It’s Not About Privacy

It’s about what is done with our privacy. Targeting those whose data profiles demonstrate tendencies to believe lies about particular politicians. And then delivering those lies to suppress or provoke votes.

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  1. Trumpsky sure likes his privacy.  He hates  leaker(s) who leak the truth and make him look even worse than the day before.

    As for social media, it’s not really private once you write it or say it.

    The common denominator between the WH and FB: humans

    We love information.  What good is it if nobody knows you have it?  What good is it if you can’t monetize it in some way that benefits you?

    Humans, the problem that doesn’t go away.


  2. Former Facebook exec Roger McNamee (on MSNBC tonight): “At least three Facebook employees were embedded in Trump campaign helping them optimize their use of Facebook. This had a profound impact on the outcome of the election.”

  3. Despite the psychological profiling and the data mining, there was a market for what Trumpsky was selling.   Are unemployed coal miners hanging out on FB?  Did those person-specific FB ads claim he was anything else?  Does anyone have screen shots of those campaign ads?

  4. So did Hillary’s tone-deafness toward the areas that caused her to lose, and,  the MSM being blinded by her inevitability.

    I was anti-Hillary in 2008, until Obama appeared with little in the way of experience or a voting record.  Then, I was pro-Hillary.

    When McCain picked Palin, I was pro-Obama.

    I was excited for her to run, until she ran and I heard ideas I liked better than hers.

    How did they code for being fickle?  Despite not being on FB, I imagine there are others who aren’t consistent.

  5. And I’m not saying it’s nothing, I’m saying that people aren’t always reliable.  So, how did they manage those key areas unless there was a market for Trumpsky?

  6. …would all be moot, provided an educated electorate with basic critical-thinking skills.

  7. “If the govt shuts down on Friday night, will it impact the March on Saturday?”

    BiD, hopefully, all those shutdown non-essentials will turnout for the march. even if they don’t, a shutdown will mean lighter traffic to contend with.

  8. PatD – if the government shuts down office buildings would be closed, including the museums on the Mall, which are where people are directed for sheltering in case of something happening, weather or something else.  Metro is unaffected, they run for the events, except on week days which if the government is shut down the trains and buses run a light schedule.  Protective services stay in place.  The D.C. government runs independent too.

  9. So the Republicans used social media and the Democrats didn’t…


    Stop bringing a knife to a gun fight!

  10. Released 55 Years ago today and everything changed. Do you have a favorite Beatles song … A top ten?

    From their first album but not written by them is a “Taste of Honey”, but the unique harmonies are already there.


  11. bbronc, depending on whether they are successful gagging rant paul, looks like they’ll avoid shutdown.

    with the paltry nra blessed crumbs in the bill the critters will beat their chests proudly that they responded to the will of the people.

  12. politicuausa:

    Rachel Maddow Reveals That Mueller Could Bust Trump For Accepting Foreign Government Payoffs

    Rachel Maddow shed light Wednesday on a less-reported scheme that special counsel Robert Mueller may be closing in on that could implicate the Trump administration.
    According to Maddow, citing a New York Times report, Mueller is questioning a witness close to an operation that involved foreign governments essentially paying off the Trump administration under the guise of a fundraiser.
    That cooperating witness, George Nader, could give special counsel investigators damning information, which has the potential to throw even more legal trouble toward the president. And as the MSNBC host pointed out, Nader has been granted immunity by Mueller, which means he could have key information.
    Maddow explained all the ways the Trump administration has seemingly bowed to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates via U.S. policy changes, and said that if their money paid for these outcomes, it’s “very blatantly illegal”


  13. A beautiful morning glory to the trail.  I saw a meteor before twilight this morning and it reminds me to tell mixers it is time to look-up…you may see the chinese space station coming back home, in pieces.

    As a nation, we have no digital standards and we do not need any stinking regulations especially with regard to education for all yet allow the digital world to rule our children and young adults.  After hearing the bomber’s story, the christian home schooling thing is suspect by me.  These are the same humans who give trump a mulligan and yeah buddy, he needs a bunch of mulligans and boiler-plate nda’s.  Now once again, one of their own, has taken-up against the poor, the humans of color.   So, anti-Jesus to blow-up and maim the poor.  Jesus wanted to feed and heal the poor.

  14. From the above article about the falling space station.

    According to the bright minds tracking the space station’s demise, you’d be about a million times more likely to win the lottery than to be struck by a piece of falling debris. Still, China warns that some of the material on board the space station, such as toxic chemicals used in its rocket fuel, could be hazardous if you happened upon a smoldering chunk of the space station. So, if you see a falling chunk of twisted, smoking metal, it’s probably a good idea to just walk away.

    Mixers, go out and buy those lottery tickets.

  15. Mr. Mueller sure is letting some of the usual suspects move about the cabin freely.   Gathering evidence or steam?  The pushback from the trumpence junta is fierce.

    parscale joins rnc data trust.

    destefano, aka johnny 4 jobs, also was involved in the data trust and was mentioned as the new trump whisperer a month or so ago as trump loses his young groupies.

    Then, flynn shows-up in Cali campaigning for a trump guy against their favorite pinata, Maxine Waters.  Maybe they paid him well as the internets try to make us feel sad that like cohen, he had to mortgage his house for legal issues.  Hey, flynn, this is the way trump rolls and waddles.


  16. Although we are all ‘product’ on the internet especially when we access free services, it is more than data mining for an election heist.   Our voter data was exposed, hacked and in at least one state that is provable, the data was manipulated.   The vote can easily be suppressed by showing a voter already voted or fell off the registry.  Votes changed?  Maybe in some counties.  So, many digital moving parts changing life in nano seconds.  Our system was hacked by the trumpence junta who is beholding to china and russia.  Our downward spiral is continuing at alarming rates, just like xi and putie planned.  The perfect patsi potus, trump and his band of corrupt goppers.

  17. My theory of SFB is that he actually admires Putin and wants to be like him.  He admires lifetime leaders.  Putin probably doesn’t have more on him then Stormy or the others.  He doesn’t need to, he has SFB’s undying admiration of him as a “strong leader.”

  18. Really how many times can you fall on your sword for your client before you are dead.

  19. Hmmm popcorn.  Recently we have been putting powered cheddar cheese on popcorn.   It’s probably terrible for you but tastes good.

  20. One thing the Beatles had going was that John’s and Paul’s harmony vocals had that unique quality of excellent blending rarely found in duo vocals… the Everly Brothers had……and when George came in for the third he also blended nicely as well. I chalk it up to the hours they put in playing in Hamburg….

    my new favorite in that category is a group called “Lucius”

  21. Ok last one…..shows off their harmonies with a Lennon song.

    i discovered them when daughter walked down the old aisle to Lucius doing the old Kinks song “Strangers”.   “we are not two we are one.”

  22. At this time I’ll take a little break from being negative and mean.

    Trail Mix and its company of contributors and commentators are a national treasure.

    Ya, me too, in my small and grumpy way. It is an honor for me to share this blog and this universe with you all.

    Now, on with the show….

  23. Just say no to Joe Biden  He should keep doing what he is doing — helping elect Democrats and getting down in the pig slop with SFB but run  NOOOOOOOOOOOO

    He and Bill could have an old fart’s pac and tour around and say outrageous things to Mitchy and Pauli– they could have Ed Rendell as the MC

  24. Biden and Trump it is the  twitter equivalent of Saturday afternoon at the AmVets club, Just what we want to see 2 drunken old farts arguing over who is the toughest.

    really does anybody here need any further proof  of how great a candidate Biden would be. There is a reason his presidential bids never went anywhere.

  25. Sturg, although Lucius has instrumental talent, their output is painful to my ears. Kinda like I imagine Woodstock would have been at 4am when the only people still playing were totally stoned and inertia was fueling their efforts.

  26. Jack, it’s too bad that they’ve both aged out. Years ago when Biden was testing the waters down here, he spoke, to rave reviews, before the local Republican social club/crowd. He would have made a good showing.

  27. Although in fairness, the Woodstock people playing at 3 in the afternoon were probably totally stoned as well……

  28. KGC

    Kindred spirit .. I love that song and always feel like a bit of an oddball for loving it.



  29. lest we forget what the twit has said regarding the stock market:
    “The reason our stock market is so successful is because of me,” Trump told reporters in November.
    The president has explicitly and implicitly claimed that the rising stock market, which repeatedly reached record highs in the 14 months following his election, was a result of his being in office.
    On Twitter, he wrote that stock market records don’t “just happen,” but rather were because of “great confidence in the moves that my Administration is making,” and meant “somebody likes me (my policies)!”

  30. This one was on the flip side of a hit so it happened to be on a lot of jukeboxes… brudder and I had this thing about surreptitiously playing it and then watch all the people in the bar bitching about “Who the hell played THAT?” Etc. and we’d join in….haha, fun times

  31. It’s really difficult to get kids into the Beatles, these days.  They just don’t wanna hear it.

    How do you post a youtube vid in this place, again? I forget. Don’t tell me if you don’t want me to post music.

  32. Copy the YouTube in the search part and paste in comments…….have to write something for it to show up right

  33. My daughter, born 84,  could not in any way get interested in watching black and white movies……

  34. Old nose-face was dead right about that sing along songs business….it works like a charm

  35. oh boy get those gas masks ready  John Bolton is joining team SFB

  36. Sing along songs….learned that on Staten Island in 68.    My hosts took me to a locally famous pavilion called The Shoals……on Friday nights it was the young people with a semi-coherent garage band, but Saturday was for the old folks……3 old guys, piano, drums, accordion and they’d play polkas, schottisches, etc, and all those great old New York City sing alongs like Bill Bailey, Bicycle built for 2, H-A-double R-I, basically The Village Inn Pizza songbook, and the joint would be gob-smack packed, and all the people from the crowd would go up and sing……it was magnificent.

    if you can play Bill Bailey, and the joint has a piano……the people will sing and thereby increase the happiness level tenfold.

  37. I still have a feeling that Mueller will soon lob in a few more strategic mortar strikes.

    i can feel it in the ether….

  38. And if you feel like it…….you can do it without a piano…….try it next time you get a chance “Bill Bailey”…….and I guarantee you will see the most amazing thing……

    But the first line has to be sung (or “said”) with absolutely heartfelt conviction, cause the first line you’re alone…..they’ll come to in the middle of the second line and then it’s all gravy.

  39. Yeah, but then what, if Republicans don’t feel compelled to uphold the law?  The dissedents have been purged, and those remaining have demonstrated they’ll carry anyone’s water as long as they get a little sip of power for themselves.  Sigh.

  40. Well.  Looks like SFB has gone full television talking head for running America.  Send out huge tariffs which nobody out side of the orange puffed rice dyed with orange shift, head wants.

  41. It’s time to have a show-and-tell inventory of draft cards–starting in the Red States.

  42. well he has suspended the steel and aluminum tariffs for a few more countries

  43. After Bill Bailey you have to pick songs that everyone almost congenitally knows all the words to……Danny Boy comes to mind, and that Bicycle for 2 song….it’s like a form of Zen-Black Magic…..there’s nothing quite as strange and exhilarating as a room full of people singing……..lots of churches dig that……..

  44. Trump wouldn’t even know who John Bolton was if someone else didn’t tell him to hire him.  Who is that “someone else”?  That’s the guy that scares me.


    Ok, crawling back under a rock- see you on the other side of armageddon.

    Edit: oh- that “someone else” is FoxNews. It’s really disgusting that that network of liars sets our entine national policy agenda now. Seriously, cut your cable if you pay for that poison.

  45. Now I’m wondering if Quakers sing…..because they certainly don’t at their meetings…….

    i like the way they do church though……just go in and sit there till somebody feels like saying something……

  46. Bolton…….the “somebody” who brought him forth……..fortunately for us they are grasping at straws……..

    and clowns.

    Ugly-hearted clowns…….but clowns none-the-less.

  47. Remember that thrill that run up Tweety’s leg?  I think it’s done got to his brain.     At least he’s on the right side of things….

  48. There is no junta without the generals.

    If trump feels cornered, he might be use the old ‘suicide by nuclear annihilation.’

    sessions continues to keep his job by doing the boss’s bidding.  US dismisses charges against erdogan body guards.
    Criminal charges related to the incident against four of the bodyguards were dismissed last November while the indictment against the seven others was withdrawn February 14, the day before outgoing Secretary of State Rex TIllerson visited Turkey to meet with Erdogan in a bid to mend ties between the two NATO allies.
    The timing has fueled speculation that the decision to dismiss the indictment was made as a goodwill gesture to Erdogan, who saw the charges against his security personnel as an affront and called the indictment “a complete scandal.”
    State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the department had no role in the decision.
    “That was entirely coming out of the Department of Justice,” Nauert told reporters, dismissing reports that Tillerson had discussed the issue with Erdogan during their meeting in Ankara.
    A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment on the case.

  49. It’s been said before war cabinet.  Who are we going to war with and against?

  50. Mueller is a sojer…..he’s going to nip this “war” crap in the bud.

    Maybe not quite in the bud, but still…….

  51. If ou ever feel the urge to leave your children and theirs a pot of gold get them a copy of the Village Inn Pizza Parlour Songbook…..they run about 5 to 10 bucks online in various places and they’re worth my weight in gold.

    And I’m 25 pounds over my fighting weight.

  52. Kg……..haha…….that’s why he quit

    He couldn’t find a leg to stand on……….

  53. Oh, here’s some pseudo-protest music, because that’s all this generation deserves.  Catchy, though.

    (Commenter’s note: music posted best enjoyed with a speaker-system, not 1/4” phone speakers, thank you.)

  54. I wonder if Kelly will let us know what room in the house McMaster was in when he got the word he was fired

  55. Reports indicating McMaster was lancing a boil in the bowling alley.

    (Note to conservatives: the above is fake news- i made it up. Maybe, eventually, you’ll be able to tell on your own.)

    (Note to liberals: yes, i realize no conservatives are reading this.)

  56. The SFB defense now (thanks to Joe DiGenova) is that the whole thing is an FBI set up to get rid of Trump   In other words welcome to crazytown

  57. Meanwhile, 11 seed Loyola Chicago plays 9 seed Kansas State in the South Regional final and 9 seed Florida State plays 3 seed Michigan in the West Regional. That’s 2 9 seeds with a chance to go to the Final Four.

    The lowest seed ever to advance to the Final Four has been 11, and that’s been done 3 times although none have made it to the championship game. The lowest seed ever to win the men’s NCAA Tournament was Villanova at 8 in 1985.

    In the women’s NCAA Tournament, Buffalo and Central Michigan have advanced to the round of 16 as 11 seeds. All 4 of the 1 and 2 seeds also advanced. Buffalo will play 2 seed South Carolina while Central MI will play 2 seed Oregon.

    Incidentally, Buffalo had teams in both tournaments. The fellas were a 13 seed and knocked off 4 seed Arizona before losing to 5 seed Kentucky. Other schools have made both tournaments before in the same season. I call out the Bulls here because they are not from a major conference and I think it’s nifty, and because focusing on inane sports triviality keeps me sane.


  58. No joe

    He was perfect for Connor Lamb’s district   not too many others and his little reprisal of offering to take Trump out beside the woodshed was beyond tone deaf

    He’s avuncular, not presidential — ugh

    Oh yeah Mr. MBNA and his son Hunter’s payments make Ben Carson’s son look like a piker. Why not bring back bring back Jim Webb?

    He’s a mansplaining patronizing kind of guy and it gets him in trouble every time. Do you want a candidate who makes insulting jokes based on stereotypes and doesn’t understand why people are upset. Every mistake gets labeled “just a joke” and that’s how I feel about his attempts to become president.

    The election wasn’t lost to Democrats based on blue collar economic issues and Joe Biden isn’t the right guy in any case.

    There is lots he can do to be helpful but as soon as he gets into the race, he will be toxic.

  59. I love Joe. But, that boat has come and gone – it left in 2004. Nobody can tell me that John Kerry was a better candidate than Joe would have been.

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