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  1. From the previous thread:

    Still trying to figure out Covfefe?  You should try reading my great granddaughter’s tweets

  2. In case you missed it:  When the world is led by a Child

    We’ve got this perverse situation in which the vast analytic powers of the entire world are being spent trying to understand a guy whose thoughts are often just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar.

  3. Pure flipin genius.  He could go out and shoot someone on the streets of time square – and his approval ratings would go up.

    He types (either on purpose or in a drunken stuper) Covfefe, and most of the media drops everything they’re covering to try to figure out its’ meaning.

    This guy has got the media by their testicles.

    (BTW – Covfefe is Klingon for “where’s my crown”?)

  4. dv300…  that’s close to what I was thinking….     gee, trump makes a typo and stop the presses!…  or the internets!

    he must be getting a hard-on from all the attention…

  5. Scott Pelley ousted as CBS news anchor

    A blow for hard hitting honest reporting. Seems he was having problems with CBS President over the way CBS evening news was being done. I found his blunt honesty refreshing and it had drawn me back to network news. Sorry to see him gone.

    Looks like a win for Trump and all other political bullshitters


  6. OMG Berkeley Breathed is fast.  Beware the brain snorkle from the dreaded Covfefe now that an executive order has been issued.


  7. Covfefe?   One might start feeling that he is just making up sh/+.


  8. Covfefe?  It must be real, because it didn’t autocorrect to something else, even in lower case letters.

    Covfeve?   Smoke & mirrors to distract from healthcare, Russia, etc.



  9. Scott Pelley was too serious a newsman to do evening news.  All networks spend too much time covering viral videos or sappy, human interest stories.   The public needs to be informed of plenty of important things.   The MSM isn’t interested in providing that service any longer.

  10. Jack…   good to see you again.  The nightly news is sad, IMO.  They’ve got a half hour to inform us and at least half of that is total fluff.  I agree that Scott Pelley was the best of the big three.  I don’t watch it much…  but when I do, I preferred him.  Wonder if they will replace him with a “pretty boy” ala David Muir type.

  11. While driving this morning I heard the Covfefe incident and the importance of it attached by the media as being akin to the missing quart of strawberries on the Caine. And meanwhile, drumpf announces he’s pulling the US out of the Kyoto Accord, Comey is planning to testify publicly that drumpf tried to pressure him into dropping the Russia investigation, drumpf’s lawyer indicates he’ll testify publicly about trump’s ties to Russia, Kushner was in on the meetings between Flynn and Kislyak and didn’t disclose the meetings on his security form, and we give how much of a crap about drumpf falling asleep during the middle of a tweet and sending out the word Covfefe?  I’m thinking that some of the above might be of a bit more interest than Covfefe (which sounds to me like a nickname for a South American drug lord.)

  12. Exxon Shareholders Vote To Disclose Climate Risks – HuffPost



    “…ExxonMobil shareholders voted in favor of a proposal calling on the company to disclose the risks that climate change policies pose to its business.

    The measure, which Exxon urged investors to vote against, passed with 62.3 percent of the vote.”



  13. BiD, wonder if drumpf will stand up to protect the guy’s 2nd amendment rights?

  14. Exxon will profit from the change to greener energy technology – it has the capital and brain resources to develop the emerging technology and leave oil behind.

  15. pogo,  but such things as an imaginary word, an absurd alternate fact and capt queeg’s stolen strawberries syndrome can be that first step in a thousand day journey to the 25th amendment section 4 kicking in.

    then again we know he can’t spell and covfefe might be an attempt at “kerfuffle”.

  16. Alexandra petri: Planet Earth has been taking advantage of America for too long

    Time to put America first. America is its own thing; one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Our polar bears are safe in zoos. If we run out of them we can make more using CGI.

    Extreme heat? Maybe elsewhere, but not here, in America, where Jim Inhofe was able to bring a *snowball* to the floor of Congress. America is impervious to volcanoes and floods and hurricanes. We will shield ourselves with prayer and new improved data sets that show that these things do not exist.

    Just in case, we can build a bigger wall. We are not part of a fragile blue marble hurtling through space. That is other people. The world exists only when my eyes are open. When I close them, I alone am the world.

  17. Patd

    I didn’t know Hillary Clinton was speaking at CodeCon.  It was live on You Tube and MSNBC carried it until they had to cut out for some blurb about who Muller would be investigating.

    I hope the whole of this will stay on line to watch from the beginning.

  18. Jamie, thanks for that link.  toward the end she talked about “covfefe” possibly being a diversionary tactic

  19. This whole “covfefe” thing is no more complicated than Trump and Tiger having the same pharmacist

  20. Renee

    I’ve been busy and to tell the truth just getting bored with any thing Trump. When the new French President’s ideas on the art of the handshake is the most interesting thing I’ve read this week……………………………………………

    I still check in and lurk


  21. Then there is the tiger woods thing,

    How is sitting in the middle of an intersection, passed out, stoned out of your gord an acceptable alternative to doing the same thing drunk?

    Do you know how many times that cop has heard “I’m not drunk, it’s a reaction to my medicine, man.

    lol yeah, its a reaction to swallowing half  bottle of pills.

    Drunk or high you know you are in that bad of shape when you set behind the wheel, buzzed? maybe not but passed out behind the wheel?


  22. pogo  – Then why did Exxon try to get its shareholders to vote against disclosure?

  23. Hi, Mr Jack !

    I’m glad that illness or accident haven’t kept you away.

  24. Jack…  I hear you loud and clear.  Sometimes the “let me count the ways one can say that trump sucks” gets to me also.

    IMO, Tiger is a loser drug addict.  It’s been reported that he was doing drugs long before back surgery.  He reportedly had affairs with at least 120 women….  he obviously used his super model ex-wife as arm candy.  Glad she took him for a bundle with the divorce.  IMO, he deserves every bit of bad press coming his way.

  25. Covfefe = coverage

    So much made over a typo.   I guess it did distract from healthcare, subpoenas, climate change, immigration…

  26. I agree with coverage.  What a waste of a press day.  By design!

    Great job orange hair!

  27. Blue, Because American corporations and single stock investors live for today. Disclosure, if it shows short term negative impact, will create nervousness among investors and will cause stock price to drop short term.  This is basic.

  28. sturge, yep, the hands too small to punch out cov “erage” on his device is the answer

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