not names), many of which don’t exist. Story on John Kelly isn’t true, just another hit job!”
    Baquet said: “I think the press will keep doing what it does, but … if [Trump] creates a culture where Fox & Friends and Jesse Watters are regarded as serious journalism, and the New York Times and the Washington Post are not, he will have done longstanding, harmful effect on the country.
    “It’s out of control. It’s out of control and his advisers should tell him to stop, because it’s actually affecting the civic life and debate of the country. “When I first heard it, I thought, OK, a year ago, it felt like an exaggerated version of what we’ve heard from presidents forever. But it’s out of control.”
    Regarding the Post’s story on Kelly, Baquet said “every one of those deeply reported inside stories about the White House from the Times or the Post have all been verified. When [former Trump strategist] Steve Bannon talked about life inside the White House, when he left the White House, he verified them. [Former chief of staff] Reince Priebus came out, he verified them.
    “This stuff so far is all held up.”
    Baquet also said the Times and the Post would continue to “fight to the death on daily stories… [because] it’s healthy for the countries to have institutions fighting to the death. But we believe in the same principles. And I will defend them on these principles and they will defend me on these principles.”

  23. RR & PatD

    I’ll keep track of everyone’s bets and let you know if there are changes.  Right now I’m on Enticed.


  24. blueinDallas,

    Are you talking about the Asswad  in Syria or the Asswad in the White House?

  25. XR,

    When you can make ten fingers sound like you are playing with twenty, you get to make your living playing concerts and signing autographs. If it only sounds like ten, you get to spend your time dreaming about what might have been.

  26. For those asking, many thanks. I am feeling reasonably well. Have returned to work full time, which is good even if it does tucker me out completely. I was prepared for a long physical recovery and it is still ongoing. I was in no way prepared for the length of the recovery involving my state of mind. Depressing does not even begin to describe it and forever seems like about how long it will take to improve. I was not as well prepared as I should have been. Gives a whole new meaning to the old phrase; live and learn.

  27. So are we near enough to the next election for congress to grind to a halt for fear of having to answer to the voters? Would seem to be about the only way to neutralize Trump, Ryan and McConnell.

  28. Am praying for a heavy turnout with a throw the rascals ( Republicans) out mentality.

  29. Jace – Glad you continue to improve & always glad when Sunday rolls around.

    Asswad = Syria’s head creep

    I’m not sure if McCain is right about Trumpsky saying we’d leave Syria emboldening Asswad.  Maybe the chemical attack was meant keep us there based on Trumpsky’s reaction to the chemical attack last year.   Either way, it’s a no-win situation for everyone.

    And on that happy note, goodnight.

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