Is it time to go “all in”?

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

So – This map shows countries across the world and their health care systems.  Those countries in blue have universal health care.  Those countries in green are implementing universal health care.  The two orange countries have universal “war time” health care.

I was talking with my sister yesterday, an avid Republican who could never vote for that “bitch Clinton”.  We first discussed the fact that she’s still up to her hips in those Mexicans in Arizona and is waiting for the wall.  I gave her the bad news.

She is on the “Arizona Obama Exchange” for health care.  Said her coverage is going up about 80% this next year.  I told her that it’s absolutely her fault for voting for that “sonuvabitch Trump”.  She chuckled, and then went into this diatribe about what health care should be like in our country – and she described universal health care.  I told her it would never happen with her voting for Republicans.  She didn’t get it – but alas, she IS a Republican.  In several other discussions I’ve had with my Republican friends, they end up talking about a health care system in America that has a lot of the universal health care flavor.

Perhaps it is time for a group of Democrats with testicles to just get up and propose universal health care – talking about nothing but the benefits – and the fact that the super-rich won’t bet a billion dollar tax cut, but will help pay.  I know we’ll be able to get 22 million new supporters by 2026.  Perhaps that will start the revolution?  What say ye?  Is it time?

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49 thoughts on “Is it time to go “all in”?”

  1. DV, there’s no doubt that all America, excluding vested interests, want Universal Health Care, preferably a single payer system.

    Point out to our Republican friends that the super high salaries received by many corporate executives were structured when tax rates were confiscatory and were intended to reward them for their leadership despite those taxes. The expense of the inflated salaries were added to the cost of the products, many of which were ultimately paid for by small American companies and consumers. Isn’t it logical then, that the gains garnered through reform of our healthcare system should accrue to the original payers, folks like you and me?

    Dear Republicans and Democrats: Vote for your self-interest. In this case they absolutely coincide for all thinking tax-paying Americans. Vote Single-Payer Healthcare

  2. medicare for all or single payer with automatic enrollment at birth (upon becoming a citizen) and automatic withholding payments as a foundation seems so sensible. capitalism would still thrive with people free to supplement the basic bare bone coverage with whatever private insurance they want and can afford.  you would think that businesses, small and large, would welcome having to provide that health insurance benefit monkey off their backs. you would think employers would be thrilled to have healthier employees.  you would think medical providers would collectively say ahhhh in relief. you would think voters would vote according to their best interests.    so why?  are we so stupid, gullible, infantile, fearful the other guy gets something he doesn’t deserve, short-sighted greedy to protect our current profits and not looking long term?  what’s our problem and how do we solve it?

    it’s  not a wee problem. it’s a big “we” one needing a collective bigger “we” fix to make it happen

  3. get ready for another round of distraction from the boring old trumpDONTcare/Obamacare debate. sean announced late last night u.s. had “identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children.” according to time the pentagon today backed him up.   so is this for real or is it another squirrel to grab our attention?

    be prepared for sceptics. remember in april when stories like this one in mediaite reported:

    Two conspiracy theories emerged during the lead-up to and in the immediate aftermath of President Donald Trump ordering missile strikes on Syria. The first, most prominently touted by Ron Paul and controversial commentator Mike Cernovich, claimed that the chemical weapons attack days ago that served as the justification for the attack was a “false flag.” The other theory wondered whether the raid on the Syrian airfield was a “wag the dog” scenario.


  4. Massive cyberattack hits Europe with widespread ransom demands

    A new wave of powerful cyberattacks hit Europe on Tuesday in a possible reprise of a widespread ransomware assault in May that affected 150 countries, as Ukraine reported ransom demands targeting the government and key infrastructure, and the Danish Maersk conglomerate said many of its systems were down.

    The Russian oil giant Rosneft was also hit, as was the British advertising and marketing multinational WPP. Norway’s National Security Authority said an “international company” there was affected.

    Ukraine first reported Tuesday’s cyberattacks, saying they targeted government ministries, banks, utilities and other important infrastructure and companies nationwide, airport departure tables and demanding ransoms from government employees in the cryptocurrency bitcoin. 

    By midafternoon, breaches had been reported at computers governing the municipal energy company and airport in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, the state telecommunications company Ukrtelecom, the Ukrainian postal service and the State Savings Bank of Ukraine. Payment systems at grocery stores were knocked offline, as well as the turnstile system in the Kyiv metro. 


    Whatever its source, the virus appeared to be spreading Tuesday. Maersk, a Danish transport and energy conglomerate, announced that “Maersk IT systems are down across multiple sites and business units due to a cyber attack.”

  5. See Renee – I beat Elizabeth Warren to the punch.

    Now off to war in Syria to divert attention to the raping by Mitch.

  6. i’m “all in” DV. my overall positive experience with socialized medicine through my Dad’s VA care has made me a fan. i give it higher marks than my mom’s many years of care in the private system.

  7. As you’ve identified independently, white middle-class Americans are incredibily racist, and easily manipulated because of it.  So “no”- keep dreaming.

  8. “Universal HealthCare for whites only” would be popular.  See, white middle-class Americans DO want hand-outs, they love ’em!  They just don’t want brown people to have them, too.

  9. Bink–sounds like an excellent idea. Charge a 60-pct premium that will directly reduce the rates of all those who prefer not to be included in the “for whites only” grouping no matter what our appearance might be.

  10. Anecdotally, a middle-class Republican (oxymoron, i realize) i know is literally dying and bankrupt from the associated medical bills.  Guess who he voted for.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa.

  11. I would suggest everyone watch the Michael Moore movie, “Sicko.”

    Also, read Michael Booth’s The Almost Perfect People, which is a comparative study of Scandinavian countries, including universal healthcare which has not imploded, as some keep suggesting.

    If the Gooperz don’t care about human life (despite claiming to be pro-life and, mostly, Christian), then look at the savings.  We spend money to educate kids so they can become valuable members of society.   We should spend money to folks healthy and employed.  Some of their paycheck will go toward healthcare, if they are able to work.

    You know who could be cut out of the mix?  The weasles who concoct these worthless insurance policies.  There is no reason for  premiums to the insurance companies to increase, only to go into the pockets of the CEOs and upper-upper management.   It could go toward ACTUAL CARE.


  12. What happened to Trump’s big idea to just erase the state lines?  Everyone in the pool!  That might be a quick, stop-gap measure until universal healthcare could be instituted.

    I second the motion that Dems grow a pair.  Bernie can’t be the only one with balls if we hope to get to single-payer.

  13. Poobah, reading the part about Little Marco asking Scott and FL legislative officials to come be embedded in his office for the week is really laughable. As a buddy of mine used to say, “Ain’t that some shit?”

  14. Blue, erase the lines my ass – simply a repugnican pipe dream.  Every state has an insurance commissioner who approves insurance rates for products sold in their state. That’s a function traditionally exercised by the states and just saying it – even if Congress put that in the bill – ain’t going to make it happen.  Saddle up for the litigation. Drumpf’s such an idiot.

  15. John Thune’s head should have exploded – he is a liar.

    The goops can not honestly defend the bill s0 they are lying instead.

    What is Pussy G going to do.

    What a bunch of losers.  If they really think total repeal is the right thing – then why not say so even the Rand-y-Ted Gang doesn’t have the guts to do that

  16. Pussy G’s slogan should be Every American for himself

    or as a  fall back  Me first biggest.

  17. kgc, nope, rant has all along has been against every bit of aca.  don’t forget he’s really a libertarian and a goper in name only… he’s against pretty much everything gov’t. (remember his diatribes on funds to Israel and other foreign aid).  was surprised today to hear that he’d accept an 80% repeal.

    Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) joined Brian Kilmeade to explain why he cannot vote for the Senate’s current version of healthcare reform. Paul said one of his major problems with the bill is it keeps 10 of the 12 Obamacare regulations in place, and while his goal is to get 100% repeal of the ACA, he is willing to negotiate and settle for repealing 80%. Paul also explained that he is not hopeful the GOP Senate leadership stands ready to negotiate. The reason being, they don’t have the political will to remove most of the Obamacare regulations. Senator Paul is however hopeful that when he speaks with President Trump later today, he will be open-minded on making changes.

  18. will the 80/20 rule that makes insurance co spend at least 80% of the money they take in from premiums on actual health care survive?  would be one of the tastier morsels to be horse traded to get more votes.

  19. tpm:

    “We know the fight is not over, that is for sure,” Schumer said at a press conference after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced the delay. “We’re not resting on any laurels, nor do we feel any sense yet of accomplishment.”

    Schumer said Senate Republicans will continue trying to corral enough votes to pass the proposal.

    “Over the next couple of weeks, we know that Leader McConnell will try to use a slush fund to buy off Republicans, cut back-room deals, to try and get this thing done,” he said.


    “Go to regular order, have committee hearings, allow amendments and go back to the idea that you need 60 votes, a bipartisan majority, to pass a bill, and we can start over again and work together,” he said.

  20. Idealism and broken hearts tend to be found together I’m afraid. I can recall being called a cynic as far back as 1974. I haven’t completely abandoned idealism but my bouts of it tend to be fewer and farther apart as the years go by and the callus between my eyes from being hit there by reality time and time again just gets thicker.

  21. maybe this is why sean called for an on-camera presser today even tho’ he made poor sarah sub for him.


    When Sean Spicer banned cameras from White House Press Briefings, CNN sent a courtroom sketch artist. Turns out, Stephen has more depictions of the briefing from various artists.

  22. McConnell really sat on his sword this time.  Promised a vote, yes or no, put ’em on record, blah blahblahhahaha.

    With the CBO  out and no way can they keep trying to make the CBO into the bad guys with faulty calculators, he could see this trumpfcare going into the bed pan.  Will the republicans learn from their constituents how much they do not want to see ACA go away?  I doubt it, but stranger things have happened.

    Looked through USAJobs the other day, that is the go to website for most federal jobs.  Unless you are going DoD or DHS or USDA firefighter, you are not going to find much open any more.  There are some jobs in different departments, but the rank and file are stuck with an idiot who cannot understand that the size of government does not make a bad government.  And that his current employees are the lowest in many decades as a percentage of the population.

  23. “Will the republicans learn from their constituents how much they do not want to see ACA go away?” 

    their base just wants “Obamacare” to go away, not aca. that’s why I keep suggesting that all they need to do is repeal  the name, call it some euphemism that base likes, and declare they repealed and replaced over and over.  that’s the way they ruined things in the 1st place.

  24. I figure now…..the rooskies are gonna start supporting democrats……..hahaha……..what a gig……..

  25. Das Putin man is discovering that he is the tip of the spear in the greatest long con of all time.

  26. Hello from the Dark Side!

    Exciting news!  Travelocity, Expedia and Trip Advisor have announced lower hotel and  airline costs!!!  They will make travel affordable for all Americans!   Log onto

    OK,  Making a point.  The fact is the ACA does not make Healthcare affordable, in fact as most of you honest people point out it is becoming very expensive.  My daughter will have to make hard choices soon if something is not done as she is a school teacher – so you know her income.  I suggest you each read America’s Bitter Pill by Steven Brill.

    The ACA was as big a backroom deal as any out of the swamp.  Dems and the MSM are spinning the facts and hoping the republicans bail them out of this disaster.  A central government controlled failure.

    Just as travel will not be made affordable by the travel agents,  Healthcare will not be made affordable by DC.  Healthcare must cost less, and only the Healthcare Industry can create a lower cost system.  This is so complex and way beyond even the above average (OK I was going to say journalist but there are no Journalist any longer) person.

    Payer reform is important and helps to create true change to help lower cost.  We must not freeze what Americans help to develop and it will be innovation that drives better care at lower cost.  Yes, we Americans are funding the world but the payoff will be great.


  27. Let’s see…..soviet unon failed in 89…..99……09……close to 30 years ago as the crow flies…….took moses 40 years to get Joshua his army…….i don’t know, maybe time was different back then……..

  28. Ping…….just do it the same way they do it in canada…..don’t gimme no jive, ive seen it……ask Tylenol……it works……it works for those people who need it most and really doesn’t cost that much…..if it did, they’d have scrapped it.
    The people of a country should be able to go to a hospital if they’re sick. We are rich enough for that, if you count the rich people too.

  29. Even Rand Paul has finally bent his Libertarian soul to something akin to Universal Health care … Buying pools.  No more “individual” pricing.  Anyone could join in on any pool that would then negotiate with Insurance carries and “give” their buying group to the one that came up with the best plan.

    Just think, your business is a member of the Chamber of Commerce.  You and all your employees could buy the plan that every Chamber of Commerce members nationwide could buy.  Thats kind of a weird example but it would be akin to Medicare, Union groups, or the VA, etc.  The larger the group the better the deal they might get particularly if bargaining with a non profit such as Kaiser or Blue Cross.


  30. Hey Sturg,

    Payer reform does not lower cost!  It is a funding method.   Also much of healthcare is funded by many other sources.  There are many good models but the American Consumer Market would have to accept a very different type of care.

    Think about where is the real care taking place,  Surely not the Swamp.  Obama sent a poison pill with a bill that was a short term false economy supported by the MSM.  There is no free lunch.

  31. Must say, we have lived 1.2 miles from the White House for 27 years and the last couple of weeks I have never, ever heard or seen so many helicopters hovering over us day and night, more than after 9/11. Almost inclined to report noise ordinance violation.

  32. ping..,….the world has proven that there are rich greedy bastards and along side of em, a bunch of folks who cant afford dirt…….and then those like us…..caught in the middle……..oy

  33. Single payer takes the insurance companies out that would most certainly lower costs

  34. Ping, I don’t think anyone has blinders on. I know I’m painfully aware of the Ocare warts. Compared to what your guys have put out there, I’ll take Ocare any day. The problem with both approaches is that the insurance industry is allowed to run amok while being subsidized by us. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agreed with drumpf that the house bill was mean. From what I can tell Mitch and crew set out to one up Paul and the gang. Problem is they both f&@k the poor. A$$holes one and all. Remember that Ocare was a response to the greed and failure of the health insurance industry to serve the US public with the provision of healthcare. It’s the insurance industry’s Achilles heel. My book they’re worse than used car salesman and lawyers, and I certainly know both way too well.

  35. Every gooper should be asked if they support the policy that only those who can pay can have medical care

  36. Uh, Ping, y’know, innovation has been the second biggest inflator of health care costs,

    just after the pay for the CEOs.

  37. Because of republican unexampled incompetence M!LL!ONS of Americans will survive.

    Thank G!D that republican$ are such losers !

  38. repubs’ biggest victories so far this year are the Guns for Maniacs Act and the Mercury in Baby’s Drinking Water Act.

    Congratulations on these two ‘pro-life’ bills, and your 6 months of successfully hiding from your 40 year old anti-abortion pledges.

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