Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

Somehow a tribute to Spring seems in order. I can think of none better or more fitting than Copland’s  Appalachian Spring.

Enjoy the music, enjoy the season, but most of all enjoy the day.

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51 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. jace, thank you for reminding us that there really is a spring out there somewhere this year.

    I hope you are recovering and will be back on the comment trail soon with your sensible compassionate opines.

  2. saw more “don’t shoot” written on hands at march than “evil eye” gloves worn.

    but especially effective were the crowd shouts of “vote them out” during pauses in the speeches.  …. sending chills down a lot of critter spines

  3. Jace – Just beautiful!   (The end of it always reminds me of singing “bringing home a baby bumblebee” on the spring class trip.)  All the best.

  4. patD – The CNN newsfeed on my phone had links to several marches.

    I was surprised that another local affiliate (CW) didn’t buddy up to the NRA like the ABC affiliate did.   There were actually old, white guys in cowboy hats at the marches who were supporting of “common sense gun laws,” as one of the told the reporter.  Now,  there may be differences as to what that looks like, but those guys aren’t hunting Bambi with assault rifles.

    The PSA from veterans saying there is no need to have assault rifles (whether branded as AR-15 or something else) on our streets was powerful, as well.

    Btw, where is Jim Webb these days?

  5. Jace…  great as always!

    I saw Harvey Keitel last night in Sister Act.

    Since the selection of trumpty dumpty, I have been ashamed of this country.  Yesterday…  seeing and hearing Edna Chavez, Naomi Wadler, and Emma Gonzalez have given me back my country.  They made me proud and relieved for the future.

    Lots of older pundits comparing their march to the Vietnam protest.  The thing that struck me as the biggest difference was the women (girls).  I know it was men who went to that war and mostly men who’s voice we heard in protest back then.  Hearing all those girls voices yesterday was outstanding!

  6. A beautiful morning glory to the trail.  Thank you, Jace, for Bernstein.  How ya doing?

  7. Yep, and they shouldn’t have had to do it.  They shouldn’t have been through what they’ve been through.  All of this made possible by the blood-money paid to Critterz who keep gun laws lax.  They are coming for your jobs & the whole world saw it.

  8. I tried to list the results of a survey (they sent listening ears to the inbox), but it is not formatting correctly when I try to insert into comment.

    open form that lists survey cateogories from

    Currently, climate change is leading the large list of choices on survey results.


  9. Never on a Sunday, tonight we get to see Stormy on 60 minutes.  A ratings bonanza.  I also watched mcdougal’s interesting and validating interview with Andy Cooper (a ratings bump for cooper).  That was some golf tournament in Tahoe!  mcdougal unwittingly verified Stormy’s account by at first denying that the pre-dotard donald was with her every minute during her stay at the tahoe tourney?  mcdougal did state that trump mentioned to her that he had to visit the porn stars.  And she also did an honest remark in that ‘I suppose that after I was on the plane…,’ trump could have seen Stormy for that dinner in the hotel room during shark week.

    As for that mysterious dvd Stormy’s lawyer posted?  Maybe that is the porn dvd trump had Stormy sign for him.  Her reference to trump as a goofy reality star?  The evangelicals may praise trump for his no smoking and drinking, but he is a sex addict for sure.

  10. Mcdougal, a repug who voted trump reminds me of the tweedon woman. Both mcdougal and tweedon were bunnies at the same time.  I sensed in mcdougal a sort-of snooty attitude between bunnies and porn stars.   Love vs. sex.   Maybe that attitude is because tweedon and mcdougal are repug bunnies.

  11. Many thanks. I drove to work the other morning listening to Appalachian Spring on WSMC.

    The redbuds up in Ft. Loudoun State Park are in full brilliant bloom against gloomy skies and dogwoods are budding out. We’re having a chilly damp spell of weather, Dogwood winter and the leading edge of the Easter squall. Spring won’t be far behind, even if the calendar insists it’s already here.

  12. Thanks all for the feed back. Am pleased to be able to report that I am feeling way better than previously. This years version of the flu is a nasty bastard and I had the shot to boot.

    As  for opining, I find it hard because Every day that Trump is in office serves to legitimize him and I don’t se him leaving any time soon. This abomination is going to play itself out for four full years and the country will be decidedly the worse for it. My comments such as they are represent little more than preaching to the congregation.

  13. Yesterday, as I watched these young people, many the same age as men who were being drafted right after leaving high school in the 60’s (I was IA the Monday after I graduated hs), I felt so happy that they are leading a new movement in America.  The false equivalency built by the nra and media, along with the doubts of the msnbc men, cannot make me think this is a dead end.  The young people are carrying a deep and visceral hatred of the current crop of representatives.  They are going to be the leaders because they are not a minority of America, as we were in 1968.  They represent a majority, if not greater percent, of Americans who are tired of the slaughter on our streets and in the classrooms.

    As a veteran I am with the other veterans against AR-15’s and AK-47 style weapons on the street.  No matter how much SFB and nra yell, ISIS is not climbing the banks of the Rio Grande or slipping through Dulles to attack, nor are the FBI or LOE forming units requiring idiots to fight for independence using combat weapons.  Banning the sale or exchange of the combat arms, magazines and ammunition is needed now.

  14. those incredible kids, not only can they march and chew gum at the same time and motivate thousands and walk the talk but they can write as well.

    this is just one article by the guest editors for today at the guardian: 

    Yesterday, we Parkland students made history. And we’re not going anywhere


    We have been working relentlessly to make sure our voiced get heard for the benefit of the men, women and children that we hope to save when our hard work comes to fruition in the halls of Congress

    I woke up on Saturday morning, 24 March 2018, ready to report from the March For Our Lives alongside 12 of my colleagues from the Eagle Eye, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School newspaper where I serve as co-editor in chief.
    The day we had been thinking about for six weeks was finally here: we were going make history, and we were also going to document it.
    Since the shooting that killed 14 students and three staff members at our school in Parkland, Florida, on 14 February, my classmates and I have been working relentlessly, day and night, to make sure our voices get heard. We’ve gone on so many TV shows and been quoted in so many publications it’s hard to remember sometimes what our lives were without it.
    And it is not for our own benefit – it is for the benefit of the men, women, and children that we hope to save when our rhetoric and hard work comes to fruition in the halls of Congress. I’ve seen first-hand the toll it has taken on all of us, and the extraordinary amount of work required for it to happen. We are exhausted but we feel empowered, too.
    We can feel it: change is within reach.
    But at the march, it didn’t take me long to realize how many different ways American lives have been devastated by gun violence. It’s not just Parkland, and it’s not just mass shootings. It’s the streets of cities all around the country, communities who are plagued by gun violence daily, yet do not have the same platform to speak about it as we do – whether that be because of their age, creed, color, or economic status.
    In the crowd, I interviewed a mother who was carrying a sign that said “I survived gun violence, my daughter didn’t.” She told me she had been worried about her daughter’s father’s mental health, and had tried to report her worries to the police. Nothing was done. Two weeks later, he killed her daughter. I heard of so many stories similar to this one, each more moving and eye-opening than the last.
    I also talked to many students from Thurgood Marshall High School in Washington DC. These students have dealt with gun violence on their porches, in their gas stations, on the streets right outside their houses, places of worship, and theatres. They live in fear daily – and yet no one in previous years has listened to their roars as they pleaded for change.
    It was humbling; it was upsetting. But, most importantly, it reinvigorated my understanding of the importance – no, the necessity – of this movement. Gun violence disproportionately impacts people of color. It is our duty to help them tell their stories, and to share the platform we have received in our part due to our privilege.
    A particularly touching encounter I had was with those that had travelled from Newtown, Connecticut, the site of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting five years ago. When you talk to people who have been through the same trauma, you get one another because you’ve been through something no one truly understands until they have experienced it themselves.
    The pain, the passion for justice – you recognize it in other people. The care is genuine, wholly personal and you can just feel it.
    Our hope was that the march would be a show of unity between communities impacted by gun violence, and also those that pray they never have to be in the same way we have been in Parkland.
    It has happened: we’ve seen the millions of people marching in the streets of DC, of Atlanta, of Chicago, New York, San Francisco – even abroad. They have rallied behind us in a fashion I could never have even fathomed, and when the staff of the Eagle Eye newspaper arrived as the first Marjory Stoneman Douglas students on the scene, we immediately felt emotional as we saw the beginnings of a revolution form in this march.
    I saw this diversity in the signs people brought to the march. I saw one that recited the names of the 17 fallen in my hometown, the 26 in Newtown, the 32 in Virginia Tech, and the 23 from Columbine. I saw another that read “Which one is next?” Arrows surrounded it, pointing to the children around the poster, all potential victims of gun violence if the laws of our country do not change. Others signs chose to embrace a more humorous side, one stating that “we cannot fix stupid, but we can vote it out” and “you know this is serious when the introverts show up.”
    One, though, I thought encompassed what the rally was truly about. It read “The times they are a-changing.”

    And from what I saw at this march? I believe they are.

    We Parkland students have a platform never seen before. We plan to utilize this voice, because it is our own, and because it is our right. We will use it to advocate for legislation that will not only stop the mass shootings, but also the gun violence in cities like Baltimore, Chicago, and DC.

    The movement to end gun violence has been active for a long time, and there’s always a breaking point – a moment which changes everything. I hope Saturday will prove to be one of those moments. I believe it can be it. This is just the beginning of the galvanization of a movement that will transform the culture of America, hopefully into a nation where gun violence is not normal, and not OK.

    On Monday, I will be back in Parkland. I will continue to go to class and sports games, continue to write for my paper. But I will also continue to fight, and so will others.

    We are articulate.

    We have opinions.

    We demand change.

    And we are not going anywhere.

  15. Thank you Jace.  Aaron Copeland and Bernstein are a wonderful choice for the season.  It certainly helps to offset the uglier aspect of Trumpian politics.

    BTW:  DeGenova In and now DeGenova out … The White House needs a revolving door for attorney use only.

  16. Received a note from daughter Sue saying that she had a marvelous experience with her students in Columbia yesterday. Several of them registered to vote on the spot.

  17. Jace,
    Aaron C. would be so proud knowing that you have chosen his magnificent work to place a Coda on yesterday’s expressions of Young America’s Will. Tremendous selection!
    Thank you,

  18. Jace

    The flu…yikes.  People around here who got were really laid low and for a long stretch.  Glad you are doing better.  We were a split household this year – Mr. C got a flu shot and I meant to but didn’t (lazy I usually get one) and fortunately we have not yet gotten it – but we are not in large gatherings and don’t have near neighbors with kids.  So glad you are feeling better.   It really is Spring and we should be celebrating and we are!

    Sometimes the choir needs an affirmation!

  19. Normally at the start of Spring, we are tired of rain and welcoming the sunshine. Instead, we are freezing and hoping for more rain.  But Spring is Spring at least there is more daylight (nothing to do with daylight savings.)

    I think the biggest winner out of the whole march is Tom Steyer.   He looked really happy and he should his Next Gen voter registration drive is a perfect fit.   It’s the first time I’ve seen him smile.


  20. Once again Rick Santorum makes us glad he is not in public office – his suggestion.  Students should learn CPR

  21. For those starting to pay attention, here is the full Kentucky Derby Leaderboard.  Derby prep races will be run through mid April and they will shuffle around with only 20 making the grade.  To see the horse, simply click on its name.  Can’t make up my mind yet.  They are very pretty horses this year.


  22. Jim Carrey took the Time Cover, did a painting of his version and incorporated:  The Times They are a Changing.

  23. BTW, Those young folks yesterday, that we are all marveling about, put a lie to another Republican talking point. They are what public education looks like. They obviously have had some very good teachers.


  24. Sir Paul strutting around yesterday and the Carrey picture with Dylan lyrics.  I think we need to remind the  boomers. Sit down and STFU this isn’t about you.  The least effect part of yesterdays event was the Dylan song, imo. It is new day and we have a new generation stepping up. We taught them well  lets give them their day.


  25. Renee

    It is a different world  and a better one.

    Trump is a retro males only world. Someone posted a picture of the recent meeting with the Saudi’s and noted there was no difference between the two. It was exclusively men on both sides of the table. It says a lot about how out of the main stream Trump world is.


  26. Rick Santorum, you clueless bastard!

    You should be required to go view bodies of people hit by fire from assault rifles and see the damage they do.

    CPR, my ass!

    The kids are “looking to someone else to solve their problems”? Did he really just say that? Yesterday was not just kids waiting around for adults to fix things that the adults broke in the first place. What in the F is wrong with his brain?

  27. jack – Agreed. The speakers had the most impact yesterday.  As one of them said after a musical number, “This is not Coachella.”

    It’s good that celebrities showed up because that seems to be  how the MSM knows they should pay attention to something…otherwise, they can be quite useless.  The young folks from LA, Colorado, Brooklyn and Florida, they put Congress & other paid NRA mouthpieces to shame.

  28. 18,000 showed up in downtown St Paul and swarmed on the Capitol. Even Sartell, MN, pop 17,500, had its own demonstration.

    God Bless the Kids

  29. So funny watching politicians sucking up to the NRA today. As one of the speakers said yesterday, “The voters are coming.”

  30. jack,  liked the way George Clooney, Oprah and Spielberg did it…. bellied up at least 500,000 each, turned it over to the kids, on purpose stayed back and said it was the students’ day to speak, not theirs.

  31. bId – the best response to the santorum is that CPR is not going to work when there is no blood in the body.

    There are some people saying that Mattis did not create the POS “report” that SFB used to attack transgender patriots, it was drafted by “ImagaY” pence (I just watched the Will and Grace episode of the cake).  Looks like Mattis is on his way out.

    With snow still on the ground around here, it is time to make another pot of kimchijjgae.  Need something warm to remind me that winter is supposed to be over.

  32. Clooney was very clear in his letter to them:

    Amal and I are 100% behind you and will be marching in DC on the 24th, but we both feel very strongly that this is your march. Your moment. Young people are taking it to the adults and that has been your most effective tool. The fact that no adults will speak on the stage in DC is a powerful message to the world that if we can’t do something about gun violence then you will. The issue is going to be this, anyone you ask would feel proud to be interviewed by you but it’s so much more effective if it’s young people.

    You could talk to a dozen kids like the young kids from Chicago and LA that Emma met with. You could take over the Guardian and make it tell the stories of children by children. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to point to this moment and say it belongs to you. You certainly should do what you want but that would be my hope for you.

  33. bbronc, that  POS “report” that SFB used to attack transgender patriots reeks of distraction desperation.  the veto threat was another attempt to get the media minds off Mueller, the march, and the messes he made with the many misses and his mrs.

  34. Liked what EmmaGonzales had to say to the NRA’s Loesch, too.   In essence, you won’t stand up for your own kids, so we will do it.

    The Repugz & NRA really think this is going away.  It’s not.   Their political power, however, that is going away.

  35. Violate all hush-up agreements.  Do not let Donny score.  Just take the 15-yard penalty.  I hope they all come out of the woodwork after tonight.   I hope that maybe even seeing what those young folks did yesterday will help them speak up.

  36. digenova prolly opened his interview with, “To begin, I’ll need a pardon for 2013 – 2016.”

  37. If an old, battle-scarred, old, experienced, old criminal defense attorney like Dowd can’t get along with the client, what decent defense attorney would even want to try ?

    My only Q is, do drugs make dirty don this crazy, or is his condition genetic ? It’ll make a big difference in the way the judge(s) handle his case(s).

  38. I think Dowd left because he didn’t agree with the direction the Digenova hiring signaled –fast trip to conspiracy town.   Because he is an experienced trial attorney he disagreed with trying to indict the FBI.   I think the conflict is hooey.  I think SFB read the tea leaves and thought Digenova was making him look wackier.

  39. On a side note, I am working on my retirement plan, one part of which is to start downgrading my drinking life.  You can tell I am in the retirement age, I have to look at a bottle to be able to state I am no longer paying $35 for a fifth to I am no longer paying $35 for a 750ml bottle of gin.  Now I am trying the $15 per jug, or $15 per 1.75ml jug.  It sucks.

    That aside, it is time to raise “santorum” to its preferred definition.

  40. Let Trump be Trump is so stupid.  When has ever not been himself?

  41. The good news for today, Mr. P and First Lady of the DC Arboretum have their first egg of the season.  We were getting worried because it was so late due to the snow.

    DC Eagles Nest

  42. Santorum’s advice applies to anti-abortion, anti-gay, and (phony) “religious freedom” advocates, too.  Take a CPR class, Christians.

  43. What’s a defense attorney to do when his/her  client can’t pass the smell test? You either keep taking the money or you get out of town. Seems as though Trump’s lawyers are choosing different scenery.  Not difficult to imagine why.

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