Through the Traitorgate down the Trumphole

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

The Guardian:
World’s confidence in US leadership under Trump at new low, poll finds. Approval for US falls to 30% from 48% under Obama. ‘Historic low’ of Gallup poll ‘sets a new bar for disapproval’.

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  1. excerpts from guardian story:

    The survey of opinion in 134 countries showed a record collapse in approval for the US role in the world, from 48% under Obama to 30% after one year of Donald Trump – the lowest level Gallup has recorded since beginning its global leadership poll over a decade ago.

    The result comes after a separate Gallup survey found that Trump reaches the first anniversary of his inauguration with the lowest average approval rating of any elected president in his first year.

    That poll showed that Trump has averaged just a 39% approval rating since his inauguration. The previous low was held by Bill Clinton, whose first-year average was 10 points higher than Trump’s, at 49%


    Trump’s first year in office has aroused particular intense antipathy. Gallup found that the median of worldwide disapproval of US leadership has hit a new record of 43%, higher than disapproval of Russia (36%), China (30%) or Germany (25%).

    The US has fallen below China in the Gallup global poll once before, in the last year of the George W Bush administration in 2008, but both the US and China were significantly more popular then than they are now.

    The collapse in support is particularly dramatic in Canada and Latin America, where 49% approved of the Obama administration’s leadership, with 27% disapproval in 2016. After Trump’s first year, the ratings graph has scissored sharply, with only 24% now expressing faith in US leadership – a new low – and 58% disapproving.

  2. I betcha even  SFB doesn’t find a positive spin for this, so I wait with bated breath for his proclamation that it is fake news.

    So is it down the trumphole or to the trumphouse?

  3. I can’t wait for the refill after we are flushed.   trump is a flop not only here in America, but also on the world stage.

  4. a glint of silverlining in the shutdown cloud


    Special Counsel Robert Mueller is one federal official who doesn’t have to worry about a threatened government shutdown.

    All the employees working on his probe of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign — and whether anyone close to President Donald Trump colluded in it — are exempt from mandatory furloughs, Justice Department spokesman Ian Prior said in an email.


  5. Thank you In Touch Weekly….the stormy daniels stories just keep coming.   Interesting enough, even the norks are involved…what great foreshadowing.  Her ‘fake’ run against vitter.
    “Do you think you’re more qualified than Senator Vitter?” the interviewer from Marie Claire pressed Daniels.
    “Absolutely not,” she admitted. “But in one movie, I did play a Secret Service agent marooned on an island controlled by North Korea. I butt heads with dictator Kim Jong-il and come out on top.”
    from WP

    kim jong-il…papa of kim jong-un


  6. Moron Jim Jordan is rewriting history on MoJo. Claiming the voters put pugs in control of Senate, House and presidency- ignoring that pugs lost seats in both the Senate and the House.

  7. Poor bees.  This is why I’m in favor of child labor.  Every kid I knew, including me, started working at age 13 (little jobs) until the state allowed us to work 20 hours per week at 14.    That was beyond all of the stuff you had to do at home.  These kids should’ve been in school, participating in an extra-curricular activity, or working.  Bad children usually equals poor parenting.

    Now, I see a bunch of frat-rats-to-be who don’t even have to mow their own lawns down here; they just harass squirrels, passing cars, people.

    Folks in Iowa (and everywhere) need to see that this kind of behavior leads to acting out against women and children if not handled properly.

    The parents probably don’t care or can’t imagine that this is not somehow the bees’ fault.

    Humans make me sad.  If all of the bees die off, I guess we won’t be a problem any longer.

  8. Who gives a $#!^^ about this biased polling result.  And it is what I would expect from those countries that have lived off of the tears, sweat and blood of these United States of America!

    The numbers will drop even greater with the repatriation announcement by Apple of billions of USA Dollars back home to create 20,000 jobs away from the trend of prior administrations.  Oh my, we stand strong and expect these countries to pay their fair share for defense! Of course they are not happy to have their gifts taken away that had been at our expense.

    They also must be polling the political elite as the likes of Angela Merkel are also falling out of favor in their own countries.    She is in deep do do as the Germans are tired of her policies not putting Germans first.  Her clock is ticking.

    Love my 401K !!!

    And Happy Friday to all

  9. happy Friday to you, too, mr. pong.   re your “those countries” who are ingrates, aren’t some of those also past  victims of seeing their resources ripped off [or worse, bombed with shock and awe]  by our benevolent behavior?  

  10. is this a promise or a threat?

    axios: Trump won’t go to Mar-a-Lago until funding bill passes
    The White House announced this morning that President Trump — scheduled to depart Washington at 4:30 p.m. for a $100,000-per-couple fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago tomorrow — will remain in the capital until Congress can pass a continuing resolution to fund the government.
    Why it matters: It shows that the Trump administration is acutely aware of what’s at stake should a government shutdown start tonight — as well as the optics of Trump at a glitzy 2020 fundraiser in the midst of it all.

  11. also from axios on same page if you scroll down

    Leaked doc: Trumpworld’s scathing assessment of immigration proposal

    Shortly after the infamous “shithole” meeting — where President Trump blew apart a bipartisan DACA deal pushed by Sens. Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin — administration officials did their own internal analysis of the proposal.
    Axios has obtained an internal memo, “Flake-Graham-Durbin Proposal Would Cripple Border Security and Expand Chain Migration,” that circulated within the White House, showing this administration’s scathing assessment of the Graham-Durbin proposal.

    A source familiar with the document’s preparation says it was compiled by staff at Justice and Homeland Security. 
    Here’s the administration’s internal assessment, per the leaked document:

    Fails to Secure the Border: “provides less than 10 percent of the necessary funds to construct the border wall.”
    Increases Illegal Immigration and Guarantees Future Amnesties: “provides immigration benefits to certain illegal aliens who came to the United States as juveniles.”
    Proposal Not Only Grants Citizenship To Up to 3 Million “DREAMers,” But Also Grants Legal Status to Their Parents: “grants a path to citizenship to an illegal population that is nearly five times larger than the population of DACA recipients.”
    Increases Chain Migration: “keeps chain migration in place while increasing the number of individuals eligible to bring in their foreign relatives through chain migration.”
    Fails To End the Visa Lottery.

    Why this matters: It shows how far the White House is from ever agreeing to the Graham-Durbin legislation. Several moderate Senate Republicans and Democrats have embraced this legislation. But GOP leadership considered it dead on arrival, and immigration hawks like Tom Cotton and Stephen Miller hate it.


  12. forget the plunder of resources, for a mild example, this 2014 huffpo story “Why U.S. Companies Are Increasingly Unwelcomed in South America” mentioning Uruguay’s anti-tobacco law fight with phillip morris

    and the

    wider trend that can be found all across South America. Many countries feel threatened by the unprecedented wave of lawsuits brought by multinational companies against their governments. According to the Institute for Policy Studies, a Washington think tank, Latin American countries were the subject of half of worldwide investor-state lawsuits pending in March 2013 before the ICSID. The same study shows that the majority of trials involved mining and energy companies.

    Much to the anger of South American countries, many of these lawsuits were not decided within their national judicial systems, but before international tribunals that have been repeatedly accused of being opaque and unrepresentative.


    Ecuador is probably the best such example, with its protracted lawsuit(s) with Chevron/Texaco over the company’s dumping of 18 billion gallons of waste in the Amazon jungle after operating there for 23 years. In a landmark decision from 2011, an Ecuadorian judge asked the company to pay a record $18 billion in damages, a figure later halved by the country’s Supreme Court. Refusing to pay, Chevron deployed a massive lobbying and PR campaign meant to discredit Ecuador’s justice system. The trial has subsequently moved away from the core issue of cleaning up the devastating damaged left behind to courtroom acrobatics.

  13. and some of our southern neighbors have never forgotten not forgiven what wiki describes as

    The Mexican–American War, also known as the Mexican War and in Mexico the American intervention in Mexico, was an armed conflict between the United States of America and the United Mexican States (Mexico) from 1846 to 1848. It followed in the wake of the 1845 American annexation of the independent Republic of Texas, which Mexico still considered its northeastern province and a part of its territory after its de facto secession in the 1836 Texas Revolution a decade earlier.

  14. Ping, the “president” made respect for the US a plank of his campaign.  That’s who gives a S#!^^ (and so do I and so should you). He’s failed in that regard – if anything he’s worsened our stature as a leading force in the world.

    And I love my 401(k) as well – it’s grown at about the same rate as it did during the last 2 years under Obama.  About the most that can be said is that despite other indicators that are lagging a bit behind those in Obama’s last year, SFB hasn’t managed to fuck up the Dow which went from 6,600 to 20,000 under Obama’s economy following the Bush debacle (who did manage to fuck up the Dow).

  15. btw, trying not to hyperbolize  or exaggerate or wrongly accuse by using the term “traitor” in thread title, I looked at varying legal definitions and was directed also to see words like

    conspirer, insurgent, malcontent

    so, maybe “traitorgate” isn’t too bad a description after all

    still, I sincerely apologize to any innocents who are offended by the subliminal accusation of treason on their part.

  16. pogo, these phrases from that forbes piece must really enrage the twit:

    …job gains are running below the average of Obama’s last six years


    Recent GDP growth not quite as strong as it appears

  17. WaPo – 1/19/18:

    “Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said late Thursday that he was “not inclined” to vote for a short-term spending measure because leaders did not keep their promise to hold a vote by the end of January on legal protections for young undocumented immigrants. On Friday morning, he said he preferred Democrats’ proposal to pass a spending bill keeping the government open for just a few days to allow more time for negotiations, an idea GOP leaders rejected Thursday.”

    Typical – pugs pull a bait and switch then blame dems for the failure when they don’t go along.  Flake pulls back the curtain.

  18. from ny times: Inside the Oval Office Immigration Meeting That Left a Senator Stunned


    “After Lindsey and I left the room and got in the car together to come back to Capitol Hill, it was silence in the car,” Mr. Durbin, of Illinois, recalled in an interview on Thursday, describing their mutual distress at the ominous turn the negotiations had taken as well as the president’s conduct. “We had just witnessed something that neither one of us ever expected.”


    “The language that was used, the attitude of the president, the expressions he made when it came to immigration just stunned me,” Mr. Durbin said.

    Mr. Durbin, who has been in Congress for more than three decades and is no stranger to political back rooms, said the meeting was not the usual case of salty language shared among politicians gathered behind closed doors.

    “It was beyond, and the intensity of the president’s feeling, and what he said there, as well as many other epithets during the course of it, I was surprised and shocked in a way,” he said, noting that upon his return to the Capitol, some colleagues commented on his demeanor.

    “They said, ‘You look shaken,’ and I said I was,” he said. “After you have been in politics as long I have, it takes something to shake you up.”

    Mr. Durbin said he did not personally leak details of the conversation and also directed his staff not to discuss it. But he did share his version of events with four other senators as they plotted how to proceed. Word of what happened during the meeting — and one word in particular — quickly circulated and was first reported by The Washington Post within hours.


  19. china has stopped accepting recycle imports.

    Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, China stopped allowing the import of recyclable goods from many countries including the United States. Now, these nations are struggling with excess amounts of recyclables with nowhere to send it.

    We should send all of our trash to Mar-a-lago and all of trumps golf courses…we don’t need no stinking regulations per the trumpence junta.

  20. Pat

    We have a wonderful opportunity to go full circle on the “-gate” crap that has cheapened political discourse for the past couple of decades. If we advocated, rather have the Guardian advocate, the use of their Traitors’ Gate to the Tower of London for PoS. This wonderful gate was a one-way portal for people such as Anne Boleyn and St Thomas More. Surely our President would be honored to walk in their footsteps if not suffer their fate.

  21. Flatus…traitor gate may have come full circle, but christie’s gate-gate jumps the shark.

    Christie tried to circumvent a TSA checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal C Thursday morning. Christie was with his State Police detail and attempted to enter through a special access area, located near the exit of the restricted area of the terminal.

  22. Why does lard butt Christie still have a protective detail – gad I hope NJ isn’t on the hook for a lifetime of this

  23. I guess DC in non-shut down mode in known as “Lesser Shitholia.”   During the shutdown?  Full Shitholia.

  24. flatus, excellent idea for when he visits p.m. may.  let him boat up the thames just like, as wiki tells us, Prisoners were brought by barge along the Thames, passing under London Bridge, where the heads of recently executed prisoners were displayed on pikes.  not sure tho’ about displaying simulated heads of gorka, manafort, flynn and trump spawn for the full effect.  perhaps they will even let him take the ride in the royal barge since they won’t let him do the golden coach parade.

  25. 2017 was the year of the dog.  Yes, it was.

    Next month, Chinese New Year will usher  in the year of the p-i-g, pig.  Heaven help us.  Food fight!

  26. from hot air: Oh my, Omarosa: Secret taping in the White House?

    All due respect to Steve King and the House Intel memo, but this is more like Watergate … if Pat Buchanan had installed the infamous taping system. The New York Daily News reports that recently dismissed White House adviser Omarosa Manigault-Newman had recorded discussions in the West Wing. Now she’s seeking high-powered legal help, apparently worried that Robert Mueller may come knocking for the recordings:

    Former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman may have taped confidential West Wing conversations and fears being caught up in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, sources told the Daily News on Thursday.

    The former reality TV star’s official last day in the Trump administration is Saturday — despite the abrupt announcement of her departure last month — and her next step seems to be lawyering up. …

    “Everyone knows Omarosa loves to record people and meetings using the voice notes app on her iPhone,” a source disclosed. “Don’t be surprised if she has secret audio files on everyone in that White House, past and present staffers included.”

    A recent ban on personal cell phones in the West Wing, which followed the release of Michael Wolff’s explosive White House tell-all was related to Manigault-Newman’s track record of recording conversations, the source added.


    If it is true, though, you’d better believe Mueller would want to get his hands on the recordings. However, Trump has a very strong claim to executive privilege under these circumstances, perhaps especially so since Manigault-Newman’s role was entirely advisory. The former Trump crony won’t be the only one consulting attorneys if the NYDN report pans out.

  27. the guardianTrump-Russia inquiry is told Nigel Farage may have given Julian Assange data

    Nigel Farage may have given Julian Assange a thumb drive of data and was possibly a more frequent visitor than was publicly known to the Ecuadorian embassy where the WikiLeaks founder lives, according to testimony given to US congressional inquiry into the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to the Kremlin.

    Glenn Simpson, a private investigator whose company compiled the controversial dossier alleging a conspiracy between Trump campaign officials and Russian agents, told the House intelligence committee that he was told by an unnamed source that the former Ukip leader had given data to Assange, but had no proof of the exchange.

    “I’ve been told and have not confirmed that Nigel Farage had additional trips to the Ecuadoran [sic] Embassy than the one that’s been in the papers and that he provided data to Julian Assange,” Simpson told the committee, according to a transcript released on Thursday.

    Asked what kind of data Farage was alleged to have passed to the WikiLeaks founder, Simpson replied: “A thumb drive.”

    Simpson told the committee – which is privy to classified US intelligence – that it would be possible to confirm how often Farage had visited Assange through a routine inquiry.

    His remarks were made in a private interview by the committee, which peppered Simpson with questions about Russian money laundering and the possibility that Donald Trump could be compromised.


    Farage’s relationship with Assange is of key interest because US intelligence and law enforcement officials see the WikiLeaks founder as a conduit for the Russian government.

    Assange’s move to publish emails that were hacked from the Democratic party in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election is seen as part of the Kremlin’s campaign to try to influence the outcome of the election in Trump’s favour. Multiple US inquiries are now examining whether the Trump campaign or other officials had a hand in the Kremlin’s alleged interference.

    An ongoing criminal investigation into the matter has already resulted in four indictments, including of three former campaign officials.

    It is known that Farage visited the WikiLeaks founder in March 2017 but Farage has previously insisted that he went to the Ecuadorian embassy for journalistic purposes.

  28. Pat, I think the transport vessel should be a dinghy with SfB at the oars, BB manning the tiller, and Sturg counting/enforcing cadence. What pennant/colours the dinghy should display, I leave to you. In any case, it’s a given that he should be rowing against the tide.

  29. also in today’s the guardian:

    Stormy Daniels on Trump: pajamas, unprotected sex and … scary sharks

    The porn actor, real name Stephanie Clifford, reveals details of her relationship with the future president in full text of 2011 interview

    The magazine InTouch published on Friday its full interview with a pornographic actor who claims she had an extramarital affair with Donald Trump, years before his presidential campaign and ascendance to the White House.


    According to the interview, Clifford met with a bodyguard named Keith and spoke with a secretary named Rhona – apparent allusions to Keith Schiller, Trump’s longtime bodyguard and briefly director of Oval Office operations, and Rhona Graff, his longtime secretary and the aide eventually blamed for plagiarizing a speech. She also describes Trump’s steadfast refusal to drink alcohol, and his fascination with magazine covers, saying “he just kept talking about this magazine that he was on the cover of, like, ‘Look at this magazine, don’t I look great on the cover?’”

    Clifford also described her sexual encounters with the businessman, saying she did not use protection: “It was kind of in the moment. And I was really kind of upset about it because I am so, like, careful.”

    She added: “the sex was nothing crazy”, “textbook generic” and “I can definitely describe his junk perfectly, if I ever have to.”

    Clifford told the magazine, “he definitely seemed smitten after that. He was like, ‘I wanna see you again, when can I see you again?’”

    Throughout the encounters, Clifford said, Trump did not mention his wife, Melania, whom he had married in 2005 and who gave birth to their son Barron in 2006.

    “At the time, I didn’t think that much about it,” Clifford said. “But now that I have a baby that’s the same age that his was at the time, I’m like, ‘Wow, what a dick.’”

    Asked whether she had a message for Trump, she said: “I don’t know. Karma will always bite you in the ass.”

  30. From WaPo today:

    By a 20-point margin, more Americans blame President Trump and Republicans rather than Democrats for a potential government shutdown, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

    A 48 percent plurality says Trump and congressional Republicans are mainly responsible for the situation resulting from disagreements over immigration laws and border security, while 28 percent fault Democrats. A sizable 18 percent volunteer that both parties are equally responsible. Political independents drive the lopsided margin of blame, saying by 46 to 25 percent margin that Republicans and Trump are responsible for the situation.

    I like the way the repugs are playing this.

  31. Looks like Shumer and SFB couldn’t get a CR deal done (master negotiator my ass). SFB sent Shumer back to Lyin’ Ryan and Mertle to work it out – like they have any desire to work anything out with Shumer.  It will be a miracle if there’s a last minute deal – DACA will kill it unless I’m wrong.

    I continue to think the deal will end up being CHIP is financed for some period into the future, DACA is left in place with some date after which arrivals need not apply (probably the dates in it now), SFB gets $1.8B for the stupid wall, DoD gets funding for at least this FY, and I’m sure I’m missing something.  Oh, yeah, the tax breaks to Med device manufacturers goes away,  (Or none of that maybe included)

    Well, I hope you enjoy your time off BB.  If history’s a teacher when the Congress does get its act together you’ll get paid as if there had been no shutdown.

  32. Blonde – local trash/garbage collection has restricted recycle materials to the point I used to recycle 90%, now it is less than 10%.

    PatD – it is not SFB going to Florida that is the key.  Watch the greedy old perverts and the orange pervert heading to Davos, Switzerland.  If they don’t go then we know there will be a vote to not shut down the US.

    All – a federal shut down is hard for us.  It is not a vacation.  I cannot up and travel anywhere, I have to report for duty when called.  I cannot get another job: statutes, regulations and rules stop that, and if I had the very narrow thread to a job, I would need my agency approval, which is closed down.  When the greedy old perverts then complain about paying me for sitting home wanting to go to work, you will understand why my desire to work was trumped by the not allowing me to go to work and that paying me for sitting by the phone means something.

  33. There are poor states, where the standard of living, education, healthcare availability are not readily available by all. Mostly red states.

  34. Sturg, Blue, shithole states?  Yep. I live in one. Red?  The reddest. Poor, low education, low standard of living,  inaccessible education and healthcare?  Got all that in spades. Still all in for SFB?  Damn right. Sums as shit?  Hell yes.

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