The Jobs Just Keep Rolling In

By Pogo, a Trail Mix Contributor

Toys R Us to close all 800 of its U.S. stores

Toy store chain Toys R Us is planning to sell or close all 800 of its U.S. stores, affecting as many as 33,000 jobs as the company winds down its operations after six decades, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Well I suppose all those coal jobs will make up for the toy jobs loss


Or not ….

Drink, anyone?

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67 thoughts on “The Jobs Just Keep Rolling In”

  1. atta boy, Donnie, added to that 33,000 will be hundred thousands more.

    from business insider: Trump’s massive new tariffs could end up costing America 146,000 jobs

    The economists Joseph Francois and Laura Baughman found that the new policy would increase employment in the US metals industry by 33,464 jobs. But they determined it would decrease employment in other industries by about 179,334 jobs.

  2. Each day, in every way, the former USA is now trumpland.  He is supreme dictator and will do all he can to consolidate his power over everything.

  3. So long Dodd-Frank, it’s been good to know ya.

    I hope the new revelation, that a second Trump atty was involved in the Stormy affair, puts Trump one step closer to removal from office for treason, collusion, obstruction, sexual assault, campaign finance fraud…

    I hope November really does manifest as a big, blue tsunami and that we get actual Dems in office, and not DINOs like Tim Kaine who voted to repeal Dodd-Frank.


  4. 16 Dems voted to roll back Dodd-Frank restrictions. 

    But after Warren called out red-state Democrats and other supporters of the bill by name in a fundraising appeal, Schumer encouraged her to stay focused on the substance in the debate, according to a person familiar with the exchange who requested anonymity to discuss it.

    While I like Elizabeth, she just provided the opponents of endangered dem senators footage for their campaigns. Stupid.

  5. The Kentucky Derby is now shaping up with the possible contenders.  For the sake of conserving space since there is so much info on horses and standings, I’ve put the top 30 into a single blog article for you to review and start narrowing your selections.  Kentucky Derby Preview


  6. on morning joe this morning they recap what bink was trying to warn us about last thread: trumpians’ lies about lamb juxtaposing the twit’s own words plus a slew of goper leaders (and others who should know better) against the truth.

  7. BiD, thanks for alerting us to the new stormy storm developing.

    from nbc news: Another Trump lawyer signed Stormy Daniels gag-order documents
    A top lawyer for the Trump Organization was involved in trying to enforce a secrecy agreement that adult film star Stormy Daniels signed in exchange for $130,000 before the 2016 election, new documents show.
    Jill A. Martin, whose LinkedIn profile says she is assistant general counsel for the company, last month signed two legal papers linked to a temporary restraining order against the actress, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford.
    It’s the latest link between the Trump organization and efforts to silence Clifford, who says in a lawsuit that she had an “intimate” relationship with Donald Trump a decade before he became president.
    Trump denies her allegations, and White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said last week that as far as she knows, the president was not aware his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, paid off Clifford through a company called EC.
    But Clifford’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, said Martin’s signature on the paperwork is another piece of evidence that Trump knew about the nondisclosure agreement, the payment and the more recent efforts to stop his client from talking.
    “These documents effectively show that contrary to Mr. Cohen’s representations, there is little to no difference between EC LLC and The Trump Organization/Donald Trump.”
    Two documents provided by Avenatti — and first reported by the Wall Street Journal — bear Martin’s name: a Feb. 22 demand for private arbitration to determine if Clifford violated the agreement and a declaration that the agreement allowed a company registered to Cohen to obtain a gag order without notifying Clifford.
    Martin’s California bar listing includes her affiliation with the Trump Organization.


  8. craig, hope you don’t mind a repost of your comment on the 12th.  some folks might not have seen it and time is of the essence to help the prospective protestors.  here’s what you said:

    just got a response to my inquiry about sponsoring students for the march:
    From: Michael Skolnik [] Sent: Monday, March 12, 2018 10:22 AM Subject: Re: Fw: Sponsoring a student
    Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. There is a large group of students and their families from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who are coming from Parkland to Washington, DC for the march. They are still in need of funds to take care of all of the students and their families and we are helping them raise money for their trip. It would be wonderful if you were able to make a donation to help fund their trip.
    The alumni association of the school is leading this effort and we have spoken with them many times and can confirm that money will go towards the trip.
    You can make a donation here:

    Kindly, Michael
    Michael Skolnik Partnerships, March For Our Lives

  9. I’ve worked in largish law firms (>250 lawyers), smallish firms (@ 20 lawyers) and small firms (2 lawyers).  I’ve represented plaintiffs and defendants in civil and criminal (damn few of these thankfully) matters and have represented companies in their own capacity and to defend their insureds.  I have known of lawyers providing services to clients without any expectation of payment and have known of employed lawyers doing favors for friends outside their employment – such as reviewing agreements, etc., but in 25 years of practice in all those contexts I have never heard of or known of any lawyer in any of those firms acting outside the scope of their representation of a client to do something on the client’s behalf.  The idea that 2 lawyers have now done that on behalf of SFB is frankly stunning and not believable.  In fact, whether Cohen (settling a claim without the client’s consent and authorization) or Martin (initiating legal action without the client’s consent or authorization) were aware, they created a situation where SFB is potentially exposed to liability as a result of their actions on his behalf, or, if SFB was actually unaware of their actions before they occurred or was aware and did not consent to or authorize the actions they took, have put their law licenses in jeopardy by acting on their client’s behalf without authority.  Regardless of how you cut it, this whole thing was extremely stupid form a lawyer’s perspective.

  10. wonder if this will retrigger the 2016 story re twit accused of raping 13 yo and his past partying with friend ” convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who was widely known to throw wild parties with young women and girls.”


    abc news:  Mueller witness is convicted pedophile with shadowy past

    It was a few days before the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration and a Lebanese-American businessman was on his way to Mar-a-Lago.
    George Nader, an international fixer whose long history included intrepid back-channel mediation between Israel and Arab countries — and a 15-year-old pedophilia conviction in Europe that has not been previously reported — was transiting through Dulles International Airport outside Washington.
    It was hardly his first far-flung journey to see top aides of the world’s most powerful leader, as Nader had met the U.S. president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and chief strategist Steve Bannon in the days before they stormed the White House.
    But he encountered an altogether different scene awaiting him at the airport.
    There, special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators stopped Nader, people familiar with the case said. His electronics were seized and he was then allowed to go to his lawyer. Nader later agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation, said the people with knowledge of the case as it pertains to Nader. They weren’t authorized to speak publicly on the case and demanded anonymity.

  11. The trump slump continues and the bankrupt potus continues to gamble away our institutions, joke about trade and bullshit about Mexico paying for the a phony wall (in an emperor has no clothes moment?  trump wants a wall we can see through — hey how about no wall at all and save $18 billion).   Is that transparent enough for king baby?  Now that mel has gotten rid of hope and nikki and the parade of porn stars in the WH?   Are the domestic generals next?  If only they could have gotten Harwood to help mattis and panetta continues to advise the WH general while trump is falling apart.   His close advisers gone.  How much does all of this hiring and firing cost the American taxpayer?  How much does the separate marital quarters cost us?   How much does his large and needy family cost us?   donnie the drain…sucking it all.

    However, with all of the hiring and firing…I hope munchkin and his elite wife, the disney villains of the cabinet, are soon to depart.  stinky zinke can leave his stink behind and go back home.  tower trash go home…my resolve, fire the problem and send him packing.

  12. Patd…the parading of victims used to be in ‘ no-no’ in democratic administrations…not so with repugs.  Recently, franken was told to get out so his victims did not have to relive the trauma of the handsy, fish lips franken.  Today, parading victims is the basis of most repug pr or victim porn.   bannon broke all rules by bringing bill clinton’s accusers to the LV debate.  So, now it is fair game that trump’s accusers are visual, vocal and visceral.   I hope to see Stormy Daniels every day as she is a little sunshine in the life of the sneaky and cheating potus.

  13. Pet owners unite unleash your power and boycott unsafe airlines…the young humans of this country have shown leadership under the gun and its assault on them, next should be the humans protesting unnecessary pet deaths.  Living things are not chattel.

    From the article — United had the most animal deaths of all U.S. airlines in 2017 for the third year in a row on scheduled domestic or international passenger flight, according to the latest Department of Transportation data. It had 18 deaths of animals in 2017, a sharp increase on the 9 animal deaths reported the year before, and 13 animal injuries, one less than the previous year, meaning it had 2.4 incidents involving the transportation of animals per 10,000 in 2017.

  14. took 8 months since congress told him to do it and Russia poisoning uk, but better late than never


    wapo: Trump administration sanctions Russian spies, trolls over U.S. election interference, cyber attacks

  15. oh and by the way they say

    The administration on Thursday also alerted the public that Russia is targeting the U.S. energy grid with computer malware that could potentially sabotage the systems.

  16. maybe the twit at the tete a tete with bill gates today will mention that little alert about  “Russia is targeting the U.S. energy grid with computer malware”


  17. So who convinced SFB that he had to at least make one action in common with NATO?  As with anything associated with the moron, one can make an office pool of when the actions are 1) enforced, 2) weakened and 3) removed.

  18. Now Put-ey is expelling diplomats from the UK.  Well, weren’t embassy staff being harassed in Moscow anyway.  Fine.  Nothing gets ex-KGB harder than a Cold War.  Let’s freeze out the bastard.

    Cut off ties with the russkies and pull the teams from the World Cup (another organization full of corruption) and let them play f-in soccer by themselves. They can just scrimmage.

    Trumpsky really dragged his feet on any sactions and this is just for show, show pony that he is.

    Put-ey tried to hack our power grid? Considering  how crappy some our other infrastructure is these days, that would take us down.  Prep as best you can, folks.

    A large area of Dallas been without gas for weeks due to failing pipelines of neighborhoods built in the 1950s.  Fires weren’t enough to get it fixed.  A house had to explode and kill a little girl.

    We do need to invest in physical infrastructure and probably hire some genius 14-year olds for cyber security.

  19. Bill Gates meeting with Donny today.  What will a smart, billionaire and a bankrupt (morally  and otherwise) maroooon talk about today?

  20. Boy Howdy  talk about leading from behind or in SFB’s case out of his behind

  21. Figured I’d just go ahead and play A-11 on the old fish camp jukebox while I wait on Mr Mueller.

  22. can’t say we haven’t been warned.

    last summer business insider:
    Jack Barsky, a former KGB spy and author of “Deep Undercover: My Secret Life and Tangled Allegiances as a KGB Spy in America,” explains how Americans have historically been naive about the Russians. Following is a transcript of the video.
    This is a much more complex world today than it was during the Cold War. Soon after the Cuban Missile Crisis was successfully dealt with, there was a sense of certainty in the relationship between Russia and the United States. The lines were clearly drawn, now this world is incredibly complex. The bottom line is the Soviets and nowadays the Russians don’t play by rules. You sit down with them and you come up with a construct by which behavior is regulated. They’ll agree to it and then turn around and not abide by it.
    There’s a fundamental lack of trust, historically, in Russian/Soviet society, and that lack of trust is reflected by the way leadership behaves. Americans are much more trusting and there’s a good reason for that because of American history. We may be a little too naive because we think that everybody else should be just as nice as we are. I’m not saying that everybody who lives here is nice, that’s not the point. I’m talking about the behavior in general which trickles up and it comes from the niceness of the American people, say in the Midwest, and it goes all the way up to the top.

  23. One of the things which contributed to the success of Buck Owens, in addition to the songs he wrote, was Don Rich singing those high harmonies……when Don died,  Buck just about quit with it……but Paul McCartney could sing those parts standing on his ear…….The Beatles put a lot of shekels into Buck’s operation. Those Beatles were so hip it’s scary……

  24. I feel kind of bad about the whole Connor Lamb thing.   It was so easy to be misled.  I didn’t even see Craig’s comment.  But when I looked him up  the sites that came up all said the pro pro pro crap.   Or Nancy P baloney.  I was fooled and I’m not sure what to do about it

  25. Continue to march……..

    One must have chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing star

  26. speaking of no jobs what is being done for people over 50 who are looking for work.  I think the infrastructure spending should include a rider for employing and re-training the over 50 hard core unemployed.

    And really every road a toll road?    Is that why we have heard nothing more.

  27. Rather than placing our dachshund on an airplane when leaving Panama, we all got aboard the Panama Canal Company’s supply ship and freightered up to New Orleans. We arrived together, to include our car, and within an hour were on the road. A very, very nice trip. Faden, our dog, was much happier doing her duty on dry land than on the poop deck.

  28. “I was fooled and I’m not sure what to do about it”

    kgc, complain to mgmt. of whatever browser your using.  often.

    lately have also found mostly  faux news and their bot colleagues stories on bing….. repetitive beating dead democrat horses.

  29. ny times via msn:

    Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization, Demanding Documents About Russia

    WASHINGTON — The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, has subpoenaed the Trump Organization to turn over documents, including some related to Russia, according to two people briefed on the matter. It is the first known instance of the special counsel demanding documents directly related to President Trump’s businesses, bringing the investigation closer to the president.

    The breadth of the subpoena was not clear, nor was it clear why Mr. Mueller issued it instead of simply asking for the documents from the company, an umbrella organization that oversees Mr. Trump’s business ventures. In the subpoena, delivered in recent weeks, Mr. Mueller ordered the Trump Organization to hand over all documents related to Russia and other topics he is investigating, the people said.
    The subpoena is the latest indication that the investigation, which Mr. Trump’s lawyers once regularly assured him would be completed by now, will drag on for at least several more months. Word of the subpoena comes as Mr. Mueller appears to be broadening his investigation to examine the role foreign money may have played in funding Mr. Trump’s political activities. In recent weeks, Mr. Mueller’s investigators have questioned witnesses, including an adviser to the United Arab Emirates, about the flow of Emirati money into the United States.

    Mr. Mueller could run afoul of a line the president has warned him not to cross. Though it is not clear how much of the subpoena is related to Mr. Trump’s business beyond ties to Russia, Mr. Trump said in an interview with The New York Times in July that the special counsel would be crossing a “red line” if he looked into his family’s finances beyond any relationship with Russia. The president declined to say how he would respond if he concluded that the special counsel had crossed that line.



  30. This could get very interesting:

    FIU Bridge Collapse built by Munilla Construction Mgt. is associated with Brad Zackson & Paul Manafort who were trying to broker a Chinese buyout of MCM by PCG‼️

  31. Our newly elected rep in west PA is a democrat, not an independent, nor a republican.

    Dont be a freakin independent and try to surf the blue wave.

    the wave is blue, are you?

  32. kgc, not worthless if noisy enough.  they don’t want to be publically painted as biased or a purposeful purveyor of propaganda.  not good for their image.

  33. As a Vietnam draft dodger I pay some attention to the gradients of Vietnam draft dodging……I floundered into a particular course in 68 which led me to being a member of the United States Coast Guard.  Draft dodger.    I see it I know what it is…….most of my friends were there, paying with life and limb…..

    Vietnam is still very much with us

    i can’t even imagine, except maybe as a John Wayne movie, the horrors so many of my friends endured there.

    and it’s back now



  34. If you were a little guy you got to crawl into tunnels with a flashlight and a .45 prepared to shoot what moved,  if you were a sniper you snuck in and sighted from far off and fired……if you were a grunt you waded thru jungle and paddy and tried to live somehow…if you were a typist in a place somewhere just every now and then for incoming you’d have to jump in a bunker…..if you stepped on a mine you lost a lot of body…..lots of serious things there…..

  35. In 65………our drummer’s older brother came home after nam for a week till he went to Germany…all his school buddies were at school, and all the graduated ones were at work and so I cut school and we hung out for three days down at the corner drinking Burger Beer and smoking tiparillos….

    he told me all about it.

  36. It’s long been my contention that nam laid waste to a whole generation…….

    The whole generation….the, that went and them that dint……The whole generation was squashed.

    But all the hippies spoke up

  37. Sturg,

    Damn you, Coastie, you did your service. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, tell you otherwise.

  38. I did my service but I dodged the big show………I’ve no regrets for myself, just those guys I know ……..but it is what it is, no less, no more……

  39. I wasn’t a speaking-up hippie and I wasn’t exactly a sojer……I just kind of slid thru the middle without much comment……

    ……and that’s the way it was…….

    I just think that viet nam is still playing havoc with America’s psyche…….

  40. Sturg, I went over as an ammo troop with the Army in ’65. We did our job–deliver stuff to wherever they wanted it. There was no  glory, no reward in anything I saw there. The people we fought for, with a few exceptions, were ruined by the French–they didn’t give a shit. You missed nothing.

    When I was with the USAF at the end of ’72 a bunch of us were sent to Guam and told to build every bomb we could find, load them on B-52s, mail them to Hanoi, and end our involvement in the war. That we did.

    The real satisfaction in doing that was in talking to POWs after the war who watched the bombs hitting their targets and the change on the North Vietnamese guards’ faces as the daily torture sessions stopped and it became apparent that they were going to be freed after years of miserable confinement.

    It looks as if a healthy peace has developed between us–that is good.

  41. Yes I think that Vietnam is going to continue to be a problem because instead of facing the facts — the facts are twisted and even destroyed in the name of national healing.

  42. Mr Sturgeone,

    Thank you for your service. Now, thank your Higher Being that you didn’t experience Nam.

    Honest, I think I’m gonna be sick.

  43. Mainly all afternoon I was casting about at the Mueller/trump relationship in relation to viet nam and the draft ……the marine and cadet bone spurs.

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