Trump, Sheriff Joe, and Racism

Joe Arpaio with Trump (2016)

By eProf2, a Trail Mix Contributor

Almost lost in the crisis of Trump’s moral leadership stemming from the Charlottesville confrontation this past weekend has been the speculation that the president would be pardoning his biggest supporter in Arizona, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio. According to several press reports and the president himself retweeting a Fox news story, the idea of a pardon for the guilty Sheriff seems imminent .

Here in Arizona, the Sheriff said he would welcome the pardon. A pardon from what? The long-time Sheriff of Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, was recently found guilty of criminal contempt for defying a state judge’s order to cease and desist from racial profiling over many years while the county’s leading enforcement officer. The Sheriff’s target: Hispanics and other minority groups.

The irony of the timing has not been lost on civil rights groups and activists. The president can only read words from a monitor condemning overt racists responsible for organizing the Charlottesville confrontation. Within hours of his insincere condemnations, the idea of pardoning a racist supporter was all too clear as to the president’s true feelings about racism and his own culpability in promoting racism and racist policies.

There are a litany of racist sentiments expressed by this president going back years. The litany of racism from the 45th president is long, and a historical fact.

Sheriff Joe’s history of racism is equally long and a historical fact. The Arizona Republic, the leading state and local newspaper, has been reporting on the racist activities of Sheriff Joe for years. It’s only been reported nationally since the president’s entry into national politics.

How did the vile racism of Sheriff Joe and other leading Arizona politicians come about? As I wrote in a previous post about Arizona politics, Arizona, and especially Phoenix, is a very white community from decades of massive migration into the Phoenix area from northern states and Southern California. Politicians would win, and still do win elections by promising to build a wall to stop “the rapists, the criminals, and eliminate the drug traffic” coming from south of the border. Huge numbers of voters, new to the state, believed the negative views of racists and would vote for the politicians who promised security from the hordes crossing the border.

Never mind, that the millions of Mexicans who came to the state, some legally and some illegally, would be the source of Arizona’s wealthy economy. Still, Mexicans became the object of fear for politicians to exploit. In the lead was Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Trump won Arizona by a huge margin using the same language of racism that won political office for Sheriff Joe. Trump so far is only talking a racist line but Sheriff Joe walked that racist line and today faces a long term prison sentence unless President Trump pardons him. One racist helping another! As Trump himself would say: “Sad!”

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  1. EProf ,

    Great post, and great insight into the politics of AZ.  Mexicans were fine with many in Az as long as they didn’t get sick, seek an education, or move up the economic ladder.

    Should SF pardon Serriff Joe it will be the confirmation as if any were needed that the republican/conservative party is nothing more than an amoral political force that is no longer able to contribute meangifully to it’s role in a two party system,or to society in general.

  2. eprof, thank you for the very timely and thorough thread topic. looks like a likely litmus test for the lout-in-chief.


    sturge, thank you thank you thank you for posting vidal’s “Don’t ever make the mistake with people like me thinking we are looking for heroes. There aren’t any and if there were, they would be killed immediately. I’m never surprised by bad behaviour. I expect it.”  it’s right up there with kjv’s “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.”  don’t know why fellow liberals keep looking for heroes… purity and perfectionism is lacking in the human condition, especially in those equipped to be good leaders.

  3. Trump and Arpaio,  look at ’em small hands and even smaller minds. Two sick old men who are legends in their own minds. The poster children for the modern GOP. Sick, ugly and out of touch.

  4. love comeuppance stories like this from newsweek:

    A neo-Nazi who said he was “ready for violence” at the deadly rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, has released footage of himself weeping after learning there is allegedly a warrant out for his arrest.

    Christopher Cantwell, who was followed during the gathering of neo-Nazis, KKK, white supremacists and alt-right for a 22-minute documentary for VICE, showed off his guns to journalist Elle Reeve and boasted: “I’m carrying a pistol, I go to the gym all the time, I’m trying to make myself more capable of violence.”

    However, in mobile phone footage uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, Cantwell said he was terrified after learning the police wanted to speak with him.

    “I have been told there’s a warrant out for my arrest,” he said on the video. “With everything that’s happening, I don’t think it’s very wise for me to go anywhere. There’s a state of emergency. The National Guard is here!”

    “I want to be peaceful. I want to be law-abiding. That was the whole entire point of this,” Cantwell continues. “I’m watching CNN talk about this as a violent, white nationalist protest. We have done everything in our power to keep this peaceful!” he added.

    The neo-Nazi, who said in the VICE interview that he would like to see someone “more racist than Trump” in the White House, with his ideal candidate for president being someone who did not “give his daughter away to a Jew,” provided a contact number for police to get in touch if there was a warrant out for his arrest.

    “If I can confirm you are in fact law enforcement I will give you my location and let you come and get me. I am armed, I do not want violence with you. I’m terrified, I’m afraid you’re going to kill me, I really am,” he said.

    “If I gotta go to jail today, you know it won’t be the f**king first time… I honestly believe I have been law-abiding. I have been engaged in violence, I have, there’s no question about it and I’ve done nothing to hide that but it was in defense of myself and others and I would not have done it for any other reason,” he added.


    do hope he and his fiendly friends enjoy the looping reruns of the crybaby coward. not hard to imagine his fun-filled evenings at prison film nights when he’s convicted.

  5. It’s only been reported nationally since the President’s entry into national politics.”

    Actually Keith Olbermann featured Arpaio’s antics in several segments of Countdown, both on msnbc & Current. Of course he’s always been light years ahead of other media.

    As far as pardoning …. as truly repugnant as it would be, for whatever reasons, it is legal, correct? #45 can do this & not be breaking the law, other than moral, public opinion, etc. And when did bad optics ever stop this guy?


  6. Thanks for the post eProf. I hadn’t known they were trying to sneak that through. While the Charlottesville story overwhelmed news cycles over the weekend Trump told Fox News that Arpaio “has done a lot in the fight against illegal immigration. He’s a great American patriot and I hate to see what has happened to him.”

  7. I don’t understand why people think trump has power to pardon a person convicted in a state court. That would be the purview of the governor.

  8. I had wondered that also, Xrepub, but turns out he was convicted of contempt of court by a U.S. District Judge.

    The judge ruled last month that Arpaio had “willfully violated an order of the court” by failing “to ensure his subordinates’ compliance and by directing them to continue to detain persons for whom no criminal charges could be filed.” His sentencing will be in October.

  9. vox: Steve Bannon just gave his own Scaramucci-style unsolicited interview and it’s a doozy


    It was particularly surprising, in light of the deadly white supremacist rally and riots in Charlottesville, VA, whose participants Trump has declined to distance himself from and even partially defended, that Bannon told the Prospect, “Ethno-nationalism—it’s losers. It’s a fringe element. I think the media plays it up too much, and we gotta help crush it, you know, uh, help crush it more. These guys are a collection of clowns.” It’s a big shift for Bannon, who just last summer proudly declared Breitbart, which he used to run, the “platform for the alt-right.”

    […paragraphs of quotes about china, economics, his disagreements within wh…]

    While Bannon dismissed his would-be allies in the alt-right or ethno-nationalist right, he still argued for the importance of focusing politics around race: “The Democrats, the longer they talk about identity politics, I got ’em. I want them to talk about racism every day. If the left is focused on race and identity, and we go with economic nationalism, we can crush the Democrats.”

    And Bannon’s candor and open opposition to other administration members could very well wind up getting him fired, just as communications director Anthony Scaramucci was pushed out after giving an ill-advised and unsolicited interview to the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza.
    In the meantime, though, he’s given us a surprisingly detailed a revealing glimpse into his thought process, and the policy agenda that at least some of the White House is interested in pursuing.

  10. The young lady who did the reportage from Charlottesville for VICE and HBO is Elle Reeve…..@elspethreeve

    May 1
    this is why we need a beltway outsider, to ask the tough questions…

  11. Trump is on a tweet storm defending “beautiful” Confederate statues. What’s the word for it when you go beyond tripling down?

    PatD, that was a nice catch yesterday on Robert E. Lee’s opposition to monuments, I’ve been circulating that one: “Wiser not to keep open the sores of war … but to commit to oblivion the feelings engendered.”

  12. craig, you’re welcome. wish that quote and the story of lee opposing monuments be incorporated  in all interviews re removal, especially the removal of lee statues.  a matter of honoring his wishes.

    as to  the word for it when you go beyond tripling down – how ’bout “stupidity” or maybe in the twit’s case “insanity”?   remember this axiom:

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.Albert Einstein, (attributed)

  13. EProf,  excellent.  Remind me, who cleans the pools in Pheonix?

    Jace wrote:

    Trump and Arpaio,  look at ’em small hands and even smaller minds. Two sick old men who are legends in their own minds. The poster children for the modern GOP. Sick, ugly and out of touch.

    That sums up Joe & SF as well as anything I’ve seen.

  14. nice post, eprof.   I noticed the mention of the pardon by trump for old joe earlier this week.  A pawn storm of events by the trumpence junta — the death of our institutions by a thousand paper cuts.  Meanwhile, the regression-du-jour continues hidden by outrageous and un-American behavior by the commander-in-thief.  I do think the noose is getting tighter around trump’s neck.  Hopefully, don and joe will be wearing pink underwear in the fed pen.  Both men have cost their governments a lot of money.  Racist trash.   Speaking of arizona racist trash, jan brewer was on cnn defending trump in her always drunken slur and racist thought.    trump is going to make a stand in Arizona…hopefully, his last stand.  Rally in Phoenix next week…fashion prevails and accessorize with guns.

    I do think the generals can attempt to get trump into the strait jacket…his little t-rex arms and tiny hands away from the keyboard.   Sedate him.  Time for 25.




  15. It’s well known by those who have experienced Alzheimer’s at close range that doubling, tripling, or quadrupling down are not a problem for those afflicted.

  16. I noticed that my father early on could still speak in complete sentences, but what he was saying basically made no sense as he began the process of losing his identity and personality.

  17. Pogo…..yes, water flows downhill but as all plumbers know, so does feces.   (And they also know, Don’t chew your fingernails.)

  18. I never in my life time thought I would see statue-huggers.   And who doesn’t enjoy a good statue tumbling?  As an entertainer, trump, should appreciate the staged takedown of Saddam statue.    Again,  more smoke and mirrors for a cover-up, trump is in trouble.

  19. business insider also referred to that lee story. here’s an excerpt:

    After the Civil War, Lee received a number of letters requesting support for the erection of Confederate memorials, according to Horn. 

    In June 1866, he wrote that he couldn’t support a monument of one of his best generals, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, saying it wasn’t “feasible at this time.” 

    “As regards the erection of such a monument as is contemplated,” Lee wrote in December 1866 about another proposed Confederate monument, “my conviction is, that however grateful it would be to the feelings of the South, the attempt in the present condition of the Country, would have the effect of retarding, instead of accelerating its accomplishment; [and] of continuing, if not adding to, the difficulties under which the Southern people labour.”

    Not only was Lee opposed to Confederate memorials, “he favored erasing battlefields from the landscape altogether,” Horn wrote.

    He even supported getting rid of the Confederate flag after the Civil War ended, and didn’t want them them flying above Washington College, which he was president of after the war. 

    “Lee did not want such divisive symbols following him to the grave,” Horn wrote. “At his funeral in 1870, flags were notably absent from the procession. Former Confederate soldiers marching did not don their old military uniforms, and neither did the body they buried.” 

    “His Confederate uniform would have been ‘treason’ perhaps!” Lee’s daughter wrote, according to Horn. 

    “Lee believed countries that erased visible signs of civil war recovered from conflicts quicker,” Horn told PBS. “He was worried that by keeping these symbols alive, it would keep the divisions alive.”

  20. I liked what the mayor of Birmingham proposed which was to offer his city’s  statue to the daughters of the confederacy to place on private property.

    the removals, the takings should be brought down according to local ordinances and not by lawless behavior unless the civil disobedient is prepared to be charged with vandalism and readily accepts the penalty.

  21. If Trump loves Confederate statues so much he could always move them to his golf courses.

  22. Love the Onion they have been on SFB’s case for years– his lawyers call all the time and the Onion just laughs at them.

    If he gets a pardon and he shouldn’t does that mean he is not a felon?


    Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton urged President Trump to delay a campaign-style rally set for the city next week, expressing fear that his appearance would “enflame emotions” while “our nation is still healing from the tragic events in Charlottesville.”


    The request made in a statement Wednesday was a measure of the extraordinary passion stirred by Trump’s equivocal comments on the white supremacists and neo-Nazis involved in the violence last weekend at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. It was hard to remember when, if ever, the mayor of a major city asked a sitting president to stay out of town lest he cause trouble.

    Stanton, a Democrat, also expressed concern that Trump might use the visit to pardon Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix. Arpaio, a Trump ally who shares the president’s zeal on undocumented immigrants, has been convicted of criminal contempt for defying a court order and is scheduled for sentencing on Oct. 5. Trump has said he’s considering a pardon for Arpaio, a deeply divisive figure in Phoenix.

    “I am disappointed that President Trump has chosen to hold a campaign rally as our nation is still healing from the tragic events in Charlottesville,” Stanton’s statement said. “If President Trump is coming to Phoenix to announce a pardon” for Arpaio, “then it will be clear that his true intent is to enflame emotions and further divide our nation.

    “It is my hope that more sound judgment prevails and that he delays his visit,” Stanton said.

    If he does not, Stanton said his “focus and that of the Phoenix Police Department” will be on “keeping everyone — those attending the rally, those expressing their First Amendment rights outside and the general public — safe.”

  24. trump and joey sittin’ in a tree…  k.i.s.s.i.n.g….

    If Trump loves Confederate statues so much he could always move them to his golf courses.

    Craig…  HA!  good one!

  25. “Hispanic” means from the historical Roman province of Hispania, i.e. from Spain and or Portugal.

    “Latino/Latina” refers to people originating from Latin America.

  26. I saw an interview with three Trump voters – middle aged women.  They all still love him so they say but I think it is wearing thin.  They need a graceful exit – but apparently being a racist, sexist pig isn’t enough.

    I think someone should start asking these women if they believe what Trump has said and also asking them what business has been successful that wasn’t corrupt.

  27. SFB’s education sucks – whatever schools he went to should be ashamed of themselves for passing him on

    That he does not understand the difference between the roles of  George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and Robert E Lee is appalling but then again he does get all his talking points from Tucker Carlson.   The King of the fake argument.   And if he weren’t such an ignorant git he would know that there are current changes coming in the presentation of Jefferson and his relationship to Sally Hemmings.

    SFB calls it revisionist history.  In way that it is true but the point of these revisions is to make sure our history is portrayed accurately.

    The greatest internal threat in the US are white supremacists and if SFB is not one – he is a sympathizer and enabler.   Will he be standing in front of Ivanka and Jereds door to protect them when the cross burnings begin?  Or will he be carrying his own tiki torch?

  28. sturge, he thinks it doesn’t


    “I didn’t ask for [the pardon],” Arpaio told Cosby. “I appreciate his offer and, of course, will accept because I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not guilty of these misdemeanor charges. I’m ready to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court. But this helps a little.”

  29. I guess it is says something about SFB that he is such a loyal friend certainly though have to question the original  choices.

  30. from that great reservoir of legal knowledge wiki on the burdick v. u.s. pardon case:

    After Gerald Ford left the White House in 1977, intimates said that the former President privately justified his pardon of Richard Nixon by carrying in his wallet a portion of the text of the Burdick decision that suggested that a pardon carries an imputation of guilt and that acceptance carries a confession of guilt. Legal scholars have questioned whether that portion of Burdick is meaningful or merely dicta. President Ford made reference to the Burdick decision in his post-pardon written statement furnished to the Judiciary Committee of the United States House of Representatives on October 17, 1974. However, said reference related only to the portion of Burdick that supported the proposition that the Constitution does not limit the pardon power to cases of convicted offenders or even indicted offenders.

  31. from the week:

    Lexington, Kentucky, is poised to be the next Charlottesville as white nationalists have announced plans to protest the removal of two Confederate statues from outside the former Fayette County Courthouse, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports. But protesters won’t be acting with any approval from their senator, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.): “The white supremacist, KKK, and neo-Nazi groups who brought hatred and violence to Charlottesville are now planning a rally in Lexington,” McConnell said in a statement Wednesday. “Their messages of hate and bigotry are not welcome in Kentucky and should not be welcome anywhere in America.”

    Throughout his career, McConnell has demonstrated a “longstanding commitment to civil rights legislation,” The New York Times writes. McConnell was one of first Republican voices to call for the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the South Carolina capital in 2015, although he was more hesitant about removing monuments, claiming: “One thing I am not in favor of erasing is our history. The Civil War was a part of our history and there were actually good people on both sides of that war.”

    On Wednesday, though, he made himself clear. “We can have no tolerance for an ideology of racial hatred,” McConnell said. “There are no good neo-Nazis, and those who espouse their views are not supporters of American ideals and freedoms. We all have a responsibility to stand against hate and violence, wherever it raises its evil head.”

  32.  “white supremacists and if SFB is not one – he is a sympathizer and enabler.” -KGC


    If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

    I had a semantic argument with the CC, the other day (although he implied he was actually psychologically manipulating me to provide a demonstration that ostensibly functioned as some sort of justification of his past statements sympathizing with “white” political concerns… whatever; water under the bridge), relating to the definition of the terms “Nazi” and “neo-nazi”, whereby I related the former term is a historical reference to a German political party of the 1930s and 1940s and had been misused to identify racists and fascists in a general sense, after those times.

    Well, all that is to say that, maybe, in 50 years time or so, when someone in the world wants to refer to a racist or authoritarian, in a casual sense, they might use the term “Republican”, in the place that one might use “Nazi” today, as the current American political party that uses that moniker is inherently racist and authoritarian, so much so that those traits are identifying characteristics.


  33. The first step in making change is that any news(sic) outlet that berated Clinton for the deplorables comment should fold or get entirely new management.

    SFB’s supporters are deplorable and everyone should have been calling them out instead of pretending they were something they are not.  Any body who voted for him is a stupid ass racist. Especially the self-hating Amarosa

    Yertle talks tough but as long as he stands with SFB he is a racist

  34. I think we should all start wearing buttons saying I am not a racist are you?

  35. I think more people feel the way people here do then want to give SFB a chance.

    I think people have to put the pressure on the goopers.   We need ads constantly reminding people that he is a racist and let him defend himself.  Ole Donny whiteboy

  36. from the article   “Mr. Almon said he sent the email to follow up on a phone call he had last week with Mr. Dowd,” according to the Times. “He said he had called to offer damaging information about James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, and to provide other information about the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign.”

  37. “I think we should all start wearing buttons that say I am not a racist are you?” -KGC

    My button would have to say “I am the unwitting beneficiary of racist power-structures and I regret my good fortune comes at the expense of others'”.

  38. Now the Nazi’s and KKK are saying the poor guy in Charlottesville was just trying to get away from vicious leftist demonstrators and yet eye witnesses say no one was by the car.

    Same kind of damage now in Barcelona – wonder what the racist in chief will have to say?


  39. In the midst of all the carnage, my favorite tweet of the day.  I’m sure Craig will approve:

    If the removal of a racist’s statue is a threat to your entire way of life that could be because you’re: a) a racist. b) a pigeon.

  40. so now what?  he’s still there and still empowered by the constitution with certain authority.

    aside from trying to get everyone to yell racist! racist! and feel righteous about it, what are you calling for us to do?  what specific actions can we take?  do you want you, your neighbor, your friend to stay within the law or are  you inciting lawlessness like those you berate?

  41. there’s a drum beat for administration folk to resign as a matter of personal conscience.  if they do, they know people of less conscience will take their places of responsibility.   a dilemma.

  42. a heartening  sign, a goper actually used the I-word according to reuters:

    More than half of the 11 Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which would be central to any proceeding to remove Trump from office, have tangled with the Republican president, including on Thursday when he fired off early-morning tweets.

    […] …the Judiciary Committee, whose Chairman Chuck Grassley has urged Trump to tone it down.
    “He should be 100 percent sticking to ideas and forget about personalities,” Grassley said on Friday when pressed on whether Trump might find himself without the friends in Congress he would need to defend himself in an impeachment proceeding.
    For his part, Grassley said his views would not be colored by past presidential sniping.
    “Let’s say the House of Representatives impeached the president of the United States. Then I’m a juror,” Grassley said. “The Senate is the jury that decides whether he should be impeached. The jury is supposed to be impartial.”

  43. KGB Putin. Russia. KGB Putin.  Russia. KGB Putin.  Russia.

    Just in case this latest diversion is getting a brown fog over the real issue.

    The co-writer of SFB crummy book about dealing, has stated he expects SFB to resign very soon.  Most likely in a deal with DOJ to not put him in prison.  The out would be for his health as mental deterioration consumes his brain.  I am all for it.

    But, will Mueller have enough on Pence to put him in prison?  And will the Dems take back the House so a Dem can be president and another Veep?

  44. Controversy building in PHX over Trump visit next Tuesday. Mayor wants the rally postponed in light of raw feelings regarding Charlottesville. Trump tweets negative about Senator Flake and appears to endorse Tea Party candidate, Kelli Ward over Flake. Governor won’t commit to taking down confederate markers at state capital. Pro Sheriff Joe forces gathering steam. Newly elected Democratic Sheriff and new police Chief, a black woman, trying to stay neutral. Stay tuned. The civil war may be coming to PHX.

  45. That’s kinda vague, I spose… is now a total waiting game……

    All the rest is dangerous bilge water.

  46. TN Sen corker also flamed trump today on the topic of ‘fitness to serve.’

    grassley, corker, mcturtle . . . things are going too fast. I don’t want republikkklans to remove their ball and chain until they are all insanely furious over their devastating losses at the polls in Nov. ’18.

  47. The furthest battle of the Civil War west of the Mississippi was fought in Arizona about 20 miles from our home. There is an annual re-enactment at Picacho Peak. Three Union soldiers died, no Confederates, although the gray coats withdrew and retreated to Texas.

  48. You know…..when the venerable New Yorker Magazine puts you on the COVER with a white kkk hood……And you are someone who fought and clawed your way into the heart of NYC and still, with all the platinum, remain to be seen by the real locals as com yuh, not bun yuh… know, short fingered vulgarian………that’s gotta hurt.

    But then, he’s probably used to it.

  49. X repub – That could be the strategy.  Remove SFB now, put pence in, remove pence and then install Ryan before the 2018 elections.  It would be a bold move, timing an issue.  Mueller could be a delay to them and let the 2018 elections happen.  Or the republicans are too much holding on to SFB and his little cult.

    The meme of SFB having a thirty-five percent base is not right.  There are those who will be R no matter what happens, they do not care about SFB, just R.  There are those who are not wanting Dems in and are willing to vote R. Then there are those who, for some strange reason, desire anarchy and are saying they are repubs.  And then there is a small slice of those r’s who are kkk, nazi, or other white supremacist group.  They are not the majority of the thirty-five percent!

  50. Objective : the exposure and utter repudiation of the republican party and ‘Conservatism’.

  51. Ms Bronc, I guesstimate that 30% of the rippers are either nazi-kkk-aryan nation-creator’schurch-etc, or are sympathizers who are just to fugking cheap to pay dues. That’s about 9-10% of the electorate. No stats – it’s been ages since I’ve seen an in depth Norm Ornstein-type polling report on the political streams and their #s in the US.

  52. He’s still fighting the whispers……fully engaged, he’ll never come out the other side……

  53. Over 40 years, the repubs have been able to claim that about 22% to about 38%  of the population identify with them. It depends a lot on whether it’s richard nixon in disgrace or ronald reagan following his stunning upset Victor over Grenada ! and endorsed by joe lunchbucket and tony boyle.

  54. The only reason someone would spend that much time on their stupid HAIR is that he thinks … looks good.

    Can you imagine?

  55. I mean, show-biz people wear wigs and toupees and it’s all for the camera…..but if you got all that money and time to throw around for a “look” ……why would you adopt such a totally absurd look?

    i know, Dolly got the big blonde wigs, that’s kind of a Liberace thing, I get that…..

    but that SFV wasn’t doing Liberace….. He was doing Benny Hinn.

  56. You know…..I didn’t take it kindly when the gods took away the hair on top of my headi thought it must be some kind of retribution or something for having been so dashingly handsome as a youth…….but then I got to wondering who cares about what I look like in the first place, and then, why…. And then since I’m not on camera and don’t have a facade up to which to measure, I became Sisyphus and just continued to rock and roll.
    Haha…. Complete with buzzards pecking at my liver…..

  57. Little David, dear hearts, he invented Rock and Roll….cause he taken a ROCK…..and he ROLLED the Giant.
    — Brother Dave Gardiner.

  58. Oh please, Trump doesn’t know the difference between Gen. John Pershing and a Persian rug.

  59. Sturgeone – the SFB comb over is very interesting.  Although there are pics floating around of him when the wind blows the rats next upward, those tend to be rare. He is such a loon, he could go with a topper, or even funnier, he could do a full piece.  he looks stupid with the ratted hair, he would probably appear even worse without the comb over.

  60. The most magnificent entertainer the world has ever known in front of the greatest barband the world has ever known…….
    When El comes out he’s scared shitless…..he gathers it into one sock during CCRider but the during the “hunks-hunks”…….He becomes Elvis again….it’s a beautiful thing, kinda like the last two rounds of Ali-Shavers….

  61. Objective: Foster discussions and attitudes conducive to the realization of a truly color-blind American society within the next 50 years.

  62. Thanks for submissions, so far- they’re appreciated.

    I’ll be disappointed if ALL the regular participants, here, don’t contribute at least one objective.

    (Short-term and long-term definitions are equally beneficial.)

  63. Indoctrination turns you into a Gregor Cockroach and education might get you crucified but what the hell, eh?

  64. Jesus would never have been able to cause NEAR that much trouble had he not been so educated.

  65. That reminds me: Short Story of the Month:
    “Today is Friday” by Ernest Hemingway
    He,s certainly entitled to his opinion.

    Book of the Year: MY COUSIN, JUDAS, by Frank Yerby

  66. I’d like to have seen Frank Yerby on TV somewhere…..Yerby just figures they got him off the cross before he expired and they shuttled him off to Egypt or something…..he might have decided, if he was actually took down alive, ( a deal with Pontius),,,,,you know, maybe I’d just like to make bar stools or something…..

    Maybe a coffee table here or there……

  67. You know, that crucifixion business….especially with nails……that’s some serious shit…….make you wanna re-think your game plan…..

    Should you retain the option of having one.

  68. The boy say, “Forgive em Lawd, for they know not what they do.”

    I’m thinking…..oh hell no…..they know exactly what they do…..and always have.

  69. I can with all honesty say that I am not racist in any form because of a funny story

    Working at an office supply company.  Turned around from my back being to the counter in order to see a man roughly 6’4″ and very, very wide.  His skin was so black it was tinged purple.  The sclera of his eyes were yellow thanks to malaria.  I have to admit I went “EEK” (there is no way to make that sound in print … just inhale sharply while saying it).  He grinned.  I grinned and rented him a typewriter.  He asked me out for coffee and it turns out he was one of the most brilliant men I have ever met on loan to SJ university to teach advanced mathematics & Physics from Panama with a beautiful wife and a load of pictures of his children splashing in the ocean.

    For every “EEK” there is a story if you are willing to hear it.

  70. I love all that Jesus hoodoo… The old boy was smart  a tad too smart it could be said…..

    when the witnesses might find their way to the shop somehow, usually very nice polite people….. I like them a lot ans look forward to their visits……

    but I can always put em on the road out with two questions…..that one about do all your praying on a closet ……..just to set the scene ….. And then number two.

    oh… Which bible do you have?  Does Luke 17, 20, 21 say among you, or within you……… While they’re thumbing the pages I say, excuse me, I gotta get back to making furniture, and they go on their way….

  71. Swear to God I read Bink’s post about what “Republican” would mean in 50 years & my first thought was of Ireland. Maybe it’s my brain in protective mode blocking out our reality today. Btw, PBS had a great series last year about the Easter Uprising.

  72. Objective: To guarantee tuition free education to anyone from pre school –> death. Yes it can be done. Of course it will be seen as a threat to those who don’t want an educated, informed public, which is all the more impetus for those of us who do. In the meantime I can provide $ to deserving students to help out with expenses. I can donate school supplies to kids who can’t afford them. I can keep my sidewalks shoveled & salted so students can safely walk to school. I will vote for candidates who believe in the importance of an education & respect teachers & the teaching profession. This isn’t just an issue of enlightenment, economic & social advancement but also an issue of national security. We need to be smarter than the bad guys who are out to harm us, have the wit & wisdom to make correct decisions. In this I believe.


  73. Ass if there’s only one asshole. The biggest, greatest, fastest, most successful, bestest HE, in American, maybe geologic, history is anal fistulae w/o end. Hebe legion : 67% of the ripper party, f’rinstance. Add the 19 top russian oligarchs.

    Pardon my puns & foolery.

  74. My objective most days? 
    Mrs Jack has a saying but you have to be old enough to have watched Ed Sullivan to get it.

    It is our goal most days

    “Just keep the plates spinning!”

  75. Yeah , I have loftier plans too, but if I can’t keep those plates spinning it all comes crashing down.

    As to racism, I was raised in an incredibly racist world. Getting from that world to where I am today took a lot of conscience effort and constantly examining my assumptions. I still do it today, It has become a habit.  I’ve come a long way in my personal journey  but I am still working on perfection. I’m trying not to sound pompous but knowing how far I’ve come It irritates me when I see some one like our president who is too lazy to even try.

    Just sayin’


  76. Bink

    Basically that which helps the most of us make it in this world in order to help the rest of us.  So education and health.  If you have those two things available to everyone, they will manage to survive or at least be able to assist those who can’t take advantage of those two things.

  77. Ya  know, I’m gonna piss bink off but things like world peace/color blind society/classless society and other stuff like it are way beyond my pay grade.

    Besides from my seat out here in the bleachers the new color of the world is going to be light tan. It is the segregationists worst night mare. But if they are going to have grand children to bounce on their knees they are going to have to get used to it.  The old folks(that’s Asian black white Hispanic , you name it” want to keep everything pure. But their children? Not so much. If you live in a white or black enclave you may not notice it but from my front porch it is as obvious as all get out. Racial purity is already in the trash bin.


  78. This is not an objective, but more along the lines of a vision. The object of families is human development. The object of government is to facilitate human development. The end we should steer toward, and which should always be our pole star, is a world so just that love can thrive, and so loving that justice can thrive.


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