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Stuff that makes me wonder (what’s on your mind?):

  • Something I’ve expected for a long time: reports that the Russians starting meddling for Trump in the GOP primaries. Maybe there have been some but what I’ve seen is all about the general election. If Trump had ties to Russia going back to his business career it seems likely they were helping him long before the Hillary match-up.
  • Why is Trump so easily rolled by GOP hard-right conservatives, especially on immigration? Is it really just about fear of losing his base, or might they have something on him, or at least know what Putin’s holding over his head?
  • Finally, what could you say about a guy who hogs the umbrella with his own wife and kid..
President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump, left, and their son Barron Trump board Air Force One at Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Fla., Monday, Jan. 15, 2018, to travel to Washington. President Trump spent the holiday weekend at Mar-a-Lago, his club in Palm Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

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  1. Jamie noted last thread:

    Fortunately, women these days are willing to risk the outcome that goes with forceful rejection of some ass who thinks he can get away with a whole lot of pressure and insistence as methods to use to get his way.

    too bad republican critters are not when it comes to the twit in the s**t-hole [or -house as the case may be]

  2. “… or might they have something on him, or at least know what Putin’s holding over his head?”

    craig, might also wonder if some have “banked” some of this knowledge as the lady below did….whether in $$ or  otherwise.


    “Daniels said she was talking to me and sharing these details because Trump was stalling on finalizing the confidentiality agreement and paying her,” Weisberg wrote. “Given her experience with Trump, she suspected he would stall her until after the election, and then refuse to sign or pay up.”

    Clifford suggested that she was keeping to herself some tabloid-ready details “that only someone who had seen him naked would know,” Weisberg wrote.

  3. also of interest in wapo this morning: “Trump’s cognitive test was created by a Lebanese immigrant to Canada”


    The MoCA test itself is one page long and typically takes about 10 to 12 minutes to administer. Patients are given a series of prompts designed to evaluate their short-term memory, visuospatial abilities, executive functions, language, and time and place orientation. Some of the assessments include identifying animals by pictures, drawing a clock with the hands at a certain time and repeating phrases such as “the cat always hid under the couch when the dogs were in the room.”

    Patients receive a score of zero to 30 points, with 30 being perfect. A score of 26 or higher is considered normal, but anything less than that could indicate signs of cognitive impairment that could lead to dementia, as Nasreddine said in 2009 interview.


  4. Craig says — Finally, what could you say about a guy who hogs the umbrella with his own wife and kid?

    Hopefully, IMPEACHED.

  5. So, if Donny has a perfect memory, he never gets to say that he doesn’t recall something when Bobby III questions him.

    crackers – A pound of fat takes up more space than a pound of muscle.

  6. Perhaps we are headed into a civil war in the country as directed and produced by putin.   A master of the culture wars, why are we at each other’s throats over immigration, sex and health care?   Instead, the congrussians can only give more money to the wealthy when the key is to get the little guy some pocket change to buy things.  The recession cycle is longer than 9 years and many never fully recovered from the recession.

    But, putie is an evil genius.   Recently he was asked about marijuana legalization and he stated that he was a ‘flower child’ in the 60’s.   Yeah, vlad, that Haight Ashbury section of St. Pete in Russia complete with hippie beads.  He is a master of American culture and how easily the vapid Americans can be manipulated.  Greed and stinginess know no bounds.

  7. trump’s doc is part of the military junta gang running the WH.   He was unfortunate in that when he lied?  His face became red, but he was performing for the commander-in-thief.  A pr job from a deplorable with medals.   His costume changes from white lab coat to full military colors?    Fitting of any tv production.

  8. Yes, we all shrink.  Lifts (think he hated Comey for being so tall) and maybe number-fudging on the scale; just saying Donny doesn’t have much muscle and fat takes up more space.

  9. If Trump is on statins to lower his cholesterol, could that explain some of his behavior?

    How many years has he been on them?

  10. craig, good point in your recent huffpo piece when you said this about the twit’s narcissism:

    The sad thing about Narcissistic Personality Disorder is that it is basically not treatable, except by years of psychotherapy — or, in this case, by the voters, impeachment, or the 25th Amendment.

    don’t forget to add to that list voluntary resignation aka retirement:  the spoiled manchild having enough of forced social interaction and accountability waving to the weary as he goes out the door to his awaiting private plane on way to mal an ego “so long, suckers!”


  11. Something else I’m wondering: Why is Bannon apparently the only WH insider Mueller has subpoenaed to the grand jury instead of questioning by agreement. Is Bannon refusing a voluntary interview to prove to Trump he’s only answering by force?

  12. Maybe Mueller is giving bannon cover?    Fool the trumpence junta that he is unwilling to spill his guts for anyone other than wolff.

    And the smell from the Department of the Interior continues….that smell is not nature, but stinky zinke.

    Three-quarters of the seats on the U.S. National Park Service advisory board are vacant following a mass resignation Monday night, citing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s unwillingness to meet with them.
    Nine of the panel’s 12 members, led by former Alaska Gov. Tony Knowles, handed in their resignations.
    Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell, a Democrat who is the ranking member on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, issued a statement of support for the resigning board members.


    “The President still hasn’t nominated a director for the National Park Service and Secretary Zinke has proposed tripling entrance fees at our most popular national parks,” she said. “His disregard of the advisory board is just another example of why he has earned an ‘F’ in stewardship.”

  13. Sturgeone

    Of course not.  Women tend to be empathetic and willing to take pity on those in desperate need. lol



  14. axios:
    Steve Bannon, who was inside the White House when FBI Director James Comey was fired and has strong opinions about what happened, “intends to fully cooperate with Mueller,” according to a source familiar with Bannon’s thinking.

    The source told Axios’ Jonathan Swan that the White House has placed zero restrictions on Bannon talking to special counsel Bob Mueller: “He can say whatever the hell he wants to say to him about whatever topic that he wants.”
    By contrast, Bannon is holding back from Congress.
    Last week, according to the source, Bannon’s counsel informed the staff of the House Intelligence Committee, where the former top aide to President Trump appeared yesterday, that the White House was unlikely to permit him to talk about his work in the transition and the West Wing.
    The grounds: executive privilege. However, White House lawyers say that executive privilege would not be waived by talking to Mueller, since he is within the executive branch.
    Mueller subpoenaed Bannon last week to testify before a grand jury, per the N.Y. Times: “The move marked the first time Mr. Mueller is known to have used a grand jury subpoena to seek information from a member of Mr. Trump’s inner circle.”

    The House Intelligence Committee refused to accept Bannon’s objection, and served him with a subpoena on the spot:

    Bannon spent 11 hours on Capitol Hill yesterday, NBC reports.
    The source told Swan that White House lawyers continued to instruct Bannon not to answer questions, until they have an agreement with the committee about the scope of questions.
    The source, using a colorful metaphor to emphasize Bannon will cooperate with Mueller, said: “So the idea that Bannon is trying to hide anything: You’re scared of throwing meat to the kitten, but you’re fine with throwing it to the tiger?”
    Rep. Adam Schiff of California, the committee’s top Democrat, said on Capitol Hill last evening, in a clip aired by MSNBC: “This was effectively a gag order by the White House.”
    The committee asked Bannon’s lawyer, Bill Burck, to confer right then with the White House about its assertion of executive privilege. Burck is dealing with the White House lawyer who is negotiating with congressional committees, Uttam Dhillon.
    The committee has called Bannon back, but the source doesn’t expect White House lawyers to change their minds: “It would be hard for them to sustain publicly if they were just hiding this information. But they’re giving it to Mueller.”

    A source with direct knowledge told Swan:

    The one thing that has united Democrats and Republicans on the committee has been their outrage that Mueller gets to hear information that they don’t.
    Burck spent long periods explaining executive privilege to the committee and staff.
    Bannon was at the committee until after 8 p.m.
    Burck, following White House instructions, would only allow Bannon to talk about the campaign. Bannon answered every question about the campaign, the source said.
    There were lots of mentions of the Michael Wolff book, and lots of loathing of Bannon in the room: “Everybody seemed to hate him — both sides. He had no friends in that room. … [H]e was in a room full of enemies.”


  15. craig, perhaps bannon is banking on immunity from prosecution if subpoenaed rather than voluntarily testifying??? 

    who knows what collateral crimes may have been found by Mueller that’s being used as leverage.

  16. The selfish act with the umbrella is like the one visiting the WH before the innauguration and leaping out of the car to greet Obama while Melania trailed carrying a gift.


  17. hope springs eternal today on   mojo

    Morning Joe 1/17/18

    Man who predicted Donald Trump’s win now predicts impeachment
    Author Allan Lichtman joins Morning Joe to discuss his book ‘The Case for Impeachment.’ Lichtman predicts an impeachment investigation is coming in the spring of 2018. Shannon Pettypiece also joins the discussion.

  18. Bannon Will Tell All to Robert Mueller, Source Says.

    Trump’s one-time chief strategist and current frenemy may have been tight-lipped with Congress. He won’t be that way with the special counsel.

    Daily Beast

  19. Mueller Team Probing ‘Newly Found’ 2016 Russian Money Transfers

    Sergey Kislyak, the former Russian ambassador to the U.S. who has found himself in the heart of Mueller’s probe, allegedly received $120,000 just ten days after Trump’s victory in November. Buzzfeed

  20. Yesss preciousss, we lovesss to wondersss, yesss we doesss.

    Like, we wondersss why mussst every articlesesss written about the occupant hasss to include hisss picturesesss. We doesn’t like to seesss hisss picturesesss, no preciousss, we doesn’t at all.

    Cheerssss friendsesss!

  21. Had I been in charge at the airfield, I would have had a junior officer carry an umbrella for his lady and their son; by this time they should all realize he is a clod without social awareness.

  22. Since this started years ago (as much as 5 years, according to the Buzzfeed link), I wonder if any Critters or anyone at the RNC will get swept up in this mess?

    Since they stayed below the $10k threshold in some cases, it definitely looks like those payments were trying to avoid scrutiny.

    Banananazi has a banking background, so if he was aware of anything, that may explain his comment about junior.

  23. bannon was high in campaign/transition/Ass House, but it doesn’t mean that flynn, manafort, junior, or kushner let him in on their russia schemes. ross, the principal of a Cypriote bank known to cater to russian intelligence and trump, and Sec’y of the US Treasury, is probably a bigly big  fish. imo

  24. We’re very close to the WI Senate district that just flipped from 60% red to 55% Blue. The voters were bombarded with mean and nasty flyers and ads against the Dem candidate Schachtner from outside groups. Schachtner thinks that the public was turned off by all the ripoff negativity, the common reaction being, we’re not like that; we’re nice people.

  25. Jeff Flake rips Trump: A president ‘who cannot take criticism … is charting a very dangerous path’

    “No longer can we compound attacks on truth with our silent acquiescence. No longer can we turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to these assaults on our institutions,” Flake said in his speech. “An American president who cannot take criticism — who must constantly deflect and distort and distract — who must find someone else to blame — is charting a very dangerous path. And a Congress that fails to act as a check on the President adds to the danger.”

    Flake also compared Trump’s attacks on the news media to the rhetoric of late Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and highlighted the longstanding consequences for Trump’s attacking the truth.

    “For without truth, and a principled fidelity to truth and to shared facts, Mr. President, our democracy will not last,” Flake said.

    He criticized the President for calling the news media the “enemy of the people,” calling it “an assault as unprecedented as it is unwarranted.”

    “It is a testament to the condition of our democracy that our own President uses words infamously spoken by Joseph Stalin to describe his enemies,” he said. “It bears noting that so fraught with malice was the phrase ‘enemy of the people,’ that even Nikita Khrushchev forbade its use, telling the Soviet Communist Party that the phrase had been introduced by Stalin for the purpose of ‘annihilating such individuals’ who disagreed with the supreme leader.”


  26. the guardian:

    Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon will meet with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators, according to a person familiar with the decision.

    Bannon is expected to be interviewed by prosecutors instead of testifying before a grand jury. He is expected to cooperate with the special counsel, said the person, who was not authorized to speak publicly about private conversations. It is unclear when the interview will occur.

  27. also in the guardian:A tall tale? Accuracy of Trump’s medical report – and new height – questioned

    So-called ‘Girthers’ question why Trump’s stated height is taller than his license says, and the convenience of his being 1lb shy of obese

    Donald Trump’s surprisingly glowing medical report has led to questions about the accuracy of some of the data announced by White House physician Dr Ronny Jackson on Tuesday – including how a man in his 70s has apparently grown an inch in height.

    Trump’s driving license, issued in May 2012, stated his height as 6ft 2in. Yet according to the report issued by the White House physician on Tuesday, Trump is 6ft 3in.

    The seeming growth spurt led to people comparing images of Trump to celebrities who are allegedly of the same height.

    One image showed Trump standing next to former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, who is 6ft 3in. Rodriguez looked considerably taller.

    A photo of Trump next to Barack Obama, taken one year ago at Trump’s inauguration, seemed to show that the pair were of the same height. Obama is 6ft 1in.

    Eyebrows were also raised at Trump’s stated weight. His mass of 239lb was just 1lb under him being classed as obese.

    The intrigue over the president’s body mass was fuelled by people sharing a series of photos of athletes who are also said to weigh around 239lb. The comparisons included NFL quarterback Jay Cutler and Minnesota Vikings running back Latavius Murray, both of whom weigh around 235lb.

    The athletes both looked significantly different from Trump.

    Trump’s suggested weight and body circumference has given rise to the “girther” movement, and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn offered to pay $100,000 to a charity of Trump’s choosing if the president would publicly step on a weighing scale.
    During Obama’s presidency Trump suggested Obama was not born in the US, and in 2012 offered $5m to a charity of Obama’s choosing if the then president released his college records and passport applications.
    The Guardian contacted Trump’s representatives at the time asking for Trump’s own college records and passport applications. A Trump adviser said that request was “stupid” and accused the Guardian of “trying to be funny”. The documents were not released.

  28. Russian food can be quite fattening, blintzes & sour cream & such.

    But seriously, he’s not 200-and-however-many pounds of muscle, so comparing him to an athlete is pointless, and if it were being done to a woman, there would be an outcry from the anti-fat-shaming community.

    It’s a distraction from more important issues, and maybe Donny wanted it that way.

  29. If we’re addressing his heart health, he has a calcium score of 133; a bit of a risk of heart attack.  I was also serious about the possible impact of statins on his behavior.

  30. Bid

    Just look at a recent picture, he has lost some weigh from the earlier picture everybody loves to use but he is still obese bordering on morbidly obese.

    His numbers were obviously made up, he is not 6’3 and he is not 240 lbs. It goes back to every question about Trump, why lie over some silly thing like this. It seems to be his default option.


  31. Blue’s comment about SFB’s weight/height is well taken.  In the not so distant past (before he lost 10 or so pounds of muscle because of reduced weight lifitng) LP & I were just about the same height and weight.  We did not look the same.  somehow his waist was about 3 inches smaller than mine and he had an ass and developed arms – two things I never had – and I passed that 31 inch waist over 30 years ago.

    Sturg, re: your begging comment, I hope not.

    Jack, lying is just what he does.

  32. from guardian story linked earlier:

    Trump’s suggested weight and body circumference has given rise to the “girther” movement, and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn offered to pay $100,000 to a charity of Trump’s choosing if the president would publicly step on a weighing scale.

    reminded me of another offer out there and whether it got any bites.  remember this back in October and flynt’s tweet “neuter the narcissist” in September which is pictured above ?

    Hustler’s Larry Flynt Offers $10 Million for Information to Impeach Trump

    The founder and publisher of Hustler, Larry Flynt, is offering a $10 million reward to anyone who can come forward with dirt that could lead to the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Fox Business anchor Liz Claman tweeted a photo of the full-page ad that is set to run in Sunday’s Washington Post, which was subsequently retweeted by Flynt.

    “Impeachment would be a messy, contentious affair, but the alternative—three more years of destabilizing dysfunction—is worse,” notes the ad. “Both good Democrats and good Republicans who put country over party did it before with Watergate. To succeed, impeachment requires unimpeachable evidence. That’s why I am making this offer.”

    The ad recognizes that some may see the move as “a sour grapes plot by Democrats to overturn a legitimate election” but that is missing the big picture. “There is a strong case to be made that the last election was illegitimate in many ways—and that after nine tumultuous months in office, Trump has proven he’s dangerously unfit to exercise the extreme power accrued by our new ‘unitary executive.’”


  33. I agree with jack.  it’s the lying that’s the weightier issue.

    btw, the girther guy should condition his offer for the twit to publically step on the scale & height measurer au natural (as revolting as that may be)  to avoid any question that clothing or lifts caused the obesity charge.

    here’s one of the many tweets re that “girther” movement


    For the record, @realDonaldTrump said he was 74 inches in 2012. Now his doctor says he’s 75 inches. And that one inch makes is BMI “overweight” not “obese.” I’m a #girther because old men don’t GROW an inch!

  34. Weasel Test? Other than that the critter can crawl into a hole the diameter of its body then turn around and leave the hole head first? You just have to check to see if the human version is given to tergiversation.

  35. On the days I go to a doc, I weigh myself au naturel before breakfast on the same scale that I have used for at least 40-years. That’s the weight that goes into the doc’s records.

  36. Google images shows comparison of fat v muscle; several articles with pics (only one about men) showing same weight, different size.

    On to the money laundering story:  Why would cashing a check quickly hide anything?  If under $10k it wouldn’t get flagged, but anything can be tracked back.  The story didn’t state that all of the quickly-cashed checks were under the threshold.  Also wondering if any crypto currency was involved?

  37. My vote for two of the most disingenuous statements out of Washington today:
    “It’s baffling to me that Democrats would be willing to block funding for our military because of unrelated issues,” [Paul] Ryan said at a news conference on Capitol Hill.
    House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said that “this is not a time to play politics.” He argued that Friday’s deadline is “about the military and about the children.”

  38. Quite the day.  Or rather, less than expected as it seems someone is running the S-hole phone today and did not have anything to do.  Interesting how many are still working on the S-hole v S-house.  Sorry folks it is the same.

    Now that Bannon is spilling the goods to Mueller in exchange for a soft resort prison rather than Florence I think we may be getting the truth about Putin and SFB.

  39. Flatus – I hope to go to her soon.  Too many things happening on weekends to go to her.  If the gov shuts down then I get to spend many days with her.  She needs a bit of love during these trying times.

    The year is starting with the Race Down Under, bicycle racing in Australia.  I now have something to watch on the television.

  40. I’ll leave this post up for tomorrow. Haven’t gotten anything from anyone. Sure would appreciate some help.

  41. (Surf’s up for California Democrats. Photo-Illustration: Elenarts/Getty Images Plus (Donkey); John Lund/Blend Images/Getty Images (Surf))

    Look…a younger, surfing jackass!  Go Dems!



  42. It’s obvious that the real trump has been replaced by an imposter, probably a russian actor who is so good at playing his part that even junior, eric, and ivanka can’t tell the difference. Or can they ? Girthers need to see the fingerprints of the guy in the White House to compare with the fingerprints of the real donald trump that are in the records.

  43. BB,  looks like a short term funding deal is unlikely.  Got your duffel and tools packed for a holiday on your boat?

  44. business insider: ‘The Wall is the Wall’: Trump pushes back after reports said his chief of staff talked him down on the border wall


    “The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it. Parts will be, of necessity, see through and it was never intended to be built in areas where there is natural protection such as mountains, wastelands or tough rivers or water,” Trump tweeted.

    something about that tweet that evokes:

    “A horse is a horse, of course, of course, And no one can talk to a horse of course That is, of course, unless the horse is the infamous Mister Ed twitter twit.  Go right to the source and ask the horse He’ll give you the answer that you’ll endorse disgorge of course…..”

  45. sturge, perfect image and title.  well done.  here’s wapo’s rundown on them:

    Fact-checking President Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’

    The “Fake News Awards” announced on the Republican National Committee website and touted by President Trump pose a conundrum: Does it really count if the news organization admits error?

    Regular readers of The Fact Checker know that we do not award Pinocchios if a politician admits error. Everyone makes mistakes — and the point is not to play gotcha. News organizations operate in a competitive arena and mistakes are bound to be made. The key test is whether an error is acknowledged and corrected.

    President Trump almost never admits error, even as he has made more than 2,000 false or misleading statements.


  46. and more on same in another wapo article:


    Befitting the bitter and mocking tone of the occasion, the Republican National Committee website Trump linked to on Twitter to announce the awards, GOP.com, promptly froze and spat back an error message.

    “The site is temporarily offline, we are working to bring it back up. Please try again later,” it read.

    When the website finally gurgled back to life an hour or so later, Trump’s score-settling and shaming of the media began, echoing the score-settling and shaming of the media that Trump dishes out most mornings on Twitter. The winners included some of the news organizations that he once branded “the enemy of the American People” in one of his more infamous tweets. CNN was cited four times; the New York Times twice.


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