Mueller Incoming

Like a feather floating into cannon fire the House GOP “memo” disappears in the next round of heavy artillery likely coming from Bronze Star/Purple Heart hero Robert Mueller.

Flipping Rick Gates will advance the march to truth. That would make three Trump associates cooperating with the Russia probe.

It’s difficult to attack “bias” among investigators when it’s your own people squealing, driving the case forward.


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  1. And while all of that is going on, ICE continues its attacks on undocumented. His name is Miguel Perez Jr. and he has lived in the U.S. since he was 8 years old


  2. incoming or outgoing? joaquin castro on cnn mused that nunes is a sacrifice fly for the twit to fire Mueller.  this definition of that baseball term does seem to fit the bill:

    A sacrifice fly, abbreviated SF, is a fly ball out that scores a baserunner. While typically a long fly ball to the outfield, a sacrifice fly can be recorded on any fly ball, whether fair or foul.

  3. Kushner looked like a commie plant at the SOTU…IMHO…a lot like Carter Page.  There’s just something about their demeanor & souless eyes.

  4. Jamie  – There were a lot of ICE raids down here under Obama, too. Granted, anyone who served in the military or as a first-responder should be exempt. I mean, how did they even sign up?

    The story after Craig’s link (which is available, in full, at yahoo, lists who would take over if Rosenstein goes bye-bye.  An interesting list, including women.

  5. Report that Demented Numbskull made “unapproved changes” to the memo.  On who’s order?

  6. cnn:
    The groundhog hath spoken! Welcome to six more weeks of winter.
    On Friday morning, Punxsutawney Phil scurried out of his little marmot hole saw his shadow.

  7. an excerpt from vox story “The Nunes memo, explained with diagrams” :
    As former FBI special agent and current Yale Law professor Asha Rangappa writes ….:

    The Nunes Memo reportedly alleges that at least a dozen FBI agents and DOJ prosecutors fabricated evidence, engaged in a criminal conspiracy to commit perjury, lucked out on being randomly assigned Judge Low Blood Sugar who looked the other way, and — coincidentally — ended up obtaining evidence that justified extending the initial FISA surveillance. …
    If Nunes has in fact singlehandedly uncovered this vast criminal enterprise, it’s hard to know what’s more astonishing: That a government bureaucracy managed to pull it off — or that Nunes has exposed it all in a scant four-page memo.


  8. Jack… I hear you loudly and clearly.  I think I’ve od’d on anything trump after stupidly watching the SOTU speech.  And besides… with all this hype over some dumb memo, it’ll probably be anti-climatic.

    Go Patriots!

  9. bbronc, does this mean there will be a sweep of email/facebook/social media comments made by fed employees to check their loyalty to the twit?  won’t be hard for the Russian whizbangs who put him into office by way of social media to also use their expertise to “cleanse” the civil service.


    the hill:  Federal workers on edge over Trump call for firing power

  10. These memos are in the category of ‘burn before reading’. Lay people do not have the training and experience to understand the derivation of the information and how it can be backtracked resulting, at best in the plugging of sources, and at worst a plethora of dirty tricks and mayhem including chained atrocities. No matter how pundits characterize the memos, this is not funny.

  11. No one  could read the memo for the truth since it contains none but it does give aid and comfort to our enemies

  12. Groundhog day – again?  Phil must have really good eyes since he saw his shadow under cloudy skies with flurries.

    The Weather Channel notes:

    NOAA has said Punxsutawney Phil has “no predictive skill,” and has tracked the rodent’s wins and losses for decades.
    The 20-pound groundhog’s predictions have been accurate39 percent of the timesince the first Groundhog Day in 1887, according to Phil has done slightly better in recent years, getting the forecast right 46 percent of the time since 1988.
    But still, even in his most successful decades, it’s essentially a coin flip, whereas most weather forecasts are accurate 80 percent of the time or more.

    From what I’ve seen it looks like a great chance to drink and party early and to hell with the prognostication of the 20 pound rat.

  13. patD – Phil is wrong about 80% of the time.  Summertime!!!

    Go, Pats! and hope JT covers Prince a bit at the half.

  14. Since 9/11 we’ve all been on “ see-something-say-something” instructions.  Isn’t that all that Steele did?  He saw something that concerned him with regard to Russians and brought it to the attention of the authorities.

    The Russians are filthy creatures, but Kushner, Page, Manafort, etc., are filthy, greedy and stooopid.

  15. I hope stuff starts leaking everywhere & it sinks Trumpco.  Of course, that is what the filthy Russians want, in part.  They think Trumpco, one way or the other, will sink our government and all of the US.  They don’t understand us.   When someone tries to tear us apart, we come together.  We are excellent when in crisis so don’t push it, pootin.

  16. Christopher Wray — not so much.   I don’t think he will quit — too much quisling there

  17. Nunes memo puts spotlight back on nutjob Carter Page and salacious Steele dossier. That helps Trump???

  18. As long as it hurts Russians…also Chinese & Norks.  Rally ‘round the flag & screw the filthy commies. Putin is a uniter, not the divider that he wanted to be.

  19. Dems better not rely on any help from Repug missteps & misdeeds.   If they want a blue wave, they need to start pushing for it now & not let up.   Another women’s rally in mid-October, too, to keep the momentum going.

  20. There is a good article in Vanity Fair: “Did Devin Nunes Invent His Own Smoking Gun”?

    My question: Who owns Devin Nunes?

  21. There should be mass demonstrations with peoples signs’ using the McCain quote and any other gooper with guts to speak out

    Something at the superbowl would be good — although it should be amusing

  22. The comment section in the NY Times article on the memo — people get it – you can spot the maroons in the minute

  23. Mr Jack, thanks for the tip on Pandora. That’ll be useful.

    I agree, sort of. Just round ’em all up, then lock ’em all up. Then hang ’em all up. Then take a nice long nap.

  24. Are we Americans forgetting that the page surveillance began 2 years before trump announced his candidacy ? And that therefore, the DoJ and FBI could read a crystal ball, know and oppose trump years in advance ? Where do the Tulare UFOs fit into this ?

  25. pogo, that 20 lb rodent  you denigrate has better accuracy ratings than the 236 lb rodent in the white house.

  26. This is a crass attempt to make Mueller tip his hand.  My money says Mueller don’t tip, but sends out a shot or two from left field…..

  27. business insider quotes McCain in their  report “John McCain condemns attacks on FBI and DOJ: ‘We are doing Putin’s job for him'”

    “In 2016, the Russian government engaged in an elaborate plot to interfere in an American election and undermine our democracy. Russia employed the same tactics it has used to influence elections around the world, from France and Germany to Ukraine, Montenegro, and beyond,” McCain said in a statement.
    “Putin’s regime launched cyberattacks and spread disinformation with the goal of sowing chaos and weakening faith in our institutions. And while we have no evidence that these efforts affected the outcome of our election, I fear they succeeded in fueling political discord and dividing us from one another.”
    The statement continued: “The latest attacks on the FBI and Department of Justice serve no American interests — no party’s, no president’s, only Putin’s. The American people deserve to know all of the facts surrounding Russia’s ongoing efforts to subvert our democracy, which is why Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation must proceed unimpeded.”
    ….McCain, who has not returned to the Senate since December while undergoing treatment for brain cancer, insinuated the ongoing fight over the memo’s declassification was purely political.
    “Our nation’s elected officials, including the president, must stop looking at this investigation through the warped lens of politics and manufacturing partisan sideshows,” the Arizona senator said. “If we continue to undermine our own rule of law, we are doing Putin’s job for him.”


  28. Politics is unpredictable…..but the corkscrew of justice is going to ream a few fat-ass corks……

  29. Ryan……he’s a sniveling little pseudo-fancy pants…..never worked… up by govt handout….his political head is gonna roll.

  30. There ain’t enough air time for fox to support all the political beggars they’re creating……

  31. Christie?   He better fall back on the law gig cause that extra-sugar jelly doughnut ain’t gonna make it in broadcast-land……

  32. Gowdy, that clam-headed wretch, better hope he lands a life-time appointment, else he’s going to be figuratively scrubbing toilets somewhere for dollar a day and all he can eat.   If trump don’t set him up, he’s side-meat.

  33. Republicans are frightening Americans in overwhelming numbers.  That does not transpire without consequences.

    bank on it

  34. Patd – There are many feds who are told they cannot use personal social media except for narrow use.  There are a great number of feds who do use the gov computers for personal use.  They fail to understand the notice that their use is watched.  I will use if for personal use, such as checking appointments, but not for any other personal use.  We used to be allowed to use the machines during personal time, lunch and break, but I do not think that applies anymore.  Also much depends on what your job is.  If you are working in a classified area, forget it.

    Now.  To what your question is really about.  Yes.  There are departments and agencies which monitor personal social media use.  And, there has been rumours of retribution for calling the president SFB.  Right now he is trying to come up with a way to turn the fed civil service into SFB personal servants.

  35. And it’s hard to hide behind a screen name unless you have an extra email address and device, because things like spokeo can root out real identities.

  36. Patd, 237 pounds? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    I have to laugh. Our own French Creek Freddy, (Punxsutawney Phil wannabe) predicted six more weeks of winter. There had to have been a good 30 or 40 people at the French Creek Freddy event, but they say that one of them was from Utah. Whoopee.

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