Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

Continuing in last week’s vein, another overture for your enjoyment.

A wonderful work by Carl Maria Von Weber. One of my favorites. I am sure that each of you have your own, feel free to share.

Enjoy the music, but mostly, enjoy your day!

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37 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. jace, thank you again for a lovely start to the day.

    in wiki’s blurb about the opera they noted:

    Its unearthly portrayal of the supernatural in the famous Wolf’s Glen scene has been described as “the most expressive rendering of the gruesome that is to be found in a musical score”.

    omho the twit would also qualify as “the most expressive rendering of the gruesome that is to be found“….

  2. and now to disturb the ambiance, here’s snl doing mojo…  really really does a job on ’em

  3. Her Mika was only rivaled by her Frances McDormand.    Sam dropping the “f” bomb was pretty tame compared what Donny said this week.  SNL cane right out and said it, in English & Norwegian.

  4. We can’t change our entrenched political system overnight but we can make a difference daily in how we act towards each other. #45’s infamous s-hole quote fell ironically around the anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. When I hear “Haiti” what do I think? Tents for Haiti, a commonsense compassionate response to a horrific event. People being decent to people.

    I heard about Tents from Mr Olbermann, who mentioned it on Countdown ( which he used often as a forum to give good causes free publicity ) & was first exposed to Trail Mix through this venue. Our current political situation is vile but this can never, should never, will never take away the basic decency in all of us. If anything, now is the time to make our lights shine brighter ?

  5. Still have a sneaky suspicion to watch Israel concerning the Mueller investigation & the family of #45.

  6. Sigh – once again I am forced to admit I am getting older.  One of my cookbooks, Crock-Pot Cooking for Rival 1975, is listed as a “classic”, which is almost “like, an antique”.  It is a very reliable Crock-Pot cookbook even for today.  As I am being lazy today, my pot roast will be accomplished in the Crock-Pot (updated with more settings).

    This day will be spent sans SFB.  No Twitter, no section A of the newspapers, no radio, and no television news.  I have Bell, Book and Candle for entertainment, Ernie Kovacs, Kim Novac, James Stewart, make for a fun time.


  7. always enjoy our Jace and PatD combo, fine music chased by SNL clip. thanks guys. Perfect Mica, btw, but the guy doing Joe not so good

  8. Jace…  thanks….  great selection!

    patd…  thanks for the SNL video…  Bill Murray was perfect!

    Been hanging around all weekend…  reading…  watching football.  Can’t wait til the Jaguars/Steelers game.  I watch all the playoff games…  I LOVE football!

  9. Thank you Jace.  Beautiful work.  One question.  Now that we have “The Marksman”, do we need gun control?


  10. The SNL Mika & Joe routine took me back to 2016, when I didn’t use their names and just referred to them as “The Smirk & Jerk” show.



  11. craig, but what about my usual erudite blurb from wiki pick follow-up to jace’s delightful ditty?


    btw, agree their joe not on the button…but their Michael Wolff was terrific

  12. Tom Cotton is sleaze personified – SFB made those comments about the countries – Cotton said he didn’t say anything about people.

  13. Who does he think lives in those countries?  Are lions and elephants applying for citizenship?

  14. Jaime

    Tom Cotton doesn’t want to say the president said it…so he called up Frank Lunz and asked how he could phrase it so he wasn’t a bigger fatter asshole liar than he normally is

  15. ‘S—hole’ projected onto Trump hotel

    The word “s**thole” was projected onto President Trump’s D.C. hotel Saturday.


    Video shows the word, along with the “poop” emoji, being projected onto the property.

    “Pay Trump bribes here” “emoluments welcome,” and “we are all responsible to stand up and end white supremacy” were also projected onto the building.


  16. doesn’t this

    nytimes: Senator David Perdue, Republican of Georgia, said on ABC’s “This Week” that Mr. Trump “did not use that word,” and accused Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, of distorting what the president had said at the meeting, which included more than a half-dozen lawmakers.


    conflict with this

    cnbc: Graham’s full statement on Thursday’s meeting:

    “Yesterday Senator Durbin and I met with President Trump at the White House to discuss our bipartisan proposal on border security and immigration.

    “Following comments by the President, I said my piece directly to him yesterday. The President and all those attending the meeting know what I said and how I feel. I’ve always believed that America is an idea, not defined by its people but by its ideals.

    “The American ideal is embraced by people all over the globe. It was best said a long time ago, E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One. Diversity has always been our strength, not our weakness. In reforming immigration we cannot lose these American Ideals.

    “The American people will ultimately judge us on the outcome we achieve, not the process which led to it.

    “I know the bipartisan proposal discussed at the White House can get a lot of support from both sides. As always, I look forward to considering additional ideas that could make the proposal even better.

    “I appreciate Senator Durbin’s statements and have enjoyed working with him and many others on this important issue. I believe it is vitally important to come to a bipartisan solution to the immigration and border challenges we face today. I am committed to working with Republicans and Democrats to find common ground so we can move forward.”

  17. Flatus,

    I hope you are feeling better.

    Every week I feed my sourdough I keep in a stoneware crock & think of you, remembering your comments about bread making. (Hope you aren’t offended by being tied-in with sourdough.) The scent of baking bread will cure what ails you, at least in spirit.




  18. My latest avatar is of a Great-Great-Great-Uncle who died at Vicksburg, Mississippi during the Civil War. He served in the Union Army, hailing from Erin, Chemung County, New York, leaving a widow & several children. He was by all accounts a good guy.



  19. RR, Orlando boy Bortles kicking some Steeler butt. Was worried he’d have trouble in that cold weather.


    here are excerpts from the guardian: The Observer view on Donald Trump Observer editorial

    The president is a disgrace to his country on so many levels


    The fundamental failing underlying Trump’s presidency is his wilful ignorance. His frequently petulant, childish behaviour combines with a staggering lack of knowledge and contempt for facts to produce serial, chronic misjudgments. Trump, in power, cannot be trusted. He has been exposed as lacking in empathy, shamelessly mendacious, cynical and unversed or uninterested in the enduring human and constitutional values his office is sworn to uphold. Trump is the first and hopefully the last of his kind: an anti-American president. He is a disgrace and a danger to his country. The sooner he is sent packing, the better.

     [… and concludes…]

    Is this dysfunction evidence of an unhinged personality, as many people suggest? Rather than invoking the 25th amendment and dumping Trump, it would be better if he was held responsible for his actions. For his wilful ignorance, his dangerous lies and his unAmerican bigotry, Trump must be held to account. Perhaps 2018 will be the year.

  21. Craig…  that Jaguars/Steelers game was a fun watch!  Next week they have to come to Gillette.  Right now the weather people are predicting another January thaw for next weekend.  I wish much luck to your Jaguars…  but of course as Massachusetts natives, David and I are rooting for the Patriots!

    Go Patriots!

    ps…   xrep… your Viking are looking good.

  22. I guess my predictions on the outcomes of the playoff games this weekend deserve an F.  The Steelers fell short. At halftime, the Vikings are romping.

  23. Good on the Jaguars. Game wasn’t nearly as close as the score.

    Now the Vikings are stifling N’awluns. Fran has to be smiling.

  24. that was a great catch!   I’m rooting for the vikings in honor of XR


    Mr Cracker and I are going to try to cut down on food waste.   We are pretty good I think we still throw away too much.   We don’t compost either and are somewhat embarrassed to admit it.   We have to set it up away from the dogs excuse excuse excuse.  I’m interested in trying worm composting.  There is a big worm farm on the east side of the county.

  25. Another great catch — wow that was an exciting game – at the end I thought the vikings might just give up  but they fought on….wow

  26. oh My god. Infuckingcredible. Congrats to the Vikings, and to XR.

    I’ve spent a lifetime or most of it being a Vikings fan. At least since the Tarkenton years. Our hs mascot was the Viking. Love to see them thump the Eagles next week.

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