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  1. boycott Megyn Kelly

    my thoughts exactly, eprof.  even if  I have to watch 60 min reruns all summer long.  her new show had some good segments here and there but she lost me with cozying up to alex, “jonesing” for ratings.

  2. trevor is sooo right about “why waste energy on speculative crazy when there’s so much actual crazy to focus on”

    Published on Jun 13, 2017

    The media fixates on a rumor that President Trump is considering firing special prosecutor Robert Mueller, and beleaguered Attorney General Jeff Sessions defends his honor.

  3. she may have gotten a curiosity bump, but Foxers wont watch her cause she left Fox, and Non=foxers won’t watch her cause the Fox kind of clings to her.
    she’ll be needing a bit more de-foxing.

  4. Fat Jones the blowhard? who knows……his exposure to the general public might might be a good thing…..letting more people know what they’re up against……

  5. As promising as I thought Megan’s show might be I didn’t tune in. Seems like that was a good decision.

  6. Exactly Sturg: “his exposure to the general public might might be a good thing…..letting more people know what they’re up against”

  7. Spent large part of a day fighting on Twitter with people who somehow missed the message of the play and didn’t know that it had been produced five years ago with an Obama like character. More proof Literature & Art must stay in schools if democracy is to survive.  Good article on the protest.  

    Democracy not Donald Trump Dies Brutally On Stage

  8. Wonderful – some nutburger just opened fire on a bunch of Republican Congressmen; Minority Whip Steve Scalise was hit in the hip, others injured as well.

    The level of spin the thugs are about to put on this is going to be nauseating!  Unless the shooter (in custody) is Muslim – then we’ll be bombing someone in the Middle East by 3.

  9. oh brother martial law is coming

    and I vote in favor of exposing Jones to the general public he is horrifying

  10. Here comes the fake news, spin and bullshit.  Meanwhile Mitch the turtle is pushing through a devastating health care bill.

  11. This morning’s shooting. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the perp was a pissed-off local homeowner who became crazy because of the very early morning convoys of jubilant ballplayers waking his neighborhood daily for weeks.

    I bet he had sought relief from neighborhood association, the school board, the municipality and the county, as well as the Speaker himself. To no avail. So? Tragedy.

  12. I agree with those that say exposure for the right wing nut jobs is a good thing.  I did appreciate it when Bill Maher interviewed Milo Yianno-whatever.  I think it’s good for the general public to see what the far right really thinks.

    OTOH…  if major sponsors want to pull ads….   that is their right.

  13. Flag Day — 14 June Every Year

    Before I went to Vietnam in ’65, I had already served three tours in Korea. Every place in Korea where Americans served our flag flew along with the colors of the ROK and the UN. We had no doubt that our boss was Uncle Sam.

    Our flag had no visible presence in Vietnam. When I asked why, I was  basically told that it was above our pay-grade.

    I decided to solve the problem. I went to one of the ubiquitous Sears catalogs and ordered a 3×5 flag to be sent by air. It arrived promptly. Sgt Uplinger, my tent-mate, and I figured out a way to display it high above our tent. Were we proud!

    We headed to the mess tent to grab a well earned cup of coffee and brag to the other guys that were around. Lots of coos of admiration.

    Then the First Sgt arrived. “Ohlfahrt, is that your flag?” He, of course, knew the answer and accepted my nod as capitulation. “Come-on, I’ll help you take it down.”

    We saluted Our Flag then removed her from above Vietnam.

  14. Craig…  if that holds up as true….

    Bernie better get his ass out there disparaging any such kind of violence.

  15. very much agree RR. Interestingly CNN so far not mentioning his Bernie background, just his anti trump rants

    flatus, loved your story

  16. RR, Bernie just took your advice. On Senate floor saying all the right things.

  17. It’s going to be really interesting to see how much the media tries to hype this thing into a political issue.


  18. DV, here’s my first effort: So what about gun control now that a crazed liberal opened fire? Guess banning baseball more likely.

  19. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar…but they absolutely love sh/+!

    She’s surely bringing the sh/+pile this week.

    It’s not a good idea to feed the bears, but for pity’s sake, NEVER feed the flies.


  20. Holy Martial Law!

    Sorry to hear of the shootout…

    from King in 2011 about the Gifford’s shootout where a few were murdered.

    King Statement on the Shooting of United States Representative Gabrielle Giffords

    Washington D.C.- Congressman Steve King (R-IA) released the following statement after United States Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot during a public event in Tuscon, Arizona today.

    “My prayers continue to be for Gabrielle Giffords, her family, her staff, and all those that are in agony today,” said King. “We serve together and she is outgoing, personable and widely respected. It is inconceivable that anyone could harbor a vile, vindictive or malicious attitude towards her. I will continue to pray for her swift recovery and for the recovery of all those injured in this tragedy.”

    Now today —
    Anger about his own colleagues being attacked was evident in the words of Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). Wearing a suit and tie, he stopped by the crime scene to pray and was viscerally angry about his own colleagues being attacked.
    “America has been divided,” he said, “and the center of America is disappearing, and the violence is appearing in the streets, and it’s coming from the left.” King did indicate it was impossible to separate the hyperpartisan climate in Washington — especially people protesting President Trump — with Republican members of Congress being gunned down at a baseball practice.
    “The divisions within the country, people that can’t accept the results of the election that are determined to try to take this country down, take this organization down,” King said. “This city was filled up with demonstrations the day after the inauguration, where you couldn’t drive down the streets.”

  21. king the uniter…blaming the left when the congress has the lowest ratings along with trump among the American people who have voted overwhelmingly for a democratic potus in the last six of seven elections.  We have a repug mandate forced upon the majority by a minority elect.  The right cannot claim the middle and of course the fringe right and left are violent…you guys not only gave them the guns, but also the ammo.  We in the middle are paying the price.


  22. When you’re advocating giving Jones exposure with an eye toward having him rejected by thinking people who aren’t too dumb to recognize what an ass he is, don’t underestimate the “Hell, YEAH!” factor.  The repugnican base and drumpf deadenders prolly have that factor in spades.  If what you  hope is that the reasonable middle will move more toward the dem party, not a bad plan.

  23. At least Sanders didn’t wag his finger for this one.  Mass target shootings so far today:  DC, San Francisco, and Brooklyn.   At least 90 deaths more before the day is over.


  24. While we were busy talking about Trumps tweets, Comey and Sessions; here’s a few things that the Trump administration has done while we were pre-occupied (courtesy of Bill Moyers):

    The EPA announced it would postpone implementation of its smog standards for a year, effectively delaying how soon communities across the country could have to reduce air pollution. The agency was slated to propose this month which communities were out of compliance and to finalize those determinations in October. Now, those final decisions will not be issued until October 2018.

    The Labor Department suspended an Obama-era rule requiring that companies electronically report their injury and illness records, a move that effectively keeps these records from being publicly disclosed for the immediate future.

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions will end a Justice Department partnership with independent scientists to raise forensic science standards and has suspended an expanded review of FBI testimony across several techniques that have come under question.

    An order on religious freedom also calls for “regulatory relief” for employers who do not want to pay for their employees’ birth control coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

    Education Secretary Betsy DeVos withdrew a series of policy memos issued by the Obama administration to strengthen consumer protections for student loan borrowers.

    All federal agencies must submit a plan by June 30 to shrink their civilian workforces. This lifts the governmentwide hiring freeze the president imposed on Jan. 23.

  25. Div…thanks for the regression du jour.   Shortages next.  The old US of AA going down fast and today’s interest rate hike out to really kill a few homeowners out there.  Martial law and shortages along with no health care…we better not run out of ammo.

  26. all those critters who take their campaign contributions should sweet talk the nra into coming up with a national plan to end the carnage — something more palatable than their usual solution arming everybody at birth — setting up a commission maybe in their name charged with specific goals for legislative and administrative actions.

    if nra doesn’t take the bait publically hold them accountable for every gun death (accidental as well as criminal) after that with running daily doomsday clock.

  27. dv & bw, a whiff of death in the air:  sounds like they’ve come up with  back channel way of not having to worry with social security/Medicare. kill off the populace before they reach 65 with environmental poisons, abolish work & food safety regs, keep females ignorant & pregnant, starve & limit medical treatment for the hordes borne that hang on.

  28. wow 97 to 2 !

    from wapo:

    The Senate voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to allow Congress to block any efforts from the president to scale back sanctions against Russia, and to step up sanctions against Moscow for interfering in the 2016 elections.

    The vote of 97 to 2 is a sharp rebuke to President Trump’s posture vis-à-vis Russia and his resistance to the intelligence community’s assessment that the country was behind efforts to influence the election he won.

    happy birthday, donald

  29. Well, it wasn’t ISIS.  This is how an actual nut job behaves.  Did he obtain the firearm legally?

    I hope all of the injured recover.  I’m sure they have good healthcare.


    I just wish Congress had as much resolve to get things done together  as they do in playing this charity baseball game together.

  30. I am disturbed by the apparent lack of outrage from the left for this horrific shooting. Is that where we are now?

  31. Opinion: Scalise shooting: Will Hillary tell Democrats now to behave? – Fox News



    Fox News agrees with you.

    So far, just Bernie & Gabby Giffords have spoken up…unless the media isn’t covering that yet. Are they still focused on the event rather than the response?


  32. Steven Rattner put this chart up to consider: 154 mass shootings this year in just 165 days (including VA shooting today). What will it take for Congress to enact common sense gun laws?

  33. jamie  -Cool!

    Didn’t Palin help incite the evil dimwit who shot Gabby Giffords?

  34. I still think it’s important for us to say that this bloody, miserable fool was an evil bastard for shooting innocent people.

  35. Poobah. I’m outraged, but I ain’t got a soap box. I’m outraged that none of this matters to our stupid shit Congress.

    Trump = dumbass. Stupid shit sat there and touted that he was not under investigation for the Russian meddling in the US elections, so he fires Comey. Dumbass. Shoulda left him in place. Now trump’s under investigation for obstruction of justice. I think they call that comeuppance. Tough shit moron. Welcome to the big leagues.

    Screw him. I hope it’s referred.

  36. It’s never OK. An evil act, to be sure.

    They surely didn’t ‘deserve’ it. It’s never OK.

  37. I’m just sad it’s come to this. Innocent people have been shot and those who hate them act so indifferent. Not a universe I care to share anymore.

  38. Craig,  I think that goes without saying. No one here has encouraged violence or the violent overthrow of our government. That is one of the reasons why I am here. At the same time I find comfort in our ability to fully express our beliefs on political and other subjects within the constraint of good manners (usually).

  39. I am disappointed by some of the snide remarks, including my own, on here in response to this shooting. Let’s take a moment to empathize about these victims.

  40. yes Flatus, well put. I’m just upset at what I’m hearing out there from liberals who should know better. This game show sickness of our politics is infecting both sides.

  41. Ok, I am outraged. How can I show that?  Should i talk more about mental health?  Should I say more prayers for the victims? Should i watch and listen to the Infowars guru talk about Sandy Hoax?  Should i yell and scream at the AZ legislature more as they pass more laws allowing guns on campus, guns in bars, guns in church, yet not one reasonable gun control bill has passed from Republican controlled Congress or state legislatures. Maybe liberals tonight are reflecting on what Republicans might do to throw off the hooks of the NRA now that several Reactionaries came under fire today. I feel for them as they ducked gun fire in an open field.  Maybe the Reactionaries will empathize with the other 100 or so people today who will have died from gunshots. So, yes, I am outraged but I don’t know who or what to be outraged against because one side isn’t listening to all the other outrages in the past.  I am boycotting Megan Kelly and Alex Jones!

  42. One of the first and only bills passed by the republican Congress made it legal for certifiably insane people to procure firearms and ammunition. Among the sponsors of this bill was steven scalise. scalise knew damn well that he was condemning someone to be shot by a madman, only he never dreamt he’d be a victim. As scalise is an accomplice to his own shooting, I have no sympathy. I only wish that his poor distraught family had talked some sense into him in February, before he brought the Guns for Maniacs bill to trump’s desk for signing.

    I hope that all of the injured victims, including scalise, recover swiftly and fully. But, I’ll be damned if I’ll waste any sympathy on a fool who sold out to the merchants of death.

  43. About the lost topic. megan kelly bore my boycott from her fakes news billet to her present show. If she felt demeaned by the ailes/murdoch/bin talal gang, she could have brought it up 5 years ago and saved a dozen young women from harassment. I won’t watch her or the ads she serves up.

  44. One of the first and only bills passed by the republican Congress made it legal for certifiably insane people to procure firearms and ammunition. Among the sponsors of this bill was steven scalise. scalise knew damn well that he was condemning someone to be shot by a madman, only he never dreamt he’d be a victim.

    xr, this needs to be whispered in the ears of our representatives and repeated loudly by the media that there are foreseeable as well as unforeseeable consequences to ones own welfare for the actions we as individuals take.

    well said, friend.

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