The March Effect

Watching March For Our Lives over the weekend makes me think there is a new constituency out there: Single issue gun control voters. One reason guns are so out of control is that until now only single issue gun rights voters showed up.


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  1. hopefully, that new single issue voter is the makings of a new bloc more likely to not mind compromise on other issues thus rebuilding the centrists in both parties.  the speed limit sign on a road, a middle way between the extremes and fringe elements of either side.

  2. interesting that both Stormy and Karen said the twit told them “you are special… smart…like my daughter”

    here’s the link to the 60 minute interview of stormy last night which was taped prior to the airing of the cnn interview with Karen (and I assume Anderson cooper didn’t tell stormy about what Karen had said on it).

    that seemed more important to Karen to continue the relationship on a deeper personal level

  3. Well I see that Santorum hasn’t gotten an nth smarter since he left Congress. And his devotion to the message of his religion has never been stronger. His nickname Sanctorum is well earned. I wish him well in his continued decline.

  4. How can other single-issue voters be persuaded to vote for gun control?

    If you are pro-assault rifle, you can not also be pro-life.

  5. Remington, maker of the Bushmaster AR-15 is filing chapter 11.  Now, its vendors will collect pennies on the dollar…eventually.

  6. Single issue voters, say anti-abortion, are easily led to vote against their own self interests.  A great example is a friend of mine who only votes republican because she thinks the r’s will ban all abortions.  Could not convince her that the r’s want to destroy her life because she is LGBTQ.  Same with gay guys who vote only for taxes.

  7. Methinks these kids voting on a single issue for this November’s mid-terms is fine.  But they are obviously too engaged and too intelligent to stay as single issue voters only.  The gun control issue is what is getting them interested and involved in politics….   just like the issue of stopping the Vietnam war did for my generation.  As they mature and go out into the world to deal with life outside of school, I’m confident that they will broaden their horizons.

  8. drip drip drip, another day another crime for Mueller’s list.

    bet twit campaign forgot to report this one too to the f.e.c.

    cbs news:

    Witness in Mueller’s special counsel probe aided UAE agenda in Congress
    A top fundraiser for President Donald Trump received millions of dollars from a political adviser to the United Arab Emirates last April, just weeks before he began handing out a series of large political donations to U.S. lawmakers considering legislation targeting Qatar, the UAE’s chief rival in the Persian Gulf, an Associated Press investigation has found.
    George Nader, an adviser to the UAE who is now a witness in the U.S. special counsel investigation into foreign meddling in American politics, wired $2.5 million to the Trump fundraiser, Elliott Broidy, through a company in Canada, according to two people who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter. They said Nader paid the money to Broidy to bankroll an effort to persuade the U.S. to take a hard line against Qatar, a long-time American ally but now a bitter adversary of the UAE.


  9. wapo reports another march effect… a nasty negative one

    A fake photo of Emma González went viral on the far right, where Parkland teens are villains

    Gun-control advocates have held up González as a figurehead of the movement, splashing her trademark shaved head on T-shirts and viral images.
    Then, there is another viewpoint of her activism.
    A doctored animation of González tearing the U.S. Constitution in half circulated on social media during the rally, after it was lifted from a Teen Vogue story about teenage activists. In the real image, González is ripping apart a gun-range target.
    The doctored image mushrooming across social media appeared to confirm the belief among Second Amendment absolutists that calls for stricter gun-control measures are transgressive, destroying the very foundation of the United States.
    The animation bounced around conservative Twitter before it received a signal boost Saturday from actor Adam Baldwin.
    He tweeted to a quarter of a million followers with a hashtag reading “#Vorwärts!” — the German word for “forward” and an apparent reference to the Hitler Youth, whose march song included the word.
    Gab, the Twitter-like social network that is a popular refuge for the alt-right, tweeted the animation on Saturday to more than 100,000 followers, then hours later asserted it was “satire.” It racked up more than 1,200 retweets. The still images, looking more sophisticated than the glitchy animation, went further, appearing to be taken as legitimate by some conservative-minded Twitter users.
    The pushback seems to have gained more traction than the original images, although that means the original images are also spread wider.
    Donald Moynihan, a professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, debunked the altered image, saying in a tweet: “Just a sample of what NRA supporters are doing to teenagers who survived a massacre (real picture on the right),” referencing a user named “Linda NRA Supporter” who posted the photo and whose account has since been suspended.
    Moynihan’s tweet keyed on an idea: Public moments by the Parkland students are being scrutinized and stretched to either bolster or tear down arguments on social media, built on the traditional debates made around the dinner table.


  10. looks like twit’s keeping promise of creating more jobs….more jobs for lawyers


    nbc news:  Blizzard of ethics complaints filed against Trump administration


    A prominent government watchdog group has filed 30 ethics complaints with various federal agencies — including the White House — alleging that employees are working in violation of President Donald Trump’s executive order intended to “drain the swamp” and keep government free of former lobbyists.
    The group, Public Citizen, filed the complaints in recent days, charging possible violations of ethics rules that Trump announced just days into his presidency.
    The complaints, obtained by NBC News, cite Executive Order No. 13770, which effectively barred former lobbyists from being appointed, without a waiver, to governmental positions in which they would manage issues they’d lobbied on within the past two years.
    Last summer, Public Citizen identified 36 lobbyists who’d been tapped for government jobs dealing with issues they’d lobbied on, and only six of those appointees have received waivers since then, the group said.
    “These 30 apparent violations of Trump’s own ethics rules are only the tip of the iceberg,” said Craig Holman, co-author of the June 2017 report and lobbyist for Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division.
    Holman added that the Trump administration had issued the waivers only to appointees whose apparent violations had received attention and scrutiny through media reports.
    Public Citizen has sent the complaints to ethics officers at each agency where the appointees are working, requesting that they investigate.
    The White House has not responded to a request for comment.
    “The bottom line is that neither Trump nor his administration take conflicts of interest and ethics seriously,” said Lisa Gilbert, vice president of legislative affairs for Public Citizen. “‘Drain the swamp’ was far more campaign rhetoric than a commitment to ethics, and the widespread lack of compliance and enforcement of Trump’s ethics executive order shows that ethics do not matter in the Trump administration.”

  11. BB

    You might tell your friend what I tell all the anti-abortion folks I know.  If the pro-life movement actually wanted to end abortions, there would be a Planned Parenthood clinic on every corner.  If an unwanted pregnancy never happens, it doesn’t require an abortion for any reason and that alone makes them rare except for the most dire necessities.

    The movement people want the issue for the sake of money and political power.  They have exactly zero interest in actually ending abortions except as a selling point to the religious pro-life voters.

    It is possible to be both Pro Choice and Pro Life, but you have to put the decision in the hands of women and physicians not politicians.

  12. Poobah, you’re trained in the law. And XR certainly’s got that training. So how’s about this?

    SFB  says he never had an affair or sex with Stormy Daniels.  If what SFB says is true,  Stormy Daniels’ disclosure which relates to sex with SFB Is not a disclosure at all. Rather it is a fiction. So the question becomes whether a fiction can be a violation of this nondisclosure agreement.

  13. Certainly Ms Clifford should be able to describe the offending organ in detail. Isn’t that the point at which Mr Clinton’s declarations of innocence collapsed in his conflict with Ms Jones?

  14. that was Paula Jones who gave us the description of the notorious bend

  15. flatus, hard to see said object under such a motley belly… assuming that is she would even care to look closely enough.

    from the sound of the proceeding she wasn’t there that long or care that much to do research.

  16. overlooked last week what with the march and all

    from alternet:

    Al Franken Breaks Silence with a Bombshell Revelation About Jeff Sessions


    Now we know why the FBI was investigating Trump’s attorney general.

    Former Sen. Al Franken on Friday broke a month-long silence on social media to reveal that he and his former colleague, Sen. Pat Leahy (D-VT), were the two lawmakers who asked the FBI to investigate Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ repeated false statements under oath about his interactions with Russia.
    Writing on Facebook, Franken discusses the multiple false statements and omissions that Sessions gave during testimony before the Senate about his knowledge of the Trump campaign’s efforts to contact Russian government officials.
    He then reveals that he and Leahy were so concerned with Sessions’ pattern of making false statements that they asked the FBI to look into the attorney general to see if he had perjured himself.
    “Nearly one year before Attorney General Sessions fired Andrew McCabe… Mr. McCabe oversaw an investigation into whether Attorney General Sessions… lacked candor when he repeatedly misrepresented his contacts with Russians when testifying before Congress,” he writes. “That investigation was opened after my former colleague, Senator Pat Leahy, and I wrote to the FBI last year and requested that the Bureau examine the attorney general’s false statements.”
    Franken then said he felt disturbed by the fact that Sessions decided to fire McCabe even though McCabe had launched an investigation against him.
    “That the attorney general would fire the man who was tasked with investigating him raises serious questions about whether retaliation or retribution motivated his decision,” he writes. “It also raises serious questions about his supposed recusal from all matters stemming from the 2016 campaign.”
    [….continues with copy of his full post….]


  17. We didn’t watch the interview instead went to a retirement party for two members of the local fire department.  Both had volunteered for over 40 years.    The average age of the volunteers is over 65 and they were quite excited to have a new, young volunteer age 51.

    Not just our department but ones up and down the North Coast are having trouble recruiting volunteers and the County is moving to consolidate districts and make money available for some paid staff.  At the dinner the folks from a couple of different departments all said it is very hard to find volunteers for their departments.

  18. Kurt Vonnegut loved fire depts and volunteered everywhere he lived outside of manhattan…….my dad cranked one up out here on the island, lasted until the county took it over……

  19. There was a fellow who has a couple of properties and he volunteers with a number of departments so he has about a million years of service when you count all the departments he served with.  Mr C was a member and when he could not longer go out on calls (he was 75) he served as president of the board and did a lot of fundraising.

    Now because of new rules and regulations and drug testing – less people are willing.  For one thing if you have a beard you have to get rid of it.   Pretty much everyone here has a beard -makes it hard.  You can be an emt but not a firefighter because the mask won’t seal properly with a beard.


  20. So, Russia says we’ve made a huge mistake by expelling their diplomats (spies) from the US.  Aside from expelling the same number of Americans from Russia, what are they gonna do?   Give evidence of collusion to Mueller?

  21. sturge,  both ladies mentioning unprotected sex brings up the possibility of unexpected expectancy and the choices that may have had to be made.   which choices wouldn’t sit well with his evangelical base

  22. Steve King (Iowa), I’m ashamed that you are an American.

    Santorum, I’m ashamed that you are an American.

    How much blood money is the NRA paying these boneheads, or, are they acting as pro bono morons?

  23. politico: 
    How much is Rick Gates telling Mueller about Trump?
    Lawyers and Trump associates describe deep unease about what the former Manafort deputy might be telling Mueller in exchange for leniency.
    When Rick Gates struck a plea deal last month with special counsel Robert Mueller, the 45-year-old former Trump campaign official likely avoided decades behind bars and salvaged a chance to watch his children grow up.
    The question is what Gates offered Mueller in return. Though it is a virtual given that Gates will sell out his business partner and Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, less understood is the direct threat Gates could pose to President Donald Trump.

    “He saw everything,” said a Republican consultant who worked with Gates during the campaign. The consultant called Gates one of the “top five” insiders whom Mueller could have tapped as a cooperative government witness. One defense attorney in the case said Gates’ plea has triggered palpable alarm in Trump world.
    Manafort may have struck a larger public profile, but Gates spent more time in Trump’s orbit. Manafort left the Trump campaign under a cloud of scandal in mid-August 2016. Gates, his right-hand man, stayed on through the election before assisting the Trump inauguration and Trump’s early presidency.
    Worst of all for the White House, Gates lacks hard-wired loyalty. He is not family, like Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., or his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Nor is he among true Trump believers like Corey Lewandowski and Brad Parscale.
    … veteran law enforcement experts said Mueller would grant Gates leniency on his prison sentence only in return for his unrestricted testimony about subjects going well beyond his work with Manafort.
    “He’s their bitch,” said Solomon Wisenberg, a former Starr deputy.
    Gates is already enjoying some benefits from his cooperation. He is free on $5 million bail and living at his home in Richmond, and was recently granted permission to take a spring break trip with his family to Boston — though he rearranged the trip over security concerns. (In a court filing, his lawyer cited an online comment that warned: “Bring a food taster.”)


  24. Pogo, yes, and that’s why it seemed so dumb to reveal Trump as the third party when they moved her case to federal court

  25. Pogo, yes, and that’s why it seemed so dumb to reveal Trump as the third party when they moved her case to federal court

  26. If Trump’s tweets move markets, then knowledge of their content before they are “tweeted” constitutes an unfair trading advantage.  I wonder: who is getting rich off Trump’s market manipulation (besides the brokerage firms)?

  27. bink, a certain mr. Icahn did well “anticipating” the tariff threat ….  perhaps he continues to enjoy prescience of presidential pronouncements?

  28. Mr Pogo,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, but crime and Amendments 4 and 5 (when we still had them) were my beats. However, I’ll toss in my 2 cents worth anyway.

    The alleged non-disclosure agreement is not enforceable by messers cohn or trump, because the alleged document is in the form of an insurance transaction, the claimed beneficiary of which neither signed nor paid for it. However, it appears that thanks to mr cohn, Ms Daniels owes one David Dennison millions of dollars.

    Did I mention that I’m changing my name to David Dennison ?

  29. off subject, but it finally came to me what sturge’s Lucius vids reminded me of… the sorta kinda dissonance that sets your teeth on edge …. Mickey and Sylvia.  here’s one of their hit songs from the 50s intro by steve allen

  30. Goodness, such music! We didn’t get our teevee until ’54–just when all this was breaking out. When I went away to school, I remember Mr & Mrs Landon, our chaperones at school dances, frowning at us as if we were flirting with the devil–we weren’t flirting, we were having an affair!

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