9 thoughts on “The Swamp Rises”

  1. Is it rising up or more watching self-destruction? Active vs Passive.

    Totally off topic but watching Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? on TCM. Wow: writing, storylines, acting (not ACTING.) TCM is my safe harbor from life’s everyday storms. I like art. I like artists.

  2. He’s gonna have a tantrum, take his nuclear football & go home.

    sj – I prefer dance and musicals.

  3. The voice vote on Barbara Lee’s amendment to the 2003 AUMA was unanimous to debate its applicability 14 ducking years later. Even Obama could not get pugns to vote for that.

    BTW, WTF was drumpf thinking when he attacked Mika?  How FUCKING STUPID can one small handed man be?  JHC!!!


  4. I’m w/Ms Dallas. The actual news is

    Tortoise Fails Mad Cheeto !

    Mad Cheeto Furious

  5. Russian Spies. Economic Corruption. The War On Old People. The War on the Middle Class. Political Cowardice.

    War On Women. A Big Tax Break For The Guy Who Sold Your Job To China !

  6. Who Murdered mike w. smith, republican Spy ?

    Someone silenced 81 year old Chicago republican operative peter smith when he began to brag about his russian espionage work for mike flynn & the trump campaign to a wall street journal reporter.

    Did murdoch finger smith ? Did flynn make the hit himself ? Did trump order it done ? Those are the biggest questions of the day.

    (Frankly, this is an enquirer/wnd/zerohedge style story, except it draws attention to russian collusion rather than to the squirrel atop the refrigerator)

  7. SFB is providing the stuff that will let the Congress do its job on putting a sane person in the WH, possibly using the 25th Amendment.  They may have to go through a list to find a sane person though.

  8. boss, suggested visual for the swamp thread.

    let’s see, what should we name him/her?  after a congress critter who’s mad as hell and not taking anymore? after the fourth estate tired of being shut out and shut down?  or Joe Btfsplk, tired of the tweet cloud constantly  raining on him?

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