Patient, Heal Thyself

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

With regard to the horrible House health care bill and the mysteriously inchoate proposal by the Senate, good advice can be found in Luke 4:23 KJV:

“And he said unto them, Ye will surely say unto me this proverb, Physician, heal thyself: whatsoever we have heard done in Capernaum, do also here in thy country.”

Here’s a Map of the Countries That Provide Universal Health Care (America is Still Not on It):

The Atlantic

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  1. btw, that map was published in 2012 so others like china and india may have upped their game by now in providing coverage more generous or at least more available economically than we provide.

  2. Oh, and patd, I appreciate your call for civility in government a la little league baseball. But I think your predicted outcome Monday is more likely.

  3. pogo, thanks but I can’t take credit for that lesson in little league civility.  all kudos go to steve Hartman.

    maybe just my twisted mind but it looked almost as if he were taking a subtle swipe at the twit with that loser whining and winner gloating admonition.

  4. the hill:

    Nearly two-thirds of Americans disapprove of the job President Trump is doing in the White House, according to an Associated Press/NORC poll released Thursday.

    Sixty-four percent of respondents in the survey said that they don’t like how the president is handling his office, while just over a third, 35 percent, approve of Trump. 

    The poll also found that 65 percent of Americans believe Trump has little or no respect for the country’s democratic institutions and traditions. Only about 34 percent said they believe he has a great deal or even a fair amount of respect for such institutions.

  5. Taking the day to do things other than politics:

    Live watching Britbox to view Trooping of the Colors for the Queen’s birthday (sorry Craig)

    Reading one or more of the four books I have open and in progress.

    Cashing in my $25 winning lottery ticket

    Assembling a declutter campaign to take host of stuff to Goodwill.

    Really, really wishing the Loathsome in the WH doesn’t tweet about anything while I resist checking to see if he has.


  6. on the health care front in the Senate: As was done in the House “McConnell skipped the entire committee process in favor of assigning a task force to write his chamber’s version of the bill behind closed doors. Even Republican senators profess they don’t know what will be in the legislation or what it will do.”(HuffPost)

  7. fine post, patd.   The stark reality of limited healthcare for all Americans has caused that ‘grass’ roots movement of medical cannabis…it is not just marijuana anymore.  The healing properties can be amazing for some humans and many medical doctors are transitioning to cannabis docs.   stone(d) and ventura will be keynote speakers at the CWCB.  Sending a message to trump and sessions.  I hope stone can keep pushing the cannabis program when he is in jail.  Their plan to send a message to trump, might work.  the commander-in-thief listens to tv whisperers for policy and info.

  8. Craig,  unless the entire bill can be passed by 51 votes through reconciliation, it’s time for Democrats to buck up and filibuster the goddamn thing.  Let mertle know that this shit won’t do.

  9. The Pussy G way…it’s every man for himself and just make up the rules as you go

    I hope this is the end of goopers period.  I’d much rather fight with Socialist Dems

  10. here are the 1st two paragraphs describing health care in cuba from a 2013 article “A Different Model — Medical Care in Cuba”  in new England journal of medicine 2013… hope you read the rest which points out some of the flaws as well as some more of what exceeds our system:

    For a visitor from the United States, Cuba is disorienting. American cars are everywhere, but they all date from the 1950s at the latest. Our bank cards, credit cards, and smartphones don’t work. Internet access is virtually nonexistent. And the Cuban health care system also seems unreal. There are too many doctors. Everybody has a family physician. Everything is free, totally free — and not after prior approval or some copay. The whole system seems turned upside down. It is tightly organized, and the first priority is prevention. Although Cuba has limited economic resources, its health care system has solved some problems that ours has not yet managed to address.1,2

    Family physicians, along with their nurses and other health workers, are responsible for delivering primary care and preventive services to their panel of patients — about 1000 patients per physician in urban areas. All care delivery is organized at the local level, and the patients and their caregivers generally live in the same community. The medical records in cardboard folders are simple and handwritten, not unlike those we used in the United States 50 years ago. But the system is surprisingly information-rich and focused on population health.

  11. Pogo, had you followed Cosby case much? I jumped in at the end, really was a fiasco prosecution

  12. Craig

    In case you missed the notice, “All The President’s Men Revisited” is on MSNBC tonight.  You can watch 20:20:  Truth and Lies, Watergate if you have on demand it is Episode 41 or ABC on line.



  13. Today is a bit of a off day, the type of day caused by a lack of sleep.  I spent the overnight handing out coffee, water, donuts and snacks to law enforcement officers at the Alexandria shooting scene.  It truly is an urban setting. A baseball diamond surrounded by housing and stores just across the narrow street. A location where a firefight took place a couple of days ago.  A shame that the passions of hate have risen to a level that killing take place.

  14. The horrid Grenfell fire in London did produce at least one humorous tweet that even Craig may line from Adam @Thegaymeradam (yes he is and does. He’s also politically sharp & very funny).

    Theresa May : “I couldn’t speak to residents of Grenfell Tower because of security concerns” The Queen : “Hold my crown…”

    Story behind this, May called together a task force at 10 Downing but ran from the scene rather than talk to public.  QEII & Phillip toured area and spoke to both residents and protestors.



  15. How is he not guilty? He admitted it in the deposition that was read in court

    Pussy G should hire his lawyer

  16. But prosecutors managed to let him wiggle out of that deposition, KGC, some crap about not understanding the question.

  17. Jamie, William also promised some in that crowd that he would return later, speaking directly to individuals just as lizz II did in her rounds with the responders and the victims/relatives.  noticed that unlike ms may, they were quite exposed and accessible to the crowd.

    Published on Jun 16, 2017

    Prince William responds to crowds waiting at the Grenfell Tower fire refuge as he departs, promising to come back.


  18. Pogo

    Didn’t understand the question yet he gave a truthful answer

  19. patD – I recommend watching a Michael Moore’s movie, “Sicko.”  He goes to Cuba and Europe to see how their HEALTHCARE systems work, including interviews with docs.

    His initial interview with a guy from the US deciding if he can afford to save his finger says it all.  The insurance industry and their death panels of financial engineers/policy writers/lawyers are in charge of our lives.   A special place in hell…

  20. carl Hiaasen:
    Shootouts where good guys win only happen in the movies — bad movies

    [….. carl writes here about certain congressmen grousing that d.c.’s tough gun restrictions kept them from defending themselves and points out the difficulty of playing ball while fully armed….]

    Garrett and other NRA cheerleaders claim events could have turned out differently if Scalise had taken a gun with him. How would that have changed anything? The man was running around with a fielder’s mitt on one hand, and throwing baseballs with the other.

    He was the target of a blind ambush, and it wouldn’t have mattered if he’d been standing on second base with a rocket launcher. He still would have been shot.

  21. daily kos:  Kasowitz claim about getting Preet Bharara fired raises lots of questions

    So this happened a couple days ago.

    Marc Kasowitz, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer in the Russia investigation, has boasted to friends and colleagues that he played a central role in the firing of Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, according to four people familiar with the conversations.

    Kasowitz told Trump, “This guy is going to get you,” according to a person familiar with Kasowitz’s account.

    The first problem with this claim is that normally wouldn’t advice given to a client by his attorney be part of attorney client privilege?  So exactly why is Kasowitz talking about this publicly, unless maybe he’s doing it to take some heat off Trump himself?


    …..what future risks might Bharara have presented for Trump, particularly considering the ongoing Russia probe?  Well, at the time he was fired Mr. Bharara was looking into the following as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

    The Southern District of New York conducts some of the highest profile corporate investigations in the country. According to news reports, it is currently probing Fox News over payments made to settle sexual harassment charges against the network’s former chairman, the late Roger Ailes. The office is also looking into Russian money-laundering allegations at Deutsche Bank, Trump’s principal private lender.

    After Bharara was fired, possibly because his looking into the fact that Trump owes $350 Million to Deutsche bank that investigation was in fact abruptly settled.


    Now this settlement might be because two of the key witness were murdered, while one “fell out of a window” or it might be because key witnesses decided to cooperate and become informants for the FBI.  At the moment it’s difficult to tell, but it does seem according to the NYTimes that Mueller has taken up the financial corruption investigation.

    A former senior official said Mr. Mueller’s investigation was looking at money laundering by Trump associates. The suspicion is that any cooperation with Russian officials would most likely have been in exchange for some kind of financial payoff, and that there would have been an effort to hide the payments, probably by routing them through offshore banking centers.

    Either way does it make sense that Bharara had nailed the Russians before, and Kasowitz felt that if he did it again with his Deutsche Bank and money laundering investigations he was ultimately “going to get” Trump for his involvement in all that.

    If so that means Kasowitz has essentially admitted to a second case of attempted Obstruction of Justice by Trump, by firing Bharara in order to cover his own ass which also makes one wonder just what funky money transaction are hiding somewhere between VEB, Russian Intelligence, Deutsche Bank — which has already been fine $630 Million for $10 Billion in money laundering transactions involving Russia — and Trump.

  22. no wonder preet was sitting just behind comey in that senate tell-all hearing with a big knowing smile on his face.

  23. Daughter Sue and her husband have departed to San Juan in celebration of their 30th wedding anniversary. They had considered Cuba but opted out of that destination for patriotic reasons as much as anything. I urged them to meet as many ordinary people as possible. FWIW, the Puerto Ricans I served with were marvelous people as were the Pacific Islanders. Sue will be 56 in November and her husband will be 60 in September. Kumcho’s 81st b’day is Dec 5th.

    I did my shopping at Publix earlier this week. The butcher prepared an extra special pork shoulder dish with green peppers, white onions and jerk seasoning. I just had it for lunch. Sauteed it in olive oil. added sherry and, finally, a bag of frozen mixed veggies. There was some sherry left over so…

    Here’s to Julia, Bon Appétit!

  24. As I was putting away leftovers, thoughts of the missing crew members from the Navy Destroyer USS Fitzgerald named after William Charles Fitzgerald were going through my mind. Those thoughts merged with the other marine disaster, the loss of the Edmund Fitzgerald back in ’75 on Lake Superior.

    Please, no more vessels named Fitzgerald.

  25. Poobah, no I didn’t follow the case other than a little here and there in the news. From what I could tell it sounded like a “pattern and practice” prosecution of a he said she said case with problems that was brought too long after the incident to effectively prove. When the defense puts on a 6 minute defense after a week of trial, either the case was weak or the defense had nuthin. Sounds like the former.

  26. KC, I would be guessing about the deposition testimony – don’t know much about it or how it was put into evidence. I assume since Cosby didn’t testify that any understanding or misunderstanding was only addressed in his lawyer’s closing. Not sure how else it could have been addressed.

  27. Ok, so I read this article from Wapo on the trial.  Only one of the prior accusers was allowed to testify. The prosecution testimony didn’t seem all that strong. Passage of time will do that. A hung jury doesn’t seem all that odd.

  28. Patd

    Well if this is in the family scrapbook and ideals, a fire however tragic, isn’t going to shake you all that much.

  29. Wonder what the working folk who voted for trump think about his support of them in Murphy Oil. 

    The Trump White House will stand with corporations over workers in a looming Supreme Court battle involving arbitration agreements, according to a copy of an amicus brief obtained by HuffPost on Friday.

    In the brief, Trump’s acting solicitor general, Jeffrey B. Wall, says his office has “reconsidered the issue and has reached the opposite conclusion” as Obama’s solicitor general in the case, known as Murphy Oil.

    Who could have have seen that coming?  (Hint – any thinking person)

  30. Jamie, George was already showing signs of his TB — wonder if he knew he had it then.

  31. The abc 20/20 special was the 45th anniversary of the Watergate break-in, but I think they should show it every year.  nixon tore this country apart and some of the same players like stone and the late ailes helped get trump elected.  I also learned more about the recording system nixon ordered…how it worked, the locations.  Nixon the Dick.

    The episode on youtube.

    Good read about Preet, patd.   The noose tightens.

    Very hot here…triple digit highs…siesta time!

  32. What a great thread. I like the money laundering bit especially. I’d like to see trump packed into Florence for a rich mix of political and apolitical crimes. You know, something for everyone.

    Will the Lout in Chief brag that he completed his presidency faster than any president ever ? Of course, but it will just be another trump lie. W.H. Harrison lasted 1 month, and was succeeded by the least competent president in history. (Several later presidents were worse than Tyler, but no president was ever as incompetent. Until now.)

  33. A whole host of bad news from the environment in the age of Trump

    In Case You Missed It Environmental News

    Rattlesnakes, Bats, Salamanders, Frogs, and DC Ducks plus an island full of people are not doing well at all.

    Trump calls the mayor of Tangier—a low-lying island in Chesapeake Bay that’s expected to be uninhabitable in 20 years because of sea-level rise—telling him not to worry: “Your island has been there for hundreds of years, and I believe your island will be there for hundreds more.” 


  34. Jamie, neat! can imagine they’ll be using them soon to roto-rooter plaque from arteries, maybe even break up blood clots.   some creative scientist must have been fascinated with inch worms when a little kid.

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