Un-Presidential Goal

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

According to The Hill it looks like an effort is afoot to un-president us: Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) unveiled a proposed article of impeachment Monday against President Trump for allegedly obstructing justice in a federal investigation.

The legislative text argues that Trump’s alleged attempts to pressure since-fired FBI Director James Comey to drop the agency’s investigation into former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn amounts to obstruction of justice.

“In all of this, Donald John Trump has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States,” the proposed article of impeachment states.

This effort in the words Don Quixote is an impossible dream:

“To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
And to run where The brave dare not go
To right the unwritable wrong…”

But bring it on, fellows. Bring it on.

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83 thoughts on “Un-Presidential Goal”

  1. i know……but the onliest guy who should ever sing the impossible dream is Tiny Tim. I know, that’s impossible…..an impossible dream……

  2. That is my quest..

    To follow that pussy…

    No matter how hopeless…

    Cuz I ain’t no sissy…

  3. but it has lodged in my brain much like those 3 goddam kings of orient are……

  4. Watched the Tony’s last night because I am a total theater geek.  While I knew the story for Come From Away I hadn’t heard any of the music.  Ended up downloading the album today.  Love the description of the message of the musical:

    The show has been received by audiences and critics as a cathartic reminder of the capacity for human kindness in even the darkest of times and the triumph of humanity over hate.

    What do you do with unexpectedly 38 planes filled with 7000 people land on your front porch?



    And the 10 Year Reunion

  5. I’ve always related more to Sancho Panza, the ultimate Squire, the practical peasant, and the actual voice of Cervantes.

  6. in my travels, i have always been Sanhco Panza…….like Nick Carraway, kinda…….

  7. it’s what happens when you’re a simple peasant pulled into a fuckin quest.

  8. Short Story of the Month:
    “The Rocking Horse Winner”, by D H Lawrence.Great story.

  9. i love literature id be lost without it.Follow that Dream ………great literature.

  10. I’ve always figured, “Hey, tell yer quest to keerp it’s fuckin distance……..”

  11. Trump’s Cabinet, With a Prod, Extols the ‘Blessing’ of Serving Him – The New York Times



    “We thank you for the opportunity and the blessing to serve your agenda.”

    Barf! ?

    I would expect this kind of BS-ing in North Korea, but not here.

    From the look on his face in this pic, Donny likes having smoke blown up his arse.

  12. Republicans Are Hiding Health Care Plan Because They’re ‘So Ashamed,’ Schumer Says – HuffPost



    “Leader McConnell used to stress the importance of regular order in the Senate,” Schumer said. “Why is he proceeding with the Republican health care bill in the most irregular way?”

    Schumer answered his own question.

    “Republicans don’t want the American people to see the bill. They are so ashamed of their health care plan, they want to pass it in the dead of night,” he said.

  13. Sturgeone

    Don’t go anywhere near Mike Huckabee’s Twitter site tonight.  The descent into ignorance is unbelievable with the protest against Shakespeare in th Park Julius Caesar production because Julie is a Donald Trump look alike and these tools think it is calling for the assassination of the President.  I doubt they were nearly as upset five years ago when the lead was a black Caesar.

    I don’t think any of them have actually read the play.  Most don’t seem to know it was written by Shakespeare.


  14. It’s good to know that CBob is doing well. How about the other prodigal Trail Hands ?

  15. ‘He’s weighing that option’: Trump associate suggests Trump may fire special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation – Business Insider via Ms Dallas

    We can only hope and pray that he will.


  16. “I would expect this kind of BS-ing in North Korea, but not here.”

    bid, that was my first reaction too to the cabinet chorus of sycophants.  next they’ll be required to bow, curtsy and kiss his hand.  wonder who sent the memo out that brown nosing was to be worn that day.

  17. ny times: Friend Says Trump Is Considering Firing Special Counsel

    Under Justice Department rules, Mr. Trump seemingly would have to order Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein to first rescind department regulations protecting a special counsel from being fired for no good reason and then to fire Mr. Mueller. If Mr. Rosenstein refused, Mr. Trump could fire him, too — a series of events that would recall the “Saturday Night Massacre” during Watergate, when President Richard M. Nixon sought to dismiss the special prosecutor, Archibald Cox.


    In the PBS interview, Mr. Ruddy said Mr. Trump had considered replacing Mr. Comey with Mr. Mueller, who also was a former F.B.I. director during the George W. Bush and Obama administrations. A senior White House official confirmed that the president interviewed Mr. Mueller for the F.B.I. post in the Oval Office the day before he was tapped by the deputy attorney general to serve as the special counsel in the Russia investigation.

    Mr. Ruddy said the president was weighing whether to dismiss Mr. Mueller because of concerns about conflicts of interest. He said those concerns included the interview for the F.B.I. post and connections between Mr. Mueller’s law firm and other White House officials.

    “There are some real conflicts. He comes from a law firm that represents members of the Trump family,” Mr. Ruddy said. “I know for a fact that he was under consideration and that the president did talk with him in the days before he was named special counsel. I think there’s a conflict there.”

    Democrats on Monday accused Republicans of beginning a campaign to smear Mr. Mueller’s reputation as he engages in a broad investigation that could include whether Mr. Trump obstructed justice by first pressuring Mr. Comey to end parts of the inquiry, and then by firing him.

    Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, the senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, scoffed at the idea that the president might fire Mr. Mueller.

    “If President fired Bob Mueller, Congress would immediately re-establish independent counsel and appoint Bob Mueller,” Mr. Schiff said in a tweet. “Don’t waste our time.”

  18. also from ny times, their account of the sicko-phants’ song

    Trump’s Cabinet, With a Prod, Extols the ‘Blessing’ of Serving Him


    So it went on Monday in the Cabinet Room of the White House, as Mr. Trump transformed a routine meeting of senior members of his government into a mood-boosting, ego-stroking display of support for himself and his agenda. While the president never explicitly asked to be praised, Mr. Pence set the worshipful tone, and Mr. Trump made it clear he liked what he heard.

    The commander in chief, who has been known for decades as a fan of flattery and who speaks of himself in superlatives, even indulged in a bit of self-congratulation. He declared himself one of the most productive presidents in American history — perhaps Franklin D. Roosevelt could come close, he conceded — and proclaimed that he had led a “record-setting pace” of accomplishment.
    Never mind that Mr. Trump has yet to sign any major legislation, or that his White House has been buffeted by legal and ethical questions surrounding the investigation into his campaign’s possible links to Russia and his firing of the F.B.I. director who had been leading that inquiry.
    The highly unusual spectacle before the cabinet meeting got down to business and the TV cameras were banished seemed designed to deflect attention from the president’s faltering agenda and the accusations leveled against him last week by the fired F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, which are threatening to further overshadow his agenda and haunt his presidency.

  19. I hope they all wore dental dams. God only knows where that little thing they were blowing has been. Oh, and tissues to wipe the jiz off. Gack!!

  20. pogo, here’s seth’s take on the circular machine gun shoot and other things….. like lying under oath at least 30 times

    Published on Jun 12, 2017

    Seth takes a closer look at Republicans’ tactic of attacking the credibility of former FBI Director James Comey, stirring up a he-said-he-said debate.

  21. BID – the only thing missing in that cabinet kiss-ass-a-thon was the hammer and sickle flag of the old USSR.

  22. Patd, The more I watch the more I think Seth is the man. Between him and Colbert I am a happy guy at the end of the night.

  23. I am listening to NPR right now. They’re doing a bit on a newly opened museum of failure. I got to go there.

  24. KGC and other Golden State Warriors fans…   Congrats!

    It’s good to know that CBob is doing well. How about the other prodigal Trail Hands ?

    xrep…  OldSeaHag is doing well…  but very busy with her chocolate and antiques business as well as doing a lot of babysitting her 4 yr old grandson.  She took us to Chappaquiddick to see a wonderful Japanese garden…  and of course, the infamous bridge.  The old one is torn down and one can no longer drive on the new one…  foot and bike traffic only.  We also got to meet her daughter, Emily.  What a beautiful girl!

  25. KC, congrats to the Warriors. Truly an impressive series. The Cavs just didn’t have an answer for KD

  26. Hearing Day is here again and sunlight on sessions.  Will the repugs lock arms tightly enough to block the rays of sunshine on our recused AG?

    bb…enjoyed the post on retail.   The information highway of the 80’s morphed into the digital global market where local shortages, big inventory are vanished with online ordering.   Who needs the local old brick and mortar monster buildings anymore?  Geographically?  Distribution networks have improved dramatically from large warehouse locations.  Packages can be tracked in real time.  What will happen next?  Infrastructure problems…trump is going to piss away steel and money on a wall, pipelines, etc. when we need to beef-up our transit and electrical highways instead.  The interstate system is the perfect right-of-way for elevated parallel hi-speed transportation systems, new electrical grids and a perfect highway to distribute those new age transportation models.  Less pollution and more efficiency.  Instead, putin’s puppet wants walls.  Waste of the trumpence years.

    One more thing, the death of bricks and motar retail is killing the retirement of all of the humans who worked retail their entire lives.  We are losing our last Kmart here…more than a loss of a store, loss of retirement…stocks in the dumper.  401k worth nothing to many old humans.  Then the small business owner…gift shop, etc. can’t make enough to pay the rent.  Retail has morphed and there is no bailout like in the auto industry…another dying giant.   More uber, less ownership.  The rental society continues…get a new lease on life!



  27. In this morning’s traffic:

    “…Since Inauguration Day, no organization has more forcefully or effectively taken on President Trump. Whether it’s the ads on his favorite morning shows or the voices of veterans we’ve helped to resist his dangerous agenda… this morning, the President of the United States had enough of VoteVets, and he acted on the impulse.

    This morning, President Trump, the Commander in Chief, blocked VoteVets on Twitter.
    Here’s the truth, Trump can block VoteVets on Twitter, the voice of 500,000 progressive veterans, military family members, and their civilian supporters, but we will NOT be silenced. Stand with us today…”



  28. the hill reports:

    House Democrats battle behind the scenes over impeachment

    The weekly meeting of House Democrats on Tuesday erupted over stark disagreements about how the party should fight President Trump.

    Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Mass.), a leadership ally, stood during the Democrats’ closed-door caucus meeting to denounce Rep. Brad Sherman’s (D-Calif.) impeachment push as a selfish maneuver that could hurt fellow Democrats and candidates at home, according to a source in the room.

    There must be ”a discussion within the caucus — in a public forum — before we do something that would position our colleagues or our future colleagues,” Capuano said, according to the source.

    “Emotions are high. These issues have political implications and government ones.”

    Sherman on Monday introduced an article of impeachment against the president, accusing Trump of obstructing justice when he fired FBI Director James Comey last month.

    But Democratic leaders and their allies have been incensed by the move toward impeachment, arguing that the facts don’t sufficiently support such a weighty tactic — yet — and warning that lawmakers should await more details in the ongoing investigations before launching such an aggressive attack.

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who has tried in recent weeks to tamp down the talk of impeachment, backed Capuano on Tuesday, the source said. She argued that the Democrats should focus on bread-and-butter issues like the economy while allowing the various investigations into the Russia-Trump saga to play out on their own terms.

    Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.), chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, also criticized Sherman and the other handful of Democrats urging impeachment.

    “There is a need for a family discussion before any issue of this magnitude is brought forward,” Crowley told the group, according to the source. “It’s of a courtesy to our colleagues.”

    Sherman, the source said, was in the room for the entirety of the criticism.

  29. flatus, two more stories re votevet blockage

    raw story ‘This is disgraceful’: Trump slammed after blocking veterans group on Twitter”

    newsweek: “Donald Trump Blocked Veterans on Twitter After They Criticized His Muslim Ban”

  30. There is the possibility that he cannot block anyone under 1st Amendment rights.

    Listening to senators harangue Secretary Perdue about the huge budget cuts and will he support when they provide more money than requested.  It is good.

  31. I have to run out for more popcorn. Maybe I should buy it in bulk, say, by the pallet.

  32. This all is nothing but cannon fodder.  The real story is the health care bill Mitch the turtle is shoving through the Senate.  IMHO

  33. Sherman is premature, but there’s no sense in getting hot about it. Just laugh it off, as if it’s just a good warning for trump and his minions to stop acting like Groucho in Duck Soup.

  34. Naomi Klein says to defeat Pussy G we have to defeat his brand.   The only thing he cares about is his name which he sells and leases.   To get rid of him we have to make being president a money losing proposition for his brand.

  35. If the deadbeat is impeached, the trumpco brand will fall in the toilet. If he is removed, that brand will disappear overnight like enron.

    The deadbeat’s political brand will carry on wherever neo-nazis and neo-fascisti gather. That could mean HUNDRED$ of $$$ in donations to the President trump Tweet Library and TV Room every year.

    Ivanka has already changed the name of her brand.

  36. Like I said before,  Trumpsky won’t be able to sell a pretzel from a street cart in NYC when this is done.

    The 1%-ers demanded his name be removed from their NYC apartment building.    (There is always a wealthy foreigner looking for a place in NYC, so his buildings will probably stay inhabited.  It won’t bother him one bit.  Money is better than a US passport.)

    None of his followers in the Rust Belt can afford one of Invanker’s belts.  (She’ll probably continue to do well in Chiner, where she is apparently referred to as, “the goddess.” GAG!)  Her stuff might be selling well at GUM in Moskva.

    Prez SFB is done in the American  market.

  37. xrep – The Trump brand stuff might become collectors’ items here.  There’s a weird market for garbage.

    But, why would you want him to get rid of Mueller? I mean, it would look like retribution, so from the standpoint of making Trump look even worse, I get it. Is that what you meant?

  38. If Pussy G  is done in America that will help make America great again

  39. excerpt from the guardian:

    Appearing before the Senate appropriations subcommittee on Tuesday, Rosenstein said any decision to fire Mueller would rest with him alone, after the attorney general, Jeff Sessions, recused himself from the Russia investigation. Rosenstein appointed Mueller to head the Russia investigation shortly after the president sacked James Comey as FBI director.

    Asked by both Democratic and Republican senators if he had seen any “good reason” to sack Mueller, Rosenstein stated on multiple occasions that he had not.         

    “If there were good cause, I would consider it. If there were not good cause, it would not matter to me what anybody said,” Rosenstein told the Democratic senator Jeanne Shaheen.

    “There is no secret plan that involves me,” he told Republican James Lankford.

  40. wasn’t there a story/exposé about these planes on 60 minutes sometime ago?  tho’t they already took care of the problem.

    the guardian:

    Dozens of F-35 fighter jets grounded in US due to oxygen deprivation

    US air force cancels flying from Arizona base after pilots experience symptoms resembling hypoxia – a shortage of oxygen to the brain

  41. Sessions doesn’t remember talking to Russians. Nixon’s advice: It’s not perjury if you don’t remember.

  42. Ms Dallas,

    Yup, I figured that if the deadbeat pussypincher fired Mueller, Jr, there’d be a firestorm in DC, and assault weapon gunfights in the ripofflican Caucus Suites. Hard feelings could result in the withdrawal of the t for trump party crazies from their alliance with the ripper swamp dwellers. This could result in the successful challenge to lyin’ ryan’s Speakership, and a Speaker-less House going into the 2018 elections. It could also result in the ouster of midget mcconnell as Senate Majority Leader, as Sens muckain, collins, and wicker, switch party affiliation.

    Yup, this pain pill is reeeeeaaally working !

  43. Sessions commits to “appropriate” cooperation going forward. A wood chipper could plow through that loophole.

  44. So, we’re facing Russian hacking of our Democracy with an Attorney General who must recuse himself. Advantage Putin.

  45. I didn’t watch. Did anyone remind mr sessions of the penalty for perjury ? Did anyone second that reminder ?

  46. Did anyone point out that the junta’s Atty Gen was unresponsive to questions about talking to russians ?

    “Whaddaya mean, ya cayan’t ‘member ’em all ? Jus’ tell us ’bout the last tayen.”

  47. Trump officials Sessions, Rogers, Coats inventing “inappropriate” excuse for dodging questions because WH won’t assert executive privilege.

  48. I like the Senator from New Mexico…Martin Heinrich.  sessions gulping lots of water while he lies through his teeth.   swamp scum meets tower trash to run our government into the ground.

  49. Sessions refusing to answer questions, yet saying president not asserting executive privilege. This is an Abbott and Costello routine.

  50. the winos are enjoying the corruption festivities…an entitlement of retirees as we do not have to go to work tomorrow.   I hope they get the bastards.  Hubby now has the sound turned-off and is inventing repug dialog for repug senators.   It does remind me of the nixon years when campfire tv was the rule and the hearings were dominant.  Best reality show, ever.

  51. Days to hit a 60% disapproval rating:
    Carter: Never…
    Reagan: Never
    H.W. Bush: 1288
    Clinton: Never
    W. Bush: 1,756
    Obama: Never
    Lyin’ Trumpsky : 144 (out of 144 days he’s been president)

  52. yesterday at the brown-noser cabinet meeting….sessions and boss trump —
    “We are receiving, as you know — I’m not sure the rest of you fully understand — the support of law enforcement all over America,” Mr. Sessions told the Cabinet members. “They have been very frustrated. They are so thrilled that we have a new idea that we’re going to support them and work together to properly, [to] lawfully fight the rising crime that we are seeing.”
    As if to emphasize his eagerness to remain on the job, Mr. Sessions told the president, “And it’s an honor to be…
    “That’s — that’s great,” Mr. Trump interrupted.
    “… able to serve you in that regard,” Mr. Sessions said.
    “Thank you,” the president said.
    “And sends exact right message,” the attorney general continued. “And it’s being responded — the response is fabulous around the country.”
    The crime is in the WH.

  53. McCain’s no dummy-

    After Sessions interrupted to make a point that strained Russo-American are regrettable as Russia “isn’t the Soviet Union” anymore, McCain had him concede vocally, and in an itemized fashion, many of the recognized State-sponsored aggresive acts by Russia against the United States and its allies, the implication by McCain being that Sessions is contradicting himself.  Well done, McCain.


    Regarding Sessions recall:  With such a poor memory, how does he remember to tie his shoes?  Did he tie his shoes today?  Has he ever worn shoes?  Would he be willing to answer those questions in closed-session???

  54. Not only does Sessions sound like Foghorn Leghorn, they’re both big f—— c—s.


    womp womp

  55. From the wizard in the uttermost West :

    The Republican party just sent me a “redistricting survey” which
    contained the phrase “… a high-tech grassroots movement.”

    I presume they want to find out where the ni**ras and w*tb*cks are moving so they’ll know where to redraw the district lines and purge the voter rolls. Iow, high tech jim crow.

  56. For the second time Kamala Harris was shut down by the chair because she dared to severely question a witness who was stonewalling & stealing her time.  Today the witness was a smirking, misogynistic racist.  This woman could end up President.

  57. xrep – Rick Perry poached jobs from California when he was Gov.  (He didn’t create them, he just moved them to TX.)

    Anywho, there’s a ~company~ called Consevative Movement that is trying to get Repugs from CA to move to Collin county (just north of Dallas/where Toyota is building a huge facility & the Cowboys moved their stuff), because they’re afraid of liberals moving into the area and turning it blue.

  58. If Jeff has CRS syndrome, maybe he’s not competent to serve.


    To paraphrase the end of an NPR story this afternoon:  Until the Repugs decide that the constitutional separation of powers is more important than separation of political parties, we are screwed.

  59. President Trump Reportedly Called The House GOP Health Bill Too “Mean” And A “Son Of A Bitch” – BuzzFeed News


    “During a lunchtime meeting at the White House between 15 senators and Trump, the president said the AHCA was “mean” and asked them to craft a “more generous” bill…”


    If Trump thinks it that it’s “mean,” it must be really awful.

  60. Ms Dallas,

    Californians moving to north of Dallas ?

    Ya, when chickens swim, turtles fly, and republicans serve.

  61. xrep – Yes, many are relocating with the companies that are moving here.  Conservative Movement is trying to make sure the ‘right kind’ of Californians move to Collin county.  The company is run by a former Californian.

  62. Ms Dallas,

    I hope that the housekeepers, auto body guys, yard mowers, hospital techs, handy men, book keepers, school bus drivers and teachers, dental hygienists, librarians, street sweepers, nail painters, counter help, preschool staffers, air conditioning repairers, car washers, oil changers, yoga instructors, grocery employees, road repair workers, nurses, baristas, nannies, computer geeks, ‘honey suckers,’ shoe repairers, pool cleaners, and delivery folks, who also come to the district, are able to out-vote those ‘right’ people from CA.

  63. bink, yep, and it seemed like McCain was a bit sarcastic about noregard’s work heading up that sub-committee that was supposed to be looking into russky misdeeds.  I think he was also trying to bring some attention to why we should be looking harder at noregard’s contacts (however slight they are) with Russians.

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