Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

A lively work for a Sunday morning. A wonderful composition featuring bassoon. Enjoy the music and as always, enjoy your day!

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  1. there’s also a lot of dancing going on this weekend in sweden

    People decorated their homes with flowers and dressed themselves in ferns. They danced around maypoles and used various methods to try to foretell the future. Young girls would dine on salted porridge before they went to sleep. If a man brought water to a girl in her dreams, he would be her future husband. People would also try to tell the future by looking at the patterns of moonbeams. Midsummer was considered a magical time, and people thought that by weaving flowers they could use the magic of nature. People weave flowers during today’s Midsummer celebrations. Other types of magic that were supposed to occur at Midsummer included water changing into wine and ferns changing into flowers.

    Missionaries of the Roman Catholic Church wanted to incorporate pagan holidays into Christian feast days, and they incorporated Midsummer Day celebrations into commemorations of St. John the Baptist’s birthday on June 24. The Swedish Parliament decided during the 1950s that Midsummer Day should be celebrated during a weekend.

    Sweden’s cities become deserted during this weekend. Many people begin their yearly five-week vacation around Midsummer Day and head to the countryside to take part in the celebrations. Many of these celebrations are held in public parks. Some people celebrate the day in gardens or at their summer cottages. A number of hotels hold Midsummer celebrations. Families celebrate the day together.

  2. Many people begin their yearly five-week vacation around Midsummer Day and head to the countryside…?


    there’s a lesson in that for us bedeviled by current mess among us.

    query: do the last ones leaving the city turn the lights off?

  3. Went to Wine and All That Jazz last night in Charleston- down to visit LP. Saw Delfeayo Marsalis quintet. He’s got the genes and the chops. Great group.

  4. more in depth and more than you want to know about Swedish midsummer

    Published on Jun 22, 2017

    How and why do we celebrate Midsummer in Sweden? This video will give you some insight into the weird frog dancing around a leafy penis. (The video was originally uploaded four years ago).

  5. patd – in Finland the sauna gets a workout too.

    The picture is from last evening, a nice time to knock out a scene for one of my novels to never see the light of day (they all have to go through the IC censors).

  6. pogo, lp knows what that white stuff called paper is?  didn’t think they had that on campus around anymore let alone those strange clacky contraptions.

  7. I once had at least 8 of those antique suitcase typers but they all went up in smoke as Archive #1 burned to the ground…… Now all I have is the old Underwood.

  8. Of course if you are an anglophile and have a lot of midsummer time on your hands, you can stream 20 years worth of weekly exterminations in the bucolic surroundings of Midsomer Murders 

    All past seasons are available on both Netflix & Acorn and new shows on PBS.



  9. Jace, thank you for the (hic) very spirited Weber! Having served in the northern latitudes, we learned the best course to handling lengthy-long periods of summer daylight was to firmly draw the curtains at 2100 then snore.

  10. Oh yes paper is still a thing- LP definitely knows paper – he has 2 lawyers as parents.

  11. wapo:

    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who has retained counsel as the FBI investigates whether his wife Jane committed fraud to acquire a loan for a now-shuttered Vermont college, predicted Saturday night that the probe would be a political fizzle.

    “This was a story that just, amazingly enough, came out in the middle of my presidential campaign, initiated by Donald Trump’s campaign manager in Vermont,” Sanders said in an interview, between rallies in Pennsylvania and Ohio organized to defeat the Senate Republicans’ health-care bill. “That’s about it. I don’t think it’ll be a distraction.”


    so how soon will that  “initiated by Donald Trump’s campaign manager in Vermont,” Sanders said” trigger a tweet from the twit?  a little battle like that could be seen worthy enough distraction from that pesky russky thing and the ahca failure.     

  12. Sturg, norther latitudes = RAF Lakenheath, UK. Not far from some beautiful places like Bury St Edmunds and Ely.

  13. The little black thing, next to the martini, is a L.C. Smith and Corona Co. commonly called Smith-Corona, Sterling Floating Shift.  I like it as it is very quiet compared to other typewriters.  I am sure it is very similar to my first one in college.  The last one I had was a 1970 or 1971 Smith-Corona electric and it was great.  Too bad it did not survive all the moves around the country I had to make in the military.

    These models are perfect for those days when you do not want to drag a wire, AC or internet, around the house and outside.  Once I type something, I toss it in the HP 8600 multi-talent and scan it, blast it with an optical character reader, store it in C:writing as a Word rtf file.  Then I go in, and depending on how bad the scan and OCR was, fix the errors.  I am writing more now than when I was strictly on the computer.

  14. BB, I have a Royal that uses print wheels and can double as a print quality printer if you can find a computer with a parallel port. It’s not been used for more than ten years. It does require 120vac. I can put it aside for you if it will further your career. It’s a nice standalone typewriter; don’t know if it will triple as a keyboard that will allow capture of one’s keystrokes.

  15. I have a daughter married to Air Force feller who is for now living in Exning…..

  16. Flatus – thank you.  I’m very much out of the daisy wheel world.  I had a serious case of writers block, multi-year block.  Last year when I picked up the blue Underwood that block ended.  Since then I have had a blast typing away.  Although the transfer would be much cleaner from brain to fingers to electrons, I am enjoying what I do now.

    Later today I will post the interview I had with the cat that decided to move in with the protagonist of the books over on my website.  Once it is up I will post the link here.  That was a fun interview to do, although limited in length due to the cat leaving.

  17. I don’t know his base for certain but I think it must be Lakenheath…..this is daughter #1 ……daughter #2 is in NYC……

  18. BB our writings crossed in the mail. It sounds as if you have the perfect system with your scanner and non-electric Smith Corona. My first was a cast iron Underwood with a carriage about 20″ wide, no floating shift, that weighed a ton. It was Christmas gift that I truly loved. It was used and probably pre-war.

  19. It quite likely could be–Mildenhall is also a well populated base with a lower intensity mission. Kumcho had British co-workers whom she liked–it just takes a while to find the common threads. I hope #1 is having a positive experience of it. I hope she’s as crazy as you…

  20. Yep, she’s at the very least as crazy as I, she spent many of her younger years following the traveling city of the Grateful Dead………and enjoying it is an understatement…..they have 3 little lads and given the least opportunity, they will bug out to some place or another in Europe…..

  21. That’s an E-7; he’s entered the senior nco ranks. More pay, more perks, more responsibility. He can go to the Top-3 Club now.

  22. Nice promotion!

    As promised, an interview with Cat.  This cat moved in with Periwinkle Jones (PJ), the protagonist of the novels.  She does not know anything about the cat, because cats cannot talk to humans.  But, due to the ability of those who write the novels to talk to any of the characters, we have this short interview.  Comments are turned off due to the stupid Russians.

  23. on cnn’s state of nation:

    JOHN KASICH: Dana, this is the 21st century, and this is the craziest time I have ever seen in politics. And maybe this is a signal that, instead of people just confessing their loyalty to one party or the other, maybe they ought to be confessing their loyalty to the country.

    And, look, I have been attacked all of my career. And the fact is, is that you have got to stand up on your own two feet, explain how you feel about things and be a leader.

    I don’t think we have enough leadership. I think there are too many people that cower in the wings because of partisanship, not just Republicans, Democrats as well.

    If you try to get a great number of governors, Republican or Democrat, to speak out on this, where are they? All you hear are crickets and chirping, because they’re worried about upsetting their base.

    Dana, the problem we have in the country today is…

    BASH: Or getting — or getting ads run against them like that.

    KASICH: Pardon?

    BASH: Or having ads…

    KASICH: Well, I mean, so what?

    Then get — if you can’t take a fastball on the inside, get out of politics. If you can’t take a pitch thrown at you, and you can’t get out of the batter’s box, quit. Don’t — don’t — don’t whine.

    And I don’t think Senator Heller is whining. But I also want to say that not only Heller, but Sandoval, Brian Sandoval, is a great governor. His popularity is sky-high in Nevada. And you know what he’s saying? I’m worried about poor people.

    You know what? Both parties, both parties ought to be worried about poor people, because I don’t think either party particularly cares about helping poor people.

    You look at the rates of poverty, you look at the problems in this country, we have not designed a system to get people work. Everything we’re talking about now, getting people healthy, giving them health care, is designed to get them to work. It’s designed to give them an opportunity to have a better life.

    This is not some kind of a welfare system. This is a — look, if you’re sick and you’re hungry, you don’t work. If you’re healthy and you’re fed, you can get a job.

  24. usa today at msn:

    Citing three unnamed sources, BuzzFeed News reported that Kislyak is scheduled to leave Washington next month, following a July 11 going-away party for him at the St. Regis Hotel, just two blocks away from the White House. 

    Kislyak, 66, had been reported to be heading to New York to lead Russia’s delegation at the United Nations. His return to Russia will mark the end of his 10-year tenure as Russia’s leading diplomat to the United States and makes him another casualty of the growing controversy over the Russian activity.

  25. But then I believe that mules can talk. I’m sure that “Francis the Talking Mule” came from some old country boy who knew about it.
    They don’t use words, mind you…..but they can “look askance”, furrow their brows, snort, snicker, chortle and laugh outright. Annabelle, my neighbor had a mule. She and I were on her back porch sharing some sweetened cornbread and I had just come from patting the mule……she looks at me in deadly earnest and says, “That mule will talk to you, you know…..He’ll listen and then he’ll talk.” So, of course I tried it and damn if she wasn’t telling the truth….That mule talked to me.
    He was a great and wise mule and we got along just fine.

  26. patd – with the Big K leaving town there is a hole which needs to be filled.  From what I have read he was the Russian spy master for the U.S.  He carried the crew along, and did a fine job from what I can tell.  Maybe tossed an election  even.  I just keep hoping that did not happen.  I suspect that SFB is also hoping no one can show that, proof not actually required.

    The other day there was a story about the Russians destroying their gear at the spy house on Kent Island, Maryland, rather than bring it back to Russia.  First there must have been a lot of battery acid used because that is the only way to get rid of stuff.  Second, that explains why they have not been hitting my site very hard since they left, no gear, and third – it means they will be using better equipment as they come online this year and next.

  27. It may have turned out that love is not quite all you need, but damn this is still impressive…..

  28. From now on…..just so you know…..I am The Honorable Sturgeone.
    In light of recent “Well, Why not’s”

  29. that video made my heart soar like a hawk… amplifies something we always did with a local who wanted to sit in with the big traveling road band…..if they had even a modicum of the stuff it takes to really get up there, we’d let ’em up, we made ’em look like kings of music to their homies…..

  30. Sturgeone – the only way to get rid of physical matter is to dissolve it in acid.  The only way to get rid of paper stuff is to incinerate it and then mix the ashes into the concrete and pave a street with it.

    Denver, my old home, is a wonderful place. Good thinking along with spending prudence.  The homeless can make maggots barf so the good city came up with a mobile laundry.  Cool. It might be behind a paywall

  31. It backfired this one time in Melfort, Saskchewan when we hadn’t realized that the club owners did NOT want the local Cree on their stage, playing and singing.
    We had to go back to Moose Jaw after only one week of a promised two-weeker and hang out at the Royal Hotel, where Al Capone’s mugs came to buy the liquor…….

    The Royal gave us a cut-rate.

  32. When we got to Melfort, in January, my bass player takes a long look around (it’s 40 below on the canadian prairie, 300 miles north of the border) nd says, “I ain’t going one inch further north.”

  33. the #2 daughter was born in Denver……we”d first gone to Presbyterian Hospital and they told her mother, oh you got the ITP we gonna have to take out your spleen. We said, WTF and after a whole lot of dithering we went to Colorado General and the worst they’d ever let slip about Presbyterian was oh they’re a little operation-happy over there…..we’ll just monitor and everything should be fine…….it was fine as it turned out.

  34. thru our dithering and luck in seeking a second opinion we lucked out of being shit=for=brains and were delivered a beautiful babe, and my wife still has her stupid spleen. Some hospitals, i hate.

    Presbyterian in Denver is one of ’em.

  35. i hope they have to evacuate all the patients and their building collapses in a cloud of nasty fumes.

  36. But on a lighter hospital note, I was born in a beautiful building on Colonial Lake in downtown Charleston……Baker Sanitarium…….later, nineties, maybe, they closed and got sold for high-dollar condominiums…….so as it turns out, I wind up making some cabinets and whatnot that i install in the room in which i was born.
    Weird science.

  37. John Paul Trouche coulda run for jesus and have given ’em a good show…….

  38. Instead, like his dad, he decided to become a really good Charleston lawyer, during the transition.

  39. Here is a Mid-Summer web.  She started this in the morning.  This afternoon, I thought she had caught a strip of plastic blowing in the wind.  Nope, that strip is part of her web.

  40. The Old South got really sick in Chaleston long about 68 and then in 89, with Hugo, it died. It became a different place.

    Democratic Mayor, one of the best there ever was……..

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